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Neighbours Episode 4721 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4721: Heading For A Fall
Australian airdate: 16/5/05
UK airdate: 4/8/05
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Bobby Hoyland: Andrew McFarlane
Gordon Hammet: Clayton Bitaks
Summary/Images by: Phil/Elin
David punching Paul.
David telling Lil his suspicions of Paul.
Sindi telling Stu it's over.
Max telling Bobby that, unlike their relationship. Max is always there for his kids.
Number 32
Bobby tells Max that he was barely 18 when Max was born, he knew nothing about parenting, and his own father used to abuse him and he didn't want to be like that.
Outside Lassiter's
Paul makes a call, under the name Gary Johnson, to report the chemical spill. David overhears the end of it and accuses Paul of ruining someone else's life. Paul threatens legal action if David continues to harass and slander him.
Number 32
Bobby tells Max that when he returned when Max was seven, things were great for a while, but then he and Rosie had some problems, and he had to get to know Max again, but with Izzy on the way there was never any time. He just couldn't stay around with all the arguing. Max tells him he could have got a place nearby and stayed in touch, but he didn't. Booby tells him that as an engineer, he had to go where there was work, and he always sent money back to them, and tried to be cheerful when he was around. Max goes on to tell him that even after growing up, he was never there. He had two kids, his wife died, and his father was never around for him. Bobby apologises for past mistakes, and admits he has a selfish streak. He asks Max to give him a chance to make up for it.
Number 24
Harold tells David he has to eat. David mentions his run-in with Paul, and how it took all he had to not hit him again. Harold tells him to think about what he does have: Serena, his job... David isn't happy to think about being a receptionist for Toadie and Tim again. Harold reminds him that the darkest hour is right before dawn, and assures him that things will turn around for him.
Number 30
Connor, after visiting Maddy, starts babying Toadie without realising. Toadie tells him the baby talk is starting to get to him. Connor asks if they will see the Lawman back in action. Toadie tells him that it's just not the same without Eva. Connor tries to convince him. Stu comes in in the middle of it and asks if buying a ring for Sindi will make it up to her. After a brief pause, Connor goes back to convincing Toadie to go back to wrestling. Stu finally asks what they're talking about and Connor explains that Lawman is retiring. Stu tells him it's a bad idea. Toadie decides he better get himself over to work, he has to have a conversation with David he's not looking forward to, and on top of that, the surgery reopens, which means "Welcome to the war zone with David and Lil."
Number 28
Sindi has been talking to Lil about Stu. Lil tells him she can't expect him to come back begging. Sindi says she just needs to know what Stu's thinking, and starts talking herself into lurking around number 30 to spy on him. She suddenly notices that Lil, who has been doing the washing up, has been using a hand towel instead of a dishcloth and gets up her for it. She says that she's been there longer and knows how Susan likes things done. Granted, Lil has done more than her share of the housework, but maybe she should check with Sindi before proceeding. Lil tells her she needs to go to work, and she has to spend the day sitting across the room from David, so Sindi and her finicky house rules are the least of her worries.
Erinsborough Medical Clinic and Law Firm
Lil walks in and David is already there, unpacking his stuff and moving back in. They agree to keep things on a completely professional level. Toadie comes in and asks David into his office for a chat. On his way in, David tells Lil he's having a performance review. David tells Toadie that, despite his recent council work and issues at home, he will be focused on business from here on in. Toadie tells him that the problem is not so easily fixed: he's fired.
Scarlet Bar
Bobby regales Max with some stories from his travels. He then tells Max that he always missed him and Izzy, the whole time he was gone. He tells Max he was never good at expressing his feelings. Max says he's the same, but Steph has brought him out a little. Bobby says that Rosie had the opposite effect on him. Max tells him that he never knew things were so bad between his parents, and if he knew, then he would have understood why Bobby was so distant with them. Their talk is cut short by some rowdy businessmen.
Toadie's office
David tells Toadie that if the problem is Lil and himself working together, they both just agreed to keep things professional. Toadie tells him that, despite receiving written warning from both Tim and himself, his performance has not improved. Clients have been waiting on reports for days, and Mrs Belcher has been waiting on her account that Toadie has asked to prepare on two separate occasions. He tells Toadie that he can finish off the week if he wants, but David tells him it would be better if he left now. He Toadie that he has been set up and betrayed by someone he thought was his friend. He would have thought his other friends would at least stand by him. Toadie tells him that he understands his problems, but this is a professional law office, everyone they deal with has a problem. He goes into the waiting room and packs up his desk. Lil sees him and is very sympathetic.
After the ad break, she goes into Toadie's office and has a go at him. Toadie defends his actions, saying that he may be David's friend, but he's also his boss, and these things come with the territory. He'd rather not go into the details with Lil as she's Karl's receptionist, not his. He tells her that this decision was not made lightly. Lil goes back to her desk, but not before reminding Toadie that David has a daughter to support, and who knows that he'll do now.
