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Neighbours Episode 4647 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4647: Bye Bye Boydie
Australian airdate: 01/02/05
UK airdate: 06/04/05
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Tony Osicka
Valda Sheergold - Joan Sydney
Paul Robinson - Stefan Dennis
Doreen Cassidy - Anne Phelan
Michael Cassidy - David Paterson
- "Bruises" by Sandrine
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Karen (Katie)
Lil reading the buttons - "A Change for the Bitter"
Lyn confronting Michael and reminding him that he's family
Steiger pushing Boyd in the interview room, accusing him of killing Gus
Police interview room
Boyd's sat in tears when Max walks in. He sighs and tells Boyd to come home.
Community Hall
Lyn's talking to Michael. She says that she'd feel the same way if she were in his shoes; angry at having lost the chance to make things up between them. Michael retorts - that's not what this is about. Lyn points out that it wasn't Charlie marrying Valda, or the fact that Charlie had another child. Even if he was ready to settle things when he arrived, he'd had plenty of years beforehand to make the move. But he was too proud.
LYN: I wish, I wish you'd stop seeing us as the enemy. We're grieving too. Maybe we can help each other through this.
MICHAEL: It's too late.
Lyn begs him not to turn this into a war zone, but he leaves anyway.
Sky's looking after Summer, who naturally wants to know what's going on with Boyd. Sky has faith - Boyd's not done anything wrong so he'll be fine. A knock on the door turns out to be a housecall from the good and wonderful Paul. He's brought round some goodies to make up for the "Bitter Buttons". Posters and caps, hopefully with the correct spelling this time.
David and Lil are impressed and Paul reassures them that he's paying for these - no repayment needed.
PAUL: I'm giving a good man a chance to help others.
As he leaves, stealing one final glance back at Lil as he does so, we get a housecall from the good Doctor K. Who isn't as enthused by Paul's presence. Anyway, he too comes bearing gifts. Tax papers for Lil.
LIL: Ah. Oh. OK. But... I don't need them until tomorrow morning.
Sprung. He wanted an excuse to get out of the flat. Izzy's practicing her 'singing' and he needed to save his hearing. Summer leaps to Izzy's defence. In her eyes (or should that be ears?) Izzy is a fantastic singer. He's tried encouraging her, but you can't encourage a talent that isn't there.
Summer puts herself forward as a backing singer.
SUMMER: I'm pretty good. Na na na na na...
KARL: Yeah, that mightn't be a bad idea.
And once he's gone...
DAVID: Well that's a bit rich, Karl picking on someone else's musical ability.
LIL: Put your claws away, Tiger. Just 'cause you can't play the triangle.
Izzy's um... trying to hit that high note again. Karl's desperately trying to find her pitch on the guitar, but given that it's in tune and she's... well... not, it's hard.
KARL: Yeah, um, yeah. It's better.
IZZY: Yeah, I think I'm trying to get the hang of it like you taught me.
KARL: Good.
IZZY: But maybe we should still tweak the guitar, it's still sounding flat.
A knock at the door stops Karl retuning something. It's Summer with a bunch of David's promotional campaign. Karl has just been volunteered for a letter box drop.
SUMMER: It looks like I've interrupted your recording. It looks exciting. Any chance I could hear the song?
KARL: It's not quite ready yet.
SUMMER: Oh what a shame, because maybe you could have used some of my backing vocals.
IZZY: It's fine, Sum, really. It's good.
Summer then turns to Karl and lands him right in it.
SUMMER: But you said backing vocals would help.
Whoops. Izzy is somewhat unimpressed. To stop her from saying anything else, Karl says she can stay if she's quiet.
Not only is number 32 the home of the leaky tap (and in a time of water restrictions too...), but it seems they've had a power outage. Max is staring out of the window in the dark. Steph switches on a lamp as she tells him that Summer's helping Izzy record a song.
Max's mind is elsewhere as Boyd comes out of his room. He wants to know what happened - it's serious.
MAX: Did they lay any charges?
BOYD: I told you, no.
MAX: Did they say anything about further questioning?
STEPH: Boyd, are you going to be here for dinner?
MAX: Yes.
STEPH: I'll start cooking.
Wait, haven't the Hoylands made a big thing about the fact that Steph can't cook? Oy...
MAX: Have you got anything you want to say to me right now?
BOYD: About what?
From the look on Max's face, that was so the wrong answer. He tells Boyd that he thought he'd raised him to be honest, not to lie and drag others into his mess. He snaps at Boyd - the only thing he seems to be interested in is taking care of himself. Boyd goes to leave but Max slams the front door shut. Steph stops Max from doing something he'd regret as Boyd skulks off to his room.
Karl counts in the song and starts playing. Izzy stops him, apparently he's doing something with the timing.
