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Neighbours Episode 5373 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5373
Australian airdate: 23/1/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Darren Stark - Todd MacDonald
Nurse Jodie Smith - Mary Annegeline
Summary/Images by: Sophie/Emily
Libby telling Darren she's thinking about giving Shepparton another go.
Ned telling Darren that he won't tell Libby about the kiss, but if she asks, he won't lie.
Carmella telling Marco she doesn't want him staying the night at the hospital.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl's getting his stethoscope and white coat back on, read for his first day back. He looks a bit embarrassed and out of place as he does up his coat and undoes it again, seeing another doctor with it open. Meanwhile, Carmella's urging baby Chloe to breathe on here own and promises if she does she'll never let her down again. Karl's getting back into the swing of things but looks a bit surprised when the nurse thrusts a bunch of files at him and sends him off to his first patient.
The Kinski-Kennedy's
Susan explains to Ben that she can't play cricket because the doctor's told her she's not supposed to get too hot. Darren is mocking Libby's overpacking and is punished by being sent to put the bags in the car. Libby thinks Susan looks flushed, but she denies it and assures her it's fine for her to go, it's just for one night. Lib's still worried, considering Karl's back at work, but Susan says she'll ring if there's a problem. It's important that she goes with Darren to sign the contracts. Finally Libby agrees to go and kisses Ben goodbye whilst Susan wishes her a good trip. Once the door shuts, Susan puts her hands to her temples and looks dizzy, at which point Libby re-enters and announces she's staying. Ben very sweetly tells Susan that she can just have vegemite instead of jam on his toast.
Erinsborough Hospital
Rosie is armed with cuddly toys, a fluffy teddy bear in one hand and a ferocious tiger and formidable lion in the other.
ROSIE: All we need now is the yellow brick road.
She's also got a mobile (as in the hanging thing, the kid's a bit young for a telephone) because apparently they help babies focus. Carmella's clutching a breast pump that Rosie's a bit wary of. She's had a lactose consultant show her how it works and laughs nervously when Rosie comments you can never have too many consultants. She suddenly snaps, hating waiting around and frustrated that she didn't even get to finish her room. Rosie offers to help and Carmella moans that she had a massive list of things to do before the baby was born. Rosie promises to get onto it today, but Carmella won't let her.
CARMELLA: What if we buy all that stuff, and then ...
Oliver enters as Carmella trails off. The proud father's been visiting Chloe, who he says is a fighter, you can tell just by looking at her. Carmella's doesn't understand how Oliver can say she's doing ok when they haven't said anything about her being off the machine soon. Oliver asks after Marco but Carmella snaps that he didn't say the night because she didn't want him to. She just needs some space.
The Vetinary Practice
Miranda is telling Steve off for all the clutter around. Bridget's got a text from Declan but acts nonchalant. Miranda suggests she goes out and has some fun with her friends, but she says she's ok. Miranda asks what happened between her and Rachel, but Didge isn't giving anything away and pops across the road for some food.
Erinsborough Hospital
Rosie is discouraging Carmella from going to see Chloe, but she's insistent. Marco arrives and announces he's been to see the baby. Rosie firmly insists that Oliver comes for a coffee with her. Marco tries to kiss Carmella but she moves away and apologises.
CARMELLA: When I told you I needed space, I should have been clearer.
MARCO: Last night I was pushing it, I went overboard as usual. I'm sorry.
CARMELLA: Right now the only thing that matters is Chloe.
Marco doesn't seem to get it. She explains that she thought she could have a job, a boyfriend and a baby, but she was being greedy and that's why this has happened. Marco can't believe Carmella thinks she's being punished by Chloe coming early. She says she just wants to focus on the baby, without Marco. She can't give him anything, the only person she can give anything to is Chloe. She doesn't think she has it in her to be in a relationship and look after a child and she owes it to Chloe to end it with him; there's no room for anyone else.
Erinsborough Hospital
