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Neighbours Episode 4845 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4845: Paint His Wagon
Australian airdate: 04/11/05
UK airdate: 30/01/06
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Alex Kinski Andrew Clarke
Rachel Kinski Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski Matthew Werkmeister
Joe Mangel Mark Little
- "Suzi Q" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Tom (Anson's Corner)/James
No. 22
Izzy hobbles into the house on her one crutch as Paul comes down the stairs. She's in no mood to argue, so she tells him she'll be out of his way, she's going to pack. He stops her and assures her he doesn't want to argue.
PAUL: Look, you're right. Ours is the first truly honest relationship I've ever had. I'd be so stupid to lose you because I didn't embrace that fact.
Izzy tells him she can't promise anything between them will change, and he tells her that he realises that. He tells her he's not looking for promises, he just wants to help her get back on her feet, to hold her hand. Izzy tells him she can't believe someone cares for her that much. He asks her if they should give it a try, and she says yes. They hug, and he says he's sorry.
General Store
Max is grabbing some Pura milk as Karl is waiting at the counter. Karl asks if he's picking up some emergency supplies, but Max says it's just stuff that's been forgotten. Susan, Alex and the Kinski kids walk in and have a seat at a table. Susan notices Karl just as Max is leaving. She walks over to him as Alex and the kids sit down.
Karl notes she looks very well rested, which Susan tells him is because she's been sleeping so well. She tells him she was relieved that she survived Hell and is still here to talk about it. She asks him how he's faring ...
SUSAN: Yea, after Isabelle's midair declaration?
KARL: What do you know about that?
SUSAN: Well, pretty small plane, Karl.
KARL: Throughout my entire relationship with Izzy I learnt to take everything she had to say with a huge pinch of salt.
SUSAN: She did think it was the last call she'd ever make.
KARL: I know that feeling.
Susan tells him that it must have meant something, that in Izzy's own dysfunctional way, she loved Karl very much. Karl tells her that's grim satisfaction at best. He quickly changes the subject, asking about how her and Alex's wedding plans are going. She tells Karl they haven't set a date, but they will. Karl reminds her of the urgency she should be feeling because of Alex's condition. He tells her that even though Alex is showing no symptoms at the moment, his lymphoma is incurable so they'd best hurry if they want to get married. Susan assures Karl she knows this, and they'll be making the plans, "sooner rather than later."
No. 26
Bree's sitting on the sofa with Harvey. There's a knock at the door and she gets up to answer it. And unsurprisingly, it's Zeke. He shows her the DVD in his hand, asking her if she'd like to watch it, but Bree declines. She invites him in and they plop down on the sofa. Zeke notices a hoodie that Bree was sitting with, and she grabs it from him, telling him it's Dylan's. He asks her how she's been sleeping, and she says she's not. He tells her he couldn't either when his mum died. He then asks her what she's reading.
BREE: Nothing, I can't concetrate.
ZEKE: I used to talk to my mum, about the day and stuff. It made it easier. Do you want to try?
But after a second of prodding from Zeke, she does try. She says hello to Dylan, telling him she's sitting there with Zeke and Harvey. She then tries to say that she misses him, but begins to cry. She stops and tells Zeke she can't do it.
No. 24
Harold and Lou are in the kitchen, Harold's making tea. Lou is telling Harold that everyone in Ramsay Street has lost someone they love, and right now Sky needs him. He angrily tells Lou that he is there for her, but he won't give up hope on David. Lou tells Harold he agrees with him, but what if the ID does turn out to be positive? There's then a knock, which Lou answers. It's Karl, coming to talk to Harold. Harold asks Karl if he's there to badger him as everyone else has, but Karl tells him that he thinks Harold's right, they should wait for confirmation before jumping to conclusions.
No. 32
Boyd has his head buried in school books, studying. Steph and Max are sitting on the sofa. They ask him how much longer he's going to be at it, that he really should get some rest. Boyd tells them he just wants to go through it one more time. Max says that with the way Boyd looks, he'll be surprised if he remembers anything tomorrow.
MAX: There is an alternative, defer the exam.
BOYD: No, we've already been through this.
MAX: Look, the school knows what's been going on, mate, it wouldn't be a problem.
Boyd refuses, saying he's handled all the other exams. He'll take this one, because if he doesn't he'll sit around thinking about what's happened and he'll go nuts. Steph's let Sky in, who knocked on the door before the dialogue I typed. A lot of knocks on the door tonight. Boyd asks Sky what's up and she tells him she just got back from identifying David's body. Boyd hugs her and tells her he's sorry. She asks the Hoylands if she can crash at their house for awhile, as Harold has gone a bit crazy and Joe is having a walk around the block. Max and Steph tell her she can, and if there's anything else they can do, they will. Sky says she just needs some time. Steph and Max decide to head off to bed to leave Boyd and Sky alone. She lays on his chest as he comforts her.
