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Neighbours Episode 5264 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5264
Australian airdate: 26/07/07
UK airdate: 18/10/07
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Caleb Maloney: Nick Russell
- "Building Ships" by Lior
Summary/Images by: deep/Holing
- Tom telling Karl that wherever he goes, he'll take Karl with him.
- Rebecca telling Paul that Oliver's his son and that Elle and Oliver are brother and sister.
Number 22
Paul is shell-shocked following Rebecca's bombshell and says the whole idea's ridiculous. He then asks Rebecca whether he's an easy mark and how it's an amazing coincidence that the matter is brought up just as he's having trouble with his memory. Rebecca tells him it would be a whole lot easier if he could remember but Paul thinks she doesn't get on with Elle and that she would anything to split her and Oliver up. Why does Rebecca dislike her so much? To think that he asked her to give Rebecca a fair go, he really is going soft in the head.
REBECCA: You could check. I'm telling the truth, I swear.
Elle arrives home raving about two new bookings when notices Rebecca's presence and asks Paul what's going on. Paul stares at her.
Random Street
Declan and Mickey are outside a shop and as Declan heads inside, Mickey leans against a post when a business man comes along and asks him whether he's alright and Mickey says he wants his dad. The businessman asks whether he's lost his dad and also asks to tell him where he lives and maybe he'll get him home. Mickey says he doesn't know how to get there. The business man goes to head into the shop just as Declan comes out, sees what's going on and grabs the bag before grabbing Mickey and running off leaving the business man with an injured leg.

