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Neighbours Episode 4813 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4813: If It's The Last Ring I Do
Australian airdate: 21/9/05
UK airdate: 13/12/05
Writer: Graham Hartley
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Joe Mangel Mark Little
Alex Kinski Andrew Clarke
Rachel Kinski Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski Matthew Werkmeister
Elle Robinson Pippa Black
Alan Graham Anthony Wemyss
Summary/Images by: Linda/Elin
Steph and Sky arguing
Karl admitting to Alex he doesn't have much time left
Izzy moving out of Paul's
Elle and Paul play poker, although Paul isn't really into it. He is worried about Izzy but Elle assures him she will come back.
Steph is making yummy junk food...again. This time it consists of a delicious-looking chocolate smoothie concoction. Boyd points out some pregnancy medical facts (the hormones her body is projecting and why her heart is beating faster) which impresses Steph on his bedside manner.
They finish their poker game and low and behold, Elle has won. Well, no she hasn't. Paul muses she is just a good bluffer. This does not settle well with Elle, who wants to be treated like a big grown-up! A grown up who wants a real drink with their game, not just tea. Ah, Paul is going to make tea.
Boyd tells Steph he's thought a lot about what he wants to do, should he get into medicine: obstetrics or a paediatrician. Steph is overjoyed as Boyd will be awesome with kids. Max brings Joe in, who makes a little bit of small talk about the new baby arriving. Stuff like losing the freedom to do certain daring things (driving a car through fire being one of them) and not having time to even scratch yourself! Ah, so the reason he has come, is to give Steph a present - the 'Aussie Rock Legends' CD.
With cups of tea in hand, Elle talks about how she was about to get the dirt Paul when she was Miss Anonymous. Multimillion dollar scams, next-door neighbours' wives...
ELLE: What kind of a monster are you dad?
Joe explains the CD is a peace offering...he hopes things can be settled. He also mentions Sky helped him pick out the CD too! Anyway, that is all he came to say and leaves. Once gone, Steph asks Boyd if Sky would have any part in choosing the CD....he guesses a big fat no. Steph is not amused at all.
Elle is quite shocked...she can't believe everything her mum said was true. How did he manage to juggle everything? She would have gone crazy, in that situation. Paul admits he did go crazy...but at the time, nothing was ever good enough. He would want more and more and more...until it all came crashing around him. He loved the chase, the thrill! However, once he reached his goal, he would just want MORE. Or else, throw it away. But now, he is choosing to pay for his mistakes and not run away, as he would have done in the past.
Well, while he was doing that, Elle was growing up in Tasmania watching her mother count every penny and her step-dad fall asleep by the radio. Paul gently tells his daughter not to blame Gail - she was simply being careful after him, as she probably wanted something more normal. He was an absent, workaholic husband. Elle however is not having a go at mum, she just wants to experience something different and now she is here... I am afraid you are too late missy, Paul is now just another suburban 'fuddy duddy' (who just happens to own a Jag...). She gives Paul a peck on the cheek and grins. It was just for nothing, she likes that they're reconnecting.
Susan happily chats away on the phone to Libby, and naturally they are gossiping about Alex. Libby wants to know something...but Joe, Sky, and the dogs arrive at the door.
SUSAN: You! Joe Mangel, are a dog-napper.
Joe explains he can't help it if she wont' let her! "Her" in reference to Audrey. Turns out little Audrey has been running B5 ragged! Sky wants to leave as Susan is on the phone, but upon finding out it is Libby, they both say their hellos. Sky wants Libby to know she is getting her license tomorrow and will put P plates on her cute little bug. Aww. Suse relays all of this (though I'm sure Libby heard it all) and Joe and Sky leave. Audrey also tries to escape with them.
Once alone, Susan truthfully answers Libby's probing question...she would have to say yes...she is falling in love with him.
Rachel and Zeke are decked out in their lovely PJs while they slowly unpack some more boxes. Alex apologises for leaving it for so long, they have been living amongst junk and clutter. Nah, the kids don't mind and correct him by stating it is art and knowledge. Zeke is thrilled to find one of Alex's books and takes it as bedtime reading material. Rachel notices Alex is distant carefully asks her dad if he is okay? He is not still mad about the cheque? Alex shakes his head, no, he is just being silly and bids her goodnight. When Alex is by himself, he glances around at the boxes and simply starts quietly crying.
