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Neighbours Episode 4717 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4717: Come In Spinner
Australian airdate: 10/05/05
UK airdate: 29/07/05
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Bobby Hoyland: Andrew McFarlane
Mr. Roy Evans: Aleks Vass
Bert Howie: Bruno Stepnell
Maxine Thorpe: Tania Kenna
Spinner: Peri Thompson
Police Prosecutor: David Robinson (hehe)
Clerk of the Court: Raymond Thomas
Summary/Images by: Carly/David
Toadie finding a loophole in David's case - Stu's not impressed
Paul finds something fishy going on in the lake... dead fish
Paul is wandering around aimlessly flashbacking to when he dumped the poisonous green detergent/cordial into the lake - when all of a sudden he sees his dream gal walking towards him. It's slow-mo Lil, decked out in a pretty dress and a winning smile. Back in the land of reality, Lil steps towards Paul in her normal clothes and says she knows David is innocent. Paul, still in his daydream where sexy-sashaying Lil resides, puts his hand up to her face and caresses it. "How is it we always know how to find each other?" Lil doesn't want to play though, she says it's not about them - it's about David. He can be many things; greedy, vain, but he's no fraudster. Even though he's done a lot for them in the past she was wondering if he could help David out again. Paul agrees; he's only doing it for her though.
Number 30
Stu is still waxing on about the immorality of Toadie's idea to free David of all charges. He believes that David should go to jail for stealing from a charity fund, after all, he wouldn't have his sight if it weren't for the donation he received from it. Stu says he thought they were on the same team (ooh, like Batman and Robin) but Toadie snarks they would be if they were "in a perfect world".
STU: Don't be one of those lawyers without a conscience, mate. David is no better than any other two-bit crook. Let them nail him to the wall.
Scarlet Bar
Bobby is chatting up some laydeez at the gathering for the hospitality awards, saying how great his daughter is and that she must get her business sense from him. Izzy playfully pokes her tongue out.
Max is busily rolling his eyes in the corner, "As if he taught us anything." Steph smiles and says Bobby is just being a proud father but Max still won't buy it. Steph tells him to look at how much happier Izzy is now her dad's around and says maybe he should leave all his bitterness in the past and start anew.
Bobby comes over to ask his "beautiful daughter-in-law for a dance" and whisks Steph away across the dance floor. Izzy puts her head on Max's shoulder and says that Bobby always knows how to show people a good time, "There's nothing wrong with that is there?" Max unwillingly agrees there isn't. Izzy asks if he wants to dance and since the camera is so close to their faces we can only assume he dips her in a snazzy dance move... or he twirled her around and body slammed her into the bar.
David is talking angrily on the phone to someone while Harold compliments Serena on her cooking. She admits it's nothing like having Lil there though. Dave hangs up from the 'Help Me, My Lawyer Thinks I'm A Rapscallion' hotline after receiving no further help. "Apparently I don't have the right to be concerned if my lawyer doesn't believe me." He says he can't go to prison because he wouldn't last a day in there. Oh, I don't know. I'm sure all the inmates would love to hear about your wheelie bin escapades. Perhaps you could swap stories over a cup of tea.
Harold tells him he could just take Jarrod's advice and plead guilty, but we all know David's stance on that by now. He says that he if the court finds him guilty why would Lil ever take him back? David could tell that Lil knew he was innocent last time they spoke and it means the world to him that she has faith. Serena knows the truth though and gently tells her dad that he shouldn't read too much into what her mum says. "Is she here to back you up now?" Serena wants him to do whatever he can to stay out of jail; she doesn't want to be on her own. On her own in the sense of having her grandfather and cousin around and her mum two houses down... but, y'know.
Scarlet Bar
Bobby and Steph are shaking it like a Polaroid picture (love that phrase) in the background while Max and Izzy look on. Max thinks that before too long their dad is going to up and leave again but Izzy seems to think that he may stick around this time - if only to get to know his grandkids a little better. She asks Max to help her get some more taffaspates... yeah; I really don't know what she said.
Bobby leads Steph to the bar and asks how the plans for grandkiddies are going. Steph admits it's been tough, they've tried and tried and given IVF a go but nothing has worked so far. Bobby says he'd love Steph to get her wish of having kids and enquires about adoption. Steph tells him she'd like to, if it weren't for that pesky criminal record of hers. "Well you're full of surprises aren't you!" Bobby says, a bit taken aback. She assures him of her innocence and adds that an appeal is way out of their league money-wise, "But what can you do?" Bobby looks thoughtful...
General Store
Serena is helping to clean up and Harold commends her on it. She says it would be better if he showed some faith in her dad but Harold says he does now.
Lil walks in and the two of them are so overjoyed to see her (please read in most sarcastic voice). She asks Serena how she's getting on and Harold says she has taken on more than her fair share of chores. Lil wants to know if Serena wants to have dinner at Susan's the next night but Serena brats back, "and you think that would make up for you walking out on dad?" Lil's quite sad to hear her daughter talk this way but Serena doesn't care, she's sick of her mum making up excuses to her dad as to why she's left him. "You know what? That makes you a worse liar than Bubba."
