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Neighbours Episode 3856 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3856
Australian airdate: 17/09/01
UK airdate: 02/11/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)/Jamie
Bianca is telling Michelle that she is selling her ticket to see the band because she has got so boring.
Karl telling Darcy that he has given his proposal as much consideration as it warrants. Darcy gets all childish and replies that if Karl wants to see the surgery die he is going the right way about it.
Dee wants to ring Alice who she considers is the only person who knows what Darcy is up to. Toadie thinks it is a bad, bad idea and takes the phone from her to stop her ringing.
No 30
Dee is sitting in the kitchen staring at the phone on the counter. She flicks through a magazine looks up and stares again at the phone. She gets up impatiently to put a CD on but her eyes wander again to the phone. Finally the temptation gets too much for her and she picks up the phone and rings Alice and asks her if she has a minute to talk about Darcy.
Outside The pub/surgery
Darcy is leaving the pub and rings Karl on his mobile he is apologising for the early argument and puts it down to wedding nerve jitters. Karl is leaving the Surgery and they meet in the middle. They both laugh as they meet, Karl apologises as well - if he hadn't been forthcoming with any positive responds to all that Darcy had done at he surgery. Darcy comments that although he still thinks that Victor is a great idea, he does appreciate Karl position. Karl is pleased that it is now all sorted out between them and invites Darcy home for Dinner.
As Karl walks away, Darcy's phone rings. It is Victor. Darcy explains to Victor that the deal is taking a little longer than he expected and that he should trust him. Darcy asks that he give him a little more time and that he will call him tomorrow.
No 28 - Kennedys House
Tess is standing in front of a full mirror in the living room, with her wedding dress on. A lovely knee length pale lilac chiffon dress with a matching wrap. Susan has the wedding veil on her head. Tess wants an honest opinion from Susan what she thinks of the dress and wants to know if it is too plain. Susan thinks the dress looks absolutely stunning and rushes off into the bedroom for just the thing to go with it. She comes back with her grandmother's necklace and Tess thinks it is exquisite. Susan announces that sorts out the something old and something borrowed, the outfit can be something new so what about something blue. Tess dismisses the rhyme as it is not that kind of wedding and anyway she has been married before. Susan says who cares if it is your second trip down the aisle it is tradition. Tess doesn't want a fuss, but Susan tells her that she is denying her the chance of being an interfering aunty. Tess laughs and gives in and announces that she has a pair of sapphire earrings at home. Susan gets all excited and says that Tess must have a garter. As they are giggling about it they hear Karl's and Darcy's voices from outside.
Susan shoos Tess into the bedroom and makes a run for the front door not allowing Karl and Darcy to enter. They try to peep through the door but Susan insists that they go to the pub, but ends by relieving them of the bottle of wine they were carrying.
Susan tells Tess that she has just scored a bottle of a wine, so why don't they call for a pizza. Tess says she will throw in a male stripper and call it a hens night.
No 30
Dee is on the phone to Alice getting the dirt on Darcy as another call comes through on the line, she puts Alice on Hold. It is Toadie on the other line calling from the Pub. Toadie wants to check that she hasn't done anything stupid like calling Alice, he feels she would be better staying out of it. Dee thanks for him for his concern but she is just sitting at home listening to some music, she then makes some excuse about the kettle and goes back to her telephone conversation with Alice.
Lou's Pub
Karl and Darcy come into the pub sharing some joke and Karl order a bottle of champagne from Toadie and sixty of his finest dancing girls! Darcy insists two pints of beer will be fine. Karl says don't be silly it is your Bucks night! Darcy doesn't really know what a Bucks night is for. Karl replies that he thinks that in reality for a group of blokes to get together to act loud and stupid. Darcy says Ok I will be loud you will can be stupid.
Karl and Darcy go and sit down at one of the tables inside the Pub. Karl jokes that it isn't too late to organise an escapee party, But Darcy insists he can't wait, tomorrow is a new beginning.
No 30
Dee is still on the phone to Alice asking her if she has anything on Darcy in writing that could confirm all that she has told her. Not for a minute that she doesn't believe Alice. Dee gives Alice her email address so she can send the details.
No 26 - Scully House
Michelle and Bianca are sitting in the living room and Michelle is holding up various items of clothing she has just bought from the charity shop. Bianca can't believe that Michelle went and bought all the daggy second hand clothes. But Michelle likes them she thinks they have character. Bianca says distastefully "If you call holes character that ripped demin thing went out centuries ago" She thinks they look ugly, but Michelle feels that different people have different tastes. Bianca insults Michelle by asking what happened to hers. Michelle retaliates by saying that she doesn't have to walk around in the latest fashions and dress up like a clothes horse to know who she is. They start to argue about clothes with Michelle insisting that she is anti-animal products. Bianca gets sarcastic and hold up a lycra top and asks how many lycra dies to make this! And that she does dress to reflect who she is, that her clothes are rather cool and that's her style. She wants Michelle to agree with her, but Michelle says that they is more to life than appearances.