Bree, with a stack of chocolate, joins Dylan with some late night television as they're both unable to sleep. She enquires if he is nervous about the fight with Mike. Nah, he is not but what about her? He sees she is digging into her secret chocolate stash. She is nervous...about Susan calling Janelle about the cheque. Bree is suppose to go camping with the Kinskis and will be so cut if she gets grounded. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dylan understands now. This is about Zeke, the nerd! Has he made a move yet, huh!? Well, firstly he is NOT a nerd and no, he hasn't done anything. It is not like he likes her anyway - he dobbed on her about the cheque. Dylan once again calls him a nerd for this and Bree defends his honour once more. She isn't letting Zeke push her around...he is way too cool and too smart for her anyway.
DYLAN: Smidge, you're a Timmins. The smartest Timmins there is! The guy doesn't know how lucky he is. He'll soon wake up.
BREE: (small voice) Think so?
DYLAN: Of course he will, the stupid little nerd.
She hits him with a pillow.
Ramsay Street
Sky excitedly calls Boyd over to announce her news - she has her license! She offers to drive them around, but Boyd declines because of his study. Yeah, he is being conscientious...but he's gotta be.
Paul also has the red Jag out front and is cleaning it. Elle bounces out to see what's happening and Paul simply looks at her, the car and without a moment's thought places the key in her hands. The car isn't doing it for him anymore. Elle squeals (but asks about Izzy? Nah, she got bored with it too) and they jump in for a spin.
Sky and Dylan are shocked. They agree it has to be Paul's daughter.
SKY: Great, just what we need. The daughter of the anti-Christ.
Alex is out the back and pulls out a pretty diamond ring. He brings it into the light to look at it closely and Rachel, who is also out reading by the pool can also see it! Alex puts it away, just as Zeke and Bree walk out back. Rachel excitedly tells them their dad has bought a diamond ring for Susan.
The General Store
Joe congratulates Sky on her license - he needed 4 tries before he got his. He kept running stop signs, haha. Joe, Sky and Dylan sit down just as Steph walks into the store. She thanks Sky for the CD...ah, what CD? Joe tries to prompt Sky but it is too late. Steph takes Joe over for a word - she doesn't appreciate him butting in. Joe was just trying to make the first move but Steph doesn't' want a bar of it. Sky started it and should fight her own battles.
Elle grabs coffees for them both and Paul goes to find a table. He bumps into Dylan and rather proudly points Elle out and how they have such a connection. Dylan needs to meet her...in fact, he should join them for lunch at Lassiters. He also invites Sky along.
Dylan says it was nice to be included but Sky doesn't care. She believes Paul is simply buying her attention, just like he buys everyone else. Oh, also her boyfriend? She apologises to Dylan - she knows Paul gives him much more than money.
DYLAN: Steph, Lyn, Paul...you really get off on brawling don't you?
SKY: No I don't!
DYLAN: You're worse than me!
SKY: Stop being so smart!
Max spots Steph and asks why she isn't at home resting? She exclaims she is SO bored and just wants to work. She can't though but if she is so bored, why not self herself a task? How about going home and baking another cake? Steph rolls her eyes, but then stands up and agrees. Yes, yes she will go home and bake another cake. (/insert major sarcasm)
Bree and Rachel talk of the possible engagement while Zeke chants some sort of mantra. Rachel finally gets him to shut up, but Zeke figures if he keeps it up it will happen. Ah, no dude, you're being like totally irrational. He freaks out, yes he is! That is how wrong this situation is. Rachel goes off to find Lyn's secret stash of junk food.
Zeke is still worried about it all because it seems so rushed and asks Bree her opinion.
BREE: Yeah, I think it's beautiful. Especially 'cause they're old.
It is kind of like 'Romeo and Juliet' they didn't need a lot of time, or need to think about it. They were in love.
BREE: There are no equations for love. And you can't choose what happens. You just sort of...it magically sneaks up on you...
RACHEL: (yells from the kitchen) They're not here!
BREE: (annoyed) Look behind the spuds.
ZEKE: So, what you're trying to say Bree...
BREE: (grinning shyly) Um. Yeah Zeke?
ZEKE: It doesn't matter how long they've known each other...
BREE: ... Or if they're two kids from opposite side of the tracks...
ZEKE: ... If it's true love, it just is!
Bree leans in for a kiss, but Zeke doesn't see and stands up to talk to his sister.
Alex talks to a counsellor from the hospital, and explains he doesn't really need all this help. He has read every book there is on death and dying and is prepared. The counsellor asks if he's come some acceptance...? But Alex replies no, because that would mean he has accepted the prognosis and he does not.
Bree begs Susan not to tell Janelle about the whole blank check scenario which surprises Suse. She admits she forgot about the whole cheque business...Bree grins and guesses why! She has been thinking about Mr Kinski, Susan also grins.
Continuing, Alex is not in denial about his health either. He knows how aggressive his Lymphoma is, but while the odds are low, others have triumphed and he intends to do the same.
