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Neighbours Episode 4982 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4982: Wham Bam Thank You Cam
Australian airdate: 06/06/06
UK airdate: 29/08/06
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Cameron/Robert Double Richard Swanson
Cameron/Robert Robinson: Adam Hunter
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Emily
Janelle lying about being the boss of the DVD gig.
CamRob breaking up with Katya.
Izzy telling Toadie that CamRob is evil.
Paul slamming the door in Izzy's face after threatening to get a restraining order.
St Lukes Hospice
CamRob is talking to RealCam or RobCam about it being his last day... but he shouldn't stress, he's last one the list! It's Elle first, isn't that tragic? She'll be gone and somehow dad will think it's his fault. CamRob gets a bright idea to pinch RealCam on the arm, saying it's a pity he can't feel that. Erm why? RobCam says bye and leaves. RealCam touches where RobCam pinched him and opens his eyes! Gah!!
Ramsay Street
Dylan's explaining to Toadie about how Janelle dobbed herself in while walking to the car. Toadie hopes she's at least keeping her mouth shut at the cop shop. Dylan tells him she's taking the rap for him. Toadie doesn't want to hear it, as far as he's concerned they're all innocent.
Katya's back from a walk with Audrey and spots RobCam watering the flowers. They stare at each other for a bit until Katya turns to Toadie and asks him to dinner. He accepts much to RobCams evil staring. Dylan grabs Toadie's chips to get him moving.
Elle comes out of the house to make small talk about the garden and that dad needs some flowers because he's not too happy. But her on the other hand have been invited to a winery. She's going tomorrow if he wants to come along. He declines and asks when she's going. Just after breakfast (great time to drink wine!). He doesn't look so happy so Elle tells him that at least the wicked witch Izzy is gone so they can start being a normal family again. And maybe they'll even find misery guts Rob and ask him to come stay as well. RobCam agrees but oh no Elle was joking! She can't imagine Rob seeing them having family fun, RomCam agreeing that he'd hate it.
Scarlet Bar
Izzy's on the phone to the dude that's recovering the data on 'her' MP3 player. She's annoyed because he hasn't gotten it done yet. She wants him to get it done now, it's a matter of life or death. Izzy composes herself and says she'll call him in a couple of hours. Max puts his two cents worth in, he thinks she's just been caught fooling around and is desperately searching for a save. Izzy tells him that when she gets the data back she'll prove him wrong. Max suggests that she go talk to some of the councillors at that retreat she was at (what's with him and thinking people are being crazy? ). He knows she's upset about everything with Paul going to custard but... we won't find out what he's going to say next because Paul comes in on the phone fobbing Latisha off by saying he's in LA. He orders the usual off Max before heading a table. Max has no flamin' idea what that is so Izzy tells him. Max asks if she's cool with Paul seeing others. Izzy doesn't mind him seeing some bimbos, it's her he loves and she loves him. Max gives her a look that suggests a "yeah right" response.
IZZY: Oh okay maybe I am nuts. But we all do crazy things when we're in love right? Have you forgotten sectioning your wife?
Max turns to leave but Izzy stops him to say she isn't having a go but she will do anything it takes to protect the person that she loves like him. And she loves Paul.
Number 26
Dylan, Janelle and Toadie are back. Dylan's going on about how Janelle should've kept her mouth shut until she had a lawyer present. Toadie reminds them he can't hear this. He wants them to sort out who's going to plead what and then they'll try to think of the best way to handle it. Toadie goes to make a cup of whatever to leave them to their lying to the cops talk. Janelle told them what they needed to hear so they wouldn't arrest him. Dylan's point is that now she had confessed to it but she doesn't care if she gets a fine, keeping him out of jail does so just let her handle it. Dylan apologises, saying he knew he would mess things up. Janelle tells him it's okay they all make mistakes, she just wishes they all learnt from them. She asks if Stingray was involved to just as Toadie walks into the room. Toadie gives up, he'll see them tomorrow. But first a quick law lesson we should all listen to for future reference; giving false statement is a crime too. Not that they'd ever do that. Janelle and Dylan say they wouldn't... but pffft.
Number 28
Outside Susan's Toadie has turned up in his casual clothing and after dinner mints, sniffing his armpits and breath. He seems to have an issue with his breath... oh well he still knocks on the door anyway without fixing the problem. Katya answers; she's totally forgotten that he was coming over. She invites him in saying she'll whip something up but after finding out she's eating cereal (comfort food) he's happy to have some as long as some is left. Katya says she can't invite him over to eat cereal. He knows the real reason though; to bug Cam. He suggests that they can open the windows and laugh really loudly. She laughs and says that won't be nice but like Toadie says, what are friends for?
Number 22
Oh deary me CamRob is putting a bomb in Elle's car! He sets it to go off in 16 hours... He hears Elle and Paul talking about him so he quickly shuts the bonnet. Paul and Elle walk in wonder what he's up to. CamRob explains that he's just been fixing up the car. He thought they were out. Nah, Elle dragged Paul home to play happy families. CamRob suggests champers and those chocolates Paul likes to cheer him up but Elle's gone one step better, family videos.
CAMROB: You are a sick puppy.