No 30
In the kitchen Dee is telling Joel and Toadie about her conversation with Alice. Not only was Darcy never a financial partner in the practice with Alice, her parents had put all the money in. But he had tried to sell it to one of those big companies right under her nose. Toadie asks how could be do that when he was only a employee never a partner. Dee isn't sure but maybe it is the same way he is trying to dupe Karl. Toadie and Karl agree that it doesn't sound good. Dee goes on to say that Alice also thinks he was cheating on her. Toadie grasps at the point and thinks that maybe that is enough for her to make up a few rumours of her own. Dee totally dismisses this, they are facts not rumours. Toadie says OK if they accept that these as facts and 100% true what is she going to do about it? Dee replies that hopefully Karl will see through Darcy. But Toadie didn't mean Karl he meant Tess. Dee is adamant that she is going to do nothing, she is just going to sit back and watch her make the biggest mistake of her life.
Outside the pub
Karl an Darcy wander out of the pub and sit at one of the outside tables. They are talking about Mrs Webber and all the medical tests she wants and how she is solely responsible for blowing out the nations health budget. Darcy goes back to his old argument about how the practice would benefit if they bought Victor on board. Why settle for better when you can be the best. Running a local practice is about as obsolete a local butchers shop. Karl disagrees and thinks that the personal touch is much better. He likes to refer to patients as people not meat or customers. He isn't interested in the number of people he can cram into his schedule or how much revenue he can generate. The bottom line is they are about medicine and making people well. Which is the reason he will never sell out. Darcy feels that the only way to stay independent is to expand. Karl gets angry and forcibly tells Darcy that it isn't going to happen in the foreseeable future, maybe someway down the track but he likes things the way they are. Karl backs down a little and jokes that he admires Darcy's presidents and his enthusiasm especially when they take on those evil corporate giants. But right now he needs to celebrate and goes back into the pub to get some champagne, much to Darcy's annoyance.
No 30
Toadie, Joel and Dee are still in the kitchen. Toadie accuses Dee of obsessing over Darcy and is she still over him. Dee denies it and indicates that not only is she over Darcy but she feels totally vindicated now she knows what scum he is. She wishes she had listened to Alice months ago. Toadie wants to know if Dee is so certain about Darcy why won't she tell Tess after they were mates. Dees says they were mates before she did the dirty on her. Why should she tell her after all she has made her bed. Joel thinks she would even believe Dee if she told her. Dee agrees with Joel.
The Pub
Karl and Darcy are now back inside the Pub obviously can't decide where to sit! Tess comes into the Pub and joins them. Karl realises the time and makes a hasty retreat and leaves them to it. Darcy moans to Tess about Karl being the most backward thinking person he has ever met. Tess tells him he will just have to keep plugging away at him. Darcy can't believe that they are all going to miss out on such a great deal because Karl keeps dragging his feet. Tess thinks Karl is a fool if he can't see that Darcy has everyone's best interest at heart.
No 26 - Scully House
Michelle opens the door to Evan who has found Harvey wandering the street. Michelle isn't sure how he got out. Evan suggests they check their fences or otherwise tie him up. Michelle thinks this is a bit extreme. Although she had heard that Evan was into extreme forms of punishment. Bianca is shocked and Evan is stunned at Michelle words. Michelle goes on to say that she had heard a rumour that Evan was going to expel Flick. Evan tells the girls that firstly whatever punishment is decided it will have very little to do with him and secondly he thought she was smarter than to listen to rumours. Michelle thanks Evan for bring Harvey back and shuts the door. Bianca starts arguing with Michelle about the way she spoke to Evan who is a neighbour and she thinks Flick and the others deserve to exactly what they are going to get. Michelle thinks that Bianca would do what ever Mr Hancock told her to do. Bianca denies this. Michelle asks Harvey to show her where he got out and leaves the room.
No 28 - Kennedy's House
Susan is folding washing as Karl arrives home, having walked from the pub. Susan knocks over a empty wine bottle and they both tease one and another about the amount they have both drunk. Karl denies drinking too much he was too busy arguing with Darcy. Karl says that Darcy is like a dog with a bone and he keeps going on about Victor and how much the practise depends on him. Susan argues that maybe Darcy has a point it would free him up to have more free time. Karl sarcastically says that he forgot he was talking to the president of the Darcy fan club. Karl falls over the washing and Susan makes him sit down on the settee. She then goes back into the Kitchen to make a hot drink and mentions that Libby called earlier and had said that she thinks she is being demoted at work. Karl thinks that things go from bad to worse for her. Susan agrees she thinks it is funny that these things happened as she decided to fight the Chronicle. Susan turns to get something out of the fridge, as she turns back Karl's head has slumped back onto the back of the settee and he is fast asleep with his mouth open snoring. Susan curls her lip distastefully.

