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Neighbours Episode 4971 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4971: Union of Social Soviets
Australian airdate: 22/05/06
UK airdate: 14/08/06
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Elle Robinson: Pippa Black
Robert Robinson: Adam Hunter
Mishka Schneiderova: Deborah Kennedy
Mikhail Irtenev: Christopher Billy
Sonya Leskov: Olga Krasser
Alec Blake: Dan Schumann
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
- Harold asking how Mishka's hypnotism session went and suggesting she won't need the packet of cigarettes he found when she replies she no longer craves cigarettes.
- Lou and Mishka getting ready to go to the Russian club.
- CamRob recording his conversation with Izzy.
No. 22
CamRob listens to the recording he made of Izzy's speech the other day but edits it so that it when Izzy said that she wanted Paul 'right now' it now says that she wants *him* right now. He almost gets caught though when Izzy arrives home and he quickly starts to dismantle the computer and Izzy jokingly asks him what he's up to as it looks a bit suss but CamRob denies he is up to something and instead feigns a sore back. Izzy takes pity on him and goes over to give him a back rub just as Paul and Elle arrive home and Paul asks what he has to do to get a back rub. "Tell me I'm beautiful every five minutes," replies Izzy before she announces what is on the menu for supper that evening, which results in Elle making a sarcastic comment on how Izzy can find time to give back massages and cook supper. Izzy gives as good as she gets back though but Elle can't resist a final remark before she heads out to work.
Elle is getting a ticking off from her line manager about not fulfilling sales targets as Sky watches on. Sky tells Elle to get her act together as the camera then cuts to Sky turning on the charm trying to con another punter into buying something they *really* want. As the scene progresses, Sky gets the phone constantly put down on her while Elle on the other hand has tried differing from the standard spiel and makes a sale. Sky too eventually differs from the spiel and looks like she is going to get a sale.
The Community Hall
Mishka is having a lovely time singing in Russian with her new buddies as Lou feeds on the food. Someone asks him in Russian how he is doing and with a bit of help from a dictionary he replies that he is crazy about her backside! When she walks away, Lou mutters to himself "must have got lost in the translation". Singing finished, Mishka comes over and asks how Lou is enjoying himself and he says great and insists that she spends the time with her new friends instead of staying beside him. She says in Russian to the woman Lou insulted that he is her cuddly little bear and the lady scowls at him when he waves at Mishka.
No. 22
RandomLyn informs Paul that the forms are all filled in over getting the house re-mortgaged and the bank is going to let her know in a few days but looks like spending time with Paul is rubbing off on her - she is excited at the prospect of making money! Slightly surprising her, he says that he still gets that same feeling now after being in business all these years but will quit when he stops feeling it. Izzy brings through from the kitchen some standard No. 22 beverages - champagne - but only for Paul. Lyn calmly says that is okay as she has to pick Oscar up anyway.
Once Lyn leaves, Izzy takes the Mickey out of Lyn's excitement and Paul has a subtle dig at her for always wanting to be the centre of attention and refuses her advances. Izzy takes the huff and decides to go off to TSB instead.
Scarlet Bar
Izzy arrives and blanks Katya when she says hello, heading straight into the office. CamRob comes into the bar a few seconds later and invites him to share the bottle of wine she's just bought with him over a meal and he accepts but has to see Izzy first. He leaves Katya and heads through to the office but before he goes in, switches on the recording device.
CamRob enters the office and asks if Izzy is okay and she replies sure. He then apologises to her on Paul's behalf for being too sensitive but Izzy replies that she doesn't like sensitive people - she prefers being with winners like Paul. She then confesses that she doesn't ask Paul to be available all the time but when she does, she *wants* him. Izzy then apologises to him for speaking about such personal things with Paul's son but she trusts him and appreciates the support that he has been giving her. "We all need allies," replies CamRob and Izzy adds, "especially ones who are willing to listen."
CAMROB: Great, then talk away. Tell me everything.
The General Store
