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Neighbours Episode 5069 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5069: Ego Is Not A Dirty Worm
Australian airdate: 05/10/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Teresa Cammeniti Hannah Greenwood
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Izzy-da-vixen
Zeke saying hi to his sister and the 'hot models' in the park in front of Garret
Sky fainting during the trying on of outfits
Carmella finding out that her cousin's baby died 3 months ago
Number 22 - Night
Paul's gotten Oscar off to sleep without a hitch. Lynnie cannot thank him enough for the whole day, she feels bad for taking him away from his work. She would cook him a meal but... there's no food. Oh Paul was meaning to cook something but the day just slipped away. And as far as her dragging him away from his work, Oscar is far more important. This is Paul talking? He means it, part of his downsizing his stake in Lassiters is to take better care of them if it's alright with her of course. Lynnie replies she could be persuaded. As they go to the couch Paul tells her not to worry about cooking, they'll get some takeaway. He asks how it went at the hospital with Max but Lyn doesn't want to talk about it. Pauly understands and gives her a hug aww those Plyn fans will be grinning. Well their grins are about to get bigger because they have a bit of a kissy.
LYN: Oh Paul I'm SO sorry! I got carried away.
PAUL: Yes, yes. Terrible of you. Fancy taking advantage of me like that.
They have a bit of a laugh before going at it again.
Number 26
Dylan's checking himself in the toaster as behind him Stingray is getting his suit organised. They both start fiddling with their ties.
DYLAN: Still can't do up one of these things without thinking I'm trying to impress the magistrate!
STINGRAY: Yeah not that it ever worked!
DYLAN: Ah hey maybe I'll have more luck with this little ceremony.
STINGRAY: 'Cause you will, this time you're going to get life!
Dylan wants to get some drinkiepoos to celebrate but decides that maybe he should just put the kettle on. Stingray thinks he can have one or two without it being a problem... on special occasions like eg - Grand Final day, Dyl's wedding, Christmas. Dylan adds trying on suits with your brother and any day of the week ending with 'y'. Stingray asks for some credit, he isn't an alco (pfft). Dylan reminds him that he promised Rachel. Stingray says he did and he meant it. Well don't beg for drinks you silly boy!
Random Lake - Day
Looks like Lou's trying to have a nice peaceful fishing day but Harold arrives with his bait that he left at home. He knew where Lou was because his fishing rod was missing and this is his favourite hideaway. Harold says he can hide from him but he must confront what happened to him in Russia. Lou sarcastically asks if he has any other interests in life. Harold continues, there's questions about a whole week of his life and if Lou doesn't answer those questions about his past it will destroy his future. Lou replies he's going to leave the past where it is and get on with his future - with Janelle. Blegh! Harold can see it's one disaster to another, plus can't Lou see his own frame of mind; he's got no bait on his hook! Lou's had enough and starts throwing random things at Harold. Harry agrees to leave but with only one condition that Harold's made an appointment for him to see Karl.
LOU: Pointless, I fully except now that I'm not demented.
HAROLD: He'll help tap into your memory with hypnosis.
LOU: You're the one that's demented.
HAROLD: Are you frightened about what you might remember?
LOU: ...Terrified.
Number 28
Oh yuck Zeke is revving up the blender, mixing something that looks particularly disgusting. Susan comes in and has to yell out twice to get his attention, apparently there are a whole bunch of teenage boys hanging around outside. They're waiting for his model babes to turn up. After being prodded with the paper Susan's holding (well not really but I wish she did) Zeke admits he might've said something about Katya's model friends coming for a swimsuit party. It was Katya's idea, and what else is he suppose to do, none of the stuff he is interested in appeals to those boys. Susan asks so is he using these mythical babes to make himself popular. Give that woman a prize! Zeke says it works, they want him to play in the team now, and hey it's not their fault he can't play.
Susan is about to go set them straight but Zeke pleads with her not to, for the first time in his life he's now part of the gang, they even call him Robbie Williams. Susan asks why he would want to be friends with anyone that is only because of his sister's connections. He replies that it's better than nothing. Awww. If they find out the truth there'll be the bullying with the wedgies and the head flushing, dacking... how could Susan live with herself if she brought all that on?
