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Neighbours Episode 3796 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3796
Australian airdate: 25/06/01
UK airdate: 09/08/01
UK Gold: 04/01/06
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Laura Wallace - Fiona Choi
Whitey - John Lockwood
Hoop - Dion Durante
Clacker - Anthony Milinaro
Pat Miller - Matt Norman
Summary/Images by: Shona
Paul is told to forget being part of the team
Tad tells Paul he should go back to being himself
Drew tells Karl that Libby is pregnant
Libby and Drew's Flat
Karl is speechless. He wants to contact her but Drew says she will talk to them, when she's ready. Karl can't believe it but Drew is more worried that he told him. Just then Libby pops her head round the door and looks surprised to see her father there with Drew.
Lou's Place
Matt has arranged a date with Laura: cosy night at home. Lou wants to know if he can get his cocktail recipe book back and Matt warns him to come early - later on he might not be able to answer the door!
Libby and Drew's Flat
Libby can't believe that Drew told Karl about the pregnancy. Drew says Karl was worried and Libby wouldn't talk to anyone about how she was feeling. Libby tells him not to pressure her, so Karl decides to leave. She shouts at Drew - he should have made something up! Drew isn't used to lying though. Libby demands to know what that means.
Number 28
Susan can't believe it and wants to go and support her daughter. She's risking so much! Karl wishes Libby had included them all in it - Drew's worried he might lose her. Susan says he's not alone in that.
Number 32
Matt is preparing for his date, making the house look less like a family home. Lou answers the door to Laura, having picked up his book. Laura comes in and realises how big the house is for just one person. When he takes out two boxes out of the fridge he uncovers one to find play-do in it. Then Laura spots some other kiddies things and blows his cover.
Number 28
Susan wants to go over - Libby must be at her wits end! Making decisions is so difficult when you're exploding with hormones. Karl reminds her that when she was pregnant she resented being given advice and Libby is so like her. Libby will seek advice but when she's ready.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Libby comes out of the bedroom to Drew on the sofa. She says sorry for how she acted. He asks if she's worried but she admits she had time to think at Grandpa Tom's and realised that she really believes in the life growing inside of her. However she accepts she has to see the specialist.
Number 32
Matt explains his family situation to Laura. She says she lives at home too and he's relieved that he doesn't sound uncool. She tells him she has a confession too - she has a bizarre part-time job that a few ex-boyfriends couldn't handle.
Number 24
Paul is talking to Larissa about Paris while Harold and Tad eavesdrop. He invites her to the footy but she has a family thing on. Paul announces to Tad that she likes footy, as well as books, art and travel. Paul can't believe that he fancies his chances with Larissa and tells him to back off. Harold thinks they should come clean about their plot to her - it's unfair.
Number 32
Having told him Laura wonders if Matt's alright. He is a little takenaback but ensures her that he hasn't lost interest. Laura thinks he should have some time to think and leaves, despite his protests for her to stay.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Libby is happy and wants to know how Drew feels about impending fatherhood. Drew is very cautious. She tells him she'll be sensible about this but she knows this is right thing to do. Everything will be fine. Drew hopes so.
Number 28
The next morning Karl is getting ready to go to the Dingoes match. Karl and Susan didn't sleep much last night as they were too busy worrying. Karl hopes Libby will go to the specialist soon, before it's too late and Susan wants to go and tell her that. Karl assures her that Libby looked great last night - almost radiant, in fact. Karl tries to get her to promise she won't go and nag Libby about the doctor but she does that 'I'm-ignoring-you-and-not-listening' thing.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Susan does go to see Libby, who apologises for not telling her about the pregnancy sooner. Libby admits she's excited and thinks everything will be fine. They have an appointment with the specialist this morning.
The Dingoes aren't doing well. Karl gets a call from Susan about the appointment and admits she was right and he was wrong. An injured guy comes off but Paul isn't picked from off the bench to replace him. Tad says that Larissa's