SUSAN: Ah, that's attractive.
Outside Tess's House
It is the wedding day - even though it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!Darcy is standing outside Tess's house next to his car. He is on his mobile phone discussing the "deal" with Marcus, saying that Karl is just crossing his "T's" and dotting his "I's" and will guarantee that Karl will be onside any day now! Tess comes out of the house and puts his bags in the car. Darcy finishes his conversation on the phone abruptly, and lies to Tess by saying it was Victor on the phone wishing them luck! But Tess has overheard more than Darcy realises and she comments that from what she heard Karl is anything but onside. Darcy squirms and comments that he is hoping Karl will change his mind. Tess playfully hits Darcy and says that she get's the feeling that Darcy isn't telling her everything. Darcy hastily changes the subject by replying that is their wedding day and they don't want to talk business do they. Tess isn't going to be put off by the change of the subject and thinks that if Karl is really against expanding the practice then Darcy is just feeding Victor false hope! Darcy defends his actions by saying that this is the way the business game is played a few white lies here and there he is just trying to buy time. Tess does trust him doesn't she? Tess looks at him lovingly and kisses him in response.
Erinsborough High
Susan is telling the class that the subjects that they take for year 10 can ultimately have some bearing on what Uni course they do. So choose wisely with their future careers in mind. Evan starts handing out a booklet detailing the subjects. Michele has plaited bit's of her hair. Bianca starts picking on Michelle about her hair, she thinks Michelle looks ridiculous like one of those hippy pharaohs who lives in trailers. Michelle tells Bianca to shut up. Susan intervenes and tell the girls to be quiet. Michelle tells Bianca that she is making a statement, and that everyone doesn't have to walk around looking like clones of one another. Evan is still handing out the booklets telling the girls to be quiet. But Michelle continues talking telling Bianca that at least she is being true to herself and what she believes. Bianca tells her that she looks like a complete freak then starts fingering and pulling bits of Michelle's hair. As a result they start hitting on another. Evan and Susan stop it quickly. Evan suggests that Bianca moves to the vacant chair at the front of the class. Susan wants to see both of the girls after class.
No 30
Joel and Dee are in the kitchen having breakfast. Joel asks Dee if she would like to go to a movie in the evening. Dee thinks it is just a ploy to get her mind off the fact it is Darcy and Tess wedding day. She is OK with it - she can handle it. Then she admits it does seem a bit strange but she doesn't know why after speaking to Alice. Toadie comes into the kitchen and says "so you are still not going to tell Tess. Dee replies it is not her place to get involved in other people relationships. Toadie thinks she is making a big mistake. Dee can't understand Toadie he keeps changing his mind about what she should do. Toadie thinks that if a least Dee told Tess her conscience would be clear what she did with the information would be up to her. Dee thinks Tess would probably slam the door in her face before she even had a chance to open her mouth. Toadie argues that Dee is too nice a person to sit there and do nothing. If Dee was about to ruin her life would she want someone to tell her. She thought Tess had done Dee wrong, but Dee is about to something far worse. That Dee has the chance to be the bigger person.
Erinsborough High
Susan is giving Michelle and Bianca a lecture about their behaviour in class, she was under the impression they were suppose to be friends. Michelle whinges that Bianca pulled her hair. Susan isn't interested in who started it., there behaviour wasn't acceptable and she won't tolerate another incident like it. The girls apologise to Susan. Susan thinks they should know go outside and apologise to one another.
Outside in the corridor Bianca thinks Michelle has changed. Michelle tells her it is called growing up and taking responsibility and anyway she is the one with the problem not her.
Coffee Shop
Darcy is ordering a coffee as Susan comes in She suggests that Darcy needs something strong to steady the nerves. They laugh and then Susan asks why Darcy isn't at home packing for his honeymoon. Darcy explains that he was actually on his way to see Karl, he feels that Karl might have misunderstood him last night. He didn't mean to criticise him or his desire to stay independent but when he sees a good business opportunity he want to go for it. Susan agrees but comments that Karl is happy just cruising along. Darcy thinks that it you cruise you lose and he just wishes that Karl could see what a good opportunity he is turning down. Karl can't deny that the changes Darcy has made to the surgery aren't for the better so why can't Karl now value his judgement. Susan is supportive and she thinks it is great that he wants to help his friend, Victor but it is his wedding day and she is sure this all can wait. Darcy reluctantly agrees. Karl comes into the coffee shop and Jokes about "Balls and chains". Darcy interrupts him and says he was just on his way to see him...Susan gives Darcy a knowing stare and Darcy says that it was nothing that can't wait until he gets back.
Tess' Back garden
Tess is watering the back garden as Dee arrives. Tess is upset to see Dee there.
DEE: Tess I need to talk to you....please just give me five minutes...it is important.
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Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3856
Dee Bliss

Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3856
Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

Tess Bell, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3856
Tess Bell, Susan Kennedy

Bianca Nugent in Neighbours Episode 3856
Bianca Nugent

Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3856
Michelle Scully

Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3856
Tess Bell

Bianca Nugent, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3856
Bianca Nugent, Michelle Scully

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3856
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3856
Karl Kennedy

Tess Bell, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3856
Tess Bell, Darcy Tyler

Dee Bliss, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3856
Dee Bliss, Joel Samuels

Bianca Nugent, Michelle Scully in Neighbours Episode 3856
Bianca Nugent, Michelle Scully

Darcy Tyler, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3856
Darcy Tyler, Susan Kennedy

Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3856
Dee Bliss

Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3856
Tess Bell

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