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Neighbours Episode 4643 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4643: A Nose For Trouble
Australian airdate: 26/01/05
UK airdate: 31/03/05
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Grant Brown
Carmella Cammeniti: Natalie Blair
Sharon Cox: Emily Wheaton
Willian Smythe: Gary Lantzsch
Trevor Daly: Jamie Wilson
Det. Alec Skinner: Kevin Summer
Snr. Const. Joanna Douglas: Matilda White
- "Knock Knock" by 1200 Techniques
Summary/Images by: Jen/Jamie
Grease Monkeys
Serena is jealously watching Stinger and Shazza pashing while Boy and Sky are having a thumb war and generally being coupley. Serena asks if she should order for everyone, but Stingray pulls apart from Shazza and says he'll go. When she asks if he is going cold on her, he is keen to prove otherwise. Serena goes towards the counter with orders being shouted back at her from Stinger, and looks annoyed.
Number 30
Carmella comes into the lounge, where Connor is lying on the sofa, and tells him that the dishes are done and she is cooking dinner, in an attempt for him to see why it would be such a good idea for them to live together. Connor tells her he isn't sure about living with a girlfriend, and Carmella reminds him of Michelle. That's different, apparently, because Joe was there too. Connor insists Toadie will have a problem with it, but Carmella reminds him Dee lived there. That was different, according to Connor. Carmella wants to know what the problem is - is it that he has dirty habits that he doesn't want her to find out about?! He reels some off, but she tells him she loves him, and that they can make it work.
Number 32
Boyd is reading up on the film that he is telling the police he and Sky watched, while Stinger is entertaining himself by throwing paper aeroplanes. Boyd asks him if he has somewhere else to be. Scott comes up with a plan to tell the police they snuck out cruising around together, but Boyd tells him about the film. Scott says that the police will tear it to pieces, and Boyd asks him why isn't he with Shazza. After his silence, Boyd asks him if he has "decided" about what to do. Scott says he has "pretty much"
Stinger: Look, me and Serena are history.
Boyd: So get over it.
He hands Stinger a condom from his wallet, and Stinger looks embarrassed
Outside Grease Monkeys
Sindi leads Stu, who doesn't particularly want to be there, to a table. She tells him that he can't stay inside for the rest of....the day, but he is still paranoid people are staring. Which they are. Sindi goes to get coffee, while Stu sits and listens to the people around him...including a dodgy-looking man talking on his mobile. He sounds like he his doing some dodgy dealings involving money. Stu the cop's ears prick up. The man leaves, and is replaced by another bloke in a suit, though Stu doesn't know this. Sindi returns with the coffees, and Stu asks her what the bloke behind him looks like. She says ordinary. Stu asks if he has an earring (coincidently, Suit Bloke has one too) as he thinks he might be a sort-after criminal. He asks to borrow Sindi's phone, but she tells him its at home. He tells her they have to follow him as he leaves.
Number 32
Boyd gets off the phone to Grease Monkeys, having just got a job there. Scott is still bored ("Susan's away, Sindi's walking the blind man") and therefore annoying Boyd. Sky walks in. He tells her about getting a job at Grease Monkeys, that though he didn't think he would be spending his whole summer working there. "Or the rest of your life" Stingray adds helpfully. Sky suggests he comes back to repeat year 12 at the end of the summer. Boyd says no way, he would rather save up for a car. Sky says that he should talk to Susan, but he changes the subject wanting to talk about his alibi. Stingray leaves at this point.
They talk about the film, Chinatown, which they are supposed to have watched. Boyd asks her loads of questions about the film, and she tells him it will be easier if he just watches it himself.
Grease Monkeys
Shazza greets Stinger with a big kiss. He tells her he went dumpster diving, when she asks what he had been doing. She kisses him again, and asks if he's got money to buy her a milkshake. He goes to get his wallet out, and a condom falls to the floor.
Shazza: I see you're all packed then.
Stinger: Yeah.
Shazza: So what are we waiting for?
He says he has a few things to do and backs out of Grease Monkeys, telling Shazza he has to go and see a friend.
Number 32
Boyd is complaining about Chinatown. Sky says if only American Pie 4 was on that night. Sky's phone rings. It's the police, telling her they want to interview her while they interview him.
Road outside the courthouse
Sindi and Stu park across from the Suit Man's car, and get out as he does. Stu asks where they are, and Sindi tells him the courthouse. Stu is surprised, as the bloke skipped bail 6 months ago, so he has got guts.
Sindi tells him that two men are approaching suit man, one of them looks mean. The group of men stare at Sindi and Stu, and they turn to walk down the road. Stu says they need to tell Steiger, and Sindi suggests a telephone booth. Stu says that by the time he gets there they will be gone.
The men get in the car, and Sindi goes towards Stus car - leaving Stu talking to nobody. She goes back for him and turns him round - though he doesn't seem phased by it at all.
Community Hall
Harold is telling Lou that Izzy wants to turn the coffee shop into a "discotheque bar thing".
Lou: I don't think Lassiters is ready for that.
Harold. Well of course not. Can you really see Susan Smith turning up here for a 'boogie'. Or Valda?!
Harold says they have to cater for the daily needs for the community. He brings is deli/post office/dry cleaner idea up again, and Lou expresses his approval.
Connor and Carmella comes in. Lou and Harold tell them about Max and Izzy wanting 'hip' places, whereas they want to go even more old fashioned. Carmella points at the obvious idea that Lou and Harold should go into business together
Later, Still in community Hall.
