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Neighbours Episode 4873 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4873: Shiv And Let Die
Australian airdate: 14/12/05
UK airdate: 09/03/06
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ned Parker – Daniel O’Connor
Kim Timmins – Brett Swain
Reuben ‘Roo’ Hausman – Richard Cawthorne
- "Buggin Me" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: Linda/Izzy-da-vixen
Dylan warning Stinger to keep cool about Stu!Mick
Connor informing Toadie he isn't alone
Stu putting a wire on himself
Roo telling Stu to take his shirt off
Roo insists once more for Stu!Mick to get his shirt off...he is hesitant, but finally relents. Woo! Shirtless Stu! (bringing his total count up to 8000 I think) Oh, yeah he also has no wires. Stu!Mick doesn't care anymore, Roo can stuff his friendship! No way. Roo wants him to "do" the Timmins' kid. Or they will "do" him.
Scarlet Bar
Toadie is confused about Stu's whereabouts. Seems he's not at the clinic, as he called. Ned thinks Toadie is obsessing over nothing, even insisting he see someone for his issues in self obsession. He diverts his attention to the other Parker brother and muses Ned has a dreamy look...he guesses it's Elle, and congratulates him. Now what will Neddy be getting Elle, the girl-who-could-buy-happiness she wanted. Toadie slyly suggests a sonnet, or limerick! No? He jokes he is just like Stu - the serial proposer. This does strike a nerve with Ned, I'm-not-like-my-brother! Parker.
The General Store
Susan grocery shops but doesn't seem to be really into it. At the cash register, she sadly informs Harold she doesn't have her money. :*(. Luckily Karl, I'm-a-knight-in-shining-armour swoops in and swiftly pays Harold. He sits her down with some tea.
Connor who has been busily making pies for the homeless, pops his head out and sadly shakes his head at the injustice of Alex's passing. Harold agrees, but they can make others happy tonight and excuse me while the sinister music plays overheard.
Kim drops a bowl, it bounces, and he drops it again. He's very impressed with the non-smashing formula of the bowl and comments to Janae it'll be funny come the Traditional Boxing Day Blue. Janae asks why her parents fight all the time...but Kim is sorry, and promises this year he will try not to. They have to be strong as this will be a Christmas without the boys...although he is fairly positive they will come out on an appeal. They can be one nice happy family again!
He brings up Janae's Christmas present to Boyd...she isn't really sure how $9 can provide a lovely gift. She just wants to get him something special. Kim ponders for a moment but before he can quote some "old Greek guy" - he has a PING moment and leads Janae outside as he knows the perfect gift. It's sincere, heartfelt and cheap!
The General Store
Karl tries talking to Susan but she's pretty quiet all round. Turns out Zeke has just stopped talking...and Rachel is just sad in their grieving. Much like Susan. :*(. He asks if she'd like to take the kids and visit Libby for Christmas...that's also what he'll be doing. How cozy. She's vague, but seems to agree and soon leaves.
Stinger says Stu!Mick must have a plan...however Dylan warns his brother to keep his trap shut. Having Stu here doesn't necessarily mean anything, so he shouldn't count on it. Roo pops his lovely self in, and suggests the fellas go visit his new roomie Mick. There's a party going on, and it's time they got to know him better...you could even say they can become "old friends".
Scarlet Bar
Toadie grabs a load of wine - he's armed in preparation for a par-tay! The Ramsay Street One Day International to be exact. Ned just wants to go carolling as they lift people's spirits, but all Toadie wants to do is drink beer and run around nude. (not necessarily in that order) They compromise - carols, a bbq, and the traditional nudie run! Besides, Ned has already bared all, so no worries about embarrassment there! The residents have also seen Toadie in the nude, as they all did it last year... Connor is nearby and blatantly overhears.
Ned wishes him seasons greetings, as he'll be heading back home for the holidays. Connor is staying around though...Maddy and Lori went to New Zealand. Ned returns to Toadie and Connor mumbles he doesn't want to be nude. Yeah.
Roo pushes Stinger and Dylan into the ring of trust, and points out it's time for Stu!Mick to show his loyalty...or else, they're all dead. Well not Dylan at the moment - Roo pulls him in and announces how he will simply watch his little brother get beaten to a pulp...
Park...with very lush grass
Janae and Kim literally crawl on their hands and knees through the park, seriously investigating the grass...for something special. The daughter reckons it's stupid, and ooh! Did she find one? No, she did not. They quickly chat about the boys in jail, a favourite topic of late it seems. Not to worry Janae, Kim feels awful about it too. But you know, the family pretty much turned out alright.
Ned and Toadie merrily walk along, each carrying copious amounts of alcohol. Toadie is all for a carol-name change... Wait a second, what is that? His uncle and cousin on their hands digging for...grass? Yes you silly people, it's a Christmas present for Boyd. Grass?! Yes. Janae suddenly gasps in excitement as she pulls out something. They just need to take it to a jeweller - give this bit of grass to Boyd and he'll know exactly how she feels.
