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Neighbours Episode 3827 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3827
Australian airdate: 07/08/01
UK airdate: 24/09/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Ted Nixon: Ewan Sprague
Summary/Images by: Emily
Tad and Paul fight over Larissa
Dee finds Tess and Darcy kissing in his car.
The Country
Realising what she's just witnessed, Dee runs away through the trees, trying not to cry.
Coffee Shop
Lyn tells Susan that the inspector was quite friendly, but she's not allowed to start trading until the renovation works are complete. She tells Susan of her idea for some free promotional hair cuts to keep the interest up until she's allowed to start trading. Susan agrees that it would be a good idea. Lyn asks how Libby is, and if she's started thinking of baby names yet, but Susan is a bit reluctant to get excited and reminds Lyn it's still a way off. Joe and Flick arrive and Joe tells Lyn that Flick's decided to apply for a PR and marketing course. Lyn is thrilled with the idea and Susan tells Flick she has a good chance.
The Country
Lots of random extras are by the edge of a calm lake, fishing. Dee wanders over to Harold who appears to be having success with his Zen Fishing, but tells him she's not feeling great, and asks if he'd mind if she left. Harold tells her to go and rest and he'll catch a lift with Lou. At that moment Lou walks over with a silent official and informs Harold that by having no hook on his line he is not abiding by the rules and is therefore disqualified from the competition.
Coffee Shop
Flick asks Susan what kind of grades she'll need to get on the PR course, and Susan warns her that they'll be very high. Flick seems committed to putting in the extra study (she's doing better than me; I'm avoiding mine by writing summaries). Anyway, Susan tells her there are techniques she can learn to help her study, or a study camp run by the university. Joe asks how much the camp would be, but Susan warns it's quite steep. Flick heads off to the library.
Fishing Competition
As Harold sits down to his gourmet picnic lunch, Lou laughs at him for being disqualified, but Harold informs him he still has a right to watch the competition. Darcy and Tess arrive and wonder what's going on, but Lou tells them to start fishing as they are running late. Darcy apologises, making an excuse about his car breaking down. Harold tells him that he's just missed Dione, but she had to leave as she didn't feel well.
Number 30
Joel asks Toadie if he'd like to go away for a boy's weekend some day, they could head up North and get nearer to the equator. Toadie however, would rather spend all his spare time with Sheena, and is surprised Joel wouldn't want to spend the time with Flick. Joel tells him that Flick's busy studying but at that moment she pops over, during a quick break from her study and asks if he'd like to go away for a few days. Toadie suggests heading north, but Flick says she doesn't mind where they go, just as long as it's just the two of them.
Number 26
Joe hangs up the phone and informs Lyn that the study course is $1000 for a week. He suggests doing a few extra shifts in the cab to make up the money, as Flick was really keen to go. But Lyn recons he's already doing too much with four shifts a week, and they could use the money set aside for the salon. She admits it'll set her back, but says she can trust her clients not to go elsewhere, and Flick was keen to go.
Number 30
Toadie and Joel are wittering and laughing away about something or other when Dee gets back. Joel wonders why she's not out fishing.
TOADIE: Wow, that looks like someone who's seen a dead man!
DEE: Yeah, I have, his name is Darcy Tyler.
It appears that Joel and Toadie are up to date with the situation, and Joel is not impressed by Darcy. Toadie wonders why she didn't confront them, but Dee tells them she was just totally shocked and couldn't move. She is unable to believe that not only was it her boyfriend, but her best friend as well, and admits that it explains Tess' recent behaviour to her. Joel wonders what she's going to do, and Dee recons she's going to let him think they're getting away with it.
DEE: Like they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.
Number 26
Joe and Lyn hide the brochure about the study camp and Flick comes through to get a drink. Lyn asks how the study is going and Flick admits it's taking it's time. Joe asks how she'd like to go on one of the study camps Susan was talking about and hands her the brochure. She tells them that she would love to go on one, so he tells her they've paid a deposit and all she has to do is fill out the form.
FLICK: These guys cost an arm and a leg, you guys can't afford this.
JOE: Which is why God gave us two of them, so we could sell one and keep the other.
Lyn tells her not to worry, and Joe points out that the deposit is not refundable anyway, so she is going. Flick thanks them, telling them they're the best.
Lassiter's Complex
The fishing guys are celebrating a win, whilst on another table, Lou is commiserating his loss. Darcy and Tess apologise for not catching anything and remind Lou that it's just a game. Lou heads into the pub as Toadie brings out some beers. Tess comments that they've had a really nice day even though they didn't win. Darcy pays and thanks him, but Toadie tells him he doesn't need any thanks, and heads off. Tess wonders why he's so miserable.
Number 30
Harold brings over a hamper for Dee and inquires as to how she is. She tells him she's feeling a lot better and apologises for leaving him in the lurch. She asks how it went, and Harold tells her he was so successful he got himself banned. Joel offers him a coffee, but he decides to head off and see how Tad and Paul are getting on after their earlier argument and announcement of war. Dee wonders how she is going to cope in front of Darcy and Tess if she's struggling to keep calm in front of Harold. Joel tells her that she has the right to erupt into a ball of flames (though it could be a bit scary and dangerous and probably not advisable) and reminds her that they are still friends so she can talk to him if she'd like.
Number 24
Harold is telling Susan that the art of saving water whilst gardening is how you do your mulching! She asks how the competition went, but Harold notices a note left by Tad informing Harold he's gone to stay with a friend. He tells Susan how they are fighting over the same girl and he just doesn't know how to handle it; Madge used to be the one who would know what to say. Susan tells him that there probably isn't much that he can say; they are teenage boys and will solve it themselves. Harold wonders how it's going to be when they're older as it'll only get worse.
HAROLD: When Madge was here, a problem shared was a problem halved.
Number 26
Flick is reading the study camp brochure and notices how the schedule is they work in the daytime and party in the evening. Joe isn't keen on the party idea, but Flick tells him she'll probably be too tired (yeah right) and be in bed by ten anyway. She runs off to tell Joel about it, but Joe points out that Lyn's made enough food to feed a small army and tells Flick to invite Joel over for dinner. Flick thanks him and runs off.
Number 24
Harold is ringing around trying to find out where the boys have got to but to no luck. Lou pops over and tells him there's no sign of Paul at the allotment (why would he be down there at this time of night!), and teases Harold about being too busy ruining his fishing to keep an eye on them. Toadie pops over to see Tad, and find out why he disappeared so quickly, but Harold informs him of the boys disappearance, and Toadie realises it's bad.
Number 26
Joe is trying to think of a way of entertaining Joel after supper, and suggests they watch a film. Lyn recommends a board game, but Joe points out that Lyn's favourite film 'From Here To Eternity' is going to be on the television. She comments about the hair of the leading lady in the film and Joe jokes that she should call her salon 'From Hair To Eternity'. Lyn thinks it's an excellent idea, but Joe tries to tell her he was only joking.
Number 30
Flick is telling Joel about the study course and that they won't be able to go on their trip. She mentions they should head for dinner, but Joel tells her he'll be along after. She reminds him that it was her father who invited him for dinner, which is why he wants to have a quick shower (talk to Dee) before coming over. Darcy pops over to see Dee and they talk a bit about her leaving the fishing early, before he invites her to dinner. She tells him she's already got plans and that maybe he should invite Lou. Darcy takes her suggestion and gives her a quick kiss before leaving. After he's left, Joel asks why she was able to just talk to him as though nothing had happened.
DEE: 'Cause I know he's going to get what he deserves.
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