Shazza goes over to Serena and tells her Stinger told her everything. Serena doesn't know what she means. Shazza says "Its okay, your queen of Antarctica image is safe with me. I won't tell anyone about the real you. Oh, and if you do see your EX-boyfriend, tell him I'm waiting for him at home." She turns to leave, with Serena looking mightily P-Oed.
Number 28
Stinger rushes in, and grabs a load of romance novels off the bookshelf, dumps them on the table, and starts to read one. Magically opening it on a rather saucy page of course, judging by his expression. Serena comes in through the open door and asks him what he told Shazza about her.
Stinger: Nothing. Leave her alone.
SERENA: That's what I want you to do.
SERENA: Did you tell her we slept together?
Serena gets angry when he says he did. He says he can't tell her the truth, but Serena can't see the point in going through with it when it's based on a lie. She said that she almost made the same mistake of being pressured into it. She tells him to think about it and leaves.
Outside the courthouse again
Sindi and Stu watch the Suit Man park his car and get out, from Stu's car. (With Sindi driving. Obviously.) They talk about how it's odd that he met up with lots of lawyers and cops. "Corruption at its highest level!" Scoffs Stu.
SuitMan stops to talk to more people and Sindi and Stu get out of the car. Sindi asks him what he is planning to do. "Get him in a headlock, while you run into the courthouse for help" Stu replies. Obviously. Sindi looks incredulous.
(Warning: Here comes the cringe worthy bit)
SuitMan sees them walking towards him and asks them what they want. Stu tells him he is a police man and tries to get him into a headlock (No Stuart! What are you doing?!) Sindi starts shouting for help. SuitMan's briefcase drops to the floor, opening and revealing its contents to Sindi. She tells Stu to stop - just as SuitMan says he is a barrister - and Stu has just ended his career. Another officer comes up behind Stu and restrains him.
Number 28
Stu and Sindi return, with Stu groaning that it could have cost him his career. He is now the joke - or the pity - of the station. They didn't press chares because he was visually impaired, which Sindi points out is a good thing. Stinger comes out, wanting advice, but Sindi signals to him to go. Stu looks depressed.
Number 30
Connor carries box after box of Carmella's stuff in, most of it seeming to be soft toys. When he finishes, Carmella wants to start celebrating, but Connor says that Toadie has only given them a two-week trial, and he didn't want to wreck it on the first day. He is surprised that Toadie said yes in the first place. Carmella states that she needs to "resolve some serious feng shui issues". Connor picks up a stuffed monkey and asked how they should feng shui that. Carmella wants to put the stuffed toys in the bedroom, but Connor looks scared .She tells him they don't come alive, but he says you can never be too sure.
Number 28
Stingray is frantically throwing things into a suitcase, when Sindi comes out. She says that Stu has forgiven him for the skateboard incident - there is no need for him to move out! He says he's not moving out, and she asks him what advice he wanted before. Stinger says nothing, but Sindi notices he's blushing. The phone rings, and Sindi answers it; its Shazza! Scott tells her he is on his way.
Sindi asks him if he is planning a big night? He says he is, but she points out that he doesn't look too happy about it. Stinger says he doesn't need a lecture, and she tells him she is looking out for a friend, and that he shouldn't do anything he doesn't want to do. He tells her defiantly that he is staying at Shazzas, so don't wait up for him, and leaves.
Police Station - Boyd's interview room
The detective tells him he lied before, and Boyd says that he's there today to clear everything up. Detective Skinner tells him that he was seen threatening Gus before, but Boyd says that doesn't mean he would kill him - he isn't into solving problems with violence. Skinner brings up Travis Dean to try and "establish a pattern of behaviour". He asks why he lied about Daniels, and Boyd tells him that him and Sky wanted to spend some time alone, and their parents didn't know. He tells Skinner they watched a move.
Sky's interview room
"Chinatown" Sky replies. She reels off an (incredibly well-rehearsed) speech about the film, to Sgt Joanna Douglas who looks sceptical.
Boyd's interview room
Skinner quotes the film, and Boyd repeats some back to him. They do a scene of the film together,
Sky's interview room
Sky tells Sgt. Douglas to "Check the guide, it was on"
Boyd's interview room
Skinner: Yep, it was on that night
Sky's interview room
Sgt Douglas tells Sky that the film was cancelled that night, and now she is an accessory, and Boyd has no alibi.
Boyd's interview room
Skinner tells Boyd that the movie was cancelled because the tennis ran late.
SKINNER: No alibi, a history of violence, you've lied twice to the police - purgery. Things aren't looking to good at all, are they?!
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Sharon 'Shazza' Cox, Stingray Timmins

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4643
Serena Bishop

Carmella Cammeniti, Connor O
Carmella Cammeniti, Connor O'Neill

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4643
Boyd Hoyland

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4643
Stuart Parker

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4643
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4643
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4643
Stingray Timmins

William Smythe, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4643
William Smythe, Stuart Parker

William Smythe, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4643
William Smythe, Stuart Parker

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4643
Sky Mangel

Sgt. Joanna Douglas in Neighbours Episode 4643
Sgt. Joanna Douglas

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4643
Boyd Hoyland

Alec Skinner in Neighbours Episode 4643
Alec Skinner

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