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Neighbours Episode 4728 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4728: Past and Present
Australian airdate: 25/5/05
UK airdate: 15/8/05
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Bobby Hoyland: Andrew McFarlane
Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Byron Wolfe: George Vidalis
Janae Timmins: Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
Boyd's horse taking off.
Bobby catching Boyd's horse and stopping it but then being thrown from the horse and knocked unconcious.
Lil and Sindi arguing.
Boyd is beside an unconscious Bobby as Max eventually arrives wanting to know what happened. Boyd says Bobby got thrown off whilst saving him and says he can't get a mobile phone reception, so leaves Max trying to rouse Bobby whilst he leaves to go get help.
No. 32
Whilst making a cuppa, Steph tells Izzy that riding on a horse for hours in the outback is not her idea of fun, which surprises Izzy given that Steph rides a motorbike and went skydiving. Steph tells her that she went swimming with sharks too but she'll never do it again. They wonder how the boys are coping and Steph comment that Max and Bobby claim to be experts but as long as they are bonding, since that is what the trip is all about. Izzy says that perhaps another grandchild would help Max and Bobby's relationship - and promptly pulls out a leaflet from her bag about infant adoption. Steph wonders where it came from and Izzy says she got it from Karl's filing cabinets. Steph looks at the leaflet and Izzy wonders if Steph is having second thoughts as she tells Steph that she has been through the leaflet and her and Max fulfil all the criteria and adds that they will make great adoptive parents. Steph admits that she is scared and she can sympathise with Izzy over wanting a child and not being able to have one. Without dwelling on what Steph has said, Izzy says that for the meantime she'll quite happily settle for being the coolest auntie in the world since every kid needs one of those and orders her to fill in the forms pronto!
No. 28
It's major cleaning time at Number 28 in preparation of Susan returning home. Lil thinks she is done but Sindi says she didn't move the sofa! Lil comments that what the eye doesn't see but Sindi immediately pipes up that Susan is very fussy, so Lil invites her to vacuum again is she wishes but Sindi says she has to alphabetise the spice rack! Thankfully Susan arrives home to hugs and kisses from them both and brings them up to date with Libby, Ben and Darren and Sindi tells her that she is back together with Stuart again. Before they put the kettle on Susan has an announcement for them - she's leaving Erinsborough to go live in Shepperton
No. 32
Izzy asks Steph if she's thought about what sort of baby she would like. Steph promptly chokes on her cuppa and reminds Izzy that adopting a child isn't like buying a pair of shoes and adds that she doesn't mind, she just wants a baby. Izzy asks if she's gone all-gooey and Steph says it is a gooey subject. The phone ringing interrupts their chat and Izzy answers it. It's Boyd with news that there has been an accident and as Steph and Izzy begin to worry he tells them that Bobby got thrown from a horse saving him, and that he is alive but unconscious. Boyd tells them that Max is with Bobby and he's just called for an ambulance. Izzy starts to freak out at the news but Boyd reassures her that he'll be fine. Izzy comes off the phone and tells Steph about the accident.
Max is still trying to rouse Bobby saying that they've still go unfinished business. Max shouts at him and a quick cough later, Bobby miraculously wakes up asking Max what he put in the last drink! Forgetting momentarily his anger management lessons, tells Bobby that he could have killed himself by running (eh riding off) like that putting his own life at risk...before he hugs Bobby to death.
No. 28
Stuart asks Susan what Darren thinks of her moving to Shepperton and Susan says he is all for it and indeed it was Darren's suggestion. Lil is happy for Susan's planned move but Sindi isn't - she asks Susan when this is all going to happen and she replies as soon as she can get everything organised - so Sindi asks where is she supposed to go. Susan reminds Sindi that the whole street is having to move soon and perhaps she could get somewhere with Stuart. A not so grateful Stuart says they'll have to look into that before Sindi adds that she doesn't like change and wishes things could stay the same. However that doesn't include accidentally hitting Susan with a cupboard door as she goes to pick something up off the floor and remembering the last time she had a head injury in that house, Susan asks immediately how old she is! Lil tells her that she doesn't look a day over 92 - well that's friends for you! Noticing a shell-shocked Sindi, Susan asks if she is all right and Sindi says it is all her fault - when people get hurt she is always around. Stuart hugs her and says accidents will happen and as long as everyone is all right and Susan says she is, but Sindi still thinks she is jinxed.
Max is leading a hobbling Bobby back to the campsite. He thanks his dad for what he did by saving Boyd and Bobby is a bit reluctant to accept Max's praises. Boyd runs up to them asking if Bobby is okay as he's just called an ambulance! Bobby says give him an aspirin and a cold one and he'll be as right as rain.
No. 32
The bold heroes return albeit slightly later than planned to allow Bobby to chat up some nurses at the hospital! As requested, Max gives Bobby a cold beer before the story of Bobby rescuing Boyd is told to Izzy and Steph and Izzy is relieved nothing major happened to Bobby since he's just come back into her life again. Bobby wants a picture of the three musketeers for posterity, and Steph takes one.
No. 28
Sindi is trying to explain to a very bored Stuart her latest chart on when is best to do things. Stuart says "like", so Sindi says "jobs, romance, that sort of thing". She notices something in the chart and blames it for all her problems she has been having saying that she shouldn't have been this east of Greenwich until 2006 and that the US or the Galapagos Islands would have been safer! Sindi comes up with another scheme to find out why she has been having so many accidents - hypnotherapy.
Scarlet Bar
Lil goes to pay for her drinks but accidentally drops the money, only for Paul to pick it up for her. She thanks him with wistful eyes before moving away to join Susan as Izzy asks Paul when he is going to make the big announcement.
At the table, Susan asks if there is any developments (with Paul) and Lil comments that she doesn't miss a trick, so Susan says it is the teacher in her! Susan asks if she has told David and Lil says no, well not yet as there hasn't been the right time.
