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Neighbours Episode 3810 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3810
Australian airdate: 13/07/2001
UK airdate: 30/08/2001
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Jake Greeves: Bill Charles
Sgt. Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Summary/Images by: Kelza
Number 24
Harold asks why Paul is so upset, it's just two people the same age just talking having a laugh. He wants to understand but he just can't. Paul asks him to just forget it because it doesn't matter. Harold thinks it quite clearly matter though and calls out to Tad in the kitchen, wanting to know how he feels about it. That maybe they should all discuss it but Paul doesn't want too. He apologises and takes it all back. Harold follows him into the kitchen saying there's nothing to take back. Tad says he knows how Paul feels. He feels weird seeing Harold with Francis. Harold can see, and compares his situation with the boys breaking up with their girlfriends and looking at other girls. Tad can't believe Harry could compare the two, it's totally different. Harold shoots back that they expect him to be different, that he's not suppose to appreciate the opposite sex's company. He asks them if it's because he's too old and just for the record he tells them that he does not think of Francis in those terms. He might be old but sex is not the domain of the young. The boys don't want to go there, and I don't really blame them! Harold expected a response like that from them, but he knew he would never get one like that from Madge. He leaves those two to contemplate what they just said.
Number 32
Matt waltzes and sits next to Leo on the couch. Leo notices that Matt got a nose ring. Matt looks happy that he noticed and asks how it looks. Maggie comes over and sits next to Leo, not too sure about it. Evan sits on the arm rest next to Matt and grabs Matt's head, commenting that it must've hurt. Leo asks if they stuck a needle in and Matt tells him no, they used a gun. He asks again what do they think and if they've got a problem with it. Evan doesn't have a problem, it's not his thing but it's a male display; Matt's doing it to attract women. Matt says he did it because he wanted too but Evan thinks that subconsciously he's doing it as a male display. Leo asks what happens if he gets a cold and boogers come out but Maggie tells him to be quiet. Matt asks his mum what she thinks... it isn't her thing but it's up to Matt. They both leave the room leaving a sunned Matt wondering if he's parents are in lala land.
Coffee Shop
Tad thinks Harold is feeling a bit guilty and Paul is happy he is. Tad says Harold is entitled to have a girlfriend but Paul thinks he got one a bit too soon. Trad doesn't even think Francis is his girlfriend, and Harold wouldn't lie to them about that. Paul can't forget about Madge in such a hurry though, she was like a mother to him and that Tad wouldn't understand. Tad does, between them they have gone through many mothers. Paul wonders if it's them so Tad jokes and says it's actually just Paul.
Number 32
Leo's complaining because he invited his friend to go somewhere with him but Evan won't allow it. They all congregate in the living room again with their ice creams. He thinks it makes them sound poor, Evan says they're not rich but they are doing just fine. Leo doesn't want him to go on about third world countries but he does. Matt pops a question about tattoos out of the blue. Evan doesn't think much of them. Maggie with a cup of coffee and her ice cream asks who's getting a tattoo so Matt replies that he's thinking of getting one. Maggie thinks he should let the nose ring heal first or he will be sore all over. Leo says tatts don't hurt and Maggie wants to know how he knows, there is no way you could stick a needle in someone's body and it not hurt. Matt sneezes and his nose ring on Leo's ice cream. Eww gross! The parents laugh while Leo complains. Eww.
Number 24
Harold's reading a letter when the boys come in, Tad going to have a shower so Paul can apologise to Harry. Harold says it's alright, it doesn't matter. It's just when Paul thinks about Madge being gone, he hates it. Harold does too and pats the sofa, wanting Paul to join him. Harold tells him the worst thing is he keeps getting mail addressed to her, mainly business things and he has to ring these people and tell them that Mrs Bishop has passed away. He hates hearing himself say those words but he has to or the letter will still come. It's a constant reminder that she's gone. Harold looks back up to Paul and pats him on the shoulder.
Number 32
Matt's not looking for his parent's approval, he just wants to know what they really care about. Evan thinks he needs to make up his own mind about things. Maggie says that he has no need to rebel again them, he should be glad that his dad doesn't give him any unreal demands. Matt doesn't think he makes and Evan tells him it's because he trusts him. And if Matt wants to shock him nose rings and tattoos won't do it, especially fake ones. Maggie tells Leo that both her and his father will be busy so he has to pick up Emily after school and that she told her to wait there for him. He's to stop this silly argument he's having with her. Matt offers to get her but Maggie says Leo is and that's final. They all leave Matt to himself and his fake ring.
Libby pulls up in her little green beetle. Drew asks what she's doing there, she's just hangin'. Drew thinks it's a waste of a day for her because the dame has a driver and he's going to pick the car up, not her. The phone rings so Drew answers it. Drew says to whoever's on the phone that he would like to help but he can't. From Drew's questions I can establish that the person calling is the driver, and that Drew might have to take the car to them. He hangs up and tells Lib that he wants Drew to take the car to them, like I said. Libby asks what he's waiting for and drags him towards the car but he can't just leave the garage. Libby offers to take it but Drew says no, it wouldn't look right. Now she can say can make him change his mind.
