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Neighbours Episode 5030 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5030: Talkin’ ‘Bout Y Generation
Australian airdate: 11/08/06
UK airdate: 03/11/06
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Cameron Robinson – Adam Hunter
Anne Baxter – Tessa James
- "Coming Home" by Cindy Ryan
- "Arms Around The Sun" by Philip Foxman
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Emily
Janelle bumping into poor blind Anne and Bree telling her to PO
Sky having the test, Dylan thinking it could be the poisoning he got that could be affecting the kidlet
The test is over and heading down the hallway on the way out Dylan tells Sky to just chill for a few days because there is still a chance of miscarriage. Sky's well aware of that, and questions if they did the right thing by taking the test. Dyl thinks so.
SKY: So now I've just got to wait for the results.
DYLAN: No we have to wait. And whatever happens I'm with you all the way.
SKY: Um this really isn't that easy to say...
DYLAN: Yeah?
Oh it looks like Sky's about to snog him when Elle and Harold arrive just in the nick of time. Elle asks where they were, Karl had told them they had finished ages ago and she thought he was going to help her with finding her dad a doctor. Dylan thought they had plenty of time but pushy Elle does not think so. Sky says it's okay, she's got grandad to take her home. She'll see him later... Elle knows something is up.
Lassiters Lake
Bree leads Anne along, still reading her book and sits her down and a nearby seat. Bree once again fills Anne in on a bit she's missed. Anne changes the subject to Bree's mum, she wants to know about her like if she's really like Chanelle or if she's exaggerated. Bree doesn't think her mum needs much exaggeration - she's larger than life... and she's already met her. Anne now asks if Bree's dad is anything like Tim. Nope to Bree dad's just 'dad'. Anne contemplates this then purposely spills the millshake she's drinking on herself. To make it better she's rubs it all over the place. She says she needs some clean clothes, it's sticky and gross. Pfft why'd you do that then? Bree suggests that she should go home but sneaky Anne says no, she could but her parents have gone out and won't be back for ages. They're always going off and leaving her behind and it gets lonely. Aww hmm. Bree offers for her to come back to her house for some fresh clothes. Anne thinks that's full on man, she doesn't know her and she's like so famous. Bree says it's the least she can do, Anne did sit through her book reading when everyone else left.
Number 22
Erm Paul's doing arm weights in the garden when Cam walks up asking who he's trying to impress, he'd ask for a name but he's guessing Paul doesn't know what it is. Heh! Paul finds nothing wrong with toning up and wanting to improve his health because contrary to popular opinion he's not entirely perfect. Oh has some girl said something about your fitness Pauly? Cam doesn't say a word so Paul's disappointed he didn't take up the opportunity to pay him out. Cam's not in the mood, he knows the Sister is in trouble and he doesn't know how. Oh that stupid Italian guitar music comes on as Paul asks if Cam's got any ideas. Cam thinks it's some sort of deal, she's selling something or buying something he just can't remember what. Paul tells Cam to hold it over her and use it to her advantage... life's too short.
For some reason Harold is still at the hospital, now sitting with Carmella. He confesses he's been having the most hateful thoughts towards Elle and yesterday he made those feelings quite obvious and he's so ashamed. Carmella asks if it's because he wants Dylan to be with Sky. Harold says it's because he wants his great grandchild to have two parents that are together and love each other. Carmella thinks that's fair enough, but gives him some advice. In her experience interfering in people's lives, even with good intentions it's not always the best plan and she's sure he knows as a Christian that it's ultimately God who decides what is best anyway. Harold thanks her, he all of a sudden has peace. Carmella says he already knows what she told him but Harold thinks it's always best way to ease your problems is to confess your sins. I'm sure the Sister doesn't totally agree with that one.
Scarlet Bar
Stingray's folding napkins at a table all mopey, which Max has a problem with because it's spreading to the customers, especially Neddy who's moping into his drink at the bar. Stingray says that Ned was miserable when he got here over some chick he can't have. Stingray thinks impossible love means impossible happiness. He could be right there. Max suggests that they drink some beers and then shoot some pool. Stingray can play him then Ned can play the winner. Max manages to get Ned over, saying that the best way to get over a girl is to go party hard with the boys and Max himself will buy the first few rounds! Stingray can't believe he just used the term party hard, no one would use it with Max. Max asks what the problem is so Ned tells him; he's got a wife and kids.
