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Neighbours Episode 4923 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4923: Deadlier than the Mail
Australian airdate: 15/03/06
UK airdate: 23/05/06
Writer: Sacha Hamilton
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Elle Robinson – Pippa Black
Ned Parker – Dan O’Connor
Kim Timmins – Brett Swain
Dex Cummings – Rian McLean
Summary/Images by: Kylie/Elin
- The bank turns down the General Stores overdraft application thingo.
- Angie says Kim came onto her.
- Izzy is threatened by an anonymous emailer.
Izzy sorts through the post, apparently relieved there are no incriminating video's hiding in her snail-mail! At least you can rely on this postman, Iz. Paul asks if there is anything for him, and she shuts him up in the best way she knows how. She's a seductress, our Izzy.
The Parker boys saunter out in their jogging gear and start to stretch, Ned informing Stu that Izzy only goes on like that because she feels sorry for Paul. Stu can't figure out why, and asks what's going on. Ned does his best school boy, 'nothing, sir' pout, and they jog off.
General Store
Harold and Lou are packing up some things from the Store to sell for money to cover the Rent. Dylan says he is late for work, and he'll call Sky tonight, but she whispers 'don't bother' to herself. Harold says it isn't Dylan's fault, but Sky argues that it is - along with Elle, and Lyn and anyone else who sides with Slime. She suggests he use the money from David's life insurance to help them through. Harold won't hear of it - admitting that if the business does go under, he will need the money to support himself and Sky. Sky asks if he has given up, and Harold says no - the General Store has had it.
Number 26
Kim thanks Bree for helping with the housework for Lyn, and she asks if it is true - did he have the hot's for Angie? Kim laughs it off, but Bree wants to know why she said it. Kim has no clue, but what he does have a clue about is Janelle's budget for the wedding - which total's at $20 000 worth of clue's! Bree wants to know where they are going to get the money from. Kim says he'll sell a lot of hotdogs. He can't ask his parents - they didn't want him to marry Janelle the first time 'round! Kim says it's up to him - he will fund her dream wedding...he just has to figure out how!
Dylan and Elle are squabbling over lettuce and cheese when Izzy comes in and asks for the mail. Elle hears Sky on the radio and tells Dylan to turn it up, but when Sky starts bagging Paul again; Dylan hurriedly puts a CD on. Elle thinks that Sky should remember Paul is her dad, and keep quite because they are supposed to be friends, but Dylan says when she has her blinkers on it's her cause, and her cause only. Izzy comes over and comments they are getting on very well, and also that Elle's choccies have sold well - maybe she can make some more....and teach Dylan how too... Subtle is her middle name!
Scarlet Bar
Back in the office, Izzy checks her emails - No New Messages. She quickly types and email to 'concerned friend' - 'is this silence supposed to scare me?'
Out in the Bar, Kim asks Bree how Summer is, and suggests she and Rachel make a get well pressie for her. Bree says that Rachel isn't her friend and she doesn't care if she never sees her again. Kim points out she nearly didn't, and asks if that makes her feel guilty. Before she has a chance to answer, some shady looking guy comes over and introduces himself as Dex - he goes to film school with Stinger, and was wondering if he could get him some of the DVD's he got for Scotty...he'd pay him...and keep it quiet... Kim says it's a deal.
In the office, Izzy refreshes the Erinsmail page - still No New Messages. Someone knocks on the door and she nearly jumps through the roof - it's Ned. He comments on Izzy and Paul playing happy couple, and Izzy reminds him it is an act because Paul is dying. Blahdy blahdy blah. Ned wants details on symptoms, but Izzy says he is in denial and she's playing along because she wants him to 'go out happy'. Ned's just feelin' a bit...frisky...but Izzy reminds him about the security camera's - some lunatic is messing with her mind, she's sorry if she isn't in the mood! Ned has an inkling she isn't being totally honest, so she flips off the security switch, and says he is the only person she wants to be with. Mr Wood says he isn't so sure that's true...
Elle and Dyl 'temper' the chocolate they are making, when Stu comes in and gives Elle $20 as a reward from someone's wallet she found. Stu and Elle have a quiet word and agree to be friends. Stu leaves and Dylan smirks about them being 'friends' - it didn't take her long.
DYLAN: Are you trying the full Monopoly on the Parker Brothers?
Ha. Haha. Parker Brothers...Monopoly...get it? Moving swiftly along...despite Dylan putting a CD on, like, a minute ago, Sky is back on the radio bagging Paul - again. Dylan switches it off - again. Then apologises to Elle - again. Elle says she knows she is trying to defend her granddad, but Dylan says it doesn't make it right - especially after what 'old Man Bish' did... The words 'foot' and 'mouth' spring to mind...
Number 26
Kim is copying DVD's for DodgyDex™, and is planning on charging $2 a disk. Bree says if he is going to do something illegal, at least charge $10 and make a profit!
Dylan is hurriedly climbing his way out of the hole he totally just dug himself into, by telling Elle Harold just said some nasty things to Paul, that's all...pretty much. Izzy overhears and thanks Dylan. She tells him that Elle thinks an angry ex-business associate tried to strangle Paul, and the truth will only hurt her. They just want her to be happy in Erinsborough.
General Store
Lou has scraped together this months rent, but Harold asks how they are going to pay next months rent...which is due next week! Lou is all 'optimist! OPTIMIST! Glass is half full!' but Harold wants to admit they are going under, and surrender to Paul. Izzy comes in and orders coffee and cake for her and Paul - if they are going to be running the place, they need to know the menu! Sky tells her to get lost, but Izzy warns her to back off, or Paul will sue her for deformation over the radio show. Sky asks for some support from Dylan, but he says her bagging Paul is also bagging her friend Elle, and bagging Lucinda's is bagging him - her boyfriend. Izzy looks smug.
