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Neighbours Episode 5193 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5193: Tom Scully’s School Days
Australian airdate: 18/04/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Tom Scully: Andrew Larkins
Mike Wisher: Brendan Stroud
Summary/Images by: Eliza/Lara
Susan tells the kids she didn't get the principal's job at Erinsborough High
Frazer freaks about being stuck in a wheelchair as Rosie vows to stick by him.
Ringo tells Rachel he'll go as slow as she wants
Tom reveals to Susan that he never stopped loving her and he wants them to be together!
Ahhh, memories
With a slow instrumental in the background, we go way back to 2004 and see a flashback of Tom and Susan kissing tentatively.
Number 28 Where Karl is Missing
It's clearly Susan's memory - she is staring wistfully into a mirror with just the shadow of a smile on her face. Then she comes to and sighs at herself before scrubbing her lipstick off.
In the living area, Rachel is nagging Zeke to stop mucking around and help because she wants to everything to be nice for Susan, who is stressed out. Zeke announces that Karl has sent an email and some pictures. We see a picture of a little baby asleep and Zeke asks Rachel what she thinks. Rachel immediately puts her guard up and remarks that it's a baby. Zeke replies that she's sort of their sister (horrible thought) and Rachel reckons they'll probably never even meet her and asks if Susan's seen it. Zeke thinks not, and asks if Susan will be upset. Rachel thinks what with it being the first day back at school and all that stuff with the new principal... Zeke tells Rachel not to worry; he'll keep an eye on him. Rachel asks what he's going to do and Zeke protests nothing, he's just going to keep his eye on him. Susan comes through and comments on the mess in the house and how they're not even close to ready and she spoke about it last night.
RACHEL: I just need to brush my teeth and grab my bag
SUSAN: I'm sorry love, I can't wait. You'll have to walk to school.
ZEKE: Oh Susan have you seen...
SUSAN: Zeke whatever it is... Rachel help him do it, I'll see you at school.
Susan blusters out of the house and it kind of seems like she's a bit anxious. Rachel thinks it's weird - Susan is wearing perfume and she never wears perfume to school.
General Store
Ringo stumbles out of bed and goes to the kitchen (Maybe to pour himself a cup of ambition?) but Harold comes in to open up. Ringo dashes back to the store room and knocks some books on his way. Harold's suspicion has been roused so he comes through to investigate what is going on. The camera pans out to Harold picking up the book Ringo knocked and Ringo sneaking out the back. Sky comes in to tell Harold that Dr Stone thinks she's fine, that Terrence is positive influence and that all Dr Stone knows is that we don't know. Harold asks about the grief counseling and Sky explains that Dr Stone is a grief counselor who told Sky to trust her intuition. Harold tells Sky that Lou reprimanded him for seeing Terrence but when he just got to the Store he felt a presence or something and it's been like that all week and now he's found Madge's recipe book on the floor. Harold asks if maybe Madge has been trying to contact him all these years but he's been blocking it out because he doesn't believe. Sky thinks that may be the case or it might be that she knows he needs her now. Harold is pleased that Madge is looking after him. Throughout this exchange, Ringo, wearing only his boxers, has been sneaking around the floor of the General Store hoping to creep out. He takes his chance and runs out the door, arousing Sky and Harold's attention only when they hear the door close.
The Park
Lolly is walking towards school when Ringo calls her from behind a bush. Lolly starts laughing and telling him he looks hilarious. Ringo asks for her help, so Lolly offers a trench coat. Ringo's not amused and Lolly begins to walk off before he calls her back and apologises at her behest for being sarcastic. He asks her to get his stuff from the General Store. Lolly winds him up, saying she can't help because she's late for school. Ringo then stands up to reveal his attire and Lolly is put into a trance before coming to and offering her PE kit and saying it's better than nothing before promising to keep it their little secret.
