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Neighbours Episode 5218 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5218: We Are Davo
Australian airdate: 23/05/07
UK airdate: 15/08/07
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: David Mather: Stephen Jenkins
Ray Krebs: Ellis Ebell
Summary/Images by: Emily/Holing
Fox learns that Paul proposes to send Elle's ideas off to another hotel.
Oliver suggests Elle moves into Lassiter's, but she doesn't want to be scared out of her own home, besides Ned has moved in now.
Number 30
Oliver arrives back and impressed by Carmella's fruit supply, they end up smooching. Ringo and Rachel walk past.
RINGO: Hey, why do men have to be so grabby all the time? What's wrong with just talking?
RACHEL: Nothing.
They have a little kiss of their own, before Elle pops over. She heads on into the kitchen, and ends up walking straight in on Carmella and Oliver. Apologising for not knocking first, she asks Oliver if he'd like to see the proposals, though he declines, and isn't too impressed either by the suits she's brought with her. Carmella assures Elle that he'll wear the suit, and Elle leaves them to it. Confused by his attitude, Oliver informs Carmella that he's not on work-time but Carmella-time.
As Susan is busy trying to get the sewing machine to work, Rachel and Ringo arrive back. Ringo is busy talking about feminism, but on spotting the sewing machine, asks Susan if she'd teach him one day. Susan mentions that the teachers at the school are talking about closing down the blogzine. Ringo tells Rachel not to panic, and he'll organise a crisis meeting at the general store. As Ringo leaves, Susan asks what happened to him. Rachel doesn't really know, but enjoys seeing his more caring side.
Karl comes through and asks the kids which tie to wear; Rachel picks one while Zeke picks the other. Susan shows him the babygrow she's been busy making. He points out that they don't know if Billy and Anne are having a boy or a girl yet. Susan comments that it's not for them, it's for Holly. Karl gives her a hug.
Lassiter's Complex
Oliver arrives for the meeting and apologises to Elle for his attitude earlier. Mr Krebs arrives and they start the meeting. Elle briefs him on the proposal to bring part of the maternity ward of his hospital to the hotel. However another hotel has got in first and offered him 10% less. Elle is confident that they will beat it, and he gives them till tomorrow morning before leaving. Oliver and Elle are baffled by what just happened.
Goodwood Women's Prison
Susan and Sky make small talk about Karl's change in career, while Lou sits there unable to look at Sky. Sky tells Susan how it's been a lot better since she's had a cellmate; it's given her someone to talk to. As the buzzer goes, Lou tells her to keep her chin up. Susan wonders why he isn't able to look at her, and he admits that he can't forgive her for taking a life.
Number 30
Crunching over the numbers once more Oliver can't see a way to make their figures drop. He wonders how the deal slipped out as they were the only one's that knew about it. Carmella admits that she told a friend at the hospital when she was there on a fruit run. Oliver isn't impressed, but Elle thinks it's more likely to be Paul. He could've had access to the figures, and is the one who's most likely to have a vendetta against him. Elle is sure that he was the one who broke into the house too, and apologises to Carmella. Oliver isn't able to bring himself to apologise.
As Susan and Lou chat over a cup of tea, Karl comes through finally dressed in a suit and an overall tie. Susan strokes his lapels, before wishing him luck. Lou warns him to explain why he had a year out, but Karl isn't too concerned, and is about to head out the door, before Lou suggest that a red tie might work better!
Getting back to their conversation, Lou points out that Sky's fingerprints were all over the murder weapon. Susan thinks he's being to hasty; yes, Sky may have lashed out in the heat of the moment, but to actually kill him; it's just not Sky.
Scarlet Bar
Having looked over Karl's CV, Davo seems pleased with what he's got to offer. He asks about kids, and when Karl informs him that his four are interstate, Davo is relieved to hear that he doesn't have kids at home. He can't stand men who are married with kids as it takes away their KI: Killer Instinct. Karl swiftly removes his wedding ring. When asked how old he is, Karl claims to be forty....two, though claims that he feels younger as most of his friends are in their twenties. Davo decides to buy in another round of drinks.
Paul's Flat
Elle comes to visit her dad, and starts playing a sob story about how everything is going wrong for her and she needs her dad again. Paul's defence starts to weaken and she admits she knew it was him. Paul denies it all, and points out that she and Oliver need to start talking business rather then just playing at it.
Scarlet Bar
Downing a pint followed by a shot, Davo is impressed by Karl and goes to the bar to get some more drinks. Rachel and Zeke arrive to find out what is taking Karl so long, and he asks them to pretend he is their uncle, as Davo returns. Rachel and Zeke ask The K Man for the $50 he said he'd lend them; each! As they head off, Davo worries that Karl has a soft touch, but he reassures it's only for them. Davo welcomes him on board the team, and gives him a months trial. He warns Karl that he's got a tough one. The Sheila who took over his practice won't see any drug reps. Karl agrees to the challenge, as they start drinking the cocktails.
Number 30