MAX: Ah not tonight, not tonight. Steph and Charlie are up in Bendigo visiting her dad so they're not back till Monday.
NED: Yeah but you've still got a wife and kids.
Nice one Neddy. Max wants the point and Stingray gives it to him, he's too old to party. Max protests, he's in his 40's (practically 30 according to Max but really mate, which school taught you that?!) and when he was on the rigs he was known as The Killer. Oooo!
STINGRAY: Yeah coz you knew how to kill a good time. Right?
MAX: Heh heh heh no because I was a killer on the dance floor but I'm not talking moves I'm talking chicks as well.
NED: Really and when was the last time you did that one Fonzie?
MAX: Well it was a while but... things don't change that much.
STINGRAY (whispering to Ned): Who's Fonzie?
NED: Machines go rusty when they're not regularly oiled. (almost like trying a Stu's Life Mechanics line there)
STINGRAY: Yeah why don't you go home, put a blanket over your knees and listen to the wireless.
Max gets a $50 note out and bets that he can out party the both of them whipper snappers. Ned gets out a $50 saying he thinks that's great, he's been wondering how he'll pay this weeks rent. Stingray's in on it too, putting his zillion 20c and 50c pieces on the table. It's all he's got on him you see.
Lassiters Lake
Cam's standing out on the little pier like thing when Carmella (boy she gets around!) walks up, and tells him there's something that she's been carrying with her for a while and it's poisoning her. She wants to tell him, she has been praying for forgiveness ever since. Not just for the lies she's told, but the terrible sin she committed in the first place. Cam asks what it was but she really needs to know if she can trust him. Cam tells her that she knows she can trust him, he told her that before. Ah yes but it's serious.
After the break Cam and Carmella are walking alongside the lake and aww no she's told him already. We want to know too!! She's told him every sordid detail, and he can't believe it. He asks if she ever wanted to go to the police or turn herself in. She replies that she came really close but she can't hurt more people that she already has. She was stupid to let 'him' go and she wanted 'him' back. Connor? She had to go find him that money and she didn't care where or how, he thought it came from her mum. Connor! So where did this money come from? We won't know, because Carmella changes the topic to thinking Cam despises her. No he doesn't, he thinks she's been good enough to tell him about it in her own free will and for that deep down she's a good person. Camella says she's just a sinner seeing atonement and she's grateful he listened. Cam asks if she's grateful enough to do a favour (yep), and it won't be compromising her vows... not totally.
Number 26
Anne's now in fresh clothes explaining how she became blind and how everything's now shadowy. She compliments the CD and Bree asks if she wants to listen to another one. She runs off to her room to get it leaving Anne to do some seeing with her hands. She makes it over to the display shelf and starts running her hand down feeling pictures, a sea shell, bowl with lollies in it and a nice little box. Janelle comes in, in time to see her at the end of her looking around. In her nice way she asks Anne who the hell she is so Anne tells her she's Bree's friend, they met at the book reading. She says that she remembers Janelle's voice telling her to get out of the way, and asks if she's Mrs Timmins. Bree says it's the one and only... Anne apologises for touching their things, she just wanting to see where she was and the only way she could do that was by feeling. She sticks out her hand to shake with Janelle's but Janelle is in a trance, she can't stop staring until Bree tells her to shake Anne's hand.
Scarlet Bar - Night
Max wins this round of pool, and Neddy and Stingers wish 'Gene X Machine' as Max is calling himself had an off button. Stingray would push it down to end the pain.
Over at table Delle™ Elle says it's nice that they got to spend some time together. Dylan thinks after what she accomplished today she deserves to take it easy.
ELLE: Well I didn't do that much.
DYLAN: Elle you convinced your dad to see a shrink, that's like convincing Marilyn Mansion to join Human Nature.
Elle tells him that she could not have done it without him, he is her rock right now. Paul watches the lovely doveyness and interrupts at the right time; they're about to kiss. He's just checking in to make sure he's coming around for dinner (Mexican!). Dylan sure is but he might be a bit late, he has some paperwork to do first. And before he goes Dylan says to Paul he's really glad he's doing what he's doing.