Harold answers the phone to a telemarketer and no, it isn't Sky but Elle! She tries *her* sales patter on him but like the rest of us, he isn't pleased to be getting a phonecall. Elle gets the shock of her life when it is revealed that the number she's dialled happens to be TGS! Playing dumb, she asks Harold for his name, which he gives, before trying to get rid of the caller (he doesn't know it is Elle).
ELLE: (in a seductive voice) Harold, why don't you tell me what you are wearing.
HAROLD: (very annoyed) What's that got to do [with what] what I'm wearing? I'm wearing an apron.
ELLE: (still in a seductive voice) Ah, that sounds hot. Why don't you give me a description of yourself so I can sit here and imagine you in that cute little apron.
HAROLD: (extremely annoyed) I most certainly will not. Now, you listen to me young lady.
Harold lets rip at her while she smirks and takes the headset off (with Harold still letting rip) and in the background, Sky says to her what does she expect.
ELLE: A little more from your grandfather actually.
SKY: That was my granddad?
ELLE: Yep.
The Community Hall
Harold joins Lou who looks like he is bored out of his mind as Mishka laughs and jokes with her new friends in Russian and boy do I know how Lou feels like! He explains to Harold that he's never seen Mishka look so radiant and adds that it must be so hard trying to adapt. While Harold goes to get some food, in Russian, Mishka is offered a cigarette but declines and receives a wink from the watching Lou.
No. 28
CamRob apologises for being an hour late for dinner as Katya feeds Audrey their dinner. Obviously anticipating that dinner would be ruined, he's come prepared and has brought food in with him. He starts to dish up their Indian food but quickly stops when she spots the recording device (aka an MP3 player) and wants to check out his music taste. He quickly goes over to her and tries to stop her saying his music tastes are bad and eventually takes the MP3 back from her. She looks a bit miffed to as to distract her, says that they don't have to eat just quite yet...and they begin to pash.
No. 22
Paul tells Izzy that he thinks that they should employ CamRob on a fulltime basis since he has managed to calm her down and get her back in a good mood. They break off their kiss just as Elle arrives home not exactly please to see Izzy there sitting on Paul's knee drinking wine, so she does what comes best to her - makes another sarcastic remark. This time Paul doesn't let it go but instead has a go at Elle and tells his daughter to get over whatever she has about Izzy as neither of them are perfect but that the pair of them work...somehow. Elle tries so say that they aren't perfect.
PAUL: I am in love with her and I will not have you belittle that or her.
Elle isn't exactly happy and especially when Paul adds that everyone deserves love, even the worst of them.
ELLE: Well I love you dad.
PAUL: I love you too sweetheart.
No. 28
Katya imagines where they could be eating the food, a Sri Lankan beach instead of sunny Erinsborough, but CamRob doesn't answer and instead plays with his food. She thinks it is something to do with her but he says it is him. Katya doesn't believe that and eventually he says it is her past and that it pops into his head every so often but also adds that he shouldn't be thinking about it. She thanks him for being honest and telling her how he feels so he quickly changes tact and says he doesn't think about it that often and apologises for being pathetic. Katya thanks him for how he has dealt like it because most guys wouldn't and adds that she won't pressurise him into anything again.
The Community Hall
While Lou joins in with drinking shots of vodka, Sky has now arrived in the hall and chats in perfect English with the woman Lou insulted earlier on. The woman leaves and Harold hugs Sky saying to her that it is nice to have 'you' back. Sky leaves and Mishka joins Harold and isn't at all impressed with the dish he has brought - tomatoes and celery on sticks for the dips - and removes it to get something tastier.
No. 22
CamRob is back at the computer editing what Izzy said earlier but stops when he hears voices. Turns out it is Izzy mouthing off to someone on the phone prior to leaving to go on a night out. When Izzy leaves the house, he uses the house phone to dial his mobile phone and when the voicemail kicks in, presses a key on the computer and we hear what he has been doing:
IZZY: (via his editing skills) There is nothing in the world like being with you Cam. Not for me anyway. I wouldn't ask you to be available all the time but when I do ask it means I really want you.
No. 22 (next day)
Elle gets confirmation from Paul that Izzy didn't come home last night and sarcastically says that she hopes Izzy had fun. Paul sarcastically replies back that he hopes she had a nice time and muttering under her breath adds, "God knows who she spent it with".
