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Neighbours Episode 3798 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3798
Australian airdate: 27/6/01
UK airdate: 13/8/01
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None.
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joe discovering Lyn is doing Flick's ironing.
Dione telling Flick has she considered what she is putting her parents though.
No. 30
Joel is trying to explain to Dione that Flick has never lived in a share house before but Dione says she's made enough allowances for her naivety says she was never a slob at Flick's age. Flick asks her why she didn't say anything to her face first and Dione quickly says she was never arrogant either. Flick then says she is jealous, so Dione asks who of, and Flick says her relationship with Joel as Toadie arrives home wanting to know what is going on.
No. 26
Joe tells Lyn that if she keeps babying Flick then she'll never come to her senses about how stupid she's acting. Lyn says she isn't babying her but Joe thinks otherwise saying she's doing her shopping, washing and cleaning her house. Joe tries to tell Lyn that if they put up a united front to Flick they she may come to her senses and come home but Lyn replies that in the meantime she loses her daughter. Lyn adds that she doesn't mind helping her out because she is just a kid and if Flick needs her help, then she will be there for her.
No. 30
Toadie is trying to act as peacemaker and gives Dione the chance to air her grievances first. She says that she's spoken to both of them about dishes not being washed and the mess lying around. Joel butts in and says she was as bad when sharing with Tess, which Dione concedes but says she has improved. Flick says that Dione is uptight about her and Joel, which Dione dismisses saying it is ridiculous. Dione calls Flick a spoilt brat just as Steph walks in, also wanting to know what is going on. Cue nobody talking so she says she'll come back later but not before Dione snidely comments that Lyn will be doing Flick's homework and Steph can bring it over later. They all start bitching and Dione says she is off to meet Darcy but Toadie wants them to sort it out first.
No. 26
Steph returns home and tells of the "discussions" going on at No. 30. Lyn is aghast at Flick being called "a spoilt little brat" but Joe says it is true. Teary she lays into Joe saying what they say inside is private but outside they should be sticking up for each other and to cheer her up Steph says Lyn can defend her when she gets into a bar brawl in the future! Lyn thanks her and Steph comments that she thinks given what is happening at No. 30, it won't be long before Flick is home. Cue another disagreement between Lyn and Joe over how they get Flick back before Lyn says that Flick is too young to be dealing with these sort of problems and isn't sure what it may do to her.
The Coffee Shop
Dione is comfort eating with Darcy and Tess. Tess suggests giving her space but Dione would rather get it over and done with. Whilst Darcy gets more supplies, Tess talks to her about the ballet saying she'd love to see Swan Lake, so Dione suggests to the now returned Darcy that the pair of them go together.
No. 26
Joe helps Lyn solve a word in her crossword puzzle and he comments that he is a good problem solver and Lyn scoffs at this. Cue another argument about Flick coming home until Lyn shocks Joe by saying that their disagreement over handling this problem is challenging their marriage and that he should learn to compromise. Joe thinks she's going OTT with this and tells her he hates the word compromise. Lyn asks him to make the first move, so Joe asks how, and Lyn's suggestion is he invites them over for a lunch. Joe scoffs at this, asking if she is joking but no Lyn is serious - she wants her daughter back in her life. Joe says he will need to think about it.
No. 30
Toadie is telling the warring fractions the new house rules:
1. All bills to be split four ways.
2. Key essentials to be purchased.
3. Don't eat other people's food.
Dione says point 4 - no mess or you clean it up, and Flick adds straight away 5 - chilling out over uptight house rules. Dione tries to make point 6 but Toadie calls a halt saying they've made enough points. Next on his agenda is the roster - he's divided it all up and the warring groups are happy with it but Dione comments as long as they each do it and not get their mother to do it for them.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy is stuffing his face with a pizza when Tess asks if it feels off him taking her to the ballet since it was meant to be a romantic night out for him and Dione. Darcy says it was the best idea Dione's had in ages and is beginning to wonder if they aren't suited to each other since when he tries to do good she just throws it back in his face. He then regrets saying something to Tess since Dione is her friend and he doesn't want her to feel awkward. Tess says she doesn't mind providing a sympathetic ear to him.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Joe is singing badly whilst washing the car as Lyn comes out and they spot Joel and Flick leaving. She sends Joe over and he begrudgingly invites them to lunch. Flick is shocked but accepts the invitation.
No. 26
Steph is on the phone when Michelle comes out and catches part of the conversation and she wants to know who Steph was talking to. Steph ways Stanno, but Michelle doesn't believe her because she sucks at lying. When Steph tries to suggest she wasn't lying, Michelle asks if it was Woody on the phone. Steph quickly says no, but Michelle doesn't believe her, so Steph reluctantly says it was but she can't tell anyone. Michelle isn't happy at being placed in this situation and tells her that if she does off with Woody then they will never see her again since he is supposed to be in hiding, and she thinks Steph will go into hiding too. Steph says she won't just as Lyn come in. Lyn tells them about Flick and Joel coming for lunch and feels that if they all spend an afternoon together they will come together again as a family... and then Steph announces she's off on a ride with Stanno and can't get out of it and says they'll be fine on their own. Lyn tells Steph to call her when she gets to Stanno's and Steph promises as she leaves.
Flick and Joel have arrived and they are all eating lunch quite civilised even if the conversation is a bit strained and the odd kick and stare is required.
No. 30
Dione tells Toadie she is meeting up with some of her nursing colleagues and asks if he wants to join them but Toadie says no.
No. 26
Lunch has now reached dessert and Lyn is happy at how well it has gone, saying it is like old times. Flick asks which family since the last time something like this occurred Michelle was still in nappies. Joe is taken aback at this and says that if that is the case then it should be repeated especially if everyone is under the same roof. Flick thanks him for laying the guilt trip on her and Joe tells her to take her head out of the clouds, so she tells Joel that they are leaving because she doesn't want to spend all afternoon arguing with Joe. When they depart, Michelle excuses herself too and Joe has the mordacity to ask what was that all about! She tells him that one minute they're sitting having a civilised lunch and the next he's at Flick's throat, so Joe does his party piece - taking Harvey for a walk ignoring Lyn's request of wanting to talk. Exasperatedly, she tells Michelle that she can't handle any more of this and she agrees with her mum, then adds that she isn't looking forward to being an only child when her sisters leave home. Lyn says that Steph isn't leaving and quickly Michelle says that Steph isn't, she just meant to say Flick.
No. 30
Dione is moaning to Tess about her night out the previous night being cancelled by Sheena. She asks Tess how it went with Darcy after she left, and Tess says they had a pizza together and a chat because she felt sorry for him. Dione wants her to explain, so Tess says she thinks he was hurt about the ballet tickets. Dione dismisses her fears saying he was fine with her and adds that Darcy can take care of himself, before telling her that she should find herself a man and has she met anyone lately and Tess says no.
No. 26
Lyn is trying to get hold of Steph on the phone but can't reach her as she is getting concerned about her getting caught up in the bad weather. She tells Michelle that she'll ring Stanno and Michelle says no. Lyn wants to know why, so Michelle quickly says that Steph may get embarrassed but Lyn would rather know she is all right.
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