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Neighbours Episode 4909 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4909: Licensed to Swill
Australian airdate: 23/02/06
UK airdate: 03/05/06
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Shane Walker: Noel Herriman
Julia Swan: Jacqui Sundbery
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Ned tells Isabelle that he wants to tell Elle the truth about them - it hurts less than lies, and the truth is that he and Izzy belong together. Harold telling Paul that the fight is between the two of them; Paul telling him that he gets to choose the punishment. Katya wondering how Karl kept so quiet about Alex's illness, and realising that Karl told Susan the truth.
Susan admits that Karl did tell her, but it was ultimately a private thing between her and Alex, but Katya is adamant that Karl broke Alex's trust - and dammit - she's right. Susan doesn't think that how she found out really matters.
Susan tries to rationalise with Katya - in the end she had to know, and she was there for Alex, which he was grateful for. Katya continues the line of "Karl broke his oath" and that's not something that Susan should ignore.
Susan's upset because she and Katya made real progress tonight, and for the sake of Rachel and Zeke, please can they think about the future?
Erinsborough Hospital
It seems that half the street have appointments today. Ned arrives to see Karl, and his hair looks like one of those hedgehog things that you clean your muddy boots on. Paul is also waiting. Ned asks after Elle - how is she?? Paul responds that she's fine, and he's not interested in whether or not Ned intended to hurt her - if Ned goes near her, he'll need more than crutches to get around on.
Ned wishes Paul *would* try it on, and Paul thinks it would be satisfying. But Ned retorts that he'd hit back. With what? A crutch? He thinks Paul should take on someone his own size.
Isabelle arrives to check on Paul, and Karl comes along to take Paul to his appointment, rather fabulously ignoring Bella on the way. Karl leaves and Izzy freaks out about what Ned might have said to Paul. He reiterates that if he's hurt Izzy, he could take Paul out - easy.
NED: I'll fix him up; just give me the word.
Scott is trying to make up his story in nine photos using Zeke's cards. So far:
"I want" "A Chicken." Why on earth does Zeke have a flash card which says "A Chicken?" Stinger can't get it to work, and Rachel encourages him - remember, his documentary was really good. She takes a look, and asks what the picture of the garden gnome is for; Scott it rather upset, it's not a gnome, it's meant to be him in a dream sequence. Oh. Rachel suggests he does something more crazy, like something about being in prison. Scott's not keen on people knowing about his past.
He reminds her he has his driving test tomorrow, and Rachel thinks he should do the story on that instead. She'll take the shots, and Scott thinks it's a great idea!
SCOTT: You're a genius, I could kiss you! Ah, er, figure of speech...
RACHEL: I knew that.
Right, so we know what's coming...
Erinsborough Hospital where Karl is Fabulous
Isabelle is insisting that Paul hasn't hurt her, but Ned thinks she's making excuses - he'll help her make a stand. Wow. He is really getting rather freakily obsessive about her. She says again that she will leave Paul, and when she does she'll need his help, but not right now. Paul emerges from the appointment, and Karl tells him to make an appointment for the same time next week.
And Karl fabulously ignores Isabelle again.
Elle arrives, and Ned wants to speak to her. She makes it clear that she's not interested in what he has to say.
The Kennedys'
Susan emerges from her bedroom sniffling into a tissue. She leans over Zeke who's studying at the table and makes a comment about the original Eureka flag being made out of old womens' undies. Zeke is less than impressed.
Susan sits down and, half-concerned, half-frustrated, tells Zeke that he can't do this forever and she knows he spoke Katya. Zeke looks angry at this, even if he says nothing.
She asks why he can't talk to her - she's not the enemy, and you can see how desperate she is to connect with him again. He reaches for his cards, and Susan puts her hands on his and asks him to tell her what he wants to say. He won't, but scribbles a message. She asks if he's mad at her, frightened? She wants to help but he needs to let her in. Zeke holds up a message:
"Can K come over?"
She asks if he means Katya, and no she can't, not tonight.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl catches Katya walking past.
KARL: Katya, good, could you get that to pathology, please?
She'd like to talk to Karl right now because it's about work, and demands to know if he told Susan about her father's illness against his wishes. She knows he broke his Hippocratic oath, and he's "not having this conversation now."