No. 28
Susan, Alex, and Rachel are sitting around the table, discussing the upcoming wedding. Alex says he's hoping for something a little more intimate, but if she wants something bigger, that's fine as well. Susan tells him she's perfectly happy with a small affair, but she'll need a flower girl, which Rachel can be, a page boy, which Zeke can be, and a singer. They'll also need bridesmaids and a best man. So in the end, the small affair became an ellaborate event. Rachel says that the wedding is so exciting, and they all agree. They laugh and giggle, one big happy family.
No. 22
Sky and Boyd are sitting together, discussing what happened when Sky identified David.
SKY: It was so strange. It was David lying there, but it wasn't. And everything that made him him, it was gone. And you could tell the people there just wanted us to identify him and sign the forms. They were respectful but, they had no idea who he was and why we loved him. Boyd, why does everyone in my life have to die?
Boyd tries to comfort her. He tells her not to go all nutty on him, well no more than usual. She tells him she's glad he's really got his feet on the ground, she's really proud. He tells her it's been Dylan, that he's been helping him out. She asks him how Dylan helped, and Boyd tells her that Dyl turned his entire life around by working hard, so that's one of the reasons Boyd's been studying so hard lately. Boyd tells Sky that Dyl would kick both their butts if they gave up now.
No. 24
Karl gets Harold a glass of water and gives him a bottle of sleeping pills. Harold refuses to take them, but Karl persists. Harold finally agrees. Joe comes in looking somber. He silently shakes his head, 'yes,' to let them know that it was David. Harold loses it and says that it just can't be David. Lou sits down on the sofa to comfort Harold, and tells him about David's lottery win and $250,000.
LOU: That anonymous donation to the Salvo, it was David. He said with his family back together, he was rich enough already.
Karl, Joe, and Lou stand there as Harold begins to cry.
No. 26
Zeke and Bree are still sitting on the sofa, both looking quite sad. Zeke thinks he hasn't helped at all, but Bree tells him that just his being there has helped. She gets up, asking if his dad will be worried since he's been gone so long. Zeke thinks he will and decides to leave. Bree gives him a peck on the cheek and Zeke thanks her. He tells her that if there's anything he can do, just to let him know. She says okay, and he leaves.
Bree walks over to the couch and puts on Dylan's hoodie. She says outloud, talking to Dylan, that she has found someone to love. She puts her hand in the coat pocket and pulls out keys. She looks at them, remembering her brother.
No. 32
Boyd and Sky are asleep on the sofa when Steph and Max come in. Max wakes up Boyd, telling him the exam's today. Max tells Boyd that if he's not up to it, he doesn't have to take it, but Boyd insists that he does. Sky wakes up and apologises (for, I guess, falling asleep). Max heads off to have a shower while Steph is off to make coffee.
Sky apologises again, saying she's sorry for stuffing up Boyd's studying. He tells her it's okay, it wasn't sinking in anyway. He asks her if she's handed in her portfolio yet and she says she has, though it doesn't really matter.
BOYD: Of course it matters, it was Dylan, nuding up and lovin it.
SKY: Embarrassed as Hell as I remember it.
Boyd tells Sky that's why he thinks her and Dylan got on so well, they were a pair of idiots (which I think sounds insulting, but whatever). He tells her to never let that stuff go, to stay weird. She says it'll be hard without him. Boyd tells her to do something weird to remember him. Sky can't think of anything, so Boyd asked what he loved. Boyd mentions Dyl's car, and Sky decides she will do something weird. She thanks Boyd, tells him good luck, and leaves.
The Street
Bree's dressed in Dylan's hoodie, asleep in his car. Sky notices and hops in. She notices that it's Dylan's hoodie that Bree's wearing. Sky asks Bree how she slept, and Bree tells her it was the best since it's happened. Sky tells her she slept well, too, but now she needs Bree's help with something. She shows her a notebook and gives her a choice, which would Dylan like better (not a clue what they're talking about just yet)? Bree chooses one and Sky agrees.
No. 24
Joe walks into the house as Lou's making himself a cuppa. Lou asks how Joe's lip is. Joe tells him it's fine, he's had worse playing cards. Joe asks about Harold, and Lou think he's accepted David's death even though he hasn't said it. Harold comes into the kitchen and tells Joe he believes an apology is in order. He tells Joe that he realises he was just doing what he thought was best in his time of need, and he's sorry for acting so appaulingly. Joe accepts his apology and says there are no hard feelings. He leaves, taking Bouncer 5 for a walk.
Karl enters the house and asks how Harold is feeling. Harold thanks Karl for all his support. He says he upset everyone, especially Sky, with the way he was acting. He says she didn't come home last night, and he doesn't blame her. Karl tells Harold that she's alright, that she's outside conducting her own little ritual. He tells Harold to go have a look.
