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Neighbours Episode 5104 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5104: Timmins Inc.
Australian airdate: 23/11/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Fiona Banks
Guests: Will Griggs- Christian Clark
- "Freedom" by Pete Murray
- "Coming Home" by Cindy Ryan
Summary/Images by: Elin
Toadie being called in to see the oncologist
Will talking to Carmella about getting the operation for her burns
Boyd telling Janae about Glenn
Harold informing Steph and Lyn about Max intending to get on with his life without them
Scarlet Bar office
Lyn is trying to rationalise what Harold just told them, saying that it's obvious Max still isn't thinking straight then if he wants them to go on with their lives or he'd be home already. Steph wants to know where Max is and Harold says he was seen at the city mission but after that they don't know where he's gone to. Steph tries to get an answer out of Harold, but he's got nothing else to tell her. Some people just don't want to be found and it's Salvo policy not to ask either.
HAROLD: Our mission is to help people, we can't apprehend them!
STEPH: So a misssing person facing criminal charges who may not be mentally stable walks in and you just let him go without telling anyone?
HAROLD: The lass who spoke to him, she didn't know his circumstances!
Steph says she can't even believe Harry's telling her about all of this since it's not helping her or Max and he says he just thought they'd like to know that Max was still alive. Steph says she doesn't want to know anything, not if he can't come home and them talking about it is just a waste of time. Lyn makes an ironic remark to Harold about him doing a great job with all of this.
No 26
Stingray's putting together the flat pack changing table from IKEA that Dylan was working on the other day. Dyl showed us the instruction booklet yesterday so we could see that this product is called Sniglar. That means 'snails' in Swedish and makes no sense at all in terms of the table, but it still gave me a good laugh because it's not every day that my native tongue is on Neighbours.
As Stinger's trying to fix the dogdy leg on the table, Bree comes out of her room and he asks his sister not to tell Dylan that he's been working on getting the table sorted. Oh, and he's also got something else on his mind- he'd like to apologise to her since that's part of the 12-step AA program.
STINGER: That thing that I said at the intervention about you not being my sister, it was a lot of Botox. I'm ashamed I said it and I'm sorry.
BREE: Okay.
STINGER: Blood or no blood, you're the best sister that I could have had.
They hug and Bree wants to know how many other people are on the list for people Stinger has to apologise to. Apparently there's loads of them, including half of Erinsborough. Just then Janelle, Dylan and Janae arrive home with lots of bags full of groceries. Stinger offers to help Dylan with the unpacking, but is turned down. As it turns out they forgot to buy some sort of spice at the shops and Dyl says he'll now have problems the next time he's to cook, he needs that sort of 'fancy stuff' since he's a chef. He makes a remark to Janelle about how not everyone wants to eat Chicken Parmigiana when they go out. Ooh, nice reference back to Janelle's first appearance in Erinsborough there when she scammed Lou for a free serve of this very dish since it was Parma Sunday at the pub (for reference, please see ep. 4609).
Bree's opened up the mail which Janelle brought in along with the groceries and they've got a letter from Loris. Janelle says she's not interested, but Bree insists that she has a look at it.
Toadie's office
Toadie's on the phone to his oncologist discussing when and how he can pick up the results from his biopsy as Steph shows up wanting to ask for some legal advice on how to get the Salvos to release any info they might have about Max's whereabouts. The Toad says he's not sure what can be done about it but offers Steph a seat and they can have a look at it there and then. Steph asks if he's okay and he says he's just a bit sore from the biopsy still, but Steph's not to worry about him because he's just lost a bit of skin which is nothing compared to her losing a husband.
No 26
Bree's reading out loud from Loris's letter while the others are listening in.
BREE: "I know that you were no doubt hurt by my son's departure and one day I hope to explain why..."
JANELLE: We already know why! She's a gutless runaway, just like her son.
JANAE: Be quiet, Mum.
BREE: "But please know that I love you all, more than words can express. In my absence, please accept this token of my love and gratitude. Enclosed is a contract that once signed will make you part-owners of my stake in the Lassiter's complex."
DYLAN: You're kidding?
BREE: "It's my hope that this asset will provide you with financial security..."
JANELLE: Bla bla bla, give me a look!
Janelle grabs the contract and they all walk into the living room to have a closer look at it. According to the contract they will become part-owners of the whole 40% share that Loris has in Lassiter's as well as keep the house and all they have to do is sign on the dotted line.
BREE: So what do you think of Nan now?