She follows him into his little side room. She tells him that Susan told her the truth, and she'll be happy when he loses his right to practice. She thinks the board should know, and she's happy to tell them. Karl remarks that when Katya has had a little more life experience, she'll realise that not everything's black and white.
KATYA: Oh, like, when you're patient's involved with your ex-wife? You broke the rules, doctor, and you're going to pay.
Cut to a few seconds later where Karl tells Katya that he made the decision after careful deliberation, but she's not interested - he just wanted to get in with Susan. Karl denies this; he respected Alex as a friend and a patient, and he understood that Susan had to know. Karl stands by his decision.
Katya questions if he'll tell Max the truth about Steph - the only difference this time is that Karl doesn't have a personal stake in the relationship. Karl doesn't know what good this will do - it won't bring her father back. Maybe not, but Karl took away Alex's dying right to satisfy his own agenda.
Although I don't like the way she's going about this, she is right. It's a tricky one.
The General Store where Lou declares War!
Lou serves up beer to two of the uni students, and Harold is shocked! Shock and Awe!
HAROLD: That's beer!
LOU: Yes. Isn't it great?
Harold reminds Lou that they're not licensed, but Lou tells him that it's O Week (what?! I guess that's what we call Fresher's week in the UK) and there are students desperate to drink! Harold is concerned they'll get caught, but Lou won't stand by and let their business go under. This is war and he wants to fight dirty.
Paul and Isabelle come in and spot the cocktails. Lou tells them he won't serve them here, and they're sure they can find refreshments at they're own establishment. Paul recalls that The General Store doesn't have a liquor licence, and Isabelle pretends to be shocked. Lou suggests they move on before he calls security. Harold can't believe Lou's stupidity - but Lou just thinks that war's great!
Lucinda's Café
Paul offers free drinks to some of his customers who look delighted. Elle and Bella are behind the counter, remarking on Paul's happiness right now. Elle comments that Isabelle seems like she's really starting to fall for him, and she approves of it. Isabelle says that Paul's happiness is all down to his daughter agreeing to stay here - he loves having her around and is pleased she didn't go to Tasmania.
Elle says she wants to kill Ned and Cameron has been giving her some advice.
BELLA: Your brother?
You know, just in case we forgot, and to remind us who Cameron is for future storyline purposes.
Elle rang him to get a guy's perspective, and she wants to go down the public humiliation route, but Isabelle says that indifference is the best way to dent a guy's ego. Just ignore him.
Paul comes along and congratulates Elle on doing so well at Lucinda's. He can't believe she's still depressed over Ned. Elle asks if Paul thinks there's another girl, and Izzy disagrees.
BELLA: He's not the type!
PAUL: I hate to break it to you, Izzy, but every man's the type.
Harvey's Driving School
Scott turns up for his test, with Rachel and camera in tow. She has to take the pictures - firstly, one of the car and Scott standing near it. He gets into character, looking all nervous, and the driving test man turns up. He comments that this isn't a photo opportunity, and Scott says he likes his attitude.
Scott thinks this is fantastic and jumps in the front as Rachel jumps in the back...
The General Store
Lou is putting more drinks on ice, and Harold is taking them out again! He can't believe that Harold is risking their business, and Lou reassures him that he won't let Paul win easily - the ambush is set!!
Elle comes into The General Store to see Ned and she wants to know why he really broke up with her. He says it's not all black and white, and it wasn't her - it was about him. She says there must be someone else and he walks out.
The Kennedys
Susan coughs and splutters her way to the door. It's Karl, and he's surprised that he seems to have woken her - she didn't realise it was already ten o'clock in the morning. She invites him in but tells him not to get too close as she has a rotten bug.
Karl tells her that Katya is threatening to have him de-registered, and Susan immediately apologises - she didn't mean to let her find out. Karl doesn't blame her, but asks if she can help her to see sense. Susan agrees, although she doesn't know if it will do any good, and tells Karl that he doesn't deserve to go up against the medical board. Susan says that she's had run ins with Katya, but she can't see her making trouble just for the sake of it.
SUSAN: I'm sure she'll listen to reason.
KARL: I'm sure you'll put it reasonably.
Susan goes to wake the kids up, but Karl spots a note from the kids: "Gone with Katya."
The General Store
Harold tells Karl that he hasn't seen the kids and he explains that Katya has turned her mobile off, so he can't find her. Harold will call if he sees them and Karl leaves just as Paul makes an entrance.