With her dad out of the kitchen, she asks CamRob how can Paul accept what Izzy is like but noticing a lack of a reply from him, asks if he is alright. He replies that he didn't sleep much because he got a phonecall from Izzy telling him what she feels for him...how *keen* she is. Elle can't believe her ears, especially at the keen bit and wants to know if he kept the message, he did, and then announces that they have finally got her and that once Paul hears it then he has to believe them. CamRob plays the hesitant card saying that it will break Paul's heart, make him appear like a food before adding do they really want to do that to their dad? "It's for his own good," Elle replies before adding that they've got to stop Izzy and that Izzy deserves to be undone.
Ramsay Street
Sky approaches Katya as she heads for her car to give her 10/10 for having a perfect boyfriend especially as CamRob is rated as the unattached male of choice! Katya is flattered and Sky describes him as hot.
Lou momentarily gives up on the gardening he is doing with Harold to take a breather just as Mishka appears. She is very concerned about him and thinks his upset stomach is due to eating raw veggies but Harold pipes up that it came from a bottle! Mishka doesn't believe him because good Russian vodka never makes anyone sick! I'll have to remember that for the next time I'm suffering in the morning! Lou is surprised that Mishka isn't unwell as she stands back and admires No. 24, telling Lou that because the Russian state confiscated her house, she's had to rely on friends to put her up or even sometimes sleeping in the subway before saying that this is the first time in a while that she feels safe.
MISHKA: A man who own a house like this is too strong willed to let vodka master him. Mmm?
Harold is about to tell her who really owns the house but Lou cuts him off and instead asks her to get them a drink. While she leaves to go get him one Harold mimics her accent to have a dig at him over who owns the house. Lou confesses that he hasn't got round to telling Mishka who owns the house and Harold wonders how long he'll be able to keep it up for and he promises soon but the look on Harold's face suggests he doesn't believe him.
No. 22
Elle listens to the voicemail message "Izzy" left on CamRob's phone and is shocked by what she has heard and doesn't know who to feel sorry for - him or Paul. CamRob says Paul, just as Paul comes down the stairs. Elle tells him that there is something he needs to hear, ignoring her brother's protest, to tell Paul about the message "Izzy" left on CamRob's mobile and lets Paul hear it. Paul makes a joke that it was probably just Izzy asking for someone to bring over more tequila but his facial expression changes as he listens to "Izzy's" message. Paul can't believe what he has heard.
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Izzy Hoyland, Elle Robinson, Robert Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4971
Izzy Hoyland, Elle Robinson, Robert Robinson, Paul Robinson

Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4971
Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel

Alec Blake in Neighbours Episode 4971
Alec Blake

Lou Carpenter, Sonya Leskov in Neighbours Episode 4971
Lou Carpenter, Sonya Leskov

Sonya Leskov, Mishka Schneiderova, Mikhail Irtenev in Neighbours Episode 4971
Sonya Leskov, Mishka Schneiderova, Mikhail Irtenev

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4971
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully

Izzy Hoyland, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4971
Izzy Hoyland, Robert Robinson

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4971
Harold Bishop

Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4971
Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4971
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Audrey in Neighbours Episode 4971

Robert Robinson, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4971
Robert Robinson, Katya Kinski

Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4971
Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4971
Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson

Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4971
Harold Bishop, Mishka Schneiderova

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4971
Robert Robinson

Katya Kinski, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4971
Katya Kinski, Sky Mangel

Mishka Schneiderova, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4971
Mishka Schneiderova, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4971
Paul Robinson

Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4971
Robert Robinson, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

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