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Neighbours Episode 5082 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5082: Spanner From Heaven
Australian airdate: 24/10/06
UK airdate:
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Will Griggs Christian Clark
Frazer Yeats Ben Lawson
Rosetta Cammeniti Natalie Saleeba
Pepper Steiger - Nicky Whelan
Teresa Cammeniti Hannah Greenwood
Christine Rodd Trudy Hellier
Summary/Images by: Shona/Izzy-da-vixen
Christine, Janae's boss, is Pepper's mum
Teresa offers to adopt Sky's child
Will tells Rosie that Little Frankie got shot
Pepper and Rosetta find Frazer out cold with a spanner lying nearby
Number 30
Pepper explains to Will and Rosie that Little Frankie was a racehorse that died this afternoon. Will starts to laugh while Rosetta wants to know who did the Frazer bashing. Pepper informs them that Frazer doesn't remember and isn't chuffed to find out the cops are on their way. Both Will and Rosie want Frazer out ASAP - particularly Rosie, whose career will be damaged if she's seen to be living with a criminal. Pepper wails that Frazer isn't a criminal but Rosie says he's neck-deep in something bad and they both know it.
Christine arrives, having got sick of waiting for an invite to the house. Pepper tells her that her fiancé is in hospital with concussion. Christine thinks it's all terrible as Rosie and Will fill her in. Will shows her the spanner that they found near Frazer (all polybagged, CSI style) and Christine discovers it's hers (she marks all her tools with a blue C).
PEPPER: You bashed Frazer?!
(Bless her - Miss Marple, she ain't.)
Christine laughs, reminding her daughter that she hasn't met him yet. But she does have someone she needs to talk about this.
Number 32
Bree and Rachel are dissing Pepper Steiger, who has not made a good impression on them (she gave them detention for taking a short cut). They're looking for advice on how to strike back against her and Janae reminds Bree about the cookery teacher from Colac, who they must've done something very terrible to, as she had to change her name and move to New Zealand. Janae suggests they start small - spread rumours - then move on to prank calls and on until level ten. Rachel is surprised to hear there is a level ten.
Speak of the devil - Miss Steiger and her mother arrive. Rachel and Bree to run off while they confront Janae. Janae tells them that it was an accident...
Flashback to Janae working on one of Steph's old engines out the back. Wielding the spanner she tries to loosen a bolt or something but just ends up hurting herself, leading her to toss the spanner over her shoulder in a rage...
While, over at Number Thirty...
FRAZER (working with his laptop): You little beauty -
Frazer falls back, unconscious.
Christine wants to know why Janae didn't go straight round to number 30. Janae says she was embarrassed and apologises - she was just trying to improve her skills. Christine isn't impressed - has she no idea how expensive good tools are? She tells her she is one step away from getting the sack. Pepper pipes up with a mention of assault charges, reminding them that she nearly killed Frazer!
JANAE: I'm sorry!
Sky and Susan chortle over Lou's Mishka vs. Janelle dilemma. Carmella comes in - it's her first day as an orderly, by the way. Susan and Zeke head off home. Zeke hangs around just long enough to tell Carmella that "Ned's taken - you fly with that?" and does a funny hand movement that I'm sure means something in his crew before leaving.
Sky asks Carmella how things are with Ned and she tells her it's all history. However she has a date with hunky newbie Will, who her sister says is really nice. Carmella's a bit out of practice where dating is concerned and is a tad petrified. Sky tells her to have fun.
Sky admits she's going stir crazy and is annoyed she's missing out on the saga of Lou's love triangle. The only good thing about the hospital is her roomie.
Carmella reads the patient card on the wall, discovering it's her cousin. Sky is surprised when she hears Teresa's related to Carmella. Carmella makes a quick exit.
In the hallway Carmella runs into Teresa, who isn't happy to see her, and tells her she didn't tell Sky anything beyond Teresa being her cousin. She promises not to interfere over the baby secret and tells her it's great that she and Sky are friends, before promising to stay out of Teresa's way.
Number 30
Christine isn't happy about the Frazer business and Pepper asks her not to tell the others about the name change, as it's too complicated. Christine is more disappointed that Pepper didn't tell her she was getting engaged. Pepper apologises, saying there never seemed to be a right time for introductions. Pepper and her mum decide to have a look at the back yard.
At the front door Janae tells Frazer that she called the police and cleaned up spanner incident mystery. She offers her help and Frazer thinks she could get the blood out of his shirt but he doesn't get to take it off as Will and Rosie appear and tell him it's his bedtime.
Once Janae has gone Rosie and Will offer to get him some food and beer but Frazer thinks they're trying to make up for believing he was dodgy. He'd thought they were mates... It's particularly rich of Rosie, who's family are into all sorts of criminal dealings. He goes to find Pepper.
Outside a theatre
We're in the city and Carmella has just arrived to find Will, who presents her with some flowers (which he nicked). They were meant to be going to the theatre but Will's broke. However he has mates there, who can get them the best seats in the house...
Lassiter's Lake
Which turned out to be in the wings...Carmella loved seeing all the backstage stuff. Will asks if she's ready for her next surprise...he dives into the bushes and retrieves a picnic basket.
Add a travel rug and - voila - you've got your own free planetarium. Will's glad it's not raining.
CARMELLA: Well, your old boss provided us with a great show - it's only fair that mine did the same.
Will thinks staring at the stars puts one's life into perspective. Carmella nods. She agrees with him that being so insignificant is quite liberating, even to her - a nun on hold.
Number 30
Rosie wants to know what Frazer meant by her family reputation. Frazer had just assumed she was related to Rocco. He apologises - his mistake. Rosetta reveals that Rocco is her dad but she didn't know until recently about that side of his life. Frazer says she shouldn't have to pay for what he did. Rosie tells him she put herself through law school so she wouldn't need to touch any of Rocco's dirty money - yet people assume she did. Frazer says he's in her corner from now on. Rosetta is glad they've cleared the air and apologises for calling him a crook.