Outside, Lou brings Paul the rent but Paul still won't revoke the eviction. He offers to buy out all of the Store's fittings and fixtures and stock, to save it going off. Harold thinks that sounds reasonable, but Lou says over his dead body! Harold wants him to calm down - Paul is just trying to get a rise! And get a rise he does, when he remarks that Lou could have a job at Lucinda's - after all his years of experience, he'd make the perfect dish-pig...
Lou punches Paul smack on the snozz.
Outside Scarlet Bar
Izzy leaves Paul outside while she goes to get a cold compress. Who should come along just as she disappears but dear old Neddikins. Ned is all 'OMG! Node bleed! Call the morgue!' He throws Paul's head back so hard it just about falls off. Izzy comes back just as Ned is trying to call an ambulance. Izzy slams the towel down on Paul's face so fast, if his nose wasn't already broken, it sure is now! He hobbles off to deal with his nose himself, and Izzy drags Ned inside to deal with him.
Inside Scarlet Bar
Izzy wants to know what the hell Ned was doing, and Ned replies it is a tumor in his head - they can't muck around! Izzy runs off crying they can't do anything, it's far too advanced!
Kimbo hands over the DVD's to DodgyDex™, who says at the market he would get them for around $15 each. Kim says he'll make it $10. Dex says he'll spread the word. Kim isn't too sure, but as he folds the $50 in his hot little hand, you can just *hear* the cogs turning!
Izzy gets off the phone as Ned comes in - it was the security company. One of their employee's has been busted for stealing footage - it must be the guy who sent the emails! Apparently they weren't the only ones, and the guy has been handed over to the Police. Ned wants to know if she is going to tell the cops he was blackmailing her, but she can't understand why he would think she would hand in a disk she has been trying so hard to hide! This way Paul never has to know! Ned says he understands...and he can wait.
Dylan is complaining about Sky, but Elle doesn't think he should be backstabbing, especially not to a friend of Sky's! Dylan says he is not backstabbing, he says this stuff to her face! They tell each other everything - secret's don't work, it's total upfront honesty! When they fight, it's a doozy, but then they get to make up...
Scarlet Bar
Stu comes in and nicks the paper from Ned...realising the ad he was reading was for male models - life models! Ned doesn't care as long as it pays well! Stu doesn't think this is him, and asks about Izzy - is it just a one-sided crush, or something more? Ned says Sindi duped him and he still isn't over it, so why should he be over the fact that Iz is with Paul? Stu suggests they try out for the local footy club, the Dingo's.
NED: Except...you can't play footy...
STU: Mate, I'm a Best & Fairest winner!
NED: Yeah, in Under 12's!
STU: Well it counts!
NED: If you're 12!
STU: It counts!
General Store
From behind the rather festive looking chili's hanging from the window frame, Harold puts ice on Lou's hand, telling him this makes him no better than Paul. Bree and Kim come in looking for some extra things for the WeirdWeiner's™ in the WeinerWagon™, and Kim says he heard Lou punched Paul. He tells him that Janelle lost against Angie yesterday, and then they leave, saying they'll fix up the bill later. Harold wonders if retiring would be so terrible. Lou thinks it would be the beginning of the end, but Harold thinks they could go for fishing trips, long weekends.....romantic strolls along the beach at dusk, you know, whatever floats your boat. Harold says they could hire a caravan and go around Australia - it could be the best time of their lives! How romantic.
Number 26
Kim is number crunching as Bree talks to Lyn on the phone, asking how Steph is. When she gets off she says Lyn is still at the hospital with Steph, so she wants them to clean up and feed the dog. She asks what Kim is doing and he replies he's just trying to figure out how to give Janelle her dream wedding. Bree asks how it is going, and he just gives her a 'look'. 'That bad, huh?' she asks and he says she's got it right. But then we see his note pad, where he underlines a nice, neat sum - $20 000.
General Store
With the figures not looking too good, Lou is starting to think maybe he should look at retirement as a positive. Harold says that's the spirit, as the Parker boys come in for dinner. They made it onto the two's-team at the footy club. Lou sends Harold home for an early night, as it is the least he can do after the kerfuffle he caused! They can talk tomorrow about what to do next. Why do I sense a solution about to fall straight into his hands? Lou heads out to the kitchen and notices he has an email. From 'concerned friend' DA DA DUUUM! He clicks on the attachment, and a video of Ned and Izzy getting it oooooon pops up. Ooowwaaah!!
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Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4923
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Stuart Parker, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4923
Stuart Parker, Ned Parker

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4923
Sky Mangel

Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4923
Kim Timmins

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4923
Elle Robinson

Bree Timmins, Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4923
Bree Timmins, Kim Timmins

Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4923
Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland

Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4923
Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4923
Paul Robinson

Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4923
Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4923
Stuart Parker

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4923
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4923
Lou Carpenter

Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4923
Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland

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