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Neighbours Episode 5024 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5024: Saint Misbehavin’
Australian airdate: 03/08/06
UK airdate: 26/10/06
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Cameron/Robert Robinson – Adam Hunter
Casey Baker – Lisa-Marie Charalambous
- "Beautifully Ugly" by Sandrine
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Izzy-da-vixen
Toadie showing Janae and Boyd Connor's wallet
Paul promoting Lyn to Managing Director of New Projects
Toadie talking to Katya on how he thought he was a friend
Scarlet Bar - Night
Paul's play thing number 1000... err goes to buy Paul a drink but he won't allow it. Paul calls out an order for more cosmopolitans to Max, who asks if he's good for it. Paul opens his deep wallet and gets the money he owes Max and asks that the drinks keep coming. RandomPlayThing™ asks DeepPocketsPaul™ what Max's problem is. Silly Paul reckons Max is jealous, doesn't like seeing him enjoy himself. RandomPlayThang™ suggests they skip the drinks and get to the penthouse. Just as Paul says he thinks it's a great idea Cam bursts into their happy little world saying 'nice dad!'. This random girl is surprised at the fact Paul has a son. Cam introduces himself and we find this random person's name is Casey Baker. She says that she didn't know Paul has a son, and a handsome one at that. Oh he's been keeping him under wraps for years. Paul tries to get away with his girlie but Cam thinks it's too early to be going, he's going to order dinner for the three of them.
Cam goes to get the drinks which gives Paul the opportunity for Paul to excuse himself and hobble over to Cam in true Paul style. Paul tells Cam that he knows what he's trying to do but just back off. Cam thought she would've been fair game, especially after the Lilly debarcle. Paul thinks that will Lilly's choice so he shouldn't hold a grudge. Cam doesn't, so let's just see what choice Casey makes.
PAUL: You really want to make this into a competition ay?
CAM: Oh I already have.
Paul likes that so he ruffles Cam's hair.
Number 30
Ned's confused like usual, he thought Connor was travelling around Australia. Toadie says that he also planned on paying his mortgage. Carmella says that they knew what Connor was like before he left, he had no firm plans. He could've easily ended up somewhere in China. Toadie gets to the facts; they know Connor hasn't sued his passport to get into China or anywhere. Ned asks how his passport got there (which is Toadie's point!) and suggests maybe he trekked to China. Oh idiot Neddy, from Australia? Carmella thinks he could be right but surely she is just being nice by saying that! Toadie thinks the wallet is a red herring planted by Robert, just to get their hopes up. Neddy asks why he would do it to them again.
TOADIE: He's a psycho, he doesn't need a reason.
CARMELLA: Well the police reckon Rob had nothing to do with it.
TOADIE: He's too good at getting people to believe what he wants them to believe. He's behind this somehow.
CARMELLA: Well I believe that this is a sign, it's a good sign. I want to call Lori and his family.
TOADIE: No! Wait. I just want to make sure of it first.
Number 22
Lyn sounds disappointed that Izzy is home when she comes barging in looking for Paul. She asks Izzy if she can give a message to him but Izzy can't see why she can't call him. Lyn tells her he isn't answering his mobile. Izzy isn't surprised because she's been bugging him since her big promotion so he's probably screening her calls, Iz knows she would. Paul has a business meeting and Lyn just wants to give him all the information he needs.
LYN: And just so you've got all the information you need, Paul's the one who's been calling me lately, a lot more than usual.
IZZY: (laughs) You still think you have a chance don't you? You know it's tragic.
LYN: Sort of makes you wonder whether he not avoiding something at home.
IZZY: Purely business, probably because of your promotion. Paul and I are better than ever.
LYN: Heard from Gail?
IZZY: Well she's gone. It's just me here now.
LYN: Well Paul doesn't think she'll be gone for long, neither do I.
IZZY: Lyn how about I let you in on a little secret. You really don't know him as well as you think you do.
LYN: Tell you what, don't give a message because he'll be calling me soon enough anyway.
Katya's Room, Psych Ward
Toadie asks Katya for Connor's sake if Robert ever alluded to a wallet, Beijing or China. It could be anything, even something small. Katya doesn't want to think about it, she doesn't remember. Toadie goes on saying it might've been something she read or saw. Katya begs him to stop and luckily for her Susan comes in and asks to have a word with him.
Scarlet Bar
Cam's trick to turn Casey onto him is talking about Paul's daggy clothing from the 80's. Multi coloured jumper, skinny leather tie... Paul had it all and it wasn't a very good look. Paul says that's a fair call, but he thinks if he took a photo of Cam in his 'blouse' (it's just a shirt with blue flowery like bits on it) and showed it to him in ten years he would cringe. Cam tells him to take what he can get because this has time on it's side. Cam asks if they want another round but Paul wants to wrap things up now. He gets a call and has to take it, leaving those two young 'uns to get cosy.
