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Neighbours Episode 4785 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4785: Childhood’s End
Australian airdate: 12/08/05
UK airdate: 03/11/05
Writer: Graham Hartley
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Joe Mangel: Mark Little
- "Psychic Cats" by Automatic
- "Suzi Q" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
Stingray quitting Go-Go's.
Paul doing a runner.
Stingray coming up with an idea for a Timmins family business - a courier company.
No. 26
The rest of the Timmins aren't as keen on running a courier business as Stinger is. Bree also mentions all the start-up costs too that would be required that Paul taught her at school. Stinger is still insistent it is a winner and reluctantly Dylan agrees, as they have no other choice.
No. 24
The house is being decorated for the party when Sky notices that Harold is a bit distant. He's been looking at his watch and tells her that 15 minutes ago she was born exactly 18 years previous. Joe tells Sky that Kerry told him all about her birth, in graphic detail too, and he just so happens to pick up the paper and that there is a dog running today called 'Childhood's end' and thinks it is an omen. Harold hopes that Joe isn't going to go and gamble as there is a lot to do but this is Joe we are speaking about and he goes over and tells Sky he is just... popping out!
Out of earshot of Harold, Serena admits to Sky that she likes Connor and he knows this too and it's highly embarrassing. Sky tells her to hook up with him at her party but Serena admits he's seeing someone else and it is time for her to move on.
Harold comes over to check numbers with Sky so he knows how many pies to cook and wonders why Dylan's name isn't on the list and if it is because of the ban then it can be temporarily lifted. Sky says he just isn't coming and doesn't know why. Serena tells her that perhaps it is time they both moved on.
No. 26
Whilst the rest go to get a pizza, Dylan tells Bree that Paul has shot through and is surprised because he thought Paul could stand the pressure. Bree says that Paul may come back just as the rest come back arguing about the pizza. Janelle comments that if they can't agree on pizza toppings how can they run their own company? Janae and Stinger start to argue again and Dylan loudly asks them if they heard what Janelle said. Janelle asks if he is okay and he replies that if they're going to get rid of the debt then they have to all work together. He then starts telling them what they need to do - getting a name, designing posters, poaching Go-Go's clients. Janelle agrees to be the Top Dog to supervise it all and has a feeling they are going to triumph...well if she gets some pizza!
The General Store
Joe is lending Harold a hand by making the pies even though he'd prefer they were of the non-vegetarian varieties. Harold reminds Joe that Sky likes his vegetarian pies and that the party is for Sky. Harold then tells Joe to ice the cup cakes and Joe wonders if there is something extra in them! Joe thanks Harold for looking after Sky when he wasn't there and admits that he is jealous too for the bond that they have. Joe reminisces about Kerry (if he'd come back earlier he'd have met NotKerry!) and that he still misses her, Harold says the same and Joe goes over and hugs Harold.
Janelle's fantasy land/ No. 26
Janelle, in her blonde wig, dreams that she is now the head of a large company. Stinger leads Harold in and he bows to her, before the other kids come in and tell her how good the company is by acquiring more outlets, Bill Gates is interested in a takeover deal and the accountant wants his own jet! Harold now begs not to be thrown out of the Timmin's Mega Mall and will re-locate if necessary and is extremely grateful when Janelle agrees and gushes in everyone's compliments...until Janae gets her out of her dreamland fantasy and reminds her she is supposed to be reading about small business guidelines and not writing her novel! Dylan comes though and asks if she was slacking off and Janae replies yes and that she should be demoted!
Serena arrives looking for Stinger to lend some muscles and when Dylan says Stingray is out, she asks him to lend a hand and adds that Sky never stopped loving him. She tells him Sky was terribly upset and hurt when he showed her the list and Serena comments that you don't do that unless you really like them and tells him to come to the party. Dylan asks why isn't Sky inviting him, and Serena replies pride, which Dylan says he has too. Serena turns the screws and tells him this might be his last chance as he could loose her forever if he doesn't come over and wish her a happy birthday.
No. 24
Serena thanks Stinger for helping out when Dylan appears to hand Sky a parcel that was in her letterbox. Quietly whilst Sky is opening the parcel, Serena asks Dylan if he's got his costume yet and he says no. Sky opens the parcel to find a comic from Lana in Canada and a card too.
SKY: Freak Girl, miss you heaps, love you madly, the Enigma.
Sky wishes that Lana was here and in the background, Dylan just looks at her.
No. 26
Janae is jealous of the noise coming from No. 24 when Bree comes out dressed up in her costume (baggy coat, glasses and a beret). Janelle asks if she doesn't want to go as something more alluring, like an air hostess, so Bree reminds her mum of the theme of the party - going as something you wanted to be when you were younger. Janae pipes up and says that it is looking good that counts and Janelle says that isn't what she meant; she means making the most of what you've got. Bree tells her that she isn't desperate for a boyfriend and after their conversation in Canberra when Janelle told her to be loud, proud and confident, reminds Janelle that is what she is doing. Janelle sends her off the party but Bree says she can't go by herself and Janelle says she'll go with her once she finishes the chapter she is working on but after Dylan says Joe has a keg, tells everyone that they are going but Dylan wants to stay behind...in case Harvey gets lonely!
No. 24
Looks like the costume department have been having a bit of a clear out as Harold is dressed in a security guard's uniform...which looks like it was last used during The Full Monty in 1999! He goes over to ask Joe why he isn't dressed up but Joe says he is because he wanted to be a tradie for as long as he can remember, and Harold comments that he's living out his dream everyday.
