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Neighbours Episode 4749 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4749 Pre-natal depression
Australian airdate: 23/06/05
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Janelle Timmins: Nell Feeny
Janae Timmins: Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Bree Timmins: Sianoa Smitt-McPhee
Kayla Thomas: Virginia Ryan
Kelly Weaver: Simone Ray
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
- Janelle buying her new car
- Lou warning Janelle about the interest on her 'plastic fantastic'.
Steph telling Kayla they will look after her, but Boyd voicing his concerns to Max
No. 32
Kayla is having trouble sleeping and Boyd brings her a glass of water and a pillow before heading back to bed and as Boyd leaves Kayla tells him that she knows he doesn't want her here and it is alright, she wishes she was somewhere else too. Boyd replies that he is only worried if the Department found out but Steph and Max have invited her to stay. Kayla tells him that if he has something against people like her then there is nothing she can do about it and Boyd asks how she can really give up her baby? Kayla replies that she is 16 and she can't be a mum and work, so what else can she do? Boyd says she could learn, but Kayla tells him that she can barely take care of herself let alone another person, so Boyd asks why the father isn't helping her. Kayla tells Boyd that the father is his age and would he be up for this (becoming a parent)? He replies yes and he'd do the right thing if it were his child, so she asks what is the right thing. Boyd says to get a job and be responsible. Kayla tells him that the right thing for her is to let someone else do that.
No. 28
Sindi has decided where she'd like the wedding to be held (Taylor House), so Stu says he'll go and book it tomorrow for February 14th so it can be nice and romantic. Sindi doesn't want to wait 8 months; she wants to get married in 8 weeks! He asks what the rush is, and commenting that he needs time to pay for the wedding, Sindi says she just wants to call him husband but will wait the 8 months and in the meantime - if they can focus on real estate instead. Stu looks mortified and asks what real estate, so she says the house they will be in and that they can make babies in. Stu asks what is wrong with doing that in Number 30 and after seeing the look of horror on her face, asks what is wrong with living in Number 30. Thinking for a second, Sindi says there are hygiene risks and living with two grown men who think they are wrestling superheroes. Stu says he can't afford another mortgage and unless she's got a couple of hundred thousand dollars hidden away then Number 30 will have to do.
No. 32
Boyd is telling Kayla she's lucky not having to go to school when she feels a something and asks Boyd for his hand, which he gives, and she places it on her stomach and he can feel the baby kicking. He thinks it is awesome. Kayla tells him that is why she can't sleep at night and that the baby gets the hic-ups when she eats spicy food too. Boyd is loving this and asks for more details from her about the baby, which she tells him.
BOYD: It's amazing. I mean you know this kid already.
KAYLA: It's all right Boyd; it's better this way.
BOYD: You lose, we win. How is that fair?
KAYLA: The baby wins. That is all I care about.
No. 26
Lyn asks her lodgers what movie did they go and see at the drive in? Stinger replies that they went into see a 4-hour Tarantino film full of violence. Lyn asks how did Bree manage to get into an 18 film and Janelle says they snuck her in under a blanket and Janae adds that she stayed like that during the film as it was too gory. Stinger tells Lyn that they got complaints too because other's couldn't see because of the car and Lyn asks why did Janelle buy one so big. Janelle says she needed a big one to ferry the kids around, do the shopping and go on holiday with. Janelle also says it will do for 4-wheel driving until Lyn points out that it doesn't do 4-wheel driving.
JANELLE: It's a people mover Lynnie, and yes I bloody well can.
LYN: But it's not a 4-wheeled drive is it?
JANELLE: But it's got 4 wheels!
No. 26 (next day)
They're still arguing about 4-wheeled driving whist packing a picnic and Janelle just replies that it is mere details. Janelle then tells Lyn that she is coming with them to the picnic because she needs her to keep the peace in the back of the car, as she requires all her concentration to do the driving. Reluctantly, Lyn heads off with them.
No. 32
Steph asks Kayla how she slept as Summer hands her some breakfast. Kayla replies not bad considering and Summer again says she could have slept in her bed but Kayla tells her it wouldn't have made much difference. Summer tells Steph that she's come up with more baby names - Sophie (since there isn't enough S's already!) or if it is a boy then something simple like Jake but Boyd stops her before she can say any more. Steph says to Kayla that she should take the opportunity to have a shower before Max spends hours in there, and she gets up and leaves. Once Kayla leaves, Boyd tells Summer to shut up going on about the baby as if it is theirs already and she replies that it will be, so get used to it. Max tells them to cool it since it is new territory for them all.
BOYD: Maybe we should just remember that Kayla is the mother here. It is her baby.