PAUL: Making tacos?
Dylan explains Elle told him how he is seeking professional help after everything he's been through. It's the best step he can take. Paul manages to say a is that right, Dylan worries because he wasn't suppose to say anything and Elle suggests he go do his paperwork so Dylan runs off.
Daddy dearest sits down with Elle and asks what all that was about. He got rid of Izzy for interfering in his life and he would do the same with her... Paul are you threatening your own daughter?! Oh because there is no way in a million years he would go see a shrink. Like that makes the threat any better. She tells him there is no shrink, she made the problem up to get Dylan's sympathy and his mind off Sky. He loves Paul like a father and if he thought Pauly had a mental illness, surely he'd want to stick with her. Elle asks if he's angry. Angry, no... offended, slightly. But most of all - proud. Proud enough to act like a mad man throughout dinner. Good lord!
Sky knocks on the office door, she obviously wants to talk to Dylan. He immediately panics and asks what's wrong. Sky tells him it's nothing, not to do with the baby anyway. She loves him and wants to be with him, and she wants to know if he feels the same.
Once again Max has won at pool. How is this partying though? Max spots Ned yawning. Ned denies it at first, but admits he did because he's bored. Stingray goes over to Sky but she's in no mood to chat, and rushes out.
Stingray comes to ask Dylan what's up, is the baby alright. Dylan tells her she wants to get back with him. Stingray's happy as and asks if he said yes. Dylan said to her that he needed time to think; he still has a girlfriend. Stingray says Elle's just his rebound girl, they all know that. Sky's his soulmate, she's gorgeous and cool and having his kid. Dylan says that she cheated on him and broke his heart. Stingray isn't phased and tells him that he loves Sky more than anyone in the world. If he says no to her now he'll regret it for the rest of his life.
Number 22
Cam tells Carmella that his dad won't see a shrink. Carmella asks if he might still believe in God. *coughs* *laughs* Ahem. Cam's response is pretty much the same, he doesn't look so confident he does. He just wants someone to talk to him that has been saved by their faith and maybe then they can encourage him to be halfway decent. Carmella thinks that's fine but what makes Cam think he'd listen to her. It's because he has a thing for young and beautiful nuns. He's not asking her to seduce him, Paul might just chat her up. Carmella's a bit annoyed, she has to do this for Cam to keep his silence. Cam assures her this isn't blackmail. Paul and Elle barge in (well it is their house) and Paul asks if Carmella is going to stay for dinner, they have some very spicy Mexican. Elle takes daddy dearest into the kitchen and cam says to Carmella he's sorry he even asked but he's just worried about him.
Number 26
Bree and Anne are sitting around on the couch again after just finishing dinner. Anne's never had a Potato Jem before because her parents don't believe in processed food and Bree can't believe it (mine do but I've never had one). Bree tells her about how Zeke used to be like that but now he eats all sorts of junk. Janelle comes into the room and asks if they have finished dinner, and now that they have maybe Anne should go home because they have to go shopping. They'll drop Anne home on the way. Anne says it's fine, she can call a cab. Bree insists that if they are going to the shops they can drop her off but Anne doesn't want to, she'll call a cab and wait outside. Gone with their clothes? Better get them back another day. Bree turns on Janelle saying she was being rude and made her feel unwelcome. Janelle says she left of her own free will and besides Bree's better off without her. She's strange and creepy because of all the questions on everything about their lives. Bree thinks she's just a fan that's curious. Not to Janelle though.
Number 22
Carmella and Cam clear up the table while Paul acts weird for Elle's story, but then again Elle kicks him under the table so what does she want him to do? Paul gives Carmella his business card, and tells her it's got all his private numbers on it just in case she needs any fiscal assistance. How sleazy. Carmella tells him that the church takes care of all her needs, but the convent is always looking for charitable donations so maybe she could give him a call and arrange a time to speak to him. Paul thinks that would be sheer heaven. Urgh Carmella unfortunately has to go, so Cam offers to give her a lift.
