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Neighbours Episode 5347 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5347
Australian airdate: 20/11/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Prue Brown – Penny Cook
Gary Allan – Tony Richards
Brad Jordan – Brendan O’Connor
Dr. Demi Vinton – Angela Twigg
Thanks To: Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
- Prue upset over Ringo's eating disorder
- Elle panicking about tarnishing farmer Gary's name
- Susan burning her hands and not realising
Number 28
Karl and the girls rush to help Susan while Zeke broods anxiously in the background. Karl encases Susan's hands in cling wrap and asks Rach and Zeke to keep an eye on Ben while Libby takes them to the hospital.
Number 30
Rosie and Frazer have enjoyed the dinner Prue cooked for them.
ROSIE: Prue that was sensational. (To Frazer) Why can't you cook?
FRAZER: Hang on; I boil a sensational two minute noodle. Add baked beans, you've got a feast for two.
ROSIE: Mmm, Iron Chef of Australia; that's why I married him.
Ringo, of course, hasn't eaten a thing and gets annoyed when his mum presses the matter. He says it doesn't have anything to do with his disorder - it's because Rachel dumped him again. But Prue says the trouble is that he'll always have an excuse to cover himself. She's not going to move until he eats something. Ringo begrudgingly spears a piece of lettuce and gulps it down.
Susan's hands are now bandaged but she still can't feel a thing. Dr. Vinton says they're going to run some more tests and thinks it could possibly be Chronic Fatigue, but Karl isn't so sure. It's Doc vs. Ex-Doc in the medical lingo stakes, as they discuss what should happen to Susan. Dr. Vinton wants to take more bloods, while Karl would be more comfortable with a MRI. Dr. Vinton wins out, but none of this talk has done anything to put Susan's mind at ease.
General Store
Valda is looking at the job notices on the GS noticeboard, which include operating a forklift, becoming a pool cleaner, or the most bizarre of all - a chicken sexer. Exsqueeze me?! Harold saves us all from getting a mental picture by asking Valda if she wants to put up a notice of her own. But Valda lies and says that she's just checking out the competition. Paul eavesdrops and says that he wishes his staff had half her energy. Valda slaps him upside the head and says how DARE he talk to her after ditching Lynnie on her wedding day... No, not really. She just smiles and says she could work at Lassiter's if he likes, but Paul and Harold just assume she's joking.
Number 30
Ringo overhears his mum on the phone to his dad and finds out that they're going to miss out on a non-refundable cruise they had been planning because Prue wants to stay and make sure he's okay. Cue Ringo's guilt face.
Number 28
The kids pounce on Karl and Susan for news when they return home, but the K's play everything down and say it looks worse than it is. Susan tells them that she's going to have more tests, but they still don't know what's happening. She's just sorry for worrying them. Karl and Susan head off to bed leaving Rachel and Zeke not the slightest bit reassured.
ZEKE: (to Rachel) So what aren't they telling us this time?
Later that night, Libby finds her dad surfing the net for information on disorders of the central nervous system. Worried, Lib says that she can't believe all this is happening to her mum when she's always been the strong one of the family. Karl agrees - she's always been "Saint Susan". Lib starts to cry and admits she's scared. Cuddling her, Karl says that he is too.
Ramsay Street - Next Morning
Valda spies Frazer putting the recycling bin out and hits him up for information about his gambling past - the horses in particular. Frazer replies that he knew the risks but it's a very scary way to make a living.
FRAZER: (joking) Why? Did the bottom fall out of the lingerie market?
VALDA: (alarmed) That's a lie, who told you that?
FRAZER: (backtracking) No, I, it was a joke. I, um... (explaining) the bottom... out of a lingerie market... (rushed) See ya, Valda.
Elle scares the crap out of Riley by waiting for him at the top of his driveway like a stalker. She wants him to get Brad to print the farmer's side of the story, and the struggles he endures each day. Riley thinks she should just pitch it to Brad herself, but Elle thinks that he won't listen to her because she's "emotionally incontinent". Riley, however, thinks Brad will listen and pings Elle on the nose in an annoying fashion. Elle frowns and wonders when Riley turned 5 years old again.
Number 28
Libby discovers Ben chatting away on the phone to Darren and says that she's too busy to talk. But she soon changes her tune when Ben relays that Darren is thinking about joining them. Sending Ben out, Libby coldly tells Darren that he's done enough already - they don't need him here. She hangs up just as Zeke walks out and tries to talk to him about how he's feeling. But Zeke just snaps at her as he's prone to do these days, and yells for Rach to hurry up or they'll be late for school. Rachel at least gives Lib a goodbye before she exits, but Libby still looks very harried.
Ramsay Street
Valda greets Rachel and Zeke as they walk past before turning her attention back to the form guide she's holding. It seems as though she's about to put all of her eggs into one basket. And Valda, I highly recommend you don't put your money on the one called 'Trixie's Runner' - hardly a good omen.
Miranda jogs past #22 just as Rebecca's getting the paper and they have a quick chat about how their kids are acting so angsty towards one another. Rebecca adds that she saw Lib at the hospital last night and heard that Susan burnt her hands. Getting an idea, Miranda asks if Rebecca's free that afternoon - she plans on getting in the way to cheer up her newly reinstated BFF.
Number 28
Susan attempts to make some brekkie but as soon as Karl and Libby see her fending for herself, they banish her to the couch for a movie marathon. Susan is hardly thrilled at the idea of being cooped up inside all day, so Ben offers her his Gameboy to play if she likes (which seems to be working without a game cartridge in the back - magic). Susan admits she'd just like some time to herself, but when Karl and Lib leave her in peace she immediately starts to fold some washing...
BEN: Nan!
Until the kiddie police dob her in.
Number 30
Frazer and Rosie tell Ringo they're sorry to hear about his (millionth) break-up with Rachel. Talk soon turns to Prue, with Ringo revealing to them that she's not going on the cruise anymore because of him. Walking in, Prue says that it's not just because of him and tries to make out that she and Graham need the extra money right now. But Ringo's on to her game and says that he knows it's a non-refundable trip. Relenting, Prue says that she would never forgive herself if something happened to Ringo while she wasn't there, so the cruise will just have to wait. Ringo exercises his guilt face some more.