MAX: Yeah, we all remember that.
BOYD: So am I the only one to see something wrong here? We're taking her baby away from her and then rubbing her nose in it by talking about baby names and what it is going to be like.
SUMMER: Yeah, well Boyd the baby is going to have to have a name.
BOYD: So I'm the only one who sees something wrong with this?
SUMMER: Yes, just you.
No. 32
Steph tells Boyd that Kayla isn't ready to be a mum and at least this way (putting the baby up for adoption), she'll be able to go and make something of herself while she can. She also reassures him that Kayla will always be part of the baby's life, and that she truly believes that this is the best for everyone. Boyd takes Summer back into the livingroom for her and Boyd to make peace again, but they bicker again as Kayla comes out of the shower. Max spots their Social Worker pulling up outside the house, so Boyd offers to take care of it and he leads Kayla away. They quickly tidy up the livingroom and Max tells Summer to be on her best behaviour.
Park outside
Janelle has obviously tried to prove that the car is a 4-wheeled drive judging by the amount of mud the car is caked in. Janelle is cooking sausages on her new BBQ that she put on her 'plastic fantastic' and offers one to Lyn but she's still feeling a bit sick after Janelle's driving. The kids argue/fight over who gets the first sausage and Lyn suggests that it may be due to the violent movie they saw. Janelle interprets this as Lyn wanting them to move out and Lyn reassures her that isn't and she'd be bored with just her and Oscar in the house.
Must be a Ramsay Street outing today since Stu and Sindi are at the park too. She suggests that as a consolation prize for not buying their own place, they could renovate Number 30 or at least tidy it up. Stu agrees to mention to Connor and Toadie about tidying the place up. A flying sausage courtesy of Stingray interrupts their romantic moment and Stu chases after him.
A Ramsay Street backyard
Boyd comes over and tells a hiding Kayla that it is safe to go back since the Social Worker has left and that they were there because of paperwork, not her. Kayla is relived but suggests she doesn't go back in just yet and sits down. Kayla asks him to make sure that the baby is into sports as she always wanted to be a sporty-type but it didn't materialise, and she wants things to be better for Ashley.
BOYD: Ashley. You've picked a name.
Kayla tells him that she got fed up calling it 'it' all the time, and chose Ashley. Boyd asks her if she wanted the social worker to catch her, so she could hang onto Ashley? Kayla "is stunned" that he thinks she'd do something like that and Boyd says she didn't do it deliberately, but Kayla runs off telling him that he made it clear what he thought of her.
No. 26
The gang are back still talking about what happened on their picnic. Janelle opens up her mail and is stunned by what she reads.
The General Store
Janelle storms into TGS telling Lou he is a con artist and she is going to have him. Lou tells her to calm down, as it's bad for business. Turns out Janelle has got her first credit card bill and because she didn't pay the last statement off, she's been hit with 27% interest on the balance and she isn't happy especially since she went and bought a car and now has 27% on that too. Lou calms her down and explains to her that he thought she was aware of the interest arrangement since it was on the statement. Janelle claims that the writing was too small for her to read and again claims that he scammed her. Lou says he is innocent and that he explained to her about the duration of the interest free period and told her to read the T&C's.
JANELLE: (crying) I'm cactus. How am I going to afford all this? What am I going to do?
She then rushes out of TGS.
No. 32
Max and Steph are talking about the Social Worker's visit when Kayla suddenly announces that she is off. They tell her that she can stay as long as she likes but Kayla explains that she wasn't going to stay more than one night anyway. Max offers her a lift to wherever she is going but Kayla says it is okay, as she doesn't want to risk it and thanks them all before leaving.
Max and Steph are in shock at Kayla leaving and Summer suggests that maybe it is a good thing so they don't risk getting caught. Max suggests paying for her to stay in a hotel but Steph isn't keen and Boyd sarcastically suggests pitching a tent for her in the park! Max replies that he's just trying to come up with ideas and asks Boyd if he has any and Boyd replies that she should stay at Number 32. Max says what about the department and Summer adds what about the baby, so Boyd asks them if they considered the Kayla in all this, and Max says that Boyd is right, and that they've just got to take their chances.
No. 30
Just as Stu was about to leave, Sindi comes in. He asks if she wants to go and have lunch with him but Sindi replies that she's going to see Kelly, so they arrange to go out for dinner instead. Stu asks if Sindi is going now (she is), so Stu offers to go with her. Sindi says no because Kelly gets self-conscious around men. Stu tells her that wasn't the case when he went to see her, and Sindi suggests that Kelly didn't want to be rude. He now offers to take her there and then go but Sindi again turns this down because she has been looking forward to the bus journey all day! Stu reminds her that she hates taking the bus, which Sindi tries to deny before leaving, leaving a very puzzled Stu.