Cam makes his move, saying that that's the problem with the older generation - they don't know when to clock off. Paul's happy for people to call him anytime of the day. Cam on the other hand knows when to draw the line and maybe they should get going. Casey says that Paul will only be a minute. Cam pushes it, he tells her that he doesn't think so. It could take time, he knows what his dad is like so maybe they should just get going. She isn't sure, the penthouse did have it's charms. Cam flashes her the penthouse's card key and says it still does. Casey likes the look of that and tells him he's got himself a deal. They get up to leave, Cam waving the card over at Paul.
Aww poor Pauly, he gets off the phone all in a huff. Oh but Izzy's here and asks what's wrong. He says it's nothing, and what was she saying? She wasn't... but she will; she wants to know when they are going to finish Lyn. Paul doesn't want to talk about it, but Izzy sure does. She thinks Lyn deserves it, it would straight things out around there. Izzy wants a hug and gets one. But Paul really ain't in the hugging mood.
Susan understands Toadie's worried about Connor but going in there and interrogating Katya isn't the way to go, she isn't coping. He's suppose to be her friend and care for her. Toadie's sorry and says he does care for her. Susan doesn't think he has an understanding of the ordeal she's been through. Katya listens in while Susan continues saying that they're keeping her here because they know she's so fragile they don't know what she might do. That whole thing was Max and the car, some people at the hospital think it mightn't have been an accident, maybe that she ran into the path. Toadie's doesn't believe that, he was there...
SUSAN: Toadie it doesn't matter what happened! You just made it worse.
Poor Katya.
Scarlet Bar
Paul's in the middle of doing some paperwork but Izzy asks what he's doing for lunch tomorrow anyway. Paul doesn't know so Izzy offers dinner, she'll order in. Paul gives that idea a maybe. Izzy says says she hardly gets to see him anymore before getting a bright idea! Sitting on Paul's lap and suggesting they get another bottle of wine and have a wicked night of pleasure in the penthouse. Paul informs her there are other rooms... but Izzy doesn't get the message and says there are other rooms. Paul tells her no and that he has to go, he's got a new night manager and he isn't cutting it so he wants to make sure everything is okay. Izzy asks if they couldn't just check up on him on the way to their room. Paul thinks this could take a while, and hobbles off. Max comes over to Izzy and says that Paul seems to be off with the fairies a lot lately. Izzy tells him he has a lot on his mind. Max asks if it doesn't seem like he's pushing her away. Izzy gets on the defensive, asking if he's spoken to Lynnie.
MAX: No... no. It's just he's been through a lot recently.
IZZY: Yes well for a normal man that would be a problem but Paul's not like that. I know what it looks like but everything's fine. Trust me.
MAX: If you say so.
He isn't convinced.
Number 30
Carmella tells Toadie all he can say to Katya is sorry, and he is. Ned adds that he did have to find out as much as he could. Toadie says he didn't have to be so pushy about it. Ned says that it isn't Connor they are talking about, she'd understand. Toadie tells them that this wallet is such a breakthrough but no one is doing anything about it. The cops can't be bothered, the embassy is useless and everything he tries to help he ends up hurting someone. Carmella tries to make him feel a bit better by saying at least the police are going to let him talk to Rob. Toadie thinks that's just swell, more mind games. Carmella thinks he is more than up for whatever Rob can throw at him. She orders him to bed (not in that way! ) and her and Neddy say 'night.
Ned turns on the charm, saying Carmella is incredible. She's as upset as everyone but still manages to keep it positive. Carmella thinks that's sweet but she wishes she was as good as he makes out. Ned asks why she keeps putting herself down all the time. She's such a good person, she's always doing good things. Carmella snaps that she really wished he wouldn't say things like that then calms down and decides to go home. Whoa angry nun, poor confused Neddy.
Lyn knows Susan's worried about Katya, but she's worried about her. She wants to take Susan home. Susan doesn't want to leave her, not in the state she's in. Katya's had a chequered past with men, Suze is just worrying that it's turning into a phobia. Only female attendants go in, whenever a male nurse goes in she cowers. Speaking of men Max shows up with a book, and asks how she is (same) and can he go in. Susan waves at the door and says yeah. Lyn's reaction to that is 'um'. Susan knows, Max is the only exception.
