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Neighbours Episode 5282 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5282
Australian airdate: 21/08/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Alan Napier Barry Friedlander
Richard Aaronow Blair Venn
Stonefish Rebecchi Anthony Engleman
Tim Collins Ben Anderson
Veronica Potter Lillian Lewis
Ash Van Denburgh Luigi Lucente
Justin Hunter Chris Toohey
Summary/Images by: Carly/Holing
- Zeke burdened with the task of kicking Bridget off the footy team
- Richard confusing Oliver about Rebecca
- Ollie and Declan fighting over their parents
- Alan Napier - Rebecca's only witness - dying
- Declan punching his Dad in the face as a hello
- Rosie suggesting to Toadie that they bill equal hours
Law Offices
Rosie offers up three of her big cases for Toadie to handle, for which the Toad is very grateful. Tim saunters in to check on his "minions" and still doesn't seem happy with Toadie, even when he announces that he's going to work all night long.
After Toadie exits, Tim asks Rosie why she's insisting on lowering herself to Toadie's "slovenly level". But Rosie insists that they're working equally as hard as one another, and that Tim should play fair. Eye rolling, Tim 'generously' agrees to give Toadie one week's grace.
Declan brings back some coffee for his Mum, annoyed that she's been left by herself while Ollie is off signing papers. Rebecca wishes that she had have let Declan get to know his grandfather; that way she would have been able to prove what a monster Richard was. Declan starts to get fired up about Oliver having a relationship with Richard, but Rebecca warns him that she wants no more aggro between her boys. Seeing how upset his mum is (for a change...), Declan hugs her and says that everything will be okay.
General Store
Richard bumps into Elle and thanks her for reuniting him with his sons. Elle gives him an "I hope you rot in hell" before walking off to another section.
Declan arrives (having called Richard beforehand) and promises he won't start anything this time. He just wants to get to know his Dad like Ollie has been doing. Pleased, Richard organizes to go fishing with him the next day, which is apt because Declan's behaviour right now is all kinds of fishy. Elle appears to think so too as she eavesdrops in the background.
Number 30
Pepper whacks Adam around with a novelty baton he's brought home, wanting to know how his psychiatry sessions have been going. Adam's kind of over talking about himself, and admits that he's worried about tomorrow's assessment.
PEPPER: You know those books inside out.
ADAM: That's not the problem. In my head I'm stressed.
PEPPER: (grinning naughtily) Stressed you say? I know what you need...
An air guitar championship? Seriously? Oh man, and I so did not need that contestant's leather-clad butt gyrating in my face just then.
Look out. Karl's in the building (with Rachel and Bridget in tow). Praise the Lord he wasn't the one wearing the leather pants... but the night is still young. I won't count all my blessings just yet.
Bridget chats to Zeke, who is hanging out with the Dingoes crew (including girl-hater and honorary Weasley cousin, Justin). She tells him to let her know when training is on next time so she can come; she doesn't want to miss out again. Justin grabs Zeke and lays another threat on him about kicking Bridget off the team.
The overenthusiastic air guitarist (Ash) finishes his 'set' and Pepper declares that someone should put him in his place. Adam thinks that she means him, but Pepper suddenly bounces on to the stage and strikes up her own air guitar. Good thing she went out that day and bought a rock chick singlet to wear...
Number 32
There's noise of a different kind happening in Ramsay Street, as Steph, Charlie and Stonie play a (real) toy drum while Bob and Harvey bark their heads off. Toadie arrives home to gather his notes and ends up screaming at the dogs to shut up.
Surprised that he snapped, Steph calmly offers to bring some dinner down to the office for him later on. But Toadie can only concentrate on one thing: kicking Stonie out of the house. Utterly confused now by his behaviour, Steph orders Toadie to stay put. He's got some 'splanin to do.
Number 32
Toadie has just filled Steph in on Stonie's drug habit.
STEPH: Maybe it's just a cry for help?
TOADIE: Watching too much daytime TV is a cry for help. This is just your garden-variety idiocy.
STEPH: Look, Jack went through a similar problem but there was no way he was ever going to be able to beat it without us rallying around him.
Toadie's finding it hard to garner any sympathy, however, and reminds Steph that Stonie lied to him and almost cost him his job. Sensing Toadie's stress levels are rising again, Steph suggests that he take the rest of the night off. But Toadie just wants his brother gone by the time he gets back home from work.