Rosie comes in to see Frazer, who's doing exercises with dung bells. She's pleased he's getting into it and lays down some gifts on the table - some materials so he can find out what's going on with the horses and bet if he wants to. Frazer replies that he's already gambled enough of his life away as he manoeuvres himself into his wheelchair. Rosie's impressed and asks him where he learned to do it. Rehab, he replies and adds that he thought pumping iron was for poseurs but if he'd spent less time as a mouse potato his rehab would be a lot easier. He tells Rosie that he saw the guys at the rehab centre playing basketball and they're fitter than he's ever been in his life. Rosie sees it as the reason for his now being in training for Mr Universe. Frazer explains that when he gets his fitness up he'll be able to keep up with them. Frazer invites her to watch them play but Rosie wants to talk about the case. Frazer's not interested.
The Park
Lolly presents Ringo with his bag. After a sarcastic comment, he thanks Lolly, who explains that she nearly got busted and she had to lie. Ringo gets worried that he's been sprung but Lolly says she just made out she wanted a drink.
Bree, Rachel and Zeke are walking through the park, with Bree moaning about Steiger being anal. Then they spy Lolly standing with Ringo, who's getting dressed. Zeke and Bree try to drag Rachel away as Rachel starts to fume about Lolly being after Ringo. Bree claims to think there is a perfectly innocent explanation.
Erinsborough High
Susan walks into the classroom to find all the kids sat around on the floor messing around. She starts laughing and tells them they're all really funny but they can now put everything back where they found it. Tom walks in to interrupt and tell her he'd rather they didn't. Susan clocks that he did it. Tom explains that he's had real breakthroughs in the past with having the kids sit on the floor and he did send her an email about it, which she must have missed. Tom tells Susan that he wants to introduce himself to the students before he lets her get on with it. Tom walks to the front of the classroom and makes a short speech which makes Susan's (and my) jaw drop to the ground.
TOM: Hi everybody. I'm sure by now you've realised that I'm your new prinicipal, Tom Scully. Everyone call me Tom. (Cue Susie Q looking at him with bewilderment and a little disdain) You're all going to be out in the real world soon: time we treated you as adults.
Rachel asks Lolly if she's seen Ringo this morning and Lolly replies yes, she saw him in the park before school and she's going to take him some homework this afternoon so he doesn't fall too far behind. Rachel replies that Ringo wouldn't be falling behind at all if Lolly hadn't come up with a stupid plan for him to sleep in the General Store. Lolly asks if she's a got a better idea.
Susan then tells the class that they're going to kick off the term with Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and that Mr Scully...
TOM: Tom.
SUSAN: What?
TOM: Tom
SUSAN:... Tom... has said that he would like to sit in for the beginning of our read through.
BREE: Are you gonna read with us?
TOM: Yeah, sure, if that's what you guys want!
Tom, trying to be down with the kids there. Bree chucks a big cushion to the edge of the class room and Tom clears his throat as he realises he's expected to sit on it before pretending to be thrilled at the prospect and planting himself down. Susan looks like she's entered some sort of nightmare parallel universe and stares at Tom for a moment before grabbing a chair and announcing that they're going to begin with Act 1, Scene 1 and asks one of the students to pass copies of the plays back. She sneaks a peek at Tom, who grins inanely at her.
The Park
Sky is looking at Kerry's gravestone and Harold is walking up behind her. Where's the baby? Anyway, Sky is holding some sort of notebook or something and has her eyes closed, looking peaceful and almost like she's in bliss. Harold looks a bit nervous about approaching her but Sky tells him it's ok, he's not interrupting anything. Harold comments that Sky seems focused. Sky is. Harold asks how she went, did she... Sky explains that she can feel her and she's pretty sure that 'she' (Kerry) is happy they're doing it together. Harold asks if he can sit with Sky.
The Rehab Centre
There are a group of people in wheelchairs playing basketball and Frazer and Rosie are watching. Frazer is quite excited by something. Rosie asks how they do all those turns and Frazer explains that it's lots of practice. Rosie stokes his arm and tells him he'll get there. Someone shoots a hoop and Frazer claps and cheers.
ROSIE: I don't think I've ever seen you get this excited about a game you haven't got a bet on.
FRAZER: Did you know we won silver in the Athens Paralympics? Canadians got us in the final but man, we've got some of the best players in the world.
We see more of the basketball players and Frazer decides that he's going to sign up before wheeling himself off rather energetically. Rosie laughs and looks on with pride and love.
Ahhh, more memories