As Oliver worries about finding his rough draft of the proposal, Carmella tries to relax him with a massage, but he isn't impressed and is still annoyed at her for blabbing to a colleague. Carmella asks for an apology, but Oliver is to stressed to give her one and she yells. He eventually says sorry, but clearly doesn't mean it. She warns him not to share his private work deals with him if he can't deal with it himself.
Goodwood Women's Prison
Sky wonders why Lou has come to see her for the second time that day. He apologises for the way he treated her earlier, and advises her to think about what happened at the General Store as it's the only way to clear her name. Sky admits she can't remember what happened, even through trying, and part of her doesn't want to remember, as it's the only thing keeping her sane.
LOU: But remembering could set you free.
SKY: How can I take that chance?
LOU: It's the only one you've got.
As Karl sits on the sofa nursing a hangover, Susan is shocked to hear he became uncle Karl during the interview. He points out that the kids got their money, to which Susan is shocked again.
KARL: The guy told me straight out he wouldn't offer me the position if I had kids at home.....
SUSAN: Oh Karl.
KARL: ... or a wife
SUSAN: (hitting him) What? You told them you were single?
Karl admits that none of them exist in his corporate world. He gives her the contract to rip up as he heads to the phone to call and decline the job.
KARL: My principles took a backseat to the ker-ching factor!
SUSAN: (looking at the contract) This is how much you're going to earn?
KARL: (starting to make the call) In the trial period, yes. Then it goes up.
SUSAN: Plus a company car, and travel expenses.
ZEKE: And a season's pass to the cricket
RACHEL: And a gold pass to the symphony orchestra, ballet and film festival.
KARL: Yes, but none of that is worth it if it means lying.
Susan quickly grabs the phone off him as Davo answers and hangs up the call.
SUSAN: Don't be so hasty! There's nothing wrong in telling one tiny weeny fib.
The kids agree.
Number 30
As Oliver and Elle continue to beaver away on the proposal. Paul pops over to offer his two cents worth. Elle isn't so keen to listen, but Oliver gives him a chance. Paul suggests they use their location to their advantage, as the other hotel is at least another ten kilometres further from the hospital than they are. Paul leaves and Oliver and Elle quickly dash out to the office to get it written up before the morning.
Karl answers the door to Davo, who gives him the keys to his new car and a pack of proposals to read through. Susan comes to see who's at the door and realising it's Davo, Karl introduces her as his older sister. At that moment, Zeke and Rachel walk past. Karl explains to Davo that Susan has been evicted, yet again, so is staying with him at the moment. Ringo, Lolly and Bree walk past, Karl explains they're also Susan's. Lou arrives to give the kids a lift into town, and Karl explains he's one of the many dads! Davo is looking rather confused by this point and so leaves. Susan isn't impressed that Karl introduced her as his older sister.
Lassiter's Park
Oliver and Elle explain to Mr Krebs, that they're deal will save him money on transport costs between the hospital and hotel. He thanks them and agrees to the deal. As he gets into the car and drives off, they wonder how to celebrate.
OLIVER: We've got to celebrate.
ELLE: How it's 8.30 in the morning?
OLIVER: I don't know about you but I'm going to run around like an idiot.
They grab hands and head back towards the park, running, leaping, jumping and squealing.
Ringo and Rachel wander past wondering what they have to be so happy about. Ringo comments that it's good to see a guy so open with his feelings; it scores him another kiss from Rachel.
Carmella arrives following her delivery and Ringo tells her that Oliver is in the park. She figures that they must have got the hospital deal, and heads to the park to look for them.
Oliver and Elle are still running around madly, and end up falling to the ground, with Oliver on his back and Elle lying on top of him. Carmella comes around the corner just as they're about to kiss.
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Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5218
Rachel Kinski, Ringo Brown

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5218
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5218
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5218
Susan Kennedy

Oliver Barnes, Ray Krebs in Neighbours Episode 5218
Oliver Barnes, Ray Krebs

Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5218
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

Susan Kennedy, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5218
Susan Kennedy, Sky Mangel

Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5218
Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5218
Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

David Mather, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5218
David Mather, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5218
Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel

Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5218
Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel

Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5218
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5218
Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5218
Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5218
Elle Robinson, Oliver Barnes

David Mather, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5218
David Mather, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

David Mather, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5218
David Mather, Karl Kennedy

Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5218
Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson

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