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Neighbours Episode 5252 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5252: Father of the Pride
Australian airdate: 10/07/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Rocco Cammeniti: Robert Forza
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
- "Lover Do You Wait" by Blanche Dubois
Summary/Images by: JA/Emily
Grandpa Tom having fun with the K's dancing away.
Frazer can move his toes, Rosie tells him that even if that is all he can ever do she will still love him with all her heart.
Things almost get steamy with Ringo and Carmella as they are practising dancing.
A field
Ringo and Carmella are staring into each other's eyes. Ringo hesitates, but tries to move in for a kiss. Carmella asks him what he is doing. She obviously wants to kiss him too, but realises that she might get herself a bit of a reputation if she does, so pulls away, she tells Ringo that they are dancing and that's it. She storms back to the truck and says that they should go home. Ringo looks disappointed, he obviously mis-interpreted what Carmella meant by 'dancing'
Number 28
I sense dancing might be a theme in this episode, as over at 28 Rachel and Tom are dancing too. Tom is telling Rachel that Molly loved this record, and she could really dance, she danced like a princess. Audrey is obviously enjoying the dancing too as she is wagging her tail as she watches. Maybe Audrey is secretly a fan of 'Dancing with the Stars' as she is really loving the dancing. She is not so keen to learn that Tom being an 'old red ragger' was never a fan of the monarchy. Something tells me that Audrey is a secret royalist too.
Tom wonders if Rachel has a dance partner, but she's not sure. She thinks that he might be dancing with someone else, and how right she is. Tom tells Rachel that he's just an old farmer, so can't really say, but if it was him he would go and have a chat with 'buggerlugs' isn't that a great word? I bet it won't get through the filter. Tom doesn't want to take no for an answer, so sends Rachel to speak to Ringo, leaving Tom on his own. Uh-oh something tells me trouble is in store. Tom asks Audrey if she wants a cuppa, and Audrey barks her approval, but not totally aware of the real world, Tom places the electric kettle on the stove. A recipe for disaster if ever there was one, looks like poor Audrey won't be getting that cuppa after all.
Number 30
Frazer and Rosie are really concentrating on his feet to see if he can move them, Frazer is gleeful as he manages to move a toe, but poor Rosie blinked and missed it, alas she was trying so hard not to blink too, I guess that's what people mean by blink and you'll miss it. They keep watching, and again Frazer moves his foot and this time Rosie sees it. Rachel arrives just in time to offer her congratulations. She learns however that Ringo isn't there, so Rosie invites her to watch TV until he returns, no any sensible person might come back later and go back to make sure Tom was OK, but Rachel thinking of herself as usual, decides that she will take Rosie up on her offer and goes to watch TV.
As Rosie and Frazer check their mail, Frazer has a letter from Rocco, who is disappointed that Frazer didn't have the decency to ask for his permission to marry his daughter, and boy is Rocco expressing his disappointment, he has used a very offensive Italian word, which luckily for Frazer he doesn't know what it means. Frazer suggests that the decent thing to do would be to go and visit Rocco in jail, Rosie isn't keen, but Frazer is insistent, so Rosie agrees, but tells Frazer not to expect her to be polite.
The General Store
Things are frosty between Ringo and Carmella. He says that he is going to talk to Rachel and sort things out. Carmella thinks it's a good idea, but Ringo seems to be a bit nervous about talking to Rachel.
CARMELLA: Nothing happened, you have nothing to feel guilty about.
RINGO: I don't feel guilty.
Carmella looks a bit confused at these words, but then there's nothing new there is there?
Over at a table, Karl and Susan are having a cup of coffee, Karl is saying that nothing prepares you for dementia. He has seen it lots of times before, but now that it's his own father, and he doesn't even recognise him it's different. Susan rubs Karl's shoulder in support. Karl thinks that maybe they should go home, but he's not keen on it, and because they haven't had a text from Rachel, they assume that everything is fine, so there is no reason to rush home. Uh-oh Karl you are going to eat your words later.
Number 28
Tom has turned the TV on, and can't turn it off. He calls out for Molly to show him how to turn it off, but of course she isn't there. Tom decides to check on the progress of his cuppa, I assume that Audrey is really thirsty by now. When he gets to the stove, he realises why the tea is taking ages, he hasn't turned the gas on, he quickly ammends this and returns to the TV trying to get it to switch off.
Number 30
Rachel obviously gave up on the TV, as she is now sitting at the kitchen table, just as Ringo arrives home. Rachel is in a bouncy mood, but Ringo is more solemn. They agree that they need to talk, Rachel tells Ringo that being with him is one of the best things that ever happened to her, they've had some great times, but now isn't one of them. She tells him that she thinks he has a crush on Carmella, and if she is wrong he should tell her now, but Ringo can't. Rachel is hurt when her suspicions are confirmed. As she realises that things are over a tear rolls down her cheek. I can't even feel sorry for her, as she has been behaving terribly recently. Ringo doesn't feel sorry either, as he doesn't try to comfort her.
Number 28