Number 28
Rachel's camera is recording Tom talking about the communist party as she and Kusan look on. Tom starts to think that Karl's from a rival party and flies off the handle again. Karl's attempts to tell Tom that he isn't and that he's his son only appear to make matters worse as Tom starts to think that Karl's going to lock him up and calls him a liar and a hypocrite.
TOM: We beat you in the high court and we'll beat you in the referendum too!
Susan intervenes and offers Tom some birthday cake; Rachel's made it especially but Tom just asks, "Whose cake?"
Number 22
Paul tries to bottle out of telling Elle about Rebecca's bombshell but when Elle goes to leave to confront her, Paul sits her down for a talk.
PAUL: The thing is, Rebecca seems to think that I am Oliver's father, which of course would make you and Oliver.
ELLE: I get it. Brother and sister.
She can't believe it and thinks it's ridiculous but Paul's starting to think she could be right. Elle retorts that she knows a scam when she sees one. Oliver then arrives and Paul and Elle realize they are going to have to tell him about Rebecca's revelation.
The General Store
The Parkers and Janae are handing out more leaflets and putting up more posters. Ned and Janae head out to hand some out as Bridget tells Miranda that Janae should put Ned out of his misery, she might as well have his name tattooed on her forehead. Harold lets The Parkers use some copying paper for. Steve starts to blame him self for Ringo being in a coma if only he'd locked the truck but Harold assures him that no one holds him responsible; what happened was an unfortunate accident. Ned and Janae come back in and Ned tells the Parkers he's had a call from the police saying Mickey's been involved in a robbery. The Parkers are shocked.
Mickey's hideout
Mickey is not happy about what happened and asks Declan what if the business man had hurt his leg but Declan just tells him that they can play this game all day or Mickey can shut up and he starts to shift the blame onto Mickey.
MICKEY: I didn't steal his bag.
When he starts to tell Declan about how he's scared and cold, he goes to leave but Mickey promises he won't winge anymore but Declan leaves anyway.
Random Street
The Parkers and Janae arrive to find a policeman and the businessman from earlier waiting for them. The businessman tells Ned what happened and Miranda shows him the leaflet and asks him whether he saw Mickey. The businessman says that he did. The policeman takes Ned aside and asks him whether Mickey's done anything like this before and thinks there's an older kid pulling the strings. Ned has no idea who he is and the policeman tells him they will keep in touch. He walks back over to the businessman as Janae walks over to Ned and goes to comfort him.
JANAE: You know what we are gonna find him and then everything's gonna be fine again alright?
NED: Will it?
JANAE: Yes it will, I promise.
The Bar
Sky, Kerry and Caleb have returned from Sydney and Boyd has told Sky about the bus crash. She is shocked. Boyd asks her about the trip and Sky tells him that Sydney is unreal, the art exhibition was awesome, the weather was humid. Boyd tells her he meant Caleb and Sky tells him that he's amazing and we see him at a table reading to Kerry. Sky feels the pieces are finally coming together; she may even go back to uni. Sky is unaware that Caleb is having chest pains. Boyd tells Sky she might have found a live in babysitter.
Number 22
Paul and Elle have told Oliver about Rebecca's revelation and he's shocked. He asks why would Rebecca lie and Elle thinks it's because Paul has money. Oliver tells her he could sell Lassiters ten times over; why would she go to all this trouble. Elle realizes he's starting to believe Rebecca and wants answers just as there's a knock at the door which Oliver gets-It's Rebecca. She realizes he knows.
The Bar
Sky has just finished and asks Caleb whether he feels like eating. Caleb says he'll scrap some leftovers later. Harold comes in having thought they were getting in at 11: 00 and tells Sky he'd prepared a picnic. Sky thought he'd be at work. Caleb hands over Kerry to Harold as Sky tells him that Kerry missed him too. Caleb suffering from the chest pains tells them to scoot off, why waste a beautiful afternoon. Sky asks Caleb to come with them but he tells them he's got stuff to do. Sky, Harold and Kerry leave and Caleb's chest pains start to get a whole lot worse. He calls over to Boyd and tells him to call an ambulance.
Number 22
Oliver asks Paul and Elle to leave whilst he talks to Rebecca in private.
OLIVER: Do you have any idea what it was like for me to find out I had a mother after all this time? I thought things were gonna (pauses) I don't know. Now you go and start talking about things.
REBECCA: You wanna what it was like for me? How much I wanted to be with you? All those things that I missed out on? all your birthdays and your school concerts. little acts. And then the other day,there you were.
Oliver asks why she has to go and stuff everything up and Rebecca replies that they are some truths that you just can't avoid, no matter what they cost him. Oliver thinks she's wrong. Elle having heard enough asks Paul to get Rebecca to leave and Paul asks for a word outside. She refuses and Elle thinks she scared she'll be exposed as a liar. Rebecca asks Paul whether she thinks she's lying and when he says nothing Rebecca asks for a DNA test.
REBECCA: If it's negative the only person that gets hurt is me. But if it's positive What do you say Paul?
Number 28
Susan tells Karl that recording Tom was a lovely idea but Karl thinks Zeke would make a better job of it. Tom comes out of his room asking where the camera is, he wants to see where he's up to. Everyone looks worried and Tom asks to see it so Rachel makes up a story about the tape getting chewed up but Tom sees right through her and again asks to see it. Karl and Susan look worried.
A few moments later the camera is playing the recording of Tom's earlier fit of rage. Tom looks upset and asks how these people manage. He tells Karl he needs a keeper and needs to get him down to that new home. He needs someone who'll look after him professionally and they need to get on with their own lives. He goes to look for his suitcase as he tells them he hopes they'll come and visit him. He then tells Karl to get rid of the recording, he doesn't want future generations thinking he's gone loopy. He then asks Karl to go and find his suitcase and Karl heads off to look for it. He then turns to Susan and Rachel.
TOM: Did a good job with him, didn't I?
Number 22
Elle tells Rebecca she doesn't have to do this but Rebecca thinks that if Elle's so keen to think she a liar, here's her chance. Paul agrees to have the test and he and Rebecca go to leave but Elle doesn't trust her to get the results, She'll organize it.
The General Store
Tom is accusing Harold of cheating at chest but Harold realizes he's joking. Tom says goodbye to him and Zeke (in his only scene of the entire week) comes in and tells an already seated Karl, Susan and Rachel he left his phone at school. Karl tells him about the care place coming up for Tom and that he's moving in. When, Zeke asks when Tom tells him now. Zeke is furious and thinks the Family's throwing Tom out as soon as a bed's come along but Tom tells him he threw himself out. He tells Zeke he can come and visit him anytime he wants. He, Karl, Susan and Rachel leave leaving Zeke looking upset.
Caleb is hooked up to a machine when Boyd comes in and asks him how he's doing. He then asks him how serious his condition really is.
CALEB: The anti rejection drugs aren't working so I've been moved up the waiting list. First thing in the morning is California here I come.
BOYD: Does Sky know about this? Mate, she's gonna want to see you.
CALEB: You've got to promise me not to say anything to her.
BOYD: No, I can't do that .
CALEB: Promise me she's not gonna find out.
Mickey's hideout
Mickey is still at the hideout when the door opens and Declan returns. He then asks Mickey whether he's hungry and hands him some sweets which he wolfs down. Mickey tells him that Ned's a lot nicer to him that he is. Declan tells he never knew his dad and that his mum leads a busy life. he then asks Mickey whether he's got brothers and sisters and Mickey says. Declan goes to leave again but Mickey asks whether leave him alone again but Declan tells him he's got Jake. He then decides to stay a little while before lending him his jacket to keep him warm.
Elle, Paul and Oliver are waiting to be tested but Elle has had enough and storms off to find someone who can hurry things along leaving Paul and Oliver to talk
PAUL: If all this does turn out to be true then, I mean how would you. Look I would be very proud to call you my son.
OLIVER: How much more warped can this get hey?
The Napier house
Rebecca is cooking dinner when Declan comes in and she tells she can afford a call with or without his paper round money which he should be keeping for himself. He then puts some money on the table asks her what he's going to do with it. Rebecca hugs him.
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Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5264
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5264
Elle Robinson

Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5264
Mickey Gannon

 in Neighbours Episode 5264

Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5264
Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5264
Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5264
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5264
Bridget Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Ned Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5264
Ned Parker, Steve Parker

Kerry Mangel (baby), Caleb Maloney in Neighbours Episode 5264
Kerry Mangel (baby), Caleb Maloney

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5264
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5264
Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby), Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5264
Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby), Harold Bishop

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5264
Oliver Barnes

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5264
Rebecca Napier

Susan Kennedy, Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5264
Susan Kennedy, Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5264
Tom Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5264
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Zeke Kinski, Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5264
Zeke Kinski, Tom Kennedy

Caleb Maloney in Neighbours Episode 5264
Caleb Maloney

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5264
Boyd Hoyland

Declan Napier, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5264
Declan Napier, Mickey Gannon

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5264
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5264
Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier

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