Ooh. Burn.
Number 30
Paul is over telling Toadie he wants to be a character witness for David, much to Stu's disgust. Paul says that prison is no place for a family man. Toadie thanks him, he needs all the help he can get.
Once Mr Robinson has left the building, Stu snarks that it looks like everyone is on David's side now. He asks Toadie if he let David know about the "ace" he has up his sleeve but he admits he hasn't - "there's no harm in making him sweat, is there?"
Max wonders when Izzy entered them in the 'Best New Bar Design' category; it was a big surprise for him when they won it. Steph is answering him in an airy-fairy way, which Max picks up on. "You seem a little preoccupied. Last time you got that look was when you found out about the super bike world championships on Phillip Island."
STEPH: Max, I've decided I want to appeal against my conviction.
(Max looks a bit surprised)
STEPH: It's just like, as long as I've got it hanging over my head we can never adopt.
MAX: Sure... but why has this come up now?
STEPH: Oh I was talking to Bobby and he asked about us having kids.
(Max gets that look on his face whenever he hears his dad's name)
STEPH: Oh come on, look, don't look like that please. It's just he made me realise what's important. I don't want to wake up one day and realise our child-rearing days are over.
MAX: Steph you're still in your twenties.
STEPH: Yeah, I won't be forever.
MAX: Well did Bobby have any helpful suggestions on how we might be able to afford this?
STEPH: Well if we really want it that badly we'll find a way.
MAX: Yeah it's all very well to say that but we don't...
STEPH: Max! Come on! You're not the one with a criminal conviction hanging over your head. We both want to have kids, yeah?
(Max nods)
STEPH: Well if adoption's the only option then hey, better get eligible.
Scarlet Bar - Award Winner
Bobby tells his Bella that she should hang up her award somewhere to remind her to never forget her dreams. Izzy says she started believing in them again the day he walked back into their lives and woke Boyd up. She gives him his wages for the week and can't believe he hasn't spent all his 'euros' yet - does this mean he's staying put? "Nothing I'd like more," he replies. Izzy jumps and squeals for joy. Bobby the funmeister isn't up for going straight home and asks Bella if she's ready for a night on the town with her old dad.
Izzy and Bobby walk into a back room somewhere filled with smoke, guys placing bets and an excitable bald man in a jaunty red suit. Ooh, it's a seedy, gritty place... to play two-up. Yes ladies and gents, you have now entered the dirty world of coin tossing. Bobby puts $50 on heads, possibly the shiny bald head of the excitable man in the jaunty red suit. All bets are closed and the official coin flipper flips the coins in the air - in slooooooow mooooooootion. "And heads it is!" Woo. Bobby gets a little sure of himself and makes his next bet $500. Izzy is stunned. As is excitable bald man in jaunty red suit. Bobby tells Izzy not to worry, "It's for a good cause." Whatever could he mean? Is someone in dire need of money right now or something? Hmm.
Serena and David obviously can't sleep so they're sitting in the dark kitchen in their jammies. They're still upset over David's upcoming court session and how unfair everything is. David thinks that perhaps karma (the vengeful elephant?) is out to get him for wanting the good things in life all these years. He says to Serena that he needs her to be strong "whatever happens". She gives him a hug and they both look very depressed.
The Back Room of Shifty Two-Up Games
The Hoylands' have now won $2000, but will Bobby stop there? Pfft, yeah right! He lays 2G on the table but goes against type and puts it all on tails. Oooooh. Excitable bald man in the jaunty red suit raises his eyebrows so high in surprise he almost sprouts some hairs out of his shiny cranium.
The tension in the room is at an all time high as the crazy guitar rift of 'Oh My God You Bet HOW Much?' starts up in the background. Once again the coins are tossed in the air in sloooooooooow mooooooooootion. And the result is....
A split screen advertising we're at the Hoyland house the next morning? Ripped off! Hang on, Izzy and Bobby are laughing so much they've woken Max and Steph up. Woah, there's a giant pile of cash on the kitchen table and a celebratory bottle of champers (that I think Izzy has tucked into nicely as she appears quite... giggly).
Izzy and Bobby announce that it's all for Steph to help out with the cost of any solicitors she needs to clear her name. Max and Steph say they can't accept it but Bobby can't see why not. "Come on guys, this is a gift from the two-up fairy!" Izzy slurs giddily, waving around a $20 note with glee. They both push the BIG pile of cash towards Steph and urge her to take it. Wow, it's like a big game of Monopoly but in actual human money! And there was no fighting over who got to be the thimble or the hat... and no second prize in the beauty contest - they're all winners here!
Steph can't resist the cash anymore and dives right in. The three of them throw it about like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his vault of riches while Max looks on not so happily.
David nervously asks Toadie if there are any last minute words of advice but Toad turns into a random extra and just shakes his head. Serena and Harold give David a little wave from the seating bay. Lil walks in and David tries to smile at her but she walks straight over to Paul who's at the back of the seats. She thanks him for being a character witness for David while Davo looks at them through new eyes. Speaking of new eyes, in walks Stu! Ooh, that was a nasty glance he threw Dave's way. Lil sits with Serena but she won't acknowledge her.