Tom is distraught when he realises that he hasn't yet milked his cows. So wearing his dressing gown and a bobble hat, he rushes out of the house to find his cows, not realising that the kettle has just burst in to flames on the stove. Audrey tries to alert him, either that or she is annoyed that she will have to wait even longer for that cup of tea.
Number 30
Rachel and Ringo agree that they will still be friends, but are distracted when they hear an alarm. Ringo wonders what it is, he knows it's not a car alarm. Hmmm Ringo is familiar with the sound of car alarms is he? Maybe a secret car thief in his spare time, or not so secret as it was only a couple of weeks ago that he did steal a car, or a ute- whatever.
Number 28
Ringo and Rachel have followed the sound of the alarm, which they have already established is not a car alarm, and when they get to Number 28 they realise that it's a fire alarm, as they see the kettle in flames on the stove. Audrey again barks at them, probably wondering where her cup of tea is, but Rachel seems to be more interested in where Tom is. Is nobody ever going to make that cuppa for poor Audrey? The poor love is parched.
Forgetting about Tom for a moment, Rachel is a dab hand with that fire extinguisher and sets about putting the flames out.
Erinsborough Prison
Now I am not sure about Ozzie jails, but it seems that a little thing like a visiting order doesn't seem to matter, as Frazer and Rosie are at the prison to see Rocco. I am sure that when Carmella and Rosie went to visit him a few months ago they needed a visiting order, which Rocco posted to them, but then TPTB never let a little thing like continuity bother them when they have storylines to progress.
Rocco and Frazer meet eyes for the first time, but Rocco ignores him at first to try to win Rosie round. Rosie is having none of it though, so Rocco turns to Frazer and shakes his hand.
ROCCO: So this is the future son in law?
FRAZER: Mr Cammeniti
ROCCO: Mr Yeats.
FRAZER: Please, call me Frazer.
ROCCO: Please, call me Mr Cammeniti.
That out of the way Rocco wastes no time in getting a dig in about Frazer's chair, suggesting that it must have caused havoc with the metal detectors. Frazer is not taking the bait though, and skips straight to the point, he asks for Rosie's hand in marriage. Rocco wonders why they are bothering, but Frazer assures him that he's not going to beg. Rocco laments the fact that he and Rosie used to be so close, but Rosie says that it was his fault that changed. Rosie stands up to leave, telling Rocco that she and Frazer are getting married with or without his blessing. Rocco assures them that they won't get it, and that fires Rosie up, and pleases Rocco when he realises that Rosie does care.
When Frazer assures Rocco that he loves Rosie, and he will for the rest of his life, Rocco says that he will after all give them his blessing- on the condition that they apply for day release so that he can walk her down the aisle. Rosie and Frazer cotton on to the fact that Rocco is more interested in the prospect of day release than the wedding, but Rocco plays dumb, and says that he loves his daughter and that is all there is to it.
Number 28
Fire fighters Rachel and Ringo finally get the fire out, just as Susan and Karl arrive home to the carnage that is the kettle. Rachel apologises, telling Karl and Susan that she left Tom alone to go and visit Ringo. Karl explodes going mad at Rachel for being so irresponsible, and is even more mad when he realises that Tom is not in the house.
A Busy Road
As cars zoom past at high speed, poor Tom is still frantically searching for his cows. When he sees all the cars he is livid, he thinks that the council have built a road through his farm. He decides to make a stand, so ventures out into the road, and narrowly avoids being hit by the cars. Defeated he retreats back the the middle island trapped between the two lanes of fast moving traffic.
The Jail
Rosie takes Frazer aside, and tells him that she is sure that Rocco is up to something, she thinks that he's using them. Frazer suggests that maybe Rocco really does want to walk his little girl down the aisle, and as much as Rosie would love to believe that she doesn't. Frazer sends Rosie inside, and says that he will have a chat to Rocco. Rosie warns Frazer to be careful, Frazer is not sure what he is supposed to be careful of, is Rocco going to bite him? Well Frazer, I wouldn't put it past him, so wheel away fast if you see any teeth.
Frazer is firm with his father in law to be, he tells him that Rosie wants him at the wedding, but she can't trust him. Rocco tries a bit of emotional manipulation, but that doesn't work on Frazer either. Frazer makes Rocco promise that he is genuine, telling him that if he breaks Rosie's heart on the day, he will be out of their lives forever. Wouldn't that be a shame, I quite like Rocco's guest appearances.
Number 30
Ringo tells Carmella that he and Rachel have broken up, Carmella is surprised, she thought that earlier when Ringo said he was going to sort things out, she assumed that he meant get back together. Ringo tells Carmella that he split up with Rachel because of her. He gets up and walks towards her, catching her eye again. Ringo says that he knows that Carmella wanted to kiss him just as much as he wanted to kiss her. She neither confirms or denies these accusations, telling Ringo that he's crazy. He tells her to look him in the eye and say she doesn't feel anything for him, but she can't. Carmella seems to be too frightened of what she might do if she stands this close to Ringo for much longer, so tells him to go away.
Number 28
