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Neighbours Episode 4802 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4802: Let Sleeping Dogs Fly
Australian airdate: 6/09/05
UK airdate: 28/11/05
Writer: Megan Herbert
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ned Parker: Daniel O’Connor
Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Elin
- Janae wishes Karl was her dad
- Joe presents...Bouncer 5!
- Susan warns Karl to stay away from Janae
- Stu 'drowning'
Stuart re-appears, and continues bobbing around spluttering in the water. Ned yells out to him that he can do it - just swim! Stu continues to do the drowning act, until finally he bursts back up out of the water and swims the jetty. Ned pulls him up onto dry land, and tells him that wasn't so hard. O...k.
General Store
Sky and Joe look on as Serena has the whole 'no I love YOU more' conversation with Connor on the phone. She walks away to continue the conversation elsewhere.
JOE: They're a couple of king prawns if you ask me...
Sky says they are cute, but Joe thinks Bouncer5 is cute... especially when it is Chunky Chunks time...Sky tells him to get a hobby. Joe says Bouncer is his hobby, and he is going to earn them money. Sky tells him about Mike's juvenile antics in Business Studies that morning, and how, when she went to talk to Dylan about it, he just brushed her off. She thinks it's weird, but Joe thinks that her talking about Dylan all the time is weird, and compares her to Serena. Serena comes back over and says she thinks Connor has something on his mind. Joe says 'see?' and Sky tells Serena they need to spend some time together.
House of Trouser
Toadie tells Connor he is drooling on the phone, and then wonders why Stu and Ned aren't back yet. Connor says maybe the fish are biting, but Toadie is worried - Stu's only just out of hospital (obviously he doesn't remember that Everybody Lives! at Erinsborough Hospital...). Connor is sure Ned is looking after him, but Toadie says this is the same guy that makes Barney Gumble look like a Nobel Prize winner. Connor thinks that Ned is probably trying to talk some sense into Stu, but Toadie disagrees.
TOADIE: If Ned spoke his mind, he'd be speechless!
Connor walks out of the room as Toadie says Ned is useless...decorative, but useless.
Lake ParkerPecs
ShirtlessNed™ and ShirtlessStu™ are drying off, and Stu is saying he could have drowned. Ned is blasé about it, reminding him that he didn't. Ned says it feels good to be alive, doesn't it? But Stu snipes that he has no idea what it feels like to lose someone you love. Ned says that if he wants to talk feeling, go to confession, but once he is ready to get on with it, he'll be there for him. He reminds him he has a family that love him, mates that care for him, and he obviously has something to live for, so focus on that and get on with it.
Janae comes into the kitchen in her basketball gear, and asks Janelle if she looks fat. Janelle says she wouldn't look fat in a sumo suit, and asks her what time the game starts, because she is going to come and watch. Janae is horrified and tries everything she can to talk her out of it. She says that Janelle can't afford more time off work after bludging last week.
JANELLE: I'll have you know my arm was genuinely hurt!
JANAE: Yeah, and I'm a genuinely good dancer!
Janae says she seriously doesn't want her there. Janelle thinks that Janae must have some secret crush that is coming to watch her, and, despite Janae's protests that there is no guy, eventually agrees to stay home. She says to Janae she hopes the guy realises how lucky he is.
Erinsborough High
Sky is explaining a confusing poster she has designed, as Serena's phone rings. It's Connor, but Serena cancels the call, because it's their (Sky and Serena's) afternoon.
Janae runs up to Karl to check he is still coming to her game that afternoon. He starts to explain that he can't but his phone rings, as does the bell, and Janae rushes off to class before he has a chance.
Joe is trying to convince a listless B5 to get up, but he won't move. Janelle comes in and asks if he falls this in love with every present he buys for a Sheila. Joe replies only ones as cute as Bouncer. Janelle makes some suggestions as to what Joe can get Lyn for her birthday...like a bowling ball with HIS name on it!
JOE: Look you; Lyn likes Bouncer as much as I do.
JANELLE: Yeah, sure she does - she just loooves scraping up his poop from the rug...really makes her day!
JOE: I dunno what you're implying, but I don't like your tone!
Joe tells Janelle she can't talk - leaving Lyn to do all the work while she fakes a sore arm. Janelle says she is in agony (quickly changing the arm she is mixing in a bowl with) and snipes that she just doesn't complain like a man would. Stingray comes in the door after doing a record delivery, and he has earned a tip, which Janelle takes. Joe takes B5 out for a walk, and Stingray tells Janelle he is going for a shower then needs a lift to Janae's game. Janelle says she isn't going - Janae has some new bloke and she doesn't want Janelle there. Janelle wonders who he is, and Stingray suddenly says 'Oh no!' Janelle asks what the matter is, and hopes Janae's new guy isn't some drongo loser like Mike.
Scarlet Bar
Toadie is still worrying about Stu, and wants to call the cops, when Ned and Stu arrive. Toadie is surprised at Stu's happy mood, as he tells them they didn't catch anything. Connor comments on Stu's attitude, and Stu apologises for being such hard work. He says Ned has made him see clearly, and he is ready to get professional help. Toadie is almost speechless.
Sky is standing in front of the mirror.
SKY: Hi, I'm a cop and I take myself seriously, but that doesn't mean I can't take my shirt off aaaallll the time for no apparent reason...
SERENA: Easy one - Stuart!