Max comes in and sees Katya lying on the bed. Katya totally brightens up to see him and takes the book he offers, it was recommended by Janae. Max goes to leave but Katya tells him he can stay if he doesn't need to go anywhere.
Scarlet Bar
Izzy's sitting at home alone in the silence when Paul arrives. She asks how it went with the night manager, is he managing or is he a she. Paul tells her to relax. Pfft! Izzy says that last week with that girl, she only let it go because that would be the exact same thing she would've done if she was in a bad way. So if he isn't coping, maybe he should talk to someone.
PAUL: Have you quite finished with the melodramatics?
IZZY: Look I know things aren't perfect with us right now but I want you to know that I'm here for you as long as you need me.
PAUL: Krr would you listen to yourself? At least Gail had the self respect to leave.
IZZY: I don't want to leave, I love you. But I need to know you love me.
PAUL: Ker! Izzy, you know there is nothing less attractive than a needy, whinging woman.
Ooo ouch.
General Store - Day
Susan's watching Paul and Lyn talking about sacking someone only two months into their three month trial. Paul wasn't too sure but Lyn on the other hand is willing and will fire them. Lyn walks over to Susan's table and apologises. Susan thinks she's sounding more like Paul everyday and OMG Shannon Noll is in the background! Lyn thinks they could be rubbing off on each other, with all the time they spend together. Quickly glancing behind her to Paul, she says that she could be the only one he can trust right now. She leans into Susan to tell her she thinks his relationship with Izzy is on it's last legs. Actually, I don't think that's Shannon Noll but my god he looks like him!
Cam comes in, wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Paul asks where his assistant is, Cam replies that she's probably out buying a house. After the fun was over she got all clingy. It's all about the chase for him, after that who can be bothered. Nice one you sure take after your dad. Cam starts staring at Carmella so Paul tells him not to go there but it's something else that is on Cam's mind. We go into flashback world where Carmella is on the phone in his hospital room. How would he be able to see that? Cam tells his dad he had a flashback to his time in St Lukes, he and the sister... he trails off there but Paul wants to hear more.
Neddy walks over to Carmella and says that last night he upset her. Duh! She's says that no he was being nice, it's a good thing. Ned doesn't want to be disrespectful but he wants her to know she's a good person. Carmella just wants to drop it.
Whoa character overload with Max walking in as we go back to Lyn and Susan's table. Lyn's in the middle of something but Susan goes running off to Max. She just wanted to say thanks for all the effort he's putting in with Katya. Max thinks it's nothing, he owes it to her. Susan can see he's being a good influence on her. She doesn't know if he knows this or not but he's the only man Katya will allow near her so she hopes he'll keep visiting. Max isn't sure if he's the right person for this. Susan tells him she needs people around her she can trust just to get back on her feet. Max agrees.
Robert seems to have the same hairstyle as Cam and is looking as smirky as always when Toadie says that he's the type of psychopath that likes everyone to know how clever he is. So if he did get rid of Connor, he'd like everybody to really know. Not just cryptic little messages. Toadie lets him in on something; the DPP is looking at life for him. He's never going to get out so he should do just one good thing and give Connor's loved ones some closure. Toadie takes out the wallet and shows Rob, telling him it showed up in Beijing and it's Connor's. The look on Rob's face suggests he doesn't really know about it and Toadie can see it.
TOADIE: You don't know how it got there do you? Coz you don't know what happened to him at all.
ROBERT: Guess away Toadie.
TOADIE: No guessing mate, you just told me everything I needed to know. Oh and by the way, your father sends his love. Ha, ha, ha!
Max has brought Katya lunch. He tells her it isn't a problem, it's a quiet day at the Scarlet Bar anyway. He asks how things are going and if she will be going home soon. She replies with maybe, she doesn't know. Max says that Zeke did well at the chess comp, he's a right demon. Katya wishes she could've been there but Max says she shouldn't worry about it, there will be plenty more by the look of his form. Toadie comes in just to let them know that looks like Connor might be alive so he thanks Katya for her help. And he apologises for last night he knows he upset her. Plus he will steer clear of her, but if she ever changes her mind and wants to hang out he's her man. With that he's gone and Katya is almost in some sort of trance that Max breaks when he asks if she's okay. He goes to leave as well but she says it's okay. Max finally decides to fess up about the accident and tells her the reason why he didn't notice her was because he was on the phone so all of this shouldn't have happened.
Number 22
