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Neighbours Episode 4752 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4752: Would I Lie to You
Australian airdate: 28/06/05
UK airdate:
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Paul Robinson – Stefan Dennis
Darcy Tyler – Mark Rafferty
Fletch Baxter – Stuart Shulze
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Elin
- Izzy realising Darcy doesn't remember her secrets.
- Paul finding out if he wants to live he has to have his leg amputated.
Paul is desperate - there must be another way to save his life. Karl says if the surgeon has said amputation is the only option, then amputation is the only option. He is deeply infected and it is not responding to antibiotics - it is just going to spread. Paul asks what about a miracle - but Karl says he knows Paul doesn't believe in those. Paul says what if he does?
Scarlet Bar
Lil is telling Susan how David's (insert delicious Serbian foodstuff neither Carly or Ally can spell here) was even better than hers, after she'd spent all these years thinking he couldn't cook! Susan grins and Lil asks 'what?' Susan points out that she has spent the entire evening praising David! Lil says it's like he's a new man - their time apart has changed him. Lil tells Susan she went and saw 'him' yesterday - she wanted him to tell her the truth, but he didn't go into details - just kept saying he was a bad man but since he had met her he had wanted to be a good man. Despite the fact that this was the most heartfelt thing anyone has ever said to her, she told him it is over.
Izzy saunters up the corridor with a bunch of flowers for Darcy. Darcy?!?! What the?! Darcy can't quite figure out what he has done to deserve them, but Izzy says there is no point raking up the past, she just wants to move on (code for - I am so ecstatic you don't remember my dirty secrets, I just had to bring you these flowers). Izzy asks if he has had any memories - Karl said he was having flashes. Darcy says he has, but nothing substantial that he can put together. Izzy says maybe his memory will come back afterall, and Darcy tells her that's what the police are hoping - they think he is faking his memory loss to escape the charges, and are coming in tomorrow to do a Polygraph test. Izzy tells him to look on the bright side - if he passes the test, the police will have to believe him.
Ramsay Street
Stu comes out to get the newspaper, when he spots Susan's car, and casually ambles over to it. Susan comes out of the house and tells him she had a phone call from Darcy telling her about the lie test, and was wondering if she could come. Stu says that is fine. He also says he just wanted to say thanks for loaning Sindi her car - it really helped her out. He says she didn't have it for too long did she? Susan replies no - hardly any time at all. Stu says he just wanted to say thanks, but Susan says it is her pleasure - she's never seen it so clean, when she brought it back she even scrubbed the number plates!
Toadie can't believe it - some super dodgy client of his who was up for sexual harassment has shot through. He has left him his dodgy business, and the keys, and gone. Connor is excited, but Toadie says it is probably something illegal, like pirated DVD's. Stu comes in and asks Sindi for a word, and she is worried because he looks weird. Toadie and Connor take their cue to leave.
CONNOR: There's a lot of money in pirated DVD's...
TOADIE: No, there's a jail sentence!
CONNOR: Jail is a good place to make friends...
Stu says he wants Sindi to tell him everything that happened the day she borrowed Susan's car - from start to finish.
Karl comes in and Paul asks if there has been a miracle by any chance. Karl has a consent form for him to sign, but Paul screws it up and throws it across the room. Karl points out that the longer he waits, the more of his leg he is going to lose, but Paul replies firmly that when he goes, he is going with everything he came with...
Sindi has finished relaying her afternoon to Stu, but he says she missed out the part where she washed the car. Sindi replies that he saw her do that. Stu says that most people don't take of the number plates... Sindi knows she is slightly obsessive, but she can't stand the filth...and Stuart is really starting to freak her out. Stu says he thinks it is weird that he tells her he is up for a big promotion, and that afternoon his competition is involved in a hit and run with a car identical to the one Sindi borrowed off Susan. The accident happened at the same time she borrowed the car, and then she cleaned it obsessively! Sindi can't believe what she is hearing - why would she do it? Stu says because she wants him to get ahead and earn money - besides, she was pretty upset when he said he wasn't going to take the position. Stu cops the kitchen door in the face as he follows Sindi into the hallway, where she tells him that she was upset because she loves him, and wants him to achieve his goals. She says why don't they go to the hospital and see if Trent recognises her as the person who ran him off the road! Stu won't go, so Sindi storms out, claiming 'what, so you can accuse me of this hideous crime, and I can't even defend myself?'