Susan has alerted the police to Tom's absence, but they have had no leads, and Karl's search of the street proves fruitless too. Karl suggests that he and Susan jump in the car and go and look for Tom, but won't let Rachel come, he tells her to stay at home because she has done enough, he berates her yet again for neglecting Tom, which is understandable as Karl is obviously distraught with worry. Susan tries to play peace maker, but Karl is having none of it.
RACHEL: I'm sorry but Ringo and I were breaking up.
Well said Karl, does anyone really care? Yet again Rachel's selfish streak shines through as she thinks that breaking up with her boyfriend warranted her to leave Tom alone. Rachel again tries to shift the blame from herself and accuses Karl of leaving Tom alone. Susan rightfully points out that standing there arguing is not going to find Tom, so they all get in the car to go and look for him.
The Busy Road Again
Tom is still trapped in the middle of the road, hollering at the cars to get off his land. The cars of course pay no attention, as a distressed Tom realises that he doesn't know what's happening.
Number 30
The atmosphere between Carmella and Ringo is still frostier than a pair of penguin's knickers. Carmella isn't budging, Ringo tells her that he is going back to the field where they almost kissed, and she is going to wait for her there, Carmella tells him that she won't come, but a confident Ringo tells her that she will, and off he goes.
Rosie and Frazer come in announcing that they have been to see Rocco, and that he wants to get out on day release to walk Rosie down the aisle. Carmella is quick to assume that Rocco is up to something. Frazer tries to suggest that maybe he's genuine, but the girls don't think so. Carmella tells Rosie that it will be nice for her to have him at the wedding, and Rosie agrees, they also agree that Rocco will look great in the photo's, as he scrubs up well in a suit. A bit disturbing that they are talking about their father. Frazer tries that emotional manipulation thing telling Rosie that he gave his mother a chance, so she should give her father a chance.
The Jail
The emotional manipulation seems to have worked, as Rosie is back at the jail, again without a visiting order being mentioned at all. Rosie warns Rocco that he better behave himself at the wedding, which he assures him that he will. He wants to offer Frazer some advice too.
ROCCO: Now that you are family, I will give you two pieces of advice for free, one nothing else matters as much as family.
FRAZER: And two?
ROCCO: Have sons. Daughters are beautiful, but they drive you crazy.
The Busy Road
Rachel spots Tom standing on the verge, and Karl rushes over to retrieve him. When he gets there Karl is elated to learn that Tom recognises him, Tom is upset as he tells Karl that the council have built a road on his land. Karl assures his father that it's alright and gives the old man a hug.
Number 30
Rosie seems to have changed her tune rather quickly, as she excitedly proclaims that they better get lots of those little cakes that Rocco likes for the reception. Frazer is also pleased to tell Carmella that Rocco welcomed him into the family, he even refers to Rocco as dad, much to the girls glee.
Frazer passes some pictures to Carmella, he picked them up on the way home, they are from the dance rehearsal. Who takes pictures at a dance rehearsal? Then I guess that something has to prompt Carmella to go the field, and I have a feeling that it will be these photos. And what do you know I'm right, all the pictures seem to be of Carmella and Ringo looking happy, and Carmella practically runs out of the house, telling the others that there is something that she has to do, and she feels great.
Number 28
With Tom safely home, Rachel apologises for leaving Tom alone. Karl accepts the apology, and apologises for biting her head off. Karl realises that Tom needs twenty four hour care, and they think that they should send him back to the nursing home early. Rachel suggest that before they do that, they should throw a little party for Tom, get Lou and Harold over to play his old music. Karl thinks that it's a fabulous idea.
The Field
Ringo having managed to hitch-hike has arrived at the field, and sits on the fence to wait for Carmella to arrive.
Right on cue Carmella and her van turn up, but Ringo doesn't see her. She sees him however, she stares at him throwing stones in boredom, she seems to have second thoughts and gets in her van to drive away, leaving poor Ringo in the field.
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Rachel Kinski, Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5252
Rachel Kinski, Tom Kennedy

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5252
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5252
Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown

Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5252
Tom Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5252
Rachel Kinski

Rocco Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5252
Rocco Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5252
Frazer Yeats

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5252
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Rocco Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5252
Rocco Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats

Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5252
Tom Kennedy

Ringo Brown, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5252
Ringo Brown, Carmella Cammeniti

Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5252
Tom Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5252
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5252
Ringo Brown

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5252
Carmella Cammeniti

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