JANELLE: Oh Loris, baby, strike me down if I ever said a bad word!
Janelle kisses the contract and as Janae exclaims that they're rich now they all start jumping up and down with joy and excitement. Dylan notices that someone's fixed the changing table and Bree tells him that Stinger did it, but it doesn't matter now because they can afford all sorts of luxuries anyway.
General Store
Elle's sat at a table doing some work when Boyd comes in holding a small yellow teddy bear. Elle points out that the bear is hers which means that Boyd must have been at her house again in order to get hold of it. Boyd refuses to admit anything and Elle says the bear was a gift from Gail and that it never leaves her bed. Boyd makes a sarky remark in return and Elle leaves, just as the Janae and Janelle come into the store annoucing that they're rich! Boyd doesn't know what to think.
JANELLE: Don't worry, Boydy-boy, we'll still be the same down-to-earth in-laws you've grown to love except there'll be a million more reasons to love us!
Janae starts to explain to Boyd how Loris gave them her share in Lassiters, but before she has time to say much, Harold comes over and interrupts to ask Boyd if he's spoken to Steph. Boyd says he hasn't since breakfast and Harry informs him that there's been some news regarding Max's whereabouts and suggests Boyd has a talk to Steph about it. Boyd leaves to track down Steph and takes Janae with him.
Janelle tells 'Hazza' that the two of them have some business to discuss, more specifically a rent reduction for the General Store that's long overdue. Will comes in to talk to Carmella, but she's not too keen to talk to him so makes her excuses and goes, leaving Harry to talk to Will. Harold tells Will how well Carmella's been doing working at the store and how she seems to be doing okay with everything. This makes Will think it's with him that the problem lies then since Carmella's avoiding him, maybe he pushed her too hard about having the surgery done. Harry asks him to give Carmella some time to come around, but Will points out how Carmella only seems to feel better when she's working with those who are worse off than herself and she needs to get over that if she's to get her life back. He's worried now because she's changed, not just on the outside but on the inside as well.
Scarlet Bar
Boyd's now talked to Steph about the news regarding Max and is determined to go and find Harold to tell him a thing or two. Steph and Lyn hold him back though, reminding him that it's Salvo policy not to ask stuff about the people they help so they can't give out any information. Toadie shows up and lets the Hoylands know that the Salvos only have an obligation to tell the Missing Persons unit if they find anything, but they as the family don't have the right to find out anything. Boyd, with Janae following him, heads off to find Harold again despite Steph's protests and Lyn agrees because 'someone's got to know something'.
Toadie and Steph (holding CharlieInClothes™) go into the office and Toadie tries to remain positive saying how if Max 'popped in once he'll pop in again', sounding almost like the Pringles advert where they tell you that 'once you pop, you can't stop'. Steph says it could take months or years and she's not going to just sit around and wait to hear from her husband.
Lassiters boardroom
At long last there appears to be a boardroom in the Lassiters complex. Hmm, I wonder why we haven't seen it during any previous business meetings such as the board meeting in 5085 when they had to make do with a table in the Scarlet Bar. Anyway, this new set has big Lassiters drink coasters spread out over the big table, a bar in the room and a snazzy banner on the wall telling us how there are big Lassiters complexes all over the world- in Darwin, Erinsborough, Gold Coast, Cabooltown, New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York, London and Dubai to be specific. I wonder why all the complexes have names with on the city they're based in and then there's one for 'New Zealand' which is a country.
Paul and Elle come in, discussing some business matter, only to find the Timminses sitting there waiting for them- Stinger in a suit with his feet on the table, Bree wearing her best goth gear, Janelle having her hair done nicely for a change and Dylan with his hair again looking almost as greasy as it did before his haircut. The Robinsons want to know where Loris is and refuse to believe it when Dyl tells them that the rest of the family is now the new owners of Loris's share. Janelle can't contain her joy at the fact that this makes the Robinsons and Timminses equal partners, both owning 49% of the business.
As Bree and Stinger put on their best posh voices, Janelle gladly presents the new version of Team Timmins- Timmins Inc.!
General Store
Boyd's on a mission to tell Harold a thing or two and Janae reminds him to keep in mind that it's 'old, sweet Harold' they're going to be talking to. They bump into Harold and Boyd asks for a private chat so they go into the kitchen. Once in there, Boyd wastes no time and grabs hold of Harold's shirt and pushes him up against the wall asking where Max is. Harry says he doesn't know since it's out of his hands, but Boyd doesn't give up that easily. Janae busts in through the door and gets Boyd off Harold.