General Store
Libby is shouting Rachel and Zeke some lunch when they bump into Dan. Lib and Dan are all smiles as they catch up and tell the kids that they used to work together. These "random" meetings always happen for a reason, so watch this space I'd say.
Ben sees Mickey playing with this cool remote-controlled robot and Harold introduces them to one another. Mickey refrains from saying how much he looks like his mate Tyler before he got older and obtained a girly haircut, and just shakes his hand. Real life brothers united again on screen! Cute!
Ringo approaches Rachel and says how sorry he was to hear about Susan's hands. Is there a Ramsay Street daily newsletter or something? Anyway, Ringo says he'll always be on Rach's side if she needs anything.
Walking over to Frazer (who is having a coffee with Adam "I'm still on the show! Really!" Rhodes), Ringo tells him that he's got a solution about his mum.
ADAM: I hope it's legal.
Nothing stellar about that quote, just acknowledging that Adam is indeed one step above 'random extra' status this week.
Erinsborough News
The headline on the office wall today: "Julie and Simon reunited". Um, cool?
Elle and Riley head into Brad's office so Elle can give him her struggling farmer pitch. Brad likes her moxie and points to a computer outside - if he likes what she types, he'll print it. Elle's a little taken aback but pleased all the same. You go, Lois!
Number 28
Susan is turning away from the kitchen sink when her vision suddenly becomes a little bit blurry. But when Karl walks in to check on her she doesn't say anything about it. Karl answers a knock at the door and finds Miranda and Rebecca on the doorstep laden with gifts - but he's in doctor mode and is hesitant to let them in. But Susan is anxious for chocolate and a chat and tells them to come inside, much to Karl's detriment.
Number 30
Ringo, Frazer and Rosie find Prue in the kitchen and bestow some cruise related gifts on her like sun cream and seasickness tablets. Prue is adamant she's still not going, but Ringo tells her that he's drawn up a contract (with Rosie's help) that she might be interested in.
RINGO: I, Ringo Brown, being of reasonably sound mind and body, do hereby undertake to fulfil the following conditions...
The first one is to continue to see his counsellor for however long is needed. The second is to talk to Rosie and Frazer if he ever starts having more problems, and the third is that he promises to eat three meals a day regardless of any excuses he may have. Prue's proud of him, but says that she'll still have to think about it.
General Store
Elle meets up with farmer Gary and explains that she made a mistake and is going to make it better. Calling her "toots" (which is highly aggravating when it's used in sarcasm form), Gary asks what's in it for him. Elle says that she's going to get the paper to print his side of the story - a version that his son will be proud of. Gary ponders this offer.
Number 30
Ringo has a sandwich in front of him, but can't bring himself to eat it. Pinching his stomach, he obviously feels he can grasp way too much fat and goes to throw the food out - when the contract catches his eye. Taking a deep breath, Ringo sits down and takes a bite of the sandwich, honouring his words. Prue, who has been watching all of this, smiles on proudly.
Cut to Prue signing the contract. Frazer and Rosie promise she'll be the first to know if anything goes wrong. Prue tells them that Ringo's lucky to have them in his life and that she's very proud. She's also stoked they all wore button-down shirts today and can now form a club called 'Synchronizing Our Clothes is Cool' or SOCC for short.
Prue hugs Ringo and says she's glad they got the chance to 'really' chat, then heads out the door before it all becomes one big group hug. Y'all come back soon Penny Cook, y'hear?
Number 28
Susan, Miranda and Rebecca tease one another about who's going to get the last piece of cake. Susan claims the sympathy vote because of her bandaged hands, but Rebecca owns them all by licking the icing and claiming victory.
Libby tells Susan that she's taking Ben to the shops, and when Miranda and Rebecca make tracks, Susan says that she'll join Lib. Karl's very concerned about Susan venturing out and tries to pull the doctor card on her. But Susan gleefully reminds him that he's not a doctor anymore, and she needs to get out of the house before she goes too stir crazy. Karl relents, but doesn't look very happy about it.
Shopping Centre Car Park
Susan, Libby and Ben are half way to the entrance when Susan's realises she's left her purse in the car. Lib offers to get it but Ben suddenly needs the loo, so Susan says she'll get it and meet them inside. On her way back, however, Susan's vision starts to blur again. She tries to focus her eyes, but with every step she takes it only worsens. Breathing heavily, Susan becomes more and more scared until her vision finally blacks out completely.
SUSAN: (crying) LIBBY!
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Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5347
Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5347
Zeke Kinski

Ringo Brown, Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5347
Ringo Brown, Prue Brown

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dr Demi Vinton, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5347
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dr Demi Vinton, Susan Kennedy

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5347
Ringo Brown

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5347
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Valda Sheergold in Neighbours Episode 5347
Valda Sheergold

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5347
Elle Robinson

Dahl, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 5347
Dahl, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk

Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 5347
Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk

Prue Brown in Neighbours Episode 5347
Prue Brown

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5347
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Audrey, Dahl, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5347
Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Audrey, Dahl, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5347
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5347
Susan Kennedy

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