KARL: It's a standard 4/4 timing.
IZZY: Well excuse me if I don't know the technical term.
Accept it, Karl. It's all your fault. Summer wants to know when she gets to sing, but Izzy's adamant that it's a song for one voice. Karl wants to find something for Summer to do but she's too busy in her admiration. Karl counts in again... but Summer interrupts again. She suggests getting everyone in the Street involved.
And suddenly...
IZZY: I... I think my glands are up.
Karl sees his escape and makes a run for it.
KARL: Oh, darling, really? Oh dear me, you don't want to overdo it.
IZZY: You think I should call it a night?
KARL: Probably a good idea, don't want to strain your voice.
Now that the floor show is over, Summer leaves. And with one final glare, Izzy heads to the bedroom. Karl's in biiiiiiiiiiig trouble...
Steph tells Max that Boyd needs to sort out his own problems. Max can't understand where he went wrong; Boyd dropping out of school, Travis...
MAX: When did I ever teach him to settle his problem with his fists?
Steph points out that it's human nature, and that people often act without thinking. Her... even Max.
MAX: Me?
STEPH: This afternoon with Michael? You were going to punch his face in.
MAX: He barged in here and threatened you!
STEPH: And what about that time with Lisa's mum? You barged in there, guns blazing...
MAX: Her daughter hit mine!
STEPH: You hear yourself?
MAX: What?
STEPH: Well I challenged you and you start shouting.
MAX: I'm not sh...
That sound he just heard was the penny dropping.
MAX: Alright. How did he get so far into this before I find out about it? I'm his father, I'm supposed to hel him but how can I do that when he won't even tell me what's going on?
Through the video camera display we can see Sky doing a hybrid Preying Mantis/Martial Art... thing. David comes in, spooking her. Apparently it's her video diary for his project, interpretative dance. It's how she wants to be remembered. Boyd turns up at the door, he's snuck out to see her. Before David can overhear anything good, Lil comes out and tells him that if they're going to do this letter box drop, they need to get moving. Not before David gives him the camera to make his own entry.
Alone, he tells Sky about the interview.
BOYD: They accused me of murdering Gus. Tried every trick in the book to get me to confess.
He's pretty confident that they can't prove anything. Sky is now looking forward to going back to school and getting on with her life. Cue bombshell number two...
BOYD: I'm not going back.
It's not the real world and it won't teach him anything useful. Even the prospect of being in the same year as Sky isn't enough to convince him.
Boyd's video diary entry is obviously going to be on Pop Television Culture as he tapes some show on TV. Max comes in with a light bulb to replace a burnt out one. Hurrah! Let there be light!
Max apologises for shouting at him earlier, but he's not sure if he's getting through to Boyd.
BOYD: Why are you so hung up on this? You never even finished school yourself.
MAX: Yeah, and I've always regretted it.
I can see how bad it's been for you, Max. I mean, oil rig jobs pay very well for your life pre-RS, you've got a nice house in a good neighbourhood, a good business, a great family... Yeah. Stay in school, you don't want to end up like your old man.
Max tries to get Boyd to realise his potential. Boyd agrees to give some thought to the next few years of his life.
MAX: And you'll think, just... think about repeating?
Boyd nods.
BOYD: Hey, thanks for trusting me, Dad.
Sulk time is over and Izzy announces that she has to go close up. Karl tries to apologise for Summer.
KARL: She was interested, it would have been rude to sya no flat out.
IZZY: Karl, I'm still trying to find my voice.
Karl's excitement about the project isn't enough, it's something Izzy needs to do. Um... it's for the Community. And given Karl invited Summer to join in, he gets to be the one to tell her.
Karl points out the community angle. Again.
KARL: Besides, having other people join in might give you vocal confidence.
IZZY: You hate my voice.
KARL: No, I think you've got a fine voice.
Good thing Karl is a real boy, isn't it?
IZZY: Karl, you keep wincing every time I get to the chorus, I had noticed.
KARL: It's not that you can't sing...
Nope. He just can't keep it up.
KARL: It is that you can't sing. Not well enough to be at professional level, that's all.
IZZY: But I love music!
She's not taking this very well. She has talent, she knows she can do it. And she blames Karl as she storms out.
Community Hall
Paul rushes up to Izzy, asking if he's too late for the last chocolate slice. Geez, no wonder he's got three failed marriages. He's taking chocolate from a woman who quite clearly needs a fix.
Paul asks how Harold took Izzy's ideas, but no go, Izzy's ideas won't fit in with his. So Paul asks what her dream is.
IZZY: I'd serve coffee by day, cocktails by night, open early to late. Mood lighting, funky music.
PAUL: It sounds great, when does it open?