We can hear Bree's voice saying Beatrice's words: 'I'd rather hear my dog bark at a crow than have a man swear he loves me,' as we see Tom smiling and walking through some trees. We hear Zeke say Benedick's reply, 'God keep your ladyship still in that mind! So some gentleman or other shall 'scape a predestinate scratched face.' We see 2004 Susan sitting, watching as Tom approaches before they kiss.
Erinsborough High, Where We Snap To The Present
Susan is staring into space, so it's another one of her flashbacks, and she's brought back to reality with Tom interrupting Bree and Zeke's reading. Tom's got a question for everybody about the two lead characters - do we like them? Susan looks a little affronted but it doesn't look sincere. Lolly remarks that they're both pretty nasty but that must be because they hate each other. Tom offers another example: in the OC before Summer and Seth got together would always insult each other. Susan can't believe her ears. The OC?! Tom continues to explain that Summer and Seth, whosoever they may be, didn't hate each other. Bree compares them to Rachel and Ringo. Susan explains that normally they would discuss this after they had finished reading the scene... Zeke interrupts her to talk to Tom, asking if he means URST. Tom says that's exactly right - Unresolved Sexual Tension. I start to feel like I'm in a moment of total surrealism here as Tom explains that television shows use it all the time to keep people watching.
SUSAN: Urgh, I hardly think you can compare the two.
The bell goes and Tom takes it upon himself to dismiss the kids. Tom tells Susan he thought it went well. Susan smiles at him sarcastically.
The Rehab Centre
The coach of the basketball players tells them it was a great training session. Frazer wheels over to him and tells him that he thinks they're great and he loves watching them play and if they need an extra bloke, he's willing. The coach asks if he's played before and Frazer replies that he played a bit in high school - before the accident. The coach then asks him how long he's been in the chair. Frazer tells him a month and before the coach has a chance to say anything Frazer explains that he knows he has to work on his fitness and he has to get used to the wheelchair. The coach is a bit dismissive, telling Frazer he hasn't even started living in the chair yet and some of the players have been training for over ten years and it's a lot of hard work: owning a chair doesn't give him an automatic in. Frazer says he understands that. The coach doesn't think he does.
Rosie walks over and tells Frazer to ignore the coach because there are plenty of wheelchair sports for him to try out for. Frazer thinks it was stupid of him to think he was going to get a start just because he's in a chair. Rosie reckons there was no need for the coach to speak to Frazer like that. Frazer compares it to if someone strolled into Rosie's office wanting to be a lawyer with no experience and no training. Rosie says it's different but Frazer doesn't think so - if he wants a spot in that team he's going to have to earn it. Frazer mentions that Rosie used to play netball before handing her the ball. Rosie wants to discuss the case but Frazer wants them to practice first then they can talk.
Erinsborough High
NinjaSuse is a little cross with Tom - she's asking him what he's going to do about the other teachers. Is he planning on hijacking their classes as well? She explains that if he does that to an inexperienced teacher he will shatter their confidence in seconds. Tom explains that he didn't mean to undermine Susan but he was offering a fresh take on material her students obviously weren't buying in to. Susan explains that students always struggle with Shakespeare until they understand the syntax, the iambic pentameter. Well, I understand both of those but I'm still not in love with Shakespeare. Tom tells Susan he knows he's not the type of principal she's used to... he's got that right... but he believes in being hands on and getting to know the students as well as the teachers. NinjaSuse is frustrated.
SUSAN: By hands on I take it that means you're going to teach all of our classes for us are you?
In the corridor, Zeke doesn't understand why she's getting so stressed out; she used to let them go outside and work in summer. Bree explains that she's not actually worried about the cushions. Zeke asks what the problem is, then. Bree exclaims that he's not even been listening! Beatrice and Benedick, Summer and Seth, URST: Susan and Tom used to be in love.
RACHEL: Yeah - Karl and Susan just got remarried remember?
BREE: Yeah, I was just joking.
LOLLY (trying to break the frosty silence): Well, I think he's great! That was the best English class ever.
RACHEL: Could you be any less loyal? (She storms off)
LOLLY: What have I done now?!
The Rehab Centre