Paul has Julia Swan with him from the liquor licensing board, and they call Lou out who welcomes her. Lou agrees that they don't have a licence, and Julia says he'll have to ask them to stop trading, but Lou refuses.
PAUL: Lou, the game's up.
LOU: No, the game's just beginning. You see, I do have this.
Lou has an events licence to cover him for O week which allows him to sell alcohol during that time. Paul comments that it's an utter scam, and O week doesn't qualify as an event, but Julia supports Lou and Harold - technically they're right.
LOU: Read 'em and weep, Robinson. Now excuse me, I have an event to run.
Rock on.
Lassiters where...
...Zeke and Katya are sitting together in the restaurant; Zeke texted his sister to talk, but he won't say a word. She does a deal with him - if she can put the whole sponge cake in her mouth in one go, will he talk to her? He agrees and they shake on it.
Lucinda's Café
Elle can't believe that Ned is interested in someone else, and Paul says there's *always* someone else. Overhearing and thinking they're talking about her, Isabelle bumps her head on a table, bruising it. It turns out that Elle thinks Ned is now seeing Sky. Paul comments that he'd put nothing past Sky, she's a hypocrite. Isabelle looks relieved - and her head hurts.
Katya finishes off the cake and asks Zeke what he wanted to say. He says that he wanted to come over last night but Susan said no and got all angry. Katya is cross about this - did Susan mean about last night or forever? Zeke tells her he doesn't want her to go away again. She promises she won't leave him alone again, especially with Susan. She gives him a hug.
Ramsay Street where Katya Flips
Scott has his licence and thinks his picture makes him look like a circus freak. Rachel has taken lots of pictures, and now they need an end picture with a happy ending. Stinger thinks that the story should end where the boy gets the girl - and would she be happy to pose for him on the car? Rachel would love to, so they sit on the bonnet of the car and pose for a shot.
Katya pulls up in her fancy sports car, shooting daggers at Rachel and calling her over. She tells the kids to stay at the car whilst she talks to Susan. She storms into the house.
The Kennedys'
Karl passes Susan the phone just as Katya furiously slams into the house.
KATYA: Well, isn't this cosy?
Susan is livid that she came into the house and took the kids whilst she was asleep, but Katya is cross that Susan has said she can't see her siblings. Susan says she just wants her to clear it with her first, but Katya tells her that Zeke was upset he couldn't see her last night. Susan says it's not true, so Katya accuses her of believing that Zeke's a liar, and the whole thing's getting rather out of hand.
KARL: Clearly there's been a misunderstanding...
KATYA: This is family business, not yours, although I'm sure you'd like it to be.
Susan reiterates that she's the kids' legal guardian, and Katya thinks it's outrageous that she lets Rachel spend time with an ex-con - Scott. Susan thought Rachel was with her sister, but no, she wasn't.
KATYA: What kind of guardian are you?
SUSAN: I care deeply for those kids.
KATYA: You don't care enough. If you think I'm going to stand by and watch you neglect them, then forget it. I'm fighting for custody.
And in perfect sync, Karl and Susan look at each other, then look back at Katya.
Ramsay Street
Ned hobbles along the street and watches Isabelle pull up in her car. She gets out and he sees the bruise on her head; she tells him it was an accident. Ned wrongly assumes that it's Paul, and despite her protestations, he snatches the keys and hijacks her car and she SO has extensions in her hair.
Ned drives off speedily.
Line of the episode:
Lou: Read 'em and weep, Robinson!
Best performance of the episode:
Karl, for defending himseld and Susan so well
Best 'Rock On' moment:
Oh, has to be Lou in The General Store with his Events Licence
The scene that TPTB forgot to include:
The one where Karl and Susan made out on the Sofa Of Death before searching for the kids.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4909
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4909
Susan Kennedy, Katya Kinski

Ned Parker, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4909
Ned Parker, Paul Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 4909

Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4909
Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4909
Karl Kennedy, Katya Kinski

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4909
Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4909
Izzy Hoyland

Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4909
Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4909
Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Julia Swan, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4909
Julia Swan, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4909
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4909
Ned Parker

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4909
Izzy Hoyland

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