They say goodnight and shake hands.
Lassiter's Lake
Carmella thinks she can see the Southern Cross but Will thinks it's actually Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (how very 1998). He thinks it hasn't been much of night but Carmella has enjoyed it (she even kept up her vow of poverty into the bargain). Will draws closer and asks what she thinks about her other vows. Carmella almost kisses him but pulls back, telling him that if she broke that particular vow it would've meant she had made a final decision about staying in her secular life. She isn't sure how much of her old life she wants back. Will understands - he was pushing his luck on the first date anyway. They smile and decide to call it a night. Carmella tells him that next time they'll talk about his past. Will stops smiling.
Erinsborough High
Bree runs in, closely followed by Zeke who's being all ghetto and loud again. Rachel wonders what the heck's happened to her geeky brother. Pepper tells the class to settle and Bree squeals when she sees she's 'wearing it'. Pepper keeps moving, clearly uncomfortable. She starts scratching her back as she tries to talk about global epidemics. The kids start to laugh as she begins to sneeze and Bree asks her if everything's ok.
Susan appears and Pepper, sneezing, asks her to take over while she runs off. Rachel and Bree laugh, then pretend to sneeze at the same time. Susan is not one bit impressed.
Number 30
Frazer wants to know all the details of Will's date. Will has nothing sleazy to report and tells him to ask Carmella. Frazer instructs Rosie to grill her sister for info - Rosie tells him to get lost.
FRAZER: Uh, joking
(Anyway, Frazer has read enough Sweet Valley Highs to recognise that Will is besotted.) Rosie tells Will that she's glad it went well - she knew they'd get along. Once she's gone Frazer says that for a while he'd thought Will was keen on Rosie!
Rosetta opens the door to Susan. Pepper is straight out of the shower - the itching has finally stopped. Susan thinks she must have fallen victim to the old itching powder prank. Luckily for Pepper Susan gave them all a good telling off. She tells her to hang in there but Pepper says she hasn't been put off by it. Once Susan's gone Pepper doesn't look that all that convinced, after all.
Sky tells Teresa that she's feeling much better and, although she wants to go home, she wouldn't do it against doctor's orders. Sky goes into her room while Teresa goes up to Carmella and apologises for her behaviour earlier on (there seems to be a whole lot of apologising going on in today's ep). She has something she needs to tell her about Sky - she isn't sure she's looking after herself properly. She's been having problems but won't admit them to the doctors as she's desperate to go home. Carmella says she'll tell someone and assures her she won't mention that Teresa gave her the info. Once Carmella has gone Teresa smiles to herself.
Erinsborough High
Rachel tells Bree that some guys got hold of Pepper's knickers, shortly before one guy chucks them at Bree. Bree's shrieking alerts Susan and she turns around from the board to find the undies on the floor. She asks who's responsible to no response, so tells the class to work on essay plans until she gets back.
Zeke looks a little troubled as she leaves but his classmate gives him a congratulatory pat on the shoulder.
Will arrives at a nice property with a pair of keys in his hand. The key fob reads 'Yours For The Taking'. He unlocks the front door.
Erinsborough High
Susan decides to discreetly hand Pepper the pair of knickers from earlier (in the middle of the hallway) - they have 'Sexy Steiger' written on the back. Pepper thanks her and says she can take it from here.
Pepper pulls Zeke into the only classroom for a chat. Bree and Rachel are there and don't move until Pepper threatens to call Susan back to discuss the itching powder. Zeke says he didn't write on the knickers but Pepper knows he stole them. She asks why he did it and Zeke admits he never had real friends before. Pepper says they're not real friends if they put him up to things like that. He apologises and Pepper comes up with a deal - she won't tell Susan if he cleans number 30 every week until the end of term.
He thanks her, promising to never do it again.
Will has a good look around to the sounds of 'Saving The World' by Brooke Fraser - it's very swish inside and there's a cupboard full of tins of condensed milk, which makes Will smile. He puts a tin in a bag then looks in a walk-in closet and in a bedroom, where he grabs a teddy bear. He finds a gold ring, which he adds to the bag. Then his eyes fall on a photograph on a man and woman (whether the man is Will, I really can't tell). He takes that and leaves.
Carmella finds Sky getting something sugary from the vending machine. Carmella asks about the dizzy spells and pains but Sky says she's fine. She's dying to go home, just like Teresa, who's been saying how much she's looking forward to seeing her baby girl and husband. Carmella is takenaback and tells Sky that Teresa doesn't have a husband or baby. Sky is shocked.
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Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5082
Pepper Steiger

Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5082
Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti

Christine Rodd, Will Griggs, Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5082
Christine Rodd, Will Griggs, Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger

Pepper Steiger, Christine Rodd in Neighbours Episode 5082
Pepper Steiger, Christine Rodd

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5082
Janae Hoyland

Zeke Kinski, Sky Mangel, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5082
Zeke Kinski, Sky Mangel, Susan Kennedy

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5082
Frazer Yeats

Will Griggs, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5082
Will Griggs, Carmella Cammeniti

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5082
Pepper Steiger

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5082
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5082
Susan Kennedy, Pepper Steiger

Teresa Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5082
Teresa Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5082
Carmella Cammeniti

Will Griggs in Neighbours Episode 5082
Will Griggs

Carmella Cammeniti, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5082
Carmella Cammeniti, Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5082
Sky Mangel

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