Number 24
Sky's making an appearance in her wedding dress again to show Rachel. Outside they hear Zekey boy telling the boys in the street that they know hot women, always running late. He comes inside, he's hear to take Rachel home for breakfast. He tells Sky looks awesome, very hot. Err he asks Rachel to hurry it up 'coz Susan's waiting, he doesn't want to blow all his emotional blackmail. Bree comes out in her her red gothic like dress and outfit for the wedding. The girls love it but Zeke runs out at the question on if Bree looks beautiful. Sky thinks with the excuse of feeding the worms that the dress worked, Bree isn't so sure but Rachel could also see the 'trail of drool' (eww) that was left when he ran out. Bree doesn't care, she's over the boyfriend thing. Sky gives her a smile that makes Bree promise her a Chinese wrist burn for it when she's a Timmins. She serves up cake chattering on about how she'll teach the baby a thing or two if she can ever get Dylan away. While Bree's talking Sky hasn't been looking too good, like she's about to faint again. She takes one bite of the cake then decides to go get out of her dress. Hmm.
Karl comes out of a room and bumps into Carmella in the hallway, she's wondering how Teresa is and if she could have a visit. Karl thinks that would be good, she could use a friendly face. She heads in and Teresa's all exciting, asking where her daughter is. Carmella asks how she is, coz she's looking well. Teresa coldly says she didn't want to see her without her daughter. Carmella replies she tried to do what she wanted. Teresa now wants to know where she is because being with her baby is all she has. Carmella takes a breath and tells her that she needs to let her baby go now, she's gone. She was born with a problem in her heart, there was nothing anyone could've done. She died three months ago.
After the break Teresa isn't believing it, she thinks Carmella just doesn't want to go through with it. Carmella says she'd never do that and when they get out of the hospital they'll visit the gravesite. It might help her come to terms with it... plus maybe they can get some photos for Teresa to keep, the mum might be happy to give some. Teresa gets upset with this because after all she is the mother she only gave the baby up because Carmella wanted the money, if she had kept her she would still be alive (methinks not) so Carmella murdered her baby. Karl comes in just as Teresa starts yelling at Carmella that to get out over and over.
Number 26
Stingray looking around in the cupboard for something sweet for his coffee. Dylan is immediately thinking the worst until Stingray holds up the sugar, tad annoyed he's lost faith so quick. Dylan pushes his cup over to Stingers and after watching him shaking as he pours Dyl's cup of coffee suggests they go camping in the bush. He could do with sitting on the mountain top... Stingray gets he means him away from all the bottle shops and pubs. Stingers thinks he's okay and besides doesn't Sky need him. Dylan thinks she needs him like a hole in the head, he can tell he's getting in the way. He tries to convince Stingray to go, it'll be for old times sake. Sky'll be cool if he tells her to be cool.
STINGRAY: Who are you kidding?
DYLAN: No one.
Dylan gets Stingray into a headlock and announces that the Timmins boys are going bush. Err like anyone was around to hear! Aww they have a hug.
Number 30
Carmella is packing and crying just as Harold lets himself in hoping to catch Ned. He's not home so Harold asks her to pass on the message that he's raring to go with another of his personal training programs. Hmm he hasn't even noticed Carmella is upset, methinks Harold is loosing his touch. Carmella isn't quite sure when she's seeing him next. Harold asks if she's leaving... ah duh! He now asks on where she is going. She can't go back to the convent so she's going to find a place to stay for a while, maybe somewhere new. Harry says she's been the source of inspiration to so many so hmmph on her not being in the convent. Carmella says he doesn't really know her, she isn't worthy of doing God's work. Harold doesn't know what started this but he thinks she should stop it, she's got a gift and she must hold onto her faith. Harry ever the good neighbour offers for her to stay at his place. Carmella asks if it's for him to keep and eye on her and keep her in the habit. Nope he's sharing the house with two rampant agnostics so he could use all the backup he can get.