General Store
Lil and Susan are chuckling over what some of Susan's students have written in an essay about what they would do if they ruled the world. Susan comments they are a great class, and Lil says it is a shame she can't take them with her when she moves...or had she forgotten? Susan tells her the teacher she is replacing has decided not to leave yet, so she is staying until the end of term. Lil asks if she is going after that, and Susan says 'yeah probably...' Lil says she doesn't sound too sure, and she thinks she should stay. Lil takes a call from Karl, who asks her to come to the hospital immediately - it's Paul.
Shopping Centre which we haven't seen since Lynnie's shoplifting days
Toadie is complaining that the key is probably for an outdoor toilet or something, when Connor's eyes light up. He has found Toadie's business - it's a bikini store called 'Bounce'!!!!! They do a happy dance.
Karl is telling Lil that the amputation is the only thing that can save Paul, and he was hoping she could help him out. Lil doesn't understand how, but Karl points out that he loves her - he might listen to her. If she can't talk him into it, then Karl fears Paul will die. Lil says can she have a few minutes, and Karl says of course she can, but remember that every minute is critical.
Shopping Centre which we haven't seen since Lynnie's shoplifting days
Connor is beat-boxing and Toadie is happy dancing at the thought of owning a bikini shop - a bikini shop called Bounce! Izzy is at the ATM outside the shop, and asks if they have been out all night clubbing. Connor says it is a natural high, and they tell her the good news.
TOADIE: I own a bikini shop! (Complete with Price is Right hand gestures)
IZZY: Is that allowed?
CONNOR: Of course it is! And I am a very close, personal friend of a bikini shop proprietor.
TOADIE: And together, we sell bikinis!
IZZY: So you think selling bikinis is going to allow you to spy on hot chicky babes all day?
CONNOR: Basically, that's the plan, yeah.
IZZY: You know, this is starting to feel like one of those tragic teen movies - you know, two dorky boys, big boobed women...that kind of thing...
TOADIE: I've always wanted to be in one of those...
CONNOR: Yeah...me too...
They suddenly picture Izzy in a bikini and sunnies...
TOADIE: You can be in our movie Izzy!
CONNOR: Yeah Izzy be in the movie...
IZZY: Sorry guys, I don't think any respectable woman would want to buy bikinis from two perves.
TOADIE: We don't want respectable.
CONNOR: We're not perves
TOADIE: Yeah! We're not perves!
CONNOR: We're not perves!
TOADIE: We're not!
BikiniCladIzzy struts out of the shop, leaving the boys with their jaws on the floor.
Hospital (Darcy's room)
Stu is explaining the Polygraph test to Susan, who worries that Darcy doesn't need the stress. They enter the room, where Darcy asks if they are sure this isn't an electric chair. Stuart starts to ask him some simple questions - just yes or no answers. He tells him to answer no to one of the questions, and the polygraph picks up the lie, so they know it is working. Stu then asks if he has any memory of the robbery at Karl and Izzy's. Darcy answers 'no' and the polygraph remains constant. Stuart tells him they aren't finished yet, but Darcy doesn't mind - he is enjoying himself!
Hospital (Paul's room)
Lil tells Paul he is going to die if he doesn't sign the form, and he asks if it means she has forgiven him. She asks if he heard what she said, but he replies 'you still love me, don't you? Say you do and I'll sign anything.' Lil tells him not to do that to her - he has five children - do it for them. Paul says he is doing them a favour - the only person on the planet who cares whether he lives or dies is her, so does she still love him?
Darcy asks if he passed the polygraph, but Stu says they will take the results back to the station for analysis, and they will get back to him. Out in the corridor, Izzy is trying to listen through the door, but jumps around the corner as it opens. Stu tells Susan they should have the results by the afternoon, but it looks to him as if Darcy really has no memory of the robbery. Susan agrees, and AroundTheCornerIzzy looks relieved. Stu answers his mobile. When he hangs up he tells Susan there was a hit and run a few days ago, and they just got a description of the driver. Susan says that's good, but Stu doesn't agree - he has accused the wrong person...