Cam asks Izzy if she thinks it's possible for people remember stuff that's happening around you while still unconscious. Izzy wouldn't have thought so. He tells her that he thinks he's starting to remember stuff that was happening to him while still in the coma. Amongst other things, a sponge bath. Izzy catches a glimpse and asks if Cam wasn't sure it wasn't just a fantasy. Cam says that there was a nun involved. Izzy laughs and says she loves it, and that she wants to hear more. Paul orders Cam out just as things were starting to get interesting.
PAUL: Am I supposed to be jealous am I? Turned on?
IZZY: You want less needy, you got it.
PAUL: I don't want it. In fact I can't think of anything about you right now that I'm even remotely interested in.
Max is still explaining, he knows he should've said something earlier but he was scard and it was gutless. Katya doesn't think so, it was only a mistake. It's happened to all of us she can't blame him for something she could've easily done. Max says she has every reason to blame him. She doesn't think he deserves it, the fact he said anything shows he's a good man and the police had no idea. He could've kept it quiet but he didn't. Max asks if she still wants him to see her, and she replies that of course she does. It's the highlight of her day. Both of them laugh over how sad that is before Katya goes on to say she's a nurse, she knows why they are keeping her here when there is nothing psychically wrong with her. She could really do with a friend.
Number 30
Toadie;s going through Connor's wallet and comes across one of his private investigator card with 'The Shamrock' written on it. Susan comes in and also has a laugh at his card. She's come to talk about yesterday but Taodie cuts in saying he was out of line. She's realised it's his 3 year wedding anniversary today; she knows it doesn't get any easier. Toadie says it doesn't, he doesn't know if he'll get what he had with Dee ever again It makes things a little easier for him when he can admit it to himself. Susan tell him not to give up hope, love can reappear when you least expect it. Toadie asks if it's like her and the doc, word on the street is it's back again. Susan doesn't know about that, she's been stupid and stubborn and might've lost that chance.
Ramsay Street
Max, Susan, Carmella, Toadie and Ned are all in a circle around the street discussing where Connor could be when Cam joins them. Max thinks Connor could be out finding himself, perhaps in a Buddhist temple. Toadie says he needs all the enlightenment he can get because Toad's going to skin him. Ned's sure he's fine, probably annoying people with his tall stories and practical jokes. Cam stares at Carmella while they continue staring Connor stories. He gets another flashback to Carmella on the phone, we can sort of hear her but it's pretty faint. He walks over to her and tells her he's started remembering things from when he was in the coma. She looks a bit worried and walks away from the group with him.
CAM: I can see it in my head, I can hear the conversation. You were on the phone and you were really upset. And you were scared of someone because of something that happened some time ago. What was it?
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Max Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Casey Baker in Neighbours Episode 5024
Max Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Casey Baker

Cameron Robinson, Casey Baker, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5024
Cameron Robinson, Casey Baker, Paul Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5024
Toadie Rebecchi

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5024
Carmella Cammeniti

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5024
Izzy Hoyland

Lyn Scully, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5024
Lyn Scully, Izzy Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5024
Toadie Rebecchi, Katya Kinski

Robert Robinson, Casey Baker, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5024
Robert Robinson, Casey Baker, Paul Robinson

Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5024
Katya Kinski

Carmella Cammeniti, Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5024
Carmella Cammeniti, Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Ned Parker, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5024
Ned Parker, Carmella Cammeniti

Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 5024
Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5024
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5024
Izzy Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5024
Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy

Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5024
Carmella Cammeniti

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5024
Robert Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5024
Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Robert Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5024
Robert Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti

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