Lassiter's car park
Paul has pulled up in the Lassiter's car park, talking on his phone as he gets out of the car. David walks past to his own car. "Get out of my way!" is his greeting to Paul. Paul comments that things aren't going well for David. David warns him that he could be very dangerous to Paul right now, because he has absolutely nothing left to lose. Harold steps in before Paul gets what he deserves, and the last thing Paul hears as he walks away is that he won't rest until this score is settled.
Number 30
Sindi sneaks in as Connor comes in dressed as his wrestling alter ego, The Shamrock. It is another attempt to get Toadie back in the ring. Stu tells him that he's quite sure Toadie's put it all behind him. The talk quietly about how Sindi is standing outside the front door (she seems to be no good at sneaking and spying). Apparently she's been there at least half an hour. Stu starts talking loudly about how he's absolutely heartsick about Sindi, and wishes he could do something to show how much he loves her. Sindi comes in, holding Bob, with an excuse that she found him wandering outside. Stu tells her that he has run out of ideas to convince her that he still loves her. Sindi tells him that if he said that more often, none of this would have ever happened. All is forgiven, and Sindi invites Stu over for dinner tonight. Stu asks if they'll be alone. Sindi tells him not to worry about Lil, she'll "deal with her".
General Store
Harold gives David a coffee. David tells him about how Paul has destroyed absolutely everything in his life. Harold tells him that going on like that will only make people think he's paranoid. He wants to see David come through this. His life has been shattered, but now the important thing is to pick up the pieces and put them together again. David doesn't know how he can do that.
Scarlet Bar
The rowdy businessmen are still going on making a noise, and now some of the other customers are leaving. One of them gets Sindi on the bum as she walks in, and Max decides that's enough. He and Bobby go over to "have a word with them."
Lil runs into Paul and sits down with him. While they make small talk, Paul slowly moves his hand along the bench until it meets with Lil's hand, and they sit holding hands.
Number 28
While Sindi prepares her special dinner, Lil comes home. Sindi tells her about needing the house tonight. Lil tells her she won't be in the way, she'll take a bath and have an early night. Sindi says that Stu is coming over early because he has a night shift, so it won't work. Fortunately, Lyn is under the impression that Lil might go over and visit her. Lil tells her that the last thing she wants is to spend a night with the Timmins kids, and she resents Sindi trying to organise her life. Sindi begs her, but Lil says that Susan invited her to stay in her house, so Sindi will just have to deal with sharing it. Sindi mentions "sharing the housework", and Lil reminds her that in Sindi's own words, she was already doing more than her fair share. Sindi says she's done the vacuuming and the dusting, and says the Lil has to do the cobwebs. To keep her quiet, Lil tells her she'll get to it, she'll just get changed first.
Number 30
Toadie asks The Shamrock to leave him alone, he's tired. Stu announces that he's off to Sindi's to have dinner. Connor mentions that he may be starting in wrestling soon. Toadie's manager said there's a vacancy now that the Lawman is out. Toadie tells him that it's better to be a has-been than a never-was.
Scarlet Bar
Max and Bobby have just politely asked the businessmen to leave. Apparently they moved fast, like a startled herd of wildebeests. They both seemed to have enjoyed the excitement, and Max asks if staying on here would be such a bad thing. Bobby tells him that it's probably time he settled down somewhere, and Erinsborough seems as good a place as any.
Number 28
Stu knocks on the door, and the Darl-alarm goes off. No one answers, and the door is unlocked, so Stu lets himself in and discovers the reason the bird was squawking: it would seem Lil has fallen off the ladder. He finds Sindi staring at the scene from a partially closed bedroom door, and Stu tells Sindi to stop standing there staring and call an ambulance.
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Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4721
Paul Robinson

Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4721
Bobby Hoyland

David Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4721
David Bishop, Harold Bishop

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4721
David Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4721
Stuart Parker

Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4721
Sindi Watts, Liljana Bishop

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4721
Liljana Bishop

Stuart Parker, Connor O
Stuart Parker, Connor O'Neill, Sindi Watts

Stuart Parker, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4721
Stuart Parker, Sindi Watts

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4721
Harold Bishop

Max Hoyland, Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4721
Max Hoyland, Bobby Hoyland

Liljana Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4721
Liljana Bishop, Paul Robinson

Liljana Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4721
Liljana Bishop, Paul Robinson

Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4721
Liljana Bishop, Sindi Watts

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

Liljana Bishop, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4721
Liljana Bishop, Stuart Parker

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