BOYD: If anything happens to him when you could have helped, I'm holding you responsible, you got it?
Lassiters board room
The Robinsons and the Timminses aren't exactly off to the best of starts in terms of their working relationship.
JANELLE: (points to the food on the table) Now, the first order of business has got to be this grub. I mean, what's this, dodgy ham?
DYL: It's prosciutto, Mum.
Paul reminds the Timminses that they're doing business now, not playing around, and Elle brings up the plans for the redevelopment. Janelle is more concerned about the rent for the General Store and A Good Hair Day though, she reckons both firms' rent should be lowered to zero. Paul has nothing to say but 'Oh my God' and can't do anything but sit and watch as the Timminses discuss what changes they're like to make to the current running of the complex. Stinger reckons they should have cooler security that would let you skate in there and Janelle says she's willing to try it. Now Paul has had enough though.
PAUL: This farse is over! None of you have got any idea of how to run a business so if you would care to make Dylan your representative and then the rest of you just take a jump off a bridge and that would be much appreciated.
ELLE: They are shareholders and shareholders have the right to an opinion.
PAUL: Oh, spare me! In case you've forgotten, we're trying to run a multi-million dollar concern and you want to leave it up to this lot? What, a hairdresser, a drop-out from the Rocky Horror Show and from what I hear this one (looks at Stinger) is usually so soaked it's a miracle he knows what day it is?
DYL: That's my brother! And if you keep talking like that you're going to lose some teeth.
PAUL: Oh, really?
DYL: This is the new Lassiters board and if you want to do business you're going to show us some respect. Understood?
No. 22
Paul and Elle arrive home and Paul's still up in arms over the Timminses being shareholders. Lyn tells them about the Salvos finding Max and Elle wants to know if he was OK when they found him. Suddenly reverting back to the Lyn she was in 5041 when they were going to break into the baby belt people's office, Lyn tells Paul they need to do something to get the info from the Salvos like hire some men to go after them or why not bribing them or breaking into their offices!
PAUL: Oh, will you listen to yourself! It's like hearing Izzy with your face.
LYN: Oh come on, it's nothing you haven't done before.
PAUL: Yeah, I was a different man then, Lyn, and you were never that sort of person. Now come on, we are a family now and what sort of example is that going to set for Oscar, ay? Or Elle for that matter?
Then we get to see Lyn's real reason for saying what she just did- she's so worried about Boyd that she's gone back to a way of thinking that's what she thinks is what is expected of her. She thinks that all the criminal stuff is what Paul was expecting of her, so reverted back to that way of behaving since she was scared of losing her family again, without taking into account the fact that now things are very different. Paul puts her arms around Lyn and tells her that they will find Max and bring him home and they kiss and hug as Elle looks worried about what might happen when they do get hold of Max.
Scarlet Bar
Steph's angry at Will for leaving the lid of the ice machine open and refuses to drop the issue, clearly projecting her own feelings of sadness, guilt and hurt from the news about Max onto Will. Will talks back though reminding Steph how he works hard at his job and only has had a few minor slip-ups which is to be expected as part of the job and tells her that he doesn't appreciate being spoken to like he's a moron.
Garden at no 24
Carmella's busy planting some herbs when Janelle and Bree pop their heads over the fence. They just wanted to let Carmella know about this party they're having at the Scarlet Bar tonight and that they'd like her to come. Carmella's not so sure she can come though since she's quite tired. Janelle mentions the fact that they'll be hiring down at Lassiters soon and suggests Carmella applies since they could use 'a few more spunks around the place'. Harold appears and says he's been talking to Will about the operation. Carmella says that her scars haven't changed who she is on the inside and if Will is so ashamed of the way she looks on the outside now then she'll end things with him now to save him any embarrassment she'll bring him. She gets up and leaves a disappointed Harry behind since she misunderstood what he was trying to say.
Park bench down by Lassiters lake
Boyd and Janae are talking about CutGirlInTassie™ aka. Glenn and Boyd says he's sorry about what happened. Janae says it's OK, but Boyd says that no, it isn't OK and he was a complete idiot. Janae says she knows it was because Boyd was so upset over Max and everything and kisses him which Boyd takes as a cue to escalate the kissage. Janae pulls away and tells her confused husband that despite her saying she wanted more of that stuff, it can't just go 'from zero to a hundred in three seconds'. Maybe it's a sign of Boyd feeling guilty over what happened down in Tassie.