Toadie and Connor are drooling over swimwear catalogues, and Sindi tries to bring them down a peg, saying they haven't even looked at the business outline yet. They say it's drooling first, business outline later. Stu arrives home on a break, and wants to talk to Sindi.
SINDI: No, coz I don't like your talks!
Stu says it is important, and Toadie and Connor take their cue to leave once again.
SINDI: So what, are you going to accuse me of hiding weapons of mass destruction in my Crunchola?
Stu says there has been a witness come forward with a description of the driver in the hit and run - she wore glasses and had long black hair.
SINDI: Well gee - that sounds just like me!
STU: Well, I got it wrong...
SINDI: Ya think?
Sindi is still hurt - Stu has done this to her before, with Kelly, and all those accidents. He accused her when she had done nothing wrong, and she thinks he should seek professional help - his paranoia is ruining their relationship! Stu says he doesn't have a psychological problem...it's just a lot of weird things happen around her.
SINDI: You said it was just bad luck!
STU: Yeah a lot of bad luck!
SINDI: Well, it's better than having bad thoughts, and if you don't do something about it soon, we're not going to have a future.
Scarlet Bar/Hospital
Izzy answers her mobile to Darcy, who has just been looking at the flowers she sent him, and wants to thanks her properly in person - he has a present himself for her, and it would mean a lot to him to see her again. Izzy says she can pop by now, but she can't stay long. They hang up.
Over at a table, Susan is asking Lil if she told Paul she loved him. Lil says she didn't - she couldn't - she was too angry. Susan says it is an awful position for her to be put in. Lil says Karl was just being a good doctor. She wonders what will happen if Paul doesn't sign the consent form. Susan thinks he will come around, but Lil isn't so sure. Susan says she couldn't tell him she loves him if she doesn't.
LIL: What if part of me still does?
Hospital (Paul's room)
Karl is watching Paul, and Paul is annoyed that he is still there - he can't understand why when he despises him. Karl says he isn't going to watch Paul throw his life away, even if Paul thinks he has nothing to live for - he has to believe that things will get better - with a little faith, they will.
PAUL: Oh, spare me.
Karl says he knows what he is talking about - he's seen it, he's lived it.
PAUL: Well, you're a stronger man than me. My time's up.
KARL: I refuse to accept that.
PAUL: Now you listen to me. I will never, ever sign that form. And if you try and make me, I'll ring my lawyers.
KARL: That's fine, you call them - I'll never give up. (Karl leaves the room)
PAUL: Neither will I...
Hospital (Darcy's room)
Izzy comes in just as Darcy is finishing off shaving his beard, and tells him he is looking better. He tells her to sit down so he can thank her for the incredible kindness she has shown him.
IZZY: Really Darcy, it's nothing.
DARCY: No really - you've been astounding, so forgiving, so generous (Izzy's head swells noticeably) - it almost makes up for the day you pushed me down the stairs! (Izzy turns a nasty shade of green) See, Karl was right about my memory flashes - they're getting longer, ad stronger. And just this afternoon, looking at your beautiful flowers and thinking of you, I got the biggest flash of all! But, then again, when someone tries to kill you, it does have a tendency to stick in the brain...don't you think?
IZZY: (looks extremely sick)
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Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4752
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4752
Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy

Izzy Hoyland, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4752
Izzy Hoyland, Darcy Tyler

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4752
Darcy Tyler

Susan Kennedy, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4752
Susan Kennedy, Stuart Parker

Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4752
Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts

 in Neighbours Episode 4752

Susan Kennedy, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4752
Susan Kennedy, Liljana Bishop

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4752
Darcy Tyler

Stuart Parker, Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 4752
Stuart Parker, Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4752
Liljana Bishop

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4752
Sindi Watts

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