Elle asks if he's ready to do some hilarious voice overs. She tells Paul he's going to laugh so much at his 80's mullet. Paul says he didn't have one, it was their uncle Scott until nature took revenge and his hairline started receding. CamRob says that it's moment like these he'll treasure for the rest of his life. Liar!
Number 28 - Night
Toadie and Katya are lounging around on the sofa. Katya asks Toadie if he's heard from Connor yet. Toadie replies that he's gone all silent on him and he won't give Connor the satisfaction of him calling. He's got to want to call Toad, and anyway he's probably found someone else the lucky dog. Katya thinks he's lucky too but Toadie isn't so sure, he's lost two of his best mates in a couple of months. They're off having great adventures and he's in the same old job. Katya reminds him he's helping people. Toadie likes it, but he feels like he's in a bit of a rut. Beware Toadie, that's what Stu and Connor said before they left! Katya thinks that maybe she and Audrey should try and find Toadie someone special. He's a good looking bloke that's brilliant to match with a kind heart and soul. She's sure her and Audrey can find someone.
Number 30 - Day
Boyd and Janae are walking to the front, Janae making sure he has everything he needs for his first exam. She asks if he's nervous. He is and she isn't really helping. Boyd spots Max over the fence coming their way and groans, excepting more lectures. Janae tells him to be nice. Max says he wanted to wish Boyd luck for today, it's the first exams it's a bit of pressure. Boyd agrees and says he can handle it. Max says he knows he's capable, patting Boyd on the shoulder. He walks away and Janae says Max's proud of him. Boyd tells her he loves her and the have a bit of a kiss. She tells him to break a leg and watches him go off to his exam.
Ramsay Street
Elle's about to head off, Paul giving her some money to pick up anything good she finds. She tells Paul to stay well while he's gone and for CamRob not to kill anything. Like the roses, they're too nice to die. He says he'll look after them, they're special. He gives her a goodbye that sounds like a final one. She gives a bit of a laugh and says goodbye to him, then only a bye to Paul. She gets in the car and tries to start it but it won't start. Paul tells her to pump it a little then try again. But it won't start. Paul thinks the car must be grumpy today so he'll call a car. CamRob tells him not to worry because he got it started that morning but Paul will just use the hotel car and proceeds to call for one. CamRob gets Elle out of the car and tries himself and after a bit finally gets it running saying ti just needed a bit of love and attention. Paul ends his call and walks back into the house. CamRob on the other hand watches drive away.
Scarlet Bar
Max is listening to the unedited recording of Izzy on the MP3 player. He's sorry he didn't believe her and asks why someone would want to do something like this. Izzy explains that Cam wants her out of the picture. Max says there were some girlfriends of his dad's that he didn't want hanging around but he'd never do something like that. This is malicious. Izzy says that Cam isn't normal, she might be a good liar but he's cold blooded, it's frightening. It's not the first time either, there's the gas. She knows it wasn't her she turned the gas off. And Cam was the first one the scene. Max asks if she's sure. That she is, she can feel it. She knows there is something unbalanced about him. Max decides they are going to tell Paul. Izzy knows that he won't listen to her and with Cam around she doesn't feel safe. Max tells her that she's safe with him and Paul will isten to him. They go...
Number 22
Paul opens the door and immediately tells them he has no interest in hearing what they have to say. Max asks him to just hear them out. Izzy asks him to listen to Cams's player. Pauly cottons on the to the fact she stole in. She replies tt was necessary for her to steal it. He asks what he's going to be listening to and she tells him it was what she really said before Cam manipulated it. Paul wants her to stop embarrassing herself but Max insists that he has to listen to it. Paul puts a earphone in to hear Izzy talking about how much she wants Paul. Izzy explains that she was talking about how much she loves him. She doesn't know why he's doing this but she's scared for him. Paul's in shock, letting them in. He can't see why he'd do this. Izzy says it's to break them up, and it isn't the first time. There was the time with the gas when babysitting Charlie. She swears that she had turned it off and someone came back and turned it on.
IZZY: There's something not quite right about him. I've caught glimpses on him when he thought no one was looking and he wasn't there it was just blank.
MAX: Paul if we're right about Cam then he's been playing the nice guy but deliberately putting people at risk, people close to you.
IZZY: He's unbalanced and dangerous and at the very least a pathological liar. Who knows what else he would've done or could've done.
Paul puts all the pieces of Cam's thing about the car and realises Elle's in danger. He runs to the phone and calls her. Elle in the country pulls the car over and answers the phone. Paul asks her where she is. She's in between two towns in the hills... and asks why. 38 seconds... Paul asks her if she's driving. She tells him she's pulled over and asks what's going on. He says it's nothing he's just worried about the Jag. 29 seconds... She tells him it's fine there is no problem. He says he thinks it might still be dodgy so she should just get out and he'll call a car. She doesn't want to, she's already running late. 17 seconds... Paul tries to tell her that it would be good for her to get out but she isn't listening. Izzy grabs the phone and practically shouts to her to get out of the car and run. 11 seconds... Now!