PAUL: Now she can count my rosemary's any day.
ELLE: Dad that is so wrong.
PAUL: Really? Feels right to me.
can hear Rachel giggle from here. Paul leaves Elle and Dylan alone. Elle thanks God that he's going to see a shrink and Dylan mumbles a reply. Elle asks what's wrong, he's been quiet all through dinner. He says that he's just really tired but from the look on Elle's face, she isn't buying it.
Ramsay Street
After their wild night of partying, Max, Ned and Stingray are finally heading home. Stingray has some sort of ring thing around his neck and Max is blowing a whistle and still boogying. Ned tells him to stop it, Stingray says that he hated Max blowing the whistle 5 hours ago and he hates it now, he just wants to go to bed. Max asks if they concede defeat to generation X and the boys do. Max blows the whistle in Stingray's face and gets spit on his face. Eww. The head for number 30 and Max says goodbye to generation Y bother before kneeling on the ground and sounding like he's in a bit of pain. Ha, you're just a better actor than they are, aren't cha Max?
Sky's in her car about to leave and Harold's telling her not to over exert herself. She replies she's just sitting through a lecture. Dylan and Janelle walk out of their house, Dylan and Sky have a bit of a look at each other before Dylan heads off to Elle's. Sky says goodbye to her grandad so he walks over to Janelle who asks if there is anything to know about. Harold replies that Sky asking Dylan to reconsider their relationship.
JANELLE: Then why is he visiting princess pushy?
HAROLD: I was hoping you'd tell me that.
Number 22
Dylan comes in looking like the bringer of bad news but Elle doesn't even notice, she goes on about how she couldn't sleep well either because her dad was roaming around that night. Dyl asks her to come sit down with him, he needs to tell her something. Now that gets her attention! He knows it won't be easy, especially with her dad but they did make a pact to be honest. Dylan tells her that Sky asked him if they could get back together, and he is seriously considering it.
ELLE: Because of the baby?
DYLAN: A big part of it. There's also a part of me that's still in love with Sky and probably always will be.
ELLE: So what am I, just some rebound girl?
DYLAN: No I still care about you.
ELLE: What a way to show it.
DYLAN: No I just need time to sort this out.
Elle asks if she's meant to just sit around until he makes up his mind. Dylan says that he just wanted her to know how he feels.
After the break Paul's coming down the stairs and calling out to Elle he won't be home for dinner because he's got a function. He sees that Elle is crying on the couch and comes over asking if she's okay. Elle tells him that Dylan has gone back to Sky. She really thought she had found somebody to love who would love her back. Paul thinks that now she has to fight for him and it doesn't matter if he loves someone else because like a wise woman said to Paul if you want to win, you have to fight. And she is a Robinson and they are the best fighters there are. Elle can't see the point, he loves someone else. Paul replies that they'll think of something. She has him on her side, there is no way she's going to lose. Ah dear.
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Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5030
Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel

Bree Timmins, Anne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 5030
Bree Timmins, Anne Baxter

Cameron Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5030
Cameron Robinson, Paul Robinson

Carmella Cammeniti, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5030
Carmella Cammeniti, Harold Bishop

Stingray Timmins, Ned Parker, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5030
Stingray Timmins, Ned Parker, Max Hoyland

Cameron Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5030
Cameron Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti

Anne Baxter, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5030
Anne Baxter, Bree Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins, Anne Baxter in Neighbours Episode 5030
Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins, Anne Baxter

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5030
Max Hoyland

Ned Parker, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5030
Ned Parker, Stingray Timmins

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5030
Dylan Timmins

Dylan Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5030
Dylan Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5030
Sky Mangel

Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5030
Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5030
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

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