Marco tells Rosie that Carmella's gone to see Chloe. He looks a bit off colour and she asks if he's alright, only to learn that Carmella's broken up with him because she has to be a mother. Rosie doesn't see why that means she can't see him as well and puts it down to her exhaustion.
Rebecca, Declan and Oliver arrive, accompanied by a lot of balloons that have arrived for Carmella. Rosie advises Oliver that now is not a good time to see Carmella. Declan suggests the reason is too many lame balloons and teddy bears, something Rebecca sympathises with - when she had Declan people kept giving her roses and all she wanted was someone to clean her house and cook her a casserole! This reminds Rosie that Carmella's flat needs getting ready, which Rebecca is eager to do for hen she gets home. Oliver reminds her that they don't know when that will be, but Rebecca doesn't see that as a reason not to be prepared.
Carmella is staring despairingly at Chloe when Rosie walks in. Carmella tells her they're having some kind of routine meeting. She's upset at not being able to get near her daughter. Rosie tells asks her why she broke up with Marco. Carmella thinks she had no choice.
The General Store
Fitzy's sitting outside circling various Eden Hills properties in the Real Estate section of the paper. Lou creeps up on him and makes a comment about expensive property prices. Dan tells him he's hoping to get a one-bedroom flat or a studio, anything really. It's hard when so many people are interested in one place. Lou said he's kicking himself now for getting himself out of the market to early. Dan's looking to pay about 150-170k.
LOU: I know a room in this place, it's very clean. Very clean. Easy going tenants, non-smokers, very broad-minded. Well one of them is.
DAN: That sounds alright. How much?
LOU: 100 bucks a week.
DAN: Where?
LOU: My place! Well, Harold's actually, but nobody's counting. [With a wink]
He looks a little less keen now, but he says he'll bear it in mind.
Rachel's on the bench nearby texting Angus ("Can't wait 2 c u again. XXX") when Bridget walks up. Rachel asks how she is but Bridget replies by asking if she's still seeing him. When Rachel doesn't answer, Bridget walks away.
Carmella's Flat
Declan is struggling to put a cot together whilst Oliver gawks at the instructions. Rebecca is much more efficient, coming through with a load of washing ready to be folded. Declan tells her you'd need a PHD to figure the furniture assembling out, to which Rebecca responds that he better finish school then. Someone needs to hot up on their knowledge of the education system. Rebecca isn't much help and suggests Oliver could help, but he's too busy staring confused at a baby sling, which she is much more helpful with. Soon Oliver's all set, with the perfect space for a baby near his heartbeat (it calms them down). It seems the only thing missing is the baby. By the piles of miscellaneous construction pieces, Declan is sad to see his phone inbox is empty. Oliver's worried he won't get the hang of being a father, but Rebecca tells him she's there to help. Oliver doesn't think that she's qualified to teach him about being a dad, but she reminds him that she was a mum and a dad to Declan, and he agrees to let him help her. Declan's finally got a couple of pieces together and his mum congratulates him on his genius.
The Vet's
Another pet owner is going home satisfied, but Steve isn't - Miranda's squeezed in an extra vaccination for a German Shepherd, and the owner chews his ear off. She tells him just to not let her, but Steve's too compassionate - he's worried about her being lonely. Miranda promises to drag her out and she can talk to her instead.
STEVE: I knew there was a reason I married you.
Miranda's found the application form she was looking for earlier. Mickey and Ned walk in and Steve takes Mickey off to look at some puppies. Ned's there to pick up some food for Audrey (um, why Ned? Oh right, because he needs a scene with Miranda). He also wants to ask if it's ok to call in with Janae later when they meet up for a coffee. Miranda obliges, then asks how things are going. Ned says they're getting there, but Miranda's finding it hard to stop thinking about Janae and Darren when she hears Libby talking about going back to Shepparton. She feels she should tell her, but Ned thinks they should leave it. Miranda says if it happened to her, she'd want to know, but it's Ned's call.
Ramsay Street
Darren's about to set off on his trip, but Susan doesn't get a chance to say a big goodbye because she's sent inside by Libby, for fear of her getting too hot. Lib gives Darren a kiss goodbye and he drives away. Susan tells her again that she should have gone with him and goes back inside. Ned appears and gives Libby the dog food (nice continuity there) and is told Darren's going back to Shepparton to do business. Libby's full of the joys of life with Darren and tells Ned about the house that they might be able to afford now, whilst he smiles awkwardly.