Number 28
Rachel's telling Susan about Bree's and Sky's dresses and how prettyful they look. She then looks around a bit and asks where Zeke is. Susan replies he's feeding his worms. Riiight so he does actually have worms? Rachel dishes the dirt on the fact he couldn't take his eyes off Bree, he's still in love with her. Susan has no doubt about that. When someone enthusiastically knocks on the door Suze asks Rachel to get it while she goes and makes sure Zeke isn't killing the worms with kindness.
Who else could be constantly knocking than Stingray? He's over to say hi and goodbye because of his camping trip with Dylan. He's saying it's a final hurrah before his wedding but Stingers knows it's to help get his head together. Rachel isn't looking too happy but she says she is, just that maybe Dylan's doing something she should be. She's his girlfriend so maybe she should be the one to help him sort through his problems. She should go at let Dylan be with Sky. Stingray isn't so sure about this, he's already on probation with Susan already. Rachel says she'll understand, her attitude has changed lately. He should just run it by Dylan and she'll handle Susan. Stingray looks really happy about this arrangement - not.
Number 24
Dylan's on the phone to Stingers, something's telling him he should stick around anyway. Dylan tells Sky that he gets to stay with his girl and his bambino. In a funny voice he says hello to that bambino just as Carmella and Harold walk in, Harry welcoming her to her new home. Harold explains that she's without a home so he's offered for her to stay. The look Sky has on her face doesn't exactly look welcoming to Carmella adds that it won't be for long. Sky replies it's fine and well she doesn't sound too good. Harold shows Carmella to her room and Dylan asks if Sky isn't thrilled about the Nun flying in. Sky repeats that it's fine. Dylan says she's good value, gave him some spiritual advice and showed him how lucky he was. Sky looks like she's about to be sick which gets Dylan really concerned.
SKY: Dyl...
DYLAN: What is it?
SKY: I have something... really important to tell you. I'm so sorry... you're going to hate me.
Unfortunately the truth doesn't come out because she faints!
Lou's been hypnotised and Karl's questioning him on his time in Russia.
KARL: Your memories are clear. You're in Moscow, what do you see?
LOU: The sun shining off the St Basils, it's beautiful.
KARL: Who's with you?
LOU: Mishka.
KARL: And what's she doing?
LOU: She's laughing. She wants to ride the rollercoaster in Gorky Park. 'You are such a little boy sometimes' she says, 'You have to take risks. We should have tattoo to show our love.'.
KARL: And do you do that? Do you get tattoos?
LOU: Arr (moves his neck uncomfortably)
KARL: Lou what's happening?
LOU: Dinner, dinner. Café Pushkin (sounds like that anyway!) with her friends. There's a man there, he's staring at me. He's a giant of a man, he's... he shakes my hand, it hurts. He's talking to Mishka.
KARL: What's he saying?
LOU: It's in Russian. They're angry, they're shouting. Mishka's crying.
KARL: Do you understand any of it?
LOU: The man says (something in Russian that I can't decipher!)
KARL: Who is this man?
LOU: Igor husband. Mishka don't leave me! Don't leave me here, come back! Mishka come back!
Number 28
Err Zeke's educating Susan on Cleopatra's royal worms. The phones rings so Susan of course answers, it's Garret wanting to know if he can have signed photos from the models. Susan's about to say that those models Zeke's talking they just don't... luckily Zeke's pantomimes of wedgies, having eggs thrown at him gets to Suze and she says they never leave him alone and distract him from his homework, so she would appreciate if he didn't encourage him in this anymore than he already has. After Susan hangs up Zeke says she's the best mum in the whole world.
Meanwhile the hypnosis is still going on...
KARL: You're still in Moscow, you're leaving the restaurant...
LOU: I'm walking alone.
KARL: Where are you going?