He asks why she doesn't set it up herself - Harold's not a good partner, but what about Max? After all, he's having difficulties with Lou so maybe, just maybe...
He's got her hooked as he invites her for a drink. Just as we see Karl watching them, quite clearly unhappy.
Izzy's raving about her idea to Max.
MAX: Us? In business together?
It's much better. Apparently she and Max are closer in age. Huh? She's in her late twenties (apparently), Max is in his early forties. By my count, the age gap between them would be roughly the same as the gap between Max and Lou. Conclusion? Izzy's older than her twenty-something statement. Gotcha! Max is reluctant at first.
IZZY: Well tell me one thing you don't like about the idea.
He hesitates and Izzy jumps on it. She knows she's got him.
IZZY: A funky bar cafe is exactly what this boring, borning suburb needs.
MAX: And a lot of cash is what this project needs.
Lou's Place is worth $200,000, so Max's contribution would be in the region of $100,000. And Izzy's would be... what? She tries to hit Max up for the loan but he can't cover them both. Steph comes in with coffees and tries to keep the peace.
STEPH: Look at it as a postponement, Iz.
But Izzy saves like I do, so it'll be a long time before she's even close to having that kind of money. She thanks Max for listening before leaving.
STEPH: Don't you pretend to be mad at her.
MAX: Well, it's not that often you see her that keen on something.
STEPH: Yeah, keen to scam another loan.
So did Izzy ever pay back the $20,000 she borrowed from Max to buy into the Coffee Shop? Will we ever find out? Or is that destined to be another unanswered question in the Marlene catagory?
STEPH: Oh, Max! You give your sister so much leeway. Maybe you should give Boyd the same.
She's got him there.
Lyn opens the door to Michael. After some hestiation she invites him in. They walk into the kitchen where Steph is (holding Oscar). Doreen and Valda are there also. He came here after finding no one at the Scully's. He wants to talk.
He's glad he's not missed Valda and Doreen, they're off to Shelley Bay to pack up Charlie's things. Michael's come bearing gifts - old home movies of Charlie before Lyn knew him. One of them is from a fishing competition Charlie won. Michael was seven years old and helped his father land the winning catch. He tears up at the good memory of Charlie, and Lyn gives him a hug.
MICHAEL: Stephanie, I'm glad I found you here. You'll like this, there's... there's a shot of... Charlie on his, um... on your motorbike.
Steph isn't sure how to take this (and is distracted by Oscar grabbing at her earring).
STEPH: I'd like to see that.
And so a tentative peace falls.
Community Hall
Paul's meeting with Valda and Doreen. He has a proposition - he wants to buy number 22 from her. Ah, sentiment. He promises not to evict Lou and to keep up the peppercorn rent that Valda's been charging him. He doesn't want the place for himself, he just wants to be part of the community. Valda accepts his offer and the deal is done with a handshake. He says he'll put the agreement in writing if she wants, but Valda's happy as is.
Boyd comes into the kitchen a much happier soul. And up before nine. He's going to go do some weights.
MAX: Good way to start the day.
BOYD: You should try it some time, Dad.
He's back to his cheeky self again so all seems good again.
Community Hall
The Bank of Karl is closed for business. He doesn't have the funds, and what they do have saved is for their house. So no go there.
David is raving to Paul about the success of his flyers, he's having a great time. After a minor spat with Lil about who is going to pick up his dry cleaning, he leaves. Paul seems fascinated. Again.
When Izzy walks by, Paul asks how her proposal with Max went down. Great idea, shame about the funding problem. But there's a solution.
PAUL: OK, to get this baby of yours off the ground, exactly how much are we talking?
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Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4647
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4647
Lyn Scully

Paul Robinson, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4647
Paul Robinson, David Bishop

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4647
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4647
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4647
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4647
Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4647
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4647
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4647
Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Michael Cassidy, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4647
Michael Cassidy, Lyn Scully

Doreen 'Peacedove' Cassidy, Valda Sheergold, Paul Robinson

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4647
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

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