Stonie mopes around the corner with his backpack after Toadie leaves and announces that he's off to a motel. But Steph declares that he can stay for at least one more night.
STEPH: On one condition.
STONIE: Anything.
STEPH: You get your act together or I kick you out myself.
Stonie nods emphatically. And they all lived happily ever after...Not.
Pep air guitars her way across the top of the bar, Coyote Ugly style, before crowd surfing her way back to the stage. It's just unfortunate that Nicky Whelan seems to be unwittingly playing her own brand of air guitar - crotch guitar. Gotta watch where you 'strum' there, dude... oo-er. Although, it would probably explain why the male-dominant crowd goes wild for her when she finishes.
Adam congratulates Pepper on her mad air guitar skillz and admits his surprise at her hidden talents.
PEPPER: And I can also do a handstand and say 'I love hamburgers' in Japanese.
Suddenly, the very competitive Ash Van Denburgh, air guitar player extraordinaire, gets his hackles up and complains that blow-ins like Pepper give the competition a bad name.
ASH: Some of us are here to win.
PEPPER: Some of us should get a life!
ASH: (intense) I have a life! Regional air guitar champ three years running.
Zeke randomly pops up behind them, now dressed in a very Angus Young-inspired school boy outfit and informs Ash that his dream run is over. Jumping up on stage, Zeke starts to rock out all in the name of raising money for the Dingoes.
ZEKE: This song goes out to all the boys in the local footy club. And any ladies in the house!
The crowd cheers while embarrassed Rachel buries her head in her hands.
Number 30
Frazer has been reading a baby book of Carmella's while Rosie's been at work, and tells his wife that she is at the prime baby-making age.
ROSIE: Frazer Yeats, are you propositioning me?
FRAZER: I am. Let's start a family.
ROSIE: (jokingly dragging him to the bedroom) Okay, I've got five minutes. Let's go!
Frazer says that he's serious but Rosie reminds him of her enormous workload at the moment. She also wants to be financially secure before they even think about a family - and that could all be on the line thanks to her refusing to play by Tim's silly rules.
ROSIE: So until I figure this out, no baby talk okay?
Frazer smiles, but his face drops when Rosie hugs him. Aww, poor Fraze. One scene for the ep and he doesn't even get a happy outcome.
And the regional air guitar champion is... Ash. Boo! Hiss! That is so not rock and roll! The Ramsay Street-ers in attendance complain about the comp being rigged. Karl reckons that he should challenge the champ to a re-match, but Rachel and Bridget quickly talk him out of it.
Justin nudges Zeke into telling Bridget that she's out on her butt while she's in a happy mood. But Zeke snits back that he'll handle it his own way.
Pepper mourns her championship loss with Adam.
PEPPER: I should have done that thing where I played with my teeth.
With the way you play air guitar, Pep... no comment. Cheering her up, Adam says that her knee slide was the highlight of the night. He also thanks her for getting his mind off his exam stresses.
Number 22 - Next Morning
Ollie and Paul have taken a load off Rebecca's mind by organizing memorial plans for Alan, and contacting her brother, Markus. Paul asks if she's okay. Rebecca forlornly stares us into a flashback of last night...
Rebecca sits by her Dad's bedside, holding his hand. Alan says that he knew what Richard had done to her and is angry at himself for letting him get away with it.
Back in the present, Rebecca rues the fact that her Dad was the only person who could officially back her up. "Now he's gone, Richard will never face justice."
General Store
It does a weird, quick edit to Declan and Richard getting supplies for their big fishing trip.
Number 22
Rebecca asks where Declan is, just as she spies a note in the fruit bowl labelled 'Mum'. Alarmed, she reads out that Declan has gone to find Richard. In another weird edit, it immediately cuts to Oliver and Rebecca standing together as he says that they'll find him, when they were sitting miles apart only a second ago. Joining them, Elle discovers the dilemma and informs them about overhearing Declan make fishing plans last night. Racing out the door, Oliver tells Rebecca that he knows where they'll be.
General Store
Richard suggests that they get going and says that he's looking forward to their outing. "Me too," Declan chirps, but gets an evil look on his face when Richard's back is turned.
The sinister background music is amped up to about a nine here I'd say.
Law Offices
Toadie is talking with a very old lady about her case while Rosie and Tim hover near the doorway. Tim loudly announces to Rosie that he wants her to take over one of his big publicity cases. Face dropping, Toadie ushers them away from his office so he can finish his meeting.
