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Neighbours Episode 5335 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5335
Australian airdate: 02/11/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Jet Wilkinson and Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Jessica Wallace: Heidi Valkenburg
Taylah Jordan: Danielle Horvat
Colin Hopkins: Phil Reilly
- "Quiet Clear Pool" by Skinful
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Mickey hiding in a chest.
Ringo seeing an advert for slimming pills.
Tim Collins telling Elle that Sebastian demands she sack either Paul or Oliver.
Charlie's Bar
Paul, Oliver and Rebecca are eating when Declan comes in - he's made the swimming team! Hurrahs all round! Paul is impressed with his sporting ability, and Rebecca hugs him lots. Elle stands at the bar getting more drinks looking unhappy, when Oliver approaches her and asks if she's alright. He tells Elle that he and Carmella are expecting a girl but it's all gone a bit wrong - and work's the only thing keeping him sane right now.
The clan toast Declan's success, Oliver's becoming a dad, and for all of them for getting through a difficult patch as a family. Elle looks thoroughly fed up.
Ramsay Street
Ned and Janae call out, demanding that Micky come out of his hiding place. Riley and Steve are also helping search.
Charlie's Bar
The Robinsons / Napiers are ordering more food, and Elle tells Paul and Oliver that Sebastian wants them to take a look at the rents and think about raising them. Oliver's not happy with that - that's not fair to their tenants, and is vocal about it. Paul says that perhaps there is a rental review in order, he's thinking of the long-term health of Lassiters. Elle agrees with Oliver.
Ramsay Street
Back in the court, Janae thinks she can hear Mickey, who's trying to get out of the chest, but a rubbish collection van comes round, and they can't hear him any more. The rubbish men load some stuff onto their van, whilst Janae and Ned ask Declan to help them find Mickey.
Charlie's Bar
Elle has told Rebecca the truth - she has to sack either Oliver or Paul. She doesn't know what to do, and neither does Rebecca. Oliver's younger so might bounce back, and Paul's easy-going. Becca wonders why Sebastian's making her choose; Elle says it's so that whatever happens, they all lose.
Number 30
Frazer returns home with some post and hands it out to Rosie and Ringo - who snatches his package quickly, declaring that it's some CDs he's ordered. Rosie looks uncomfortable.
Charlie's Bar
Becca is at the bar with Paul, asking him what he'd do if he didn't work for Lassiters. He says he can't imagine it - it's more than a job, it's who he is. He built it up and made it his life.
At a table, Elle and Oliver chat about Lassiters finances and budgets. Oliver is trying to understand what Sebastian is really up to, and doesn't want to let any of the staff go because it's wrong to do so. He doesn't want to sack people because of faceless shareholders. Elle says that Sebastian's targets are not negotiable, so they have to do something. Oliver is sure he's up to something, maybe to get rid of him. Oliver says it's up to her to make the decision.
Elle looks at Rebecca, who indicates to her not to sack Paul. Elle leaves, to go see her lawyer.
The General Store
Ringo sits in the store, with some juice. He gets out some pills and takes them - Harry witnesses it. Ned and Janae run in to ask Harry and Lou if they've seen Mickey since he started playing Hide and Seek. Lou suddenly remembers the hard rubbish collection, and seeing Mickey play in it.
Ramsay Street
The rubbish collectors are now loading the chest onto the van, with Mickey inside. He calls for help but they can't hear him. The van drives away with Mickey inside. Maybe you should have done what you were told for a change, little boy. It's your own fault.
Lassiters Office
Tim Collins comes to see Elle who has asked to see him. She announces her proposal: she has managed to slim down Lassiters expenditure, and is still going to retain all three managers. Tim tells her no - she has to sack someone; it's not about balancing the books.
Elle knows it's about Sebastian getting even. Cost reductions are a benefit, though...
The General Store
Harry is serving Zeke a drink, who goes to sit with Ringo. Ringo quickly puts away his diet pills.
Those two annoying girls from the school come in and start harassing Ringo about his near-drowning at the pool. Zeke sticks up for his mate, and after the girls have gone, offers to lend him some money for a drink, which Ringo refuses. Instead, he gets out the pills again, and takes some more. This time, Rosie springs him.
Ramsay Street
The long lens makes the street look HUGE in this shot.
Lou has brought Ned and Janae back home and they realise that the rubbish has been taken. Steve and Riley and Declan arrive, and they tell everyone that they think Mickey's in the truck. They decide to take action, and Declan suggests calling Steph because it's a council thing. His suggestion is ignored, and the others all run off; Declan is left standing there.
Charlie's Bar
Elle tells Rebecca she doesn't know what to do; Rebecca says she knows she'll make the right decision. She's off to the loo, then they'll make the decision together. Mmmm - detail I really didn't need to know about, thanks.
Declan runs in and tells Steph about Mickey. Steph grabs the phone even before she's really heard the story which is odd. Steph speaks to someone from collections to find out where the truck is, and it appears to be at the depot. Declan runs off before Steph has the chance to say anything else.
Number 30
Ringo arrives home to find Rosie sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him. She asks him to sit down: she wants to know what's going on. The parcel in the mail wasn't CDs, and she saw him taking pills. He says they were aspirin, but Rosie's not believing it. He tries to cover, and wants to know why she doesn't trust him, trying to make her feel guilty. Rosie's clearly not falling for it.
The Bus Depot
Declan arrives screaming for Mickey, but a security guard stops him. At that point, Ned, Lou and Riley pull up in a car and leap out, calling for Mickey. Declan is ahead of them.
Charlie's Bar
Steph has left a message on Ned's voicemail, asking after his son.
Elle and Rebecca are talking through who to sack, and Elle has her reasons for who she wants in charge: Paul who ran it as a family business, but always put finances first, or Oliver who cares about people - but perhaps too much.
Rebecca jokes about sacking them both - and Elle seems to have a lightbulb moment when she mentions that...
The Bus Depot
The men are all screaming for Mickey, and find the wooden chest, opening it. Ned pulls Mickey out, who innocently looks up and says "found me". Clearly with no remorse or understanding that he was disobedient. Brat.
Ned hugs his son tightly but, quite frankly, could do with a little more disciplining ability.
Lassiters Hotel
Elle has prepared a financial presentation for the shareholders, and Tim arrives on behalf of Sebastian ready to hear it. She delivers the presentation, then ends with the issue of downsizing management. She pays tribute to Paul and Oliver, and how they've taught her to make sacrifices.
And then announces her resignation.
Tim's smug face turns to horror.
Number 30
Rosie is in the kitchen, staring at Ringo's bag, clearly trying to decide whether or not to look through it. She does. Ringo catches her, along with Frazer, and says it's fine. But Rosie pulls the pills out - they're appetite suppressants, and they belong to Ringo.
Dum dum dum...
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Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5335
Rebecca Napier

Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Riley Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5335
Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Riley Parker, Steve Parker

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5335
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5335
Paul Robinson

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5335
Oliver Barnes

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5335
Elle Robinson

Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5335
Mickey Gannon

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5335
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5335
Ringo Brown

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5335
Ned Parker

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5335
Lou Carpenter

Tim Collins, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5335
Tim Collins, Elle Robinson

Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5335
Ned Parker, Mickey Gannon

Paul Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5335
Paul Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5335
Ringo Brown

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