The judge walks in and things get underway. "The first case is Crown versus Bishop."
Bobby is counting the wads of cash in the kitchen when Max walks in. He doesn't like the fact that his dad may be getting Steph's hopes up for nothing but Bobby lays the guilt trip on him and questions whether he wants to clear his wife's name or not. Max thinks that an appeal may make things worse for Steph but Bobby can't see the harm in trying (and the $10,000 dollars he won is a good helping hand if there ever was one). We can all see Max's bitterness towards his dad rising again and Bobby advises him to just move on. Maxy-boy isn't letting go though and wants to know who's going to be there to pick up the pieces if things don't go their way - he doesn't believe his dad will be, that's for sure.
The girls walk in all happy still but can sense the tension in the air (did I miss another sloooooow mooooootion coin toss?). They ask if everything is all right and Bobby smiles and flicks some cash, "What could possibly be wrong?"
The judge directs the sergeant on the opposing side to sit down for he is a extra and the sky will fall before we hear him speak. It's Toadie's turn to speak and he brings out the whammy, telling the court that all the evidence should be thrown out because the police had a warrant to search No.34 Ramsay Street and not No.24. The judge takes this on board and says the reports support Mr Rebecchi's claim, "I am forced to disallow the evidence. Prosecution take heed; the cavalier disregard for procedure by the police is a waste of the court's valuable time. Case dismissed."
Dave can't believe his luck. He's like made of leprechauns, rabbit's feet and four leaf clovers right now. The rest of the Bishops' can't believe it either. Stu looks disgusted at Toadie and walks out. Toad doesn't look too happy with himself either.
Scarlet Bar
Champagne (official drink of Erinsborough for the day) is popped for celebrations to occur. Stu walks in to order two coffees to go but bumps into Toadie. He says he's not going to congratulate him but Toad says the same laws that let David slip through the net are the same ones that protect innocent people. Stu's all, 'whatever, boyfriend. Talk to the hand cause the face don't want to hear it' and cancels his drinks, walking away.
Paul accepts champers, Serena's relieved her daddy's not a jailbird and Dave congratulates Toadie, wondering why he didn't say anything earlier. Toad lies and says he didn't want to get David's hopes up.
Lil walks in looking twitchy and possibly like she might do a Bree and vomit as David spies her and strides towards her. Dave rambles on and on about how he doesn't blame her for hating him, how he's acted like a hockey puck (not in those words of course) and how he's learnt that the most important thing to him is family.
DAVID: You're my life Lil, and when you come home...
LIL: David, I'm not coming home.
DAVID: Well no not straight away, we've got things to work out but...
LIL: David, stop it, stop it. It's over. I don't... I don't love you anymore.
Dave looks shocked and upset, Harry looks stunned in the background and I can't quite see Paul but I do believe his face remains neutral while inside he's...
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Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4717
Paul Robinson

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Liljana Bishop

Paul Robinson, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Paul Robinson, Liljana Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4717
Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Bobby Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4717
Bobby Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

David Bishop, Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
David Bishop, Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop

Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4717
Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Steph Scully, Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4717
Steph Scully, Bobby Hoyland

Serena Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Serena Bishop, Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4717
Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4717
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Bert Howie in Neighbours Episode 4717
Bert Howie

Bobby Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4717
Bobby Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland

Serena Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Serena Bishop, David Bishop

Bobby Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4717
Bobby Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4717
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4717
Izzy Hoyland, Bobby Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, David Bishop

Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Max Hoyland, Bobby Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4717
Max Hoyland, Bobby Hoyland

Judge Roy Evans in Neighbours Episode 4717
Judge Roy Evans

Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4717
Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Paul Robinson

Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4717
Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4717
Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Harold Bishop, David Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4717
Harold Bishop, David Bishop, Paul Robinson

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