They go back to setting up the window display, and gushing over Connor and Dylan, before they decide they are too obsessed, and agree no more boyfriend talk for the afternoon. A delivery guy brings in a poster. When Serena unrolls it, they are disgusted to find it is an advertisement for a Miss Erinsborough Pageant. Serena doesn't know what to do, until Sky has an idea...
Joe drags a sleepy B5 through the door and asks what is wrong with him. He tells the dog he has to help him out - he needs to impress Lynnie! He tells him he needs to fire up and be a champion, but B5 just lies down.
Basketball Game
Janae is horrified when Stingray and Janelle turn up at the game, but Janelle says Scotty talked her into it - TeamTimmins always supports its own! Janelle tells Janae not to be nervous, and if the rich snobs from Eden Hills give her trouble, to go for their hair! The game begins, and Erinsborough soon core the first goal.
Joe describes B5's symptoms, and as the camera pans across we see Karl with his head in his hands.
JOE: Can't you help doc?
JOE: But what if it's Clinical Depression!
Joe tells Karl he has a duty of care, but Karl says it's to humans!
JOE: Aww, look at him! He's as human as you and me, and he's crying out for help!
KARL: I don't understand how you got him in here!
JOE: Oh, that was easy. I pretended he was a seeing eye dog!
KARL: Oh, whatever! I want him gone.
JOE: Just tell me - is it depression or not?
KARL: Well, it could be depression; it could be a rare strain of the Malaysian Bird Flu! I wouldn't know, I'm not a vet - I suggest you find one!
Karl forces Joe and Bouncer out of the surgery, where Joe dons a pair of dark glasses and stumbles around pretending to be blind. (Oooh, sorry nurse...are you a nurse? LOL)
Basketball Courts
The game continues, and a distracted Janae misses a goal right on the siren, meaning Erinsborough lose. Janae runs off the courts, and bumps into Karl, who she is furious with. He tries to explain - why he couldn't be there, as well as that they have to draw the line somewhere, but Janae thinks that Karl sees her as a little kid, and she runs off again. Karl walks away, and Janelle asks Stingray what that was all about. Stingray says he doesn't know, but Janelle wants the truth. Stingray says Karl's counselling has been helping Janae, but Janelle didn't even realise that she was still seeing him. Stingray says she has been - heaps - and he isn't sure it is still just a student/counsellor relationship...Janelle is shocked, and asks if Karl has done anything to her little girl.
Connor, Ned and Stu come in talking about the Parker Brother's swim earlier, but Connor stops dead when he sees the Miss Erinsborough poster stuck on the counter....only it now reads 'Mr Erinsborough' LOL! Connor says there is no way tat is staying up, but Serena says it is....and profits have raised 42% because of it! Connor says he doesn't care - it's a fluke! Serena says it isn't - girls come in to nominate their boyfriends, and they get extra votes if they buy a bikini. One voter also wins a date with Mr Erinsborough. Ned and Stu look on amused, as Serena tells Connor not to worry - he is the first nominee...
Joe is trying to get B5 to snap at a toy rabbit, but he just lays there. So Joe gets down on the floor and starts to demonstrate how to be aggressive with the rabbit, but B5 shows no interest.
JOE: That's it. I'm going down to the costume shop to hire myself a rabbit suit, and then we're gonna go to the park, and we're not coming home till you find me attractive!
He puts the rabbit in his mouth again and starts to shake it around, until Stingray comes in the door...
Janae comes racing around the corner, and Karl reluctantly agrees to see her. She wants to apologise for earlier, but Karl says this has to stop - she's left him no other option but to refer her to another counsellor. Janae says she doesn't understand him - she joined the basketball team and everything for him...but Karl says that's the problem, he wants her to do things for herself, not because she wants to impress him. Janae reluctantly agrees to call the new counsellor, but says she'll tell Karl how it goes - they can still have chats, can't they? Karl says she can have chats with the new lady. Janae takes this as meaning she isn't even allowed to say hello to him ever again, and can't believe he is cool with just cutting off a friendship. Karl says she has left him no other option.
Janae is pacing worrying about Janae, but Stingray says she is probably just letting off some steam. Janae runs in the door crying, and Janelle asks what happened with Karl after the game. Janae is near-hysterical and says she just wants to be left alone. Janelle sends Stingray out of the room, and sits Janae down. She asks again what Karl did to upset her so much...
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Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4802
Ned Parker

Joe Mangel, Steph Scully, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4802
Joe Mangel, Steph Scully, Serena Bishop

Stuart Parker, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4802
Stuart Parker, Ned Parker

Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4802
Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4802
Sky Mangel

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4802
Joe Mangel

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Ned Parker, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4802
Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins

Janae Timmins, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4802
Janae Timmins, Karl Kennedy

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4802
Janelle Timmins

Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4802
Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel

Stuart Parker, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4802
Stuart Parker, Ned Parker

Bouncer 5, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4802
Bouncer 5, Joe Mangel

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4802
Janae Timmins

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