Bree understands Susan's problem as she is having the same constant thoughts about Zeke. Susan is happy for her, as it is lovely. Bree ponders should she and Zeke get married, Susan would become her step-mother in law! Well, when she gets married, no if! IF she gets married, phew...
Alex says accepting his death is rather logically unsound.
Susan wants to know what is going on and Bree let's the beans spill on the ring. Suse has a shocked look and Bree hits her face with the book.
Alex knows by accepting this, leaving his life to the full that he will beat it.
HE WHAT?! Bree is sorry for saying anything and runs out. Susan chases after her and calls out her name - wanting to know what is going on!
Steph is over to get some baking pans from Suse, who is rather flustered. Steph wants to know how she can be so calm about this! What is will she say? How does she feel? It's okay they haven't been together for so long, sometimes you need to grab these things. Suse asks if that's the case with Lyn and Joe? No...it's about them now. Steph asks Suse the big "L" question. Susan replies yes, yes she does love him. So...is Susan's answer when Alex pops the big question?
SUSAN: I'm gonna say Alex...what a surprise! .... I don't know. (covers her face with her hands)
Dylan and Sky arrive first to the lunch and both look quite fetching. Sky has a pretty green, dress thing going on, although Dylan wonders if she wore it just to rub Paul's nose in it...? Well, Dylan looks a little like one of Paul's bell boys, haha. The Robinsons arrive and Elle immediately compliments Sky's outfit. Not quite Rita Hayworth but more Lana Turner from 'Latin Lovers' she guesses? Sky nods, and they both go on about the movie. Paul proudly points out he bought Dylan that suit and Elle snarks if he bought him a shirt as well? Sky introduces herself properly and Elle also compliments Sky on her classic car and Paul and Dylan exchange odd looks.
Scarlet Bar
Max sympathises how hard it must be Steph to do nothing, considering she has been working her entire adult life but she has to take it easy. Joe, enjoying a beer overhears and adds a comment or two about Steph's hormones. Steph finally snaps at Max for being so condescending - this is happening to HER body and Joe once again adds his 2 cents. This time it is the last straw....Max warns Joe to run run run run! Steph chases Joe out of the bar, while Joe continues to exclaim it's the hormones!
Sky and Elle can't believe how many things they have in common - both living on farms and such....they each admit they kept chooks in their room. Paul loudly coughs, asking if Elle would still like that shopping spree? Elle laughs, telling Sky he just keeps wanting to buy her things, embarrassing her. They leave but Paul quickly comes back and smiles that not all Robinsons grow horns, do they? Sky laughs, telling Dylan he is right. She likes the daughter of the anti-Christ but Dylan gruffly mumbles she is full of it. Not because of the shirt, but they'll see she is a fake.
Susan and Alex sit down, both quite nervy. Alex suggests they get a drink, but then he has something to say. But he won't do it now, but after they order. Ah, great.
DYLAN: (to Sky) You're like a beautiful green pineapple
Back at their table, Susan apologises but she can't ah, order while...Alex has something to say. Right then. Alex grabs the ring from his pocket, but glances over at Sky and Dylan twirling. He flashes to Karl stating he will only have months to live...
Susan snaps him back and he puts the ring away. He is sorry...
ALEX: Susan, I've been giving our relationship a lot of thought. And I don't think it's wise we keep it going.
SUSAN: Ah, I don't understand.
ALEX: Well, I think. Well, we have to break up.
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Joe Mangel, Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4813
Joe Mangel, Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4813
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4813
Paul Robinson

Alex Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4813
Alex Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4813
Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4813
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4813
Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel

Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4813
Alex Kinski

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4813
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Joe Mangel, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4813
Joe Mangel, Steph Scully

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4813
Zeke Kinski

Bree Timmins, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4813
Bree Timmins, Susan Kennedy

Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4813
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins

Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4813
Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4813
Susan Kennedy

Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4813
Alex Kinski

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