Erinsborough Hospital
Whilst all around him is hectic, Karl is on the phone to Susan reminding her to rest. Some files are slammed down beside him and he has to go, after telling her Chloe's still on the respirator and to call him if she has any symptoms. A nurse tells Karl that Doctor Newton is on the warpath because patients aren't being processed fast enough. Karl says he's going as fast as he can, but some of the cases are complex and he's not going to dismiss the chattier patients. He's frustrated that he's being treated like a beginner, and tells the nurse he has done this before.
NURSE: Well then you'll know the mantra "there's no money in talking to people".
Karl smiles and says he's only got three patients to go, but is given a load more files - make that 23. He sees Rosie and asks after "mum and bubs". Rosie says that the baby's stable, but Carmella's not so good. She wants Karl to have a chat to her to find out what's going on, but then realises how many files he already has, but SuperKarl says it's fine and gets straight to it.
The Kinski-Kennedy's
Rachel arrives home and is surprised to see Libby's still around because of Susan, who is resting. Rachel's got a text from Angus but she tells Libby it's just friends from school. Libby suddenly notices Ben and Mickey sitting at the breakfast bar surrounded by jars of Vegemite and the like. Ben tells her they're trying to loosen the lids.
LIBBY: Why are you doing that?
BEN: Because Nan can't do it anymore and it makes her sad.
Mickey says it was his idea and Libby gets them to pass her the wooden spoon so she can start hitting some jars as well.
Erinsborough Hospital
Carmella's looking at her photo of Chloe when Rosie and Karl, who has the excuse that Susan's been pestering him for news, come in. Carmella tells him she's fine, apart from a being a bit sore. Karl says that the scar won't even be visible in one or two years. He asked after the baby and has a look at her picture, calling her an angel. He understands that it's terrifying, all she wants to do is hold her and because of the machine she can't. She says people keep telling her to be brave, but she doesn't know if she can. Karl knows she's facing the worst possible fear, the loss of a child, but the doctors are doing all they can and so is she, by fighting as hard as Chloe.
KARL: There's an awful lot that medicine can do, but nothing beats a mother's love.
Carmella is scared, not of the corniness, but that she can't help her and this is her fault. When the nurse appears at the doorway, Karl tells her that he'll process other patients later, right now he's talking to one, but that's not why she's here. She tells Carmella that Chloe is off the respirator and breathing on her own and she's hugely relieved.
Erinsborough Hospital
Carmella's thrilled to finally be allowed to hold her baby, who is being much more vocal that ever before! Oliver watches on lovingly as Carmella tells Chloe they're going to be ok and shushes her cries. Rebecca's being a proud grandmother, but Rosie still looks a bit nervous. Carmella kisses Chloe on the forehead and looks better than she has in days.
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Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5373
Karl Kennedy

Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5373
Chloe Cammeniti

Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5373
Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5373
Miranda Parker

Marco Silvani, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5373
Marco Silvani, Carmella Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5373
Carmella Cammeniti, Rosie Cammeniti

Dan Fitzgerald, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5373
Dan Fitzgerald, Lou Carpenter

Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5373
Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski

Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5373
Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5373
Miranda Parker

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5373
Ned Parker

Rosie Cammeniti, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5373
Rosie Cammeniti, Karl Kennedy

Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5373
Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon, Libby Kennedy

Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5373
Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5373
Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti

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