Tim tells Rosie that they'll talk more over lunch at Lanzini's and hands her a slip of paper with her new paycheck figure on it. Eyes bulging at the hefty sum, Rosie guiltily hides it away while Toadie shows the old lady out the door.
Toadie cheers about his billing hours going up, but Tim sours the occasion by gloating that he made more than that his first year out of law school. Frustrated, Toadie asks Rosie if she's got the employment section for him. No, but she's got a piece of paper with a very large monetary amount on it! Pale, Rosie takes another glimpse at her potential financial future.
Oliver speedily drives the company car through the bush while passengers Rebecca and Paul anxiously glance out the windows.
Declan and Richard are in a boat in the middle of the river. Richard has his back turned and is talking to Declan about previous fishing trips when Declan angrily picks up an oar.
DECLAN: Reckon you'll be so lucky today?
Turning around, Richard is shocked to see Declan ready to take a swipe at him.
Oliver, Rebecca and Paul are still driving along.
Richard urges Declan to put the oar down, but Declan says that he's not as gullible as Oliver and that Richard is not going to hurt his Mum again.
Oliver, Rebecca and Paul continue their car commercial-esque drive, sharing worried glances.
Richard continues to calmly tell Declan to put down the oar. Declan looks on the verge of reluctantly complying when Richard suddenly lunges forward to grab it off him. Misjudging his leap, Richard dives straight into the water, slightly whacking his head on the side of the boat on the way in. Panicked, Declan looks around until Richard submerges, but won't help until his Dad admits what he did. Richard flails about some more and Declan wrestles with himself on whether or not to help him. But Richard slips back under before he makes up his mind.
The car pulls up at the riverside. Oliver heads one way while Paul and Rebecca rush off in the other direction.
Law Offices
Steph quietly tells Stonie to wait in the reception area while she chats to his brother.
Inside Toadie's office, Steph says that she knows how stressed he's been... but she couldn't kick Stonie out last night and asked him to stay. Toadie's anger levels immediately rise and he starts to take sharp, shallow breaths while he and Steph argue. But Steph soon realises something is wrong when Toadie clutches his chest in pain and gasps for air. Loosening Toadie's shirt and tie, Steph yells at Stonie to call an ambulance.
Declan madly clambers out of the boat and on to the muddy embankment, failing to drag the dinghy ashore with him. Trying to make a run for it, he slips face first into the mud - where he's met with a pair of feet standing before him.
It's Richard, looking very, very wet. And very, very po'ed.
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Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5282
Toadie Rebecchi

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5282
Rosie Cammeniti

Tim Collins in Neighbours Episode 5282
Tim Collins

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5282
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5282
Richard Aaronow

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5282
Elle Robinson

Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5282
Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger

Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski, Justin Hunter, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5282
Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski, Justin Hunter, Donna Freedman

Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5282
Stonie Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5282
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5282
Pepper Steiger

Pepper Steiger, Ash Van Denburgh, Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5282
Pepper Steiger, Ash Van Denburgh, Adam Rhodes

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5282
Zeke Kinski

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5282
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5282
Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker

Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5282
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Alan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5282
Alan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5282
Oliver Barnes

Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5282
Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Veronica Potter in Neighbours Episode 5282
Veronica Potter

Richard Aaronow, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5282
Richard Aaronow, Declan Napier

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5282
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Richard Aaronow, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5282
Richard Aaronow, Declan Napier

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5282
Richard Aaronow

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