At the bar, Izzy asks Paul why he hasn't upped sticks and left with Lil but he tells her that she has commitments - something Izzy might not understand - and adds that Lil isn't like them. Izzy asks if he is moving on from the past and he says he is trying but she urges him to try harder just like she does every day. Paul asks if it works.
IZZY: When you love someone that is good, and you want to be worthy of them, what else can you do?
The General Store
Serena asks Boyd if he was petrified but Boyd replies that he was too busy trying not to fall off, and Stinger adds that the adrenaline must have kicked in re-telling a tale about Dylan and himself that Boyd and Serena couldn't care less about. She asks him if they found the horse and Boyd replies that the ranger did. They both tell him that they are glad Bobby saved him. Changing the conversation, Boyd asks how things are with her parents and she says better and Stinger adds about David and Lil having lunch the day before and Serena thinks things are starting to look up but Stingray says that she shouldn't get her hopes up. Janae comes in and plonks herself down next to Boyd and says that she heard he had a near death experience and Boyd comments that news travels fast. Stingray subtly tells her to get lost but she asks instead if he has enough energy left to show her some basketball moves but Serena replies on his behalf saying that he is tired. Janae won't take no for an answer though asking if he wants to hang around like a fifth wheel and this time he agrees, so they head off.
Lassiters complex (next day)
Serena has joined Lil for breakfast moaning that Janae is a trollop and Lil tells her that isn't a work you hear every day, so she explains to Lil that it is in a book they are reading at school. Looking in her diary she mentions that it is David & Lil's wedding anniversary next week. Eventually Lil says yes but secretly wishes Serena would change the subject, especially when she asks if they are going to do something special. Lil doesn't think doing something for their anniversary would be appropriate this year and when Serena tries to say the lunch went well, Lil tells her that lunch was a mistake because it ended up with David getting false hope when there isn't. Serena then says she led David on and Lil quickly says no before adding that she and David will work things out...eventually. Serena quickly tells her that she will "and Dad will have to wear it". Lil then tells her that things are hard for her too but Serena replies that it is her own doing.
Serena is letting off steam at Boyd following her meeting with Lil when Stinger comes up to her to say she has to let her parents work it out for themselves. She tells him that they can't compare his parents with hers and he tells her that "they're all out to score points off each other and get their own back" but she says that Lil was being selfish, not deliberate.
No. 28
The hypnotist arrives and is introduced to Stuart. He comments to Stuart that he is sceptical about hypnotism and Stuart replies generally yes but not in this case and Byron then says that if something is uncovered that helps Sindi then that is surely good. Byron gets her sitting comfortably but first asks for a familiar object.
He gets her to stare at the object (a bottle of pink nail varnish), then take a few deep breaths and listen to his voice.
The hypnotism is underway and he tells Sindi that she is 6 years old and she is running late for school and asks what is happening.
SINDI: Mummy wants me to wear my green jeans but I really want to wear the pink ones... Please can I wear the pink ones? ...Yah.
BYRON: Got your own way?
STUART:(sarcastically commenting from the sofa) We'd have been there all day otherwise.
He then tells her that she is now 10 years old and what is she doing now? Sindi says she is at ballet class, which she likes despite not getting her arms right. Commenting again from the peanut gallery sofa, Stuart says that this will really help her understand her dark side. Byron says to have some patience.
Serena blanks Stinger on the way to her locker so he comes up and tells her that he knows things are tough for her at the moment and that she has a lot on her plate at the moment but he's been trying to think of something to help but he couldn't think of anything. Serena tells him that she is glad she's got her friends around her to support her. He then tells her that it is friends that she needs around her at the moment, not more distractions or some deadweight. Serena wants to know what he is babbling on about and he tells her that he thinks they should break up.
STINGRAY: I will always be your best friend, I promise. I said I'd never leave you and I never will but if we break up now...its going to hurt heaps less if we do it now than if we do it later on.
He then kisses her on the cheek and leaves, and then runs into Janae down the corridor. She asks what is up and he says nothing before eventually telling her that he's broke up with Serena before moving on. Janae storms up to Serena who is still at her locker and calls her "a moll" as she pushes her into her locker and goes to try and fight with her just as Susan approaches. Susan asks if Serena is all right before sending Janae to her office.
No. 28
Sindi is now describing her time in a show wearing a pink tutu but then starts to become distressed. Byron asks what is happening and Sindi says she doesn't know what is happening as it is very dark. He asks if she is still wearing the tutu and getting more distressed she says that she doesn't know. Byron wants her to tell him everything that is happening.
SINDI: I don't like it here. It is very dark. It's cold.
BYRON: Are you alone?
SINDI: I don't like it here; it's a strange place. It smells like dirt. I think there is someone here with me.
Sindi suddenly "wakes" making Byron and Stuart jump, and is gasping for breath looking just like she'd seen a ghost before getting very distressed.
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Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4728
Bobby Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4728
Izzy Hoyland, Steph Scully

Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4728
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4728
Izzy Hoyland, Steph Scully

Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4728
Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4728
Susan Kennedy

Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4728
Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4728
Boyd Hoyland

Stuart Parker, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4728
Stuart Parker, Susan Kennedy

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4728
Sindi Watts

Liljana Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4728
Liljana Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Stuart Parker

Bobby Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4728
Bobby Hoyland, Max Hoyland

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