LOU: Mishka's apartment. I walk up 14 flights of stairs. I'm sweating, exhausted but I have to see Mishka. But she won't let me in, she's shouting... she's shouting 'Go back to Australia and find yourself nice Aussie girl!'. I try to hug her but she pushes me away. And I'm standing on the stairs outside of her door, I try to touch her but she's screaming and the floor's going from under me. And I'm falling, falling...
KARL: Lou?
LOU: The stairs.
KARL: You fell down the stairs?
LOU: Yeah...
KARL: And what happened next?
LOU: Nothing, it's all blank. I'm home.
Number 28
Oh dear lord Zeke's signing model's pictures from a magazine! Susan sneaks up behind him and says she thought they agreed it was going to end. Zekey boy gets a fright then replies it will, he'll just give them to Garret then that's it. Susan tells him that even Garrets going to see through it, all the signatures look the same and Alexis is spelt with 'is' not 'es'. It should be much more free flowing and without even thinking about it Susan shows him how it's done.
She gets a hold of herself and gets the door. Tis Bree, she's got some worms for Zeke for his farm. Zeke doesn't reply until Susan says it was very thoughtful, and that he's grateful. Bree asks where she should put them and Zeke replies in the backyard, he's a bit busy right now. Very rude! Bree does as told and Susan asks what's wrong with him. Zeke says he didn't ask her to bring the worms. Susan tells him he should be out there with his good friend instead of pretending to be something he's not. She picks up the piccies of the models wanting him to get rid of it when she finds a note from Rachel about going away with Stingray for the night. Susan's not too impressed.
Lou can now see that Harold was right, a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Karl tells him he may have some more work to do, there are still some unanswered questions. Lou wants to let them be, the best advice Mishka gave him was to go home and find a good Aussie girl. He really thought she was sincere when she was living there, boy was he wrong. Choosing her rotten husband over him, pushing him down the stairs... and thank god he remembers that. He thinks the whack on his head had something to do with the memory loss. Karl agrees that it is possible. Lou laughs and says god knows what happened to him after that, and he doesn't want to know.
Out in the hallway Dylan's getting impatient, he wants to know what's going on with Sky. Harold tells him not to work himself up, he's sure Sky and the baby will be fine. Dylan blames himself, he doesn't think he's been looking after her properly. Harold thinks they all could've done better there and her diet's been very poor. Teresa listens in as Harold says Sky's just feeling unprepared to be a mother and for them to blame themselves is just a waste of time. Dylan says she's mad with him, she was going to tell him something he wasn't going to like before she fainted.
HAROLD: It'll be fine.
DYLAN: What if it's not? If I lose Sky, the baby... I've lost everything.
After the break Carmella finishes up talking to Dylan and walks over to Teresa and asks how she is... for the second time tonight. Teresa asks if she knows 'him' (meaning Dylan ). Carmella replies she does and asks if the counselling session went well. Teresa now wants to know if Carmella knows Sky which of course she does. Carmella asks how she knows them and Teresa answers that he heard him and 'some old guy' talking, it sounds like Sky isn't ready to be a mother. If she doesn't want the baby maybe she'll be able to help by talking to her, being her friend. She does know what she's going through after all.
In Sky's room Karl says she doesn't need him to tell her it isn't good. Her blood sugar is dangerously low, virtually hypoglycaemic. She's not gaining enough weight for her or the baby. Sky knows she is, she's tried to eat but can't. Karl tells her she needs to try harder. She's been in there three times and now Karl thinks this eating disorder is due to acute stress. This secret is hurting Sky and making her sick, keeping inside is hurting her and the baby. Sky says letting it out is worse, she tried to tell Dylan and that's when she fainted. Karl knows she's worried about the repercussions.
SKY: I can't lose him Karl. My baby won't have a father.
KARL: I know that Sky. But if you can't find the courage to set the record straight it could be a lot worse. You could lose your baby.
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Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5069
Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5069
Stingray Timmins

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5069
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5069
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Sky Mangel, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5069
Sky Mangel, Bree Timmins

Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5069
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5069
Rachel Kinski

Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5069
Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5069
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5069
Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 5069

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5069
Carmella Cammeniti

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5069
Sky Mangel

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