IZZY: Oh for god sake get out of the car!
Elle does what she's told and scrambles out and around the car. 2 seconds... She's running down the road when the car explodes into a ball of fire. She ducks near a bush shaking and breathing heavily.
St Lukes Hospice
Outside RealCam's room CamRob tells a nurse he'll just sit with 'Rob' for a bit. He comes inside and pulls back the bed's covers to see a pillow in the place of RealCam. RealCam comes out from behind a curtain with a metal bar. CamRob turns to see RealCam standing behind him. They stare at each other for a second before RealCam hits Rob with the bar. He dresses in CamRob's clothes and leaves him in his undies on the floor. Bad move!
Number 22
Izzy thanks the officer she's on the phone to and tells Paul that Elle's in shock but she's fine. Max says they should tell the police about CamRob. Izzy adds that he's sick he might not even know what he's doing. Paul wants to go get Elle but Max stops him saying they should track down CamRob before anything else happens. Izzy hears the car so Max goes to the door. RealCam knocks on the door, Max answers and before RealCam can get out that he saw 'him' Max grabs his arm and twists it behind him and brings him to the others. Higher pitched voice RealCam asks Paul what's going on.
PAUL: How did I ever create a monster like you huh?
Poor RealCam!
Scarlet Bar
Janelle and Toadie are having a drink and Toadie is reading over her statement to the police. She's quite proud of the 15 page statement, saying Bree helped a bit with some of the characterisations. As in how they act and stuff. Toadie tells her it's a legal document and she should do it again, keeping it to one page.
Janae walks in and over to Dylan where he has some munchies. She asks if there is any spare, he replies that depends on if she's still being a munter to mum. The mother that kicked her 16 year old daughter to the curb? Yes. Dylan gets her to hold the plate while he takes her to Janelle and Toadie's table and get her to sit down by saying she's underage and needs a parent to be able to stay. And maybe while they are sitting and eating, Janae could stop being a tool and have a bit of respect for what their mum is doing. Plus Janelle can pull her head in and say that she wants Janae home because they both know she does. Instead Janae and Janelle agree that the food is great, and he's getting good at cooking. Janelle thinks he could make a career out of it if he stays out of jail. To Toadie's fingers in ears and "la, la, la"-ing Janae says to her mum that she thinks it's good she's taking the rap for him. Janelle replies that she couldn't let him go to jail and after a bit of encouraging from Dylan offers for Janae to come home. Actually Janae doesn't want to come home, not yet anyway. She'll stay with Toadie. Janelle doesn't think she can stay with Toadie, it's too much to ask. Janae wants to though, if they are going to be serious about this they've got to look after themselves. Toadie agrees they'll see how it goes.
Number 22
Izzy tells everyone that the police are on their way. RealCam says that they'ev got it wrong, Robert is at the hospital this is really him. Izzy says that Robert is overseas. RealCam says he isn't he's here and he could've gotten out by now. Paul asks what he means about Rob being in hospital. RealCam explains that he's been a patient there ever since the car accident. St Luke or something. Paul asks what car accident. RealCam says that Rob was driving him and then they ran into a tree. He woke up either yesterday or today with Rob pinching him and threatening to kill him. Max asks he's there and RealCam is here, wearing his clothes and driving his car. RealCam tells them he manages to knock him out and take his stuff. He's done nothing wrong he's been in hospital.
IZZY: You've been lying to us for months, if I didn't have proof of what a nutter you are I would believe you myself.
PAUL: You nearly killed your sister. Why?
REALCAM: What? Porky's hurt?
IZZY: Oh come on we know it was you. You put a bomb in her car, you're still trying to pretend? You're a psycho!
PAUL: Whatever happens to you, I am going to make sure you are locked up so you cannot hurt anyone, you hear me? Not her or anyone!
REALCAM: I didn't.
St Lukes Hospice
CamRob wakes up and looks around. He sits up and sees the white surgical gown RealCam left behind. We cut to see him in bed with the drip and all in place when two nuns come in. One opens the blinds while the other one just has a little look at him to see if he's okay then they both leave. Rob opens his eyes and smirks.
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Robert Robinson, Cameron Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Robert Robinson, Cameron Robinson

Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4982
Katya Kinski

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4982
Toadie Rebecchi

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4982
Dylan Timmins

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Robert Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Audrey, Dahl, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4982
Toadie Rebecchi, Audrey, Dahl, Katya Kinski

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4982
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Elle Robinson

Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4982
Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Elle Robinson

Cameron Robinson, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Cameron Robinson, Robert Robinson

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4982
Janae Timmins

Max Hoyland, Cameron Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Max Hoyland, Cameron Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4982
Robert Robinson

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