The Street
Sky and Bree are painting the side of Dyl's car. It's a scene with two wolves, just their silhouettes. Joe tells Sky she has a real talent for this stuff which Max and Steph agree with. Joe reckons Dyl would have been really impressed, and Sky says she thinks so too, she's just sad he couldn't have taken it to Heaven with him. Joe gets emotional and says he has to walk the dog.
Harold comes out from the house to see what Sky's doing. He tells her it looks wonderful. Sky gives Harold a hug, both beginning to cry. Harold apologises to Sky. She asks him how he's doing and he tells her he's been better. He tells her he's going to call the funeral directors to make all the arrangements. She asks if he wants her to come with him, but he tells her to stay.
No. 28
Susan, Alex, and Zeke are having breakfast at the table. Zeke hasn't eaten very much, which Susan finds odd. She asks him if he's feeling alright, feeling his head for a fever. She tells her he is. Susan asks if he slept alright, but he kept waking up. Susan and Alex reckon Zeke's in love with Bree.
Rachel walks in from outside carrying a book.
RACHEL: I was just putting some books in the boot, and these were in the car. 'Banish Cancer Using the Mind'? Why are these there?
No. 28
Susan tells Rachel that one of her close friends has cancer, which the kids believe. Rachel asks if this is true though, that it's possible to cure cancer with the mind? Alex tells her its a groundbreaking area, but he doesn't know if it actually works. Alex then rushes the kids off to school, asking them if they've finished making their beds. Zeke wonders if Bree will be at school, which Susan says will depend on how she's feeling. Zeke asks if he can go to her house after school if she's not, and Alex and Susan say he can. Zeke runs to make his bed and Susan and Alex have a chat.
SUSAN: I hate being dishonest with them.
ALEX: Well, you didn't actually lie. I thought you were very skillfull in the way you avoided the issue.
Alex tells her there'll be no more books. He says they've survived a plane crash and now they deserve a long, happy life together. Susan can't agree more. They kiss.
Scarlet Bar
Max's clearing tables when Boyd walks in. He tells his father he's finished his exams and that he thinks it went really well. Max says it's fantastic, he's really proud how Boyd's handled everything that has been going on. Max says he'll get Boyd anything he wants, it's on the house. Boyd asks for a sarsaparilla (which looks odd in spelling, but that's what the dictionary says). Max is surprised, Boyd hasn't asked for one of those since he was a child. Boyd tells his father that they always used to celebrate with one, so why not one now? Max agrees.
Sky and Bree rock up to Lassiter's in Dylan's car, music blaring. They park and dance to the music. The song ends and Sky looks towards Bree.
SKY: Sisters?
BREE: Sisters!
General Store
Karl's sitting at a table, getting some work done. Joe walks in, noticing Karl. He asks what the story with Harold is, and Karl tells Joe that Harold may never get over it. Joe tells Karl that he knows how that is since Sky's mother died. He still gets that crook feeling in his stomach from time to time. Lou comes over to take Joe's order when Max walks over to the table showing the group the paper.
The paper says the plane was bombed, the police did a forensics check and found traces of explosives. None of them can believe it, who would bomb a plane? Karl notes that Paul has some enemies, but they dismiss it. No one would bomb a joy flight just to get back at Paul. They'd bomb his house or Lassiter's.
Harold enters the shop asking what they're all looking at, is there more news? Max tells him they think there may have been a bomb on the plane. Harold is upset and says he won't rest until he finds out who did this and makes them pay for it.
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Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4845
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4845
Karl Kennedy, Max Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4845
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4845
Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski

Boyd Hoyland, Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4845
Boyd Hoyland, Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4845
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Rachel Kinski, Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4845
Rachel Kinski, Alex Kinski

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4845
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4845
Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel, Lou Carpenter

Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4845
Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski

Joe Mangel, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4845
Joe Mangel, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4845
Steph Scully, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

 in Neighbours Episode 4845

Sky Mangel, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4845
Sky Mangel, Bree Timmins

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4845
Harold Bishop

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