JANAE: You're forcing it because you think you have to, not because you want to.
Boyd says he doesn't know what he wants and Janae says she forgives him over the Glenn thing since everyone makes mistakes.
BOYD: Don't ever leave me. They way Dad left Steph... I don't know what I'd do without you.
Oh noes, Boyd has uttered those magic words that have a tendency to forebode the immediate arrival of The Angst™. I hope all the shippers have their seatbelts on now because rocky times are likely to be up ahead.
Scarlet Bar
Janelle's telling Bree about all the lavish plans she's got for the future of Lassiters such as plasma screens in every room, a hot tub for their backyard and the Sherbs playing for her birthday (she could get up close and personal with Darryl!) when the Breezer notices how her brothers are talking normally to each other over at the bar. Janelle tells her daughter not to talk about it in case they jinx it and after the boys bring the drinks to the table they all make a toast to Timmins Inc.
Paul's over at the bar getting some wine, a Pinot from Bordeaux to be precise, and Will tells him he has to choose one or the other since he's just mentioned two types of wine that come from different regions. This sparks Paul's interest as he remarks that Will has expensive taste, but Will just says he's read a few books on the subject purely for professional reasons of course. Carmella comes in and walks over to the bar, looking for Will who's gone to pick up Paul's wine for him, and Paul asks her how she's going. He says he assumes she's been to see the plastic surgeon about her scars, but she says it's a waste of time.
CARMELLA: There are more important things.
PAUL: You're kidding, aren't you?
CARMELLA: If my scars are so offensive to you, don't look.
PAUL: Why on earth wouldn't you get help if it's available?
CARMELLA: I don't have to justify my decisions to you.
PAUL: Maybe, but I'll reserve the right to be disgusted. You see, I know a thing or two about disfigurement. No amount of money in the world can do a damn thing for my leg, yet here you are refusing help that's available to you because of some cock-eyed notion that you deserve this. You make me sick.
Parking lot outside Lassiters
Elle's just getting to her car (the silvery Lassiters convertible that she drove in 5057 and that Paul and Lyn were out cruising in in 5041) when she notices how all the tires are flat. She spots Boyd walking along the other end of the parking lot and looks at him suspisciously.
Parking lot outside Lassiters
Elle has now gone up to Boyd to confront him about slashing the tires and just then Paul passes by and wants to know what all the fuss is about. Boyd plays innocent and says Elle's just blamed him for slashing her tires and Paul says it's probably the vandals that have been hanging around the place lately. Boyd leaves and Elle tells her Dad that Mr Hoyland Jr. is trying to get revenge on her. Paul wants to know what for and Elle says she's done something terrible.
No. 22
Father and daughter arrive home and Elle starts explaining how she's the one that drove Max crazy.
PAUL: What, how?
ELLE: Everything he did, every time it looked like he stuffed up, that was me.
PAUL: Oh Elle...
ELLE: He killed Cameron, I wanted him to suffer!
PAUL: Oh God, you destroyed the man completely!
ELLE: I know.
PAUL: You promised me that you had nothing to do with this and you lied to our faces when Max accused you!
ELLE: I tried to tell him but by that time he didn't even know who I was. Dad, what am I going to do?
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Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5104
Lyn Scully, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Harold Bishop

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5104
Bree Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5104
Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins

Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5104
Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi

Janae Hoyland, Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5104
Janae Hoyland, Stingray Timmins, Bree Timmins, Dylan Timmins

Boyd Hoyland, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5104
Boyd Hoyland, Elle Robinson

Harold Bishop, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5104
Harold Bishop, Carmella Cammeniti

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5104
Harold Bishop

Will Griggs in Neighbours Episode 5104
Will Griggs

Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5104
Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5104
Dylan Timmins

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5104
Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5104
Harold Bishop, Boyd Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5104
Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5104
Carmella Cammeniti

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5104
Janelle Timmins

Carmella Cammeniti, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5104
Carmella Cammeniti, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5104
Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5104
Elle Robinson

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