Janelle hands Sky the cat her present and Bree asks Sky to guess what she is dressed up as, and she correctly guesses a tortured writer. Bree asks Sky why she is dressed up as a cat and Sky explains she has a cat as a child who curled up all day long in the sun whilst she went to school and she thought it would be cool.
WW3 almost begins when Princess Serena and Hot Janae crash into each other in front of Superhero Stinger. In another corner, Nurse Janelle asks Joe where the keg is, and he leads her to it.
Serena asks Stinger where Dylan and he confirms Dylan is staying at home. Serena notices Sky mingling with the guests, and tells him that Sky is sad. Stinger gets into Superhero mode as he tells her he is going to go and change Dylan's mind.
No. 26
Dylan is home alone, well keeping Harvey company when Stinger gets back and tells him Sky is waiting for her. Dylan wants to know the story behind Sky and Lana and why are they so close. Stinger explains that they're both smart and are soul mates too and that even Boyd couldn't get a look in. Dylan asks why she should even bother then and Stinger replies that Sky loves him and to go over there and show it!
No. 24
The party games are in full swing and Joe fails miserably at pin the tail on the donkey - he'd win if it were pin it on the head! Stinger arrives back and tells Serena that there is no budging Dylan just as Sky comes over wanting to know what they are talking about. Stinger lies and says Dylan is crook and can't come but Sky wasn't born yesterday and asks for the truth, so he tells her that Dylan is hung up about her relationship with Lana and once he'd finished telling Dylan, he went to his bed. Sky comments that Dylan "is obviously a pathetic red neck homophobe." Stinger vigorously denies this...or at least he thinks he isn't. Serena tells Sky to go over and find out but she wonders what the point is since they are not meant to be together and why push something that won't work.
No. 24
After the commercial break, the party is still in full swing when Bree announces that she has the perfect name for their business - Speed Freaks and Stinger loves it.
At "the bar" Janelle tells Joe that it was a pity that Lyn had to work and couldn't make the party and asks if he is still keen on her. Joe confirms this and admits that he had a vision of Lyn dressed in Janelle's nurse's uniform too! She asks if he is trying to crack onto her and Joe hopes he isn't.
On the dance floor, Serena tells Stinger that she still feels weird about Sky and Dylan and thinks they should have another go.
Now sitting on the couch, Joe tells Sky that the dog he put money on (Childhood's end) lost the race miserably because it caught the bunny and is obviously smart like his daughter before leaning into her and falling asleep. Janelle joins them and asks if Dylan turned up, Sky says no, and Janelle comments that he is stubborn like his father before she too leans into Sky, and falls asleep.
No. 26
Stinger tells Serena that he's just checked and Dylan is asleep. She thanks him with a kiss for helping and Stinger asks why she kissed him. He also asks if she is using him since lately she's been treating him as a joke and adds that he's enjoyed being with her today, saying it was awesome and wants to know what gives. Serena apologises and says she wasn't using him deliberately because her life is a mess but Stinger puts 2+2 together and asks who he is. She admits there is someone, and no it isn't Boyd, but someone who is older and thinks she is just a stupid kid. He asks her what is she going to do and she replies that she just wants to forget about him.
No. 24 (next day)
It's the morning after night before and Janelle and Joe are still out for the count on the couch, observed by Harold and Sky in the kitchen. Janelle slowly wakes up with a sore head and as Sky takes the rubbish out she turns round to look at Joe and spots her lipstick on his collar from where she was lying. She reaches into her bag for her lippy and applies it crudely to Joe's lips. Joe now wakes up and Janelle tells him he is going to have to tell Lyn. He asks what, and Janelle hands him a mirror for him to see and Joe freaks out at what he sees.
JANELLE: I kept telling you to stop but you just kept on saying one more little kissy.
JOE: Oh you're joking.
JANELLE: Shush, I had to keep pushing you off.
JOE: Oh Janelle mate, I so, I don't know what to say.
JANELLE: It's not me you're going to be saying it to it's poor Lynnie. You're going to have to come clean. It's the only decent, gentlemanly thing to do
Ramsay Street
Sky takes the rubbish out and meets Dylan dressed up as a Red Indian! She asks him why and he explains that he'd have come dressed as one to her party, which Sky sarcastically comments "better late than never". He tells Sky that she is wrong; he couldn't care if Lana is gay since it's got nothing to do with him, just that he was jealous of the way that Lana made her happy and he'd like to know her like she does. Dylan tells her he's ready to go for broke and gives her another list that he spent all night writing - it's a list of all the girls he's ever loved and asks her to read it. Sky takes the list and reads it, to find only her name written on the paper.
DYLAN: I love you Sky and I've never said that to any other girl before.
Aww, and Dylan then kisses her. Aww, time to get the hankies out.
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Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Janelle Timmins

Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4785
Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel, Joe Mangel

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4785
Serena Bishop

Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins

Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4785
Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Harold Bishop, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins, Dylan Timmins

Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4785
Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel

Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins

Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4785
Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel

Janae Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4785
Janae Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4785
Joe Mangel

Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins

Joe Mangel, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Joe Mangel, Janelle Timmins

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4785
Dylan Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4785
Sky Mangel

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