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Neighbours Episode 3825 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3825
Australian airdate: 03/08/2001
UK airdate: 20/09/2001
Writer: David Allen
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Peter Holloway: Andrew Murrell
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad and Paul agree that they're both just good friends with Larissa.
A town planning inspector has turned up at the Scullys to do an inspection. Lyn is horrified.
Joe introduces the planning inspector, Mr.Peter Holloway. He explains that he's had a complaint about unauthorised trading at their address. Lyn says she does intend to open a business in her house, but they're only at the planning stages at the moment. Lyn suggests that he comes and has a look at the renovations and takes him off to the bedroom section of the house.
Paul is making a smoothie to help him train, but Tad says he'd be better off studying for the exams. Paul says the exams don't matter, but Tad says he should keep all his options open.
Harold comes in and offers them a lift as far as the Coffee Shop.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew is on the phone to his mum who is totally over-excited about the baby and giving them advice. Libby tells Drew what she's doing that day and he says that she's doing too much.
The planning inspector is asking them about Harvey. Lyn says that he'd be tied up when they start having clients at the house. Lyn starts to shows the planning inspector out, but he decides to hang around for a bit. He thinks Lyn is already trading and wants to meet some of her clients.
Coffee Shop
Paul is unconcerned about the exams but Tad is stressed out. Michelle comes in and tells them that Flick is studying hard.
Lyn is telling the inspector that she had to hang on to her clients or she'd lose them. But the inspector says that that carries no weight with the council and the fines for illegal trading are substantial. But the planning inspector is a reasonable man and says he won't fine them - this time - but it mustn't happen again. Lyn promises not to trade again until she has council approval.
When the inspector has gone, Lyn breathes heavily.
LYN: No prizes for guessing who dobbed me in!
Drew asks Lou how his back is. He says he's doing OK but thinks he'll go back to see the doctor this morning.
They chat about the Hancocks' car which will cost about $1000 to fix.
The Coffee Shop
Libby comes in to buy some toasted sandwiches and bumps into Susan. Susan tells Libby that she's seen her article in the paper about Child Welfare and she doesn't think Libby should have written it. She says she told her about the Hancocks in confidence and Evan feels betrayed. Libby says that she didn't use names, but Susan says she still shouldn't have done it.
They start talking about pre-natal classes but Libby has to take the sandwich to Drew and then get to Uni. Susan agrees to call in to the flat tonight.
Lou asks Drew if he's struck a deal with Evan and he admits he has. Lou says he's fed up of Drew doing mates rates. Drew says that the Hancocks are a bit strapped for cash, so Lou says he can do it at cost, just this once.
Libby comes in to drop off Drew's sandwich and tells him that Susan is coming round again tonight. Drew asks if Libby can drop a hint to Susan that they need a bit of time to themselves(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Harold asks Lou how his back is and Lou tells him that the doctor says it's so bad he can't go in the fishing competition. He tells Harold off for playing silly games. Harold looks confused.
Libby and Drew's flat
Susan arrives and Drew heads out to the pub.
When Drew has gone, Libby sits Susan down and says there's something she wants to talk to her about, but it's not the pre-natal classes.
The Pub
Drew says Libby has got a tough job telling Susan to leave them alone.
The phone rings and Lou answers it to Harold. Lou agrees to meet him at the Coffee Shop in five minutes. Lou says he hopes Harold isn't going to take the mickey about his bad back. Drew looks confused.
Libby and Drew's flat
Susan is still banging on about pregnancy and suggests a video for Libby to watch. Libby starts losing the will to live(!)
Eventually Libby interrupts and asks Susan to back off. Susan looks hurt.
Lyn has cooked Joe's favourite meal, but Michelle doesn't think it will help her case with Joe.
Joe comes in and is chuffed to see that there's roast lamb for dinner, but then he becomes suspicious. Lyn is forced to admit that she's broken the sheet of Italian laminate. Joe looks panicked and runs off to see.
Coffee Shop
Harold says that he's got a device to help Lou with his back. He presents him with a fold-up chair that Lou can sit down in while he's fishing. Lou grudgingly admits that it's a good idea and thanks Harold.
Drew is nervous about going home due to Libby and Susan's chat. Harold takes exception to this - he says that there's a difference between meddling and caring advice. He says they should be grateful for Susan's care and love. Drew decides Harold is right and wonders if there's time to stop Libby telling Susan to back off.
Tad is off to Hemisfear. Paul thinks about coming along, but decides to stay home and do his homework.
Libby and Drew's flat
Susan is crying and says she just loves Libby and wants to do the best for her. Libby insists that she's always grateful for her advice, but lately they've felt smothered. Susan says she completely understand and runs out, just as Drew is coming in.
Libby sits down heavily and tells Drew that she wishes she'd just kept her big mouth shut.
<<3824 - 3826>>
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