Roo tells him Stu!Mick to "do it", but is refused. Why should he do it, just cause Roo says? Well mate, you wanna live, you do it! He knows about "Mick". Roo remembers him from Colac, and when he arrived in prison figured it was sus. He figures they have a cop in their midst. A cop and two of his very best mates. A bell goes off, and chaos emerges. Roo orchestrated a little riot...soon fists start flying but Stu and Stinger escape. In fact everyone leaves the cell...leaving Roo and Dylan alone. CLANG. The door shut.
Ramsay Street
"Drink our beer, eat our snags, eat em till they're gone
Oh what fun it is to take someone else's food, HEY!"
That can only be the jolly sounds being emitted from the two House of Trouser boys. They've set up their little BBQ stall in the middle of the street. Harold and Connor are about to leave, but not before Toadie tempts Connor with a snag...grommet chicken and chives!
Connor is simply mesmerised by it - whistling (from an Irish whistle) plays, and is hypnotised by Toadie's tomato-squeezing-on-snag routine. He's however snapped out of his little fantasy by Harry.
Ned muses he's not interested though Toadie knows better. They've got him! Mwahaha.
Prison/Secret Listening Room
Roo doesn't' know where to start with Dylan...well okay, how about how he set him up and dobbed him into the cops?!
Stu and Stinger are in another room, listening in. Seems as if the old radio has a bug in it so they can hear eveeeeeeeeeerything that comes out of Roo's mouth.
Dylan tries to explain, but Roo knows. They were mates. Correction, he was a bully and forced people into things. However, Dylan found a better life here. Good friends, family, a good boss! Roo knows about "money bags" Robinson...no, Paul knows better. He was also in jail briefly, he knows what it's like.
Stingray continually tries to get Stu to go in, but Stu wants to listen in...
Dylan continues he wanted a better life, away from his past so he dobbed. Roo claps, such a heartbreaking performance Dylan...though he KNOWS better.
Janae and Kim finish wrapping Boyd's gift into a jewellery box. If all is right in the universe, Boyd should be very grateful. Kim uses the phone to confirm their visit to prison, and Janae quizzes him about being a parent with kids in prison... Kim admits he feels guilty every day...
Toadie and Ned their cheery selves have brought...many sausages, and also some grass! Bwaha. Kim accepts the gr...sausages but quickly stops. Nope, there isn't a dead fly in the snags, he just found out there's a riot at the prison...
Prison/Secret Listening Room
The scene pans, and we see Roo is holding a knife (guess he's not going to give Dylan a quick hair cut?) while explaining why he did what he did... Basically, he wanted what Dylan had. How Dylan went to school, Robinson giving him jobs and money...it was sweet. Maybe Roo could get himself a job, get himself some cash and then go to school, get a trade, nice car, a girlfriend! Maybe he could do that stuff too...but then Dylan set him up.
Stinger once again insists Stu help his brother. Nope.
Roo holds Dylan accountable for blowing his chances. Unfortunately, Dylan doesn't accept this at all. They all have choices. He could have gone straight, but no, first thing he did was set him up for the servo job. Roo agrees he did. He took the cash and left all the clues so he'd get arrested.
Stingray attempts to let Stu rescue his brother, but Stu isn't so sure. They may get everything they want, and Dylan knows about the wire. Now hush up as we listen to the rest...
What can Roo say? He has a talent, and uses it. Yes, he did hold up every road house from here to Adelaide...but what could he do? Dylan reminds him about their choices in life. Like right now - he does Dylan, he'll be a lifer. Is that what he wants?
Stinger...no worries, Stu waves them off.
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Reuben Hausman (Roo), Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4873
Reuben Hausman (Roo), Stuart Parker

Reuben Hausman (Roo) in Neighbours Episode 4873
Reuben Hausman (Roo)

Toadie Rebecchi, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4873
Toadie Rebecchi, Ned Parker

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4873
Susan Kennedy

Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Kim Timmins

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Janae Timmins

Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Kim Timmins, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Kim Timmins, Janae Timmins

Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4873
Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Janae Timmins, Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Janae Timmins, Kim Timmins

Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Janae Timmins

Stuart Parker, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Stuart Parker, Stingray Timmins

Reuben Hausman (Roo) in Neighbours Episode 4873
Reuben Hausman (Roo)

Stuart Parker, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4873
Stuart Parker, Stingray Timmins

<<4872 - 4874>>
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