As Rosie and Frazer throw a basketball at each other, Rosie tells Frazer that she needs him to write down everything he remembers from the moment he got to the race track: she's done the same thing but there'll be things that he remembers differently. Frazer's not listening and instead asks Rosie if she can't throw any harder.
FRAZER: What is it with girls and throwing? And driving, map reading, running.
He does an impression of a girl puffing along as she runs so Rosie tells him he's asking for it before chucking the ball at him with ferocity. Frazer reaches out to grab it and as he does so he falls forward out of his chair. Rosie rushes forward to apologise but Frazer says it's alright, he's fine. She brings the chair towards him so he can get into it. He tries to pull himself up into it but he can't manage it so Rosie has to help him. Rosie suggests they go back to the hospital but Frazer doesn't want to. Frazer asks if she's afraid she's going to get beat and Rosie jovially says she's not. Frazer wheels himself off and tells her to prove it. Once again, Rosie looks wistfully after him and then smiles with love and pride.
Erinsborough High
Lolly is telling Rachel that Ringo had to leave the Store without his clothes so he asked Lolly to go back and get his backpack for him and he was just getting dressed. Rachel wants Lolly to admit that it looked pretty bad. Lolly says she doesn't always have to assume the worst - she's already said she doesn't like Ringo. Rachel bails, saying she has to get to class. Susan walks towards them and Lolly asks when Pepper's coming back because the new PE teacher smells. Susan isn't amused and Zeke, who's been standing there the whole time, says it's true. Susan explains that she doesn't think Pepper is coming back but they're getting a new PE teacher next week and apparently she's odour free so they have nothing to worry about. Zeke and Lolly are explaining to Susan that Pepper was great and she made exercise fun. Tom is standing in the background, listening in. Susan explains that unfortunately Pepper has already made her decision. She walks away from the kids and Tom approaches them, saying he couldn't help overhearing but he knows they're talking about Miss Steiger, who he's heard a lot of good reports about. Lolly says yes, she's unreal but she's not coming back. Tom suggests they see if they can help her change her mind. Zeke asks how. Tom explains that he'll talk to her because any teacher that can make exercise fun is worth their weight in gold. Tom asks the kids if they want to come along and tell her what they've just told him and Tom reckons Pepper sounds like the kind of teacher they want around.
The Law Office
Rosie is staring into space (enough already) and smiling. She's broken from her reverie by Lolly's arrival. Rosie asks Lolly if she's ready for her appearance and tells her that they've covered everything and taking into account the mitigating circumstances and the fact that nobody was seriously hurt when Glenn's brakes failed should all work in Lolly's favour. Lolly asks if Rosie's definitely ok because she looks a bit hot. Rosie says yes, she's just been playing basketball with Frazer. Lolly asks how Frazer is and Rosie gets all loved up and says he's really well and he's really brave and it's sexy. Rosie adds that Lolly doesn't need to hear about that but Lolly wants Rosie to spill. Rosie explains that he's working out everyday, he wants to join a wheelchair basketball team - he's really determined and all she wants to do is wrap her arms around him and tell him that she loves him. Lolly asks why she doesn't do that. Rosie replies that she did and he doesn't want her but that's ok, as long as she can be in his life in any capacity it's good enough for her. Lolly explains that it's like her and Ringo - she just likes spending time with him even though she knows he's with Rachel and nothing can happen. Rosie asks how she's been spending time with him if he's gone home. Lolly reveals all to Rosie - Ringo didn't want to leave Frazer so he told Jonny that he was staying with Rosie and then told Frazer that he was going home.
ROSIE: So where's he been staying?
LOLLY: I can't tell you.
ROSIE: Well you're going to!
LOLLY: I can't, I promised!
ROSIE: Well, what about Frazer?
LOLLY: What about him?
ROSIE: Well he's not angry anymore, and I think that if he knew Ringo was still around it'd mean a lot to him.
The Park