Boyd and Janae are practicing their aikido moves but Boyd isn't concentrating, so she wants to know what is going on. They do another move and it ends up with Boyd looking straight into Janae's eyes, and when they straighten up, he says its Kayla. Janae asks "the chick or the baby," and Boyd tells her that he thinks Kayla doesn't want to give the baby away any more. Janae asks if she actually said that, and he replies no but he can tell. Janae comments that Kayla is too young to have a baby and Boyd asks why, so she says that Kayla is only 16 and that is way too young and that is how old Janelle was when she had her first baby. She then adds that if Kayla gives the baby away then she gets her life back and the baby gets a life and his family get a kid, everyone wins. Boyd says it isn't right taking the baby away from her, so Janae suggests talking to his parents about it. Boyd replies that they don't want to know, so Janae tells him that unlike Kayla, he has a family that will love him no matter what and urges him to talk to them.
As they are saying goodbye, Janelle comes rushing out telling her not to get the karate outfit dirty, as she has to take it back to the shops. Janae reminds her that it is
JANAE: It's aikido Mum.
JANELLE: Well I don't care if it is Hong Kong Fuey, get it off I've got to take it back.
And Janae storms off into No. 26.
Sindi is showing her ring off to Kelly and Kelly says she is so happy for her and wants details. Sindi tells her she knew something was up when Stu picked her up in a chauffeur driven silver Jag, they drove to the beach and walked through the dunes. There was a table set up with white linen and silver cutlery and a waiter served fresh lobster and French champagne. Sindi then adds that as the sun was setting, Stu got down on bended knees and begged her to make him the happiest man in the world. Kelly says she is so lucky so Sindi replies wait until she hears what happened next!
No. 32
Boyd has told Max how he feels and Max is proud of what Boyd has said. Boyd wants another family meeting so they can sort it out properly and Max agrees. Boyd tells Max that Kayla doesn't want to go through with it.
MAX: It makes sense that she's going to be I don't know sad and lost now that the birth is closer but that doesn't mean she's not doing the right thing by letting us adopt her baby. Do you understand? Steph and I have got so much love to give that child so much love and everything that goes with it. Is that really such a bad outcome?
Stu sees Kelly sitting reading and goes over saying he's there to pick Sindi up but Kelly tells him that she left 10 minutes ago and invites him to stay for a chat. He takes a seat and she tells him well done on the proposal and that Sindi will be dining out on it for years. Stu looks puzzled and says that it isn't anything to brag about.
KELLY: French champagne on the beach and moonlight skinny-dipping. That's an everyday occurrence for you two is it?
STU: What?
She asks him what he is doing there as Sindi said he couldn't get much time off since he now works undercover for the Government and tells him not to worry, as the secret is safe with her! Stu is worrying though and wants to know what else Sindi has been saying. Kelly says the promotion he is in line for so he can buy Sindi the split-level house she has her eye on!
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Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4749
Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas

Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4749
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4749
Stingray Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4749
Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully

Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4749
Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins

Janelle Timmins, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4749
Janelle Timmins, Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4749
Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4749
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4749
Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Janae Timmins, Bree Timmins

Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4749
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4749
Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas

Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4749
Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully

Lou Carpenter, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4749
Lou Carpenter, Janelle Timmins

Lou Carpenter, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4749
Lou Carpenter, Janelle Timmins

Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4749
Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4749
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4749
Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Kelly Weaver, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4749
Kelly Weaver, Sindi Watts

Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4749
Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Stuart Parker, Kelly Weaver in Neighbours Episode 4749
Stuart Parker, Kelly Weaver

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