Number 24
Paul's on the phone to Larissa, they're going to go out tonight. He doesn't want her to say anything to Tad though because he doesn't need to know everything they do. Tad walks into the room so Paul quickly gets off the phone. He lies about who was on the phone and is saved by Harold, who also enters the room asking if they are ready for school. He hurries them along.
Random Street
Drew has pulled into the driveway of some random house, and Libby has followed him in her car. They both get out, Drew saying this is stupid but Libby says it isn't, it's creative. Yeah all she's done is put a chequered shirt on. Libby presses the buzzes them in, sounding like a real mechanic on the speaker thing. Drew asks her why she is talking like that, it's so she can sound like a mechanic duh! Drew thinks she's a dag. Some old guy arrives on the other side of the fence asking who they are. Libby replies that they are the mechanics, Drew adding he had to bring the dame her car. The man asks for the keys but Libby wants to deliver the car in person. Drew hands over the keys and drags her away, saying she isn't behaving like a mechanic.
Number 32
Leo and Emily arrive home, Leo complaining that he will never see the snow because of Emily. He tells her that their parents will never be able to fix the car because she lost the earrings, they're really mad at her. She runs to her room saying she hates him.
Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad are behind the counter while Harold gives them orders on what to do. Tad asks if they get paid but no, they get thanked. Harold asks Karl what he wants and all Karl wants is Darcy, he's looking for him. Harold doesn't know but Tad might have an idea. If he can locate Tess she might help. Karl wants to know about what's going on with Tess. Paul goes to say but Tad interrupts saying it's nothing. Karl asks them that if they see him, tell Darcy that he's looking for him. After Karl leaves Harold tells them they have nothing to gain by spreading rumours, but the boys swear they haven't. Paul asks if Harold is coming to the allotment again but because Jane isn't there yet he can't go. Paul manages to convince him to go, but only once Jane arrives.
Erinsborough High
Evan answers his mobile. It's Leo, he tells his dad that Emily is hiding from him. Evan asks how long he's been looking for her, it's been half an hour. Evan will be home soon, he tells Leo to keep looking for her.
Random Street
Harold, Paul and Tad are walking along talking about their plans for the allotment. They arrive and Harold looks at the newly put in garden in surprise. The Joe and Michelle with the boys help have put it there for him. He loves it, and he knows that they've been out of sorts lately but he is so glad those boys came into his life. Group hug time! Can you feel the love?
Number 32
Maggie asks Leo what Emily said the last time he saw her. It was just the usual 'junk' and ran into her room and he let her. And then he went into the kitchen to get a drink, called out to her to get one but she didn't answer so he went looking for her. Evan runs in, the Scully's haven't seen her. Maggie wonders if she's gone to the pub looking for Matt but isn't sure she knows the way. Matt now turns up asking if she has. Evan says he though she might've gone looking for him. Matt thinks she might've gone to Toadie's because she loves Bob. Matt and Evan leave to search in different places and Maggie leaves asks Leo to stay behind so he can answer the phone if it rings.
Cut to Karl arriving telling Maggie and Evan he hasn't seen her either and that if she doesn't arrive soon they better call the police. Evan can't believe Emily's done this, she isn't a wanderer. Karl's going to ring Susan so they can get a list of all her classmates. Karl wants them to let him know if they find her, and runs off to ring Susan. Leo's looking very scared while Evan and Maggie have a bit of a hug.
Number 32
Matt's come over to see if they have seen Emily. Tad suggest that maybe she's gone to a friend's place and Matt reminds him she's only five. Tad and Paul will ride around on their bikes to help the search and Matt runs off to continue his search.
Number 32
Maggie tells Matt she called the police five minutes ago, and to Evan she says she feels sick. Evan assures her this is going to be okay. Maggie feels like something bad has happened. She asks if anyone's seen Toadie and finds out he isn't home. Leo blurst out that it's all his fault, he yelled at her. Maggie doesn't believe it is his fault but he insists. Maggie assures him it wasn't and decides to go around the block again with Matt tagging along with her.
Libby and Drew's apartment
Libby's on the computer when Drew arrives home. He asks her what she's doing and she replies that she's on the net checking for the secret to the Wolfstead Estate. He doesn't think she'll find it. Libby comments that he will never be a journalist, he has no determination. Drew thinks she made a lousy mechanic. She asks if this is an argument that will go on all night but Drew is in the winning position. Drew answers the phone, it's Karl asking if they have seen Emily. He finishes the conversation quickly and tells Libby he said they would go over to help look for her. They grab various things.
Ramsay Street
Maggie and Matt are power walking back up the street and they finally notice the police car in their driveway. The run to see if they have found her to find the copper interviewing Evan. Maggie tells him she feels like something bad has happened. The cops are going to look at friend places, but they won't rule out anything. Maggie informs him they've rung all the friend they know and walked along the streets. Leo comes out of her room saying that her dress is in the cupboard so she must've changed. The policeman asks for a recent photo so Evan gives him a school photo. The policeman tells Maggie not to worry, kids normally find their way back. He thanks them and leaves to go find her. Maggie starts ranting about how she never got his name so she can't report him for patronising her. She's been missing for three hours, she doesn't want this. Not again.
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