Rosie is making a big (loud) fuss of her hot dog being really yummy and delicious and sensational. Funnily enough, she is doing this right in front of the bush that Ringo is hiding behind. She eats the hot dog and says how magnificent it is. Then she says, 'There's another one here if you'd like, Ringo. It's full of sauce and onions and cheese. Oh, and the roll's all fresh and squishy. And that's just for starters. There's plenty of home cooked Italian food back at my place.' Ringo runs down towards Rosie, who's holding out the hot dog for him. He grabs the hot dog as he says something about Frazer telling him to go home. He eats the hot dog like he's never had a meal before and Rosie explains to him that Frazer's better now and he'd really like to see him. She adds that she thinks Frazer regrets sending Ringo home in the first place and anyway, he needs somebody to play basketball with and if Ringo runs he can still make visiting hours. Ringo runs off and passes Lolly, Rachel and Bree on his way, telling them he can't talk now and he'll explain later. Rosie comes over and tells them he's off to see Frazer thanks to Lolly, who she needs to take away because they have preparation to do.
Rachel's annoyed, and asks how it is that Lolly knows about everything that goes on in Ringo's life. Bree remarks that she's his friend. Rachel says she knows, but every time she turns around Lolly is in his face.
Erinsborough Hospital
Ringo rocks up to see Frazer, who's surprised to see him there and asks if Johnny dropped him off as well as asking if it's sauce that's all over his face. Frazer asks who he's there with - not his parents? Ringo confesses that he didn't go home; he's been there the whole time and he really wants to stay in Erinsborough with Frazer. He adds that he knows Frazer doesn't want to look after him but he'll sort something out. Frazer tells him he doesn't have to - he wants to look after him and he wants him to move back into number 30, where he belongs. He adds that he's been a massive tool and he's sorry. Ringo thinks Frazer had a pretty good reason to be.
FRAZER: No I didn't. You're my little brother and I know we don't say this kind of stuff very much but um, I love you. Ok?
RINGO: Yeah... alright.
Frazer breaks of the emotional angle by chucking the basketball at him and asking him if he still plays.
Erinsborough High
Susan throws one of the cushions to the back of the room disdainfully before noticing Tom standing in the doorway. She's decided that she knows why he's doing this - he resents her rejection of him and he's using his new role to laud it over her.
TOM: My only agenda is the continuing achievement and wellbeing of the students of this school.
NINJASUSE: I don't need you to show me how to teach my students. I don't need you breathing down my neck. I'm warning you Tom, you stay out of my classroom or I'll talk to the union!
TOM: I am the principal of this school whether you like it or not! Now I am sure you feel hard done by being passed over for the job...
NINJASUSE (aghast): That has got nothing to do with it!
TOM: But I think you should know that I was appointed because the department thinks this school needs a shake up! Now, I would rather do this with you but if you are determined to oppose me then I am more than happy to accept your resignation. Do we understand each other?
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5193
Susan Kennedy

Ringo Brown, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5193
Ringo Brown, Harold Bishop

Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5193
Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5193
Ringo Brown

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5193
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5193
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown

Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5193
Rachel Kinski, Bree Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Tom Scully, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5193
Susan Kennedy, Tom Scully, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Rachel Kinski

Tom Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5193
Tom Scully, Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5193
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5193
Frazer Yeats

Tom Scully, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5193
Tom Scully, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Ringo Brown

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5193
Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5193
Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5193
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Tom Scully in Neighbours Episode 5193
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Tom Scully

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5193
Rosie Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5193
Carmella Cammeniti

Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5193
Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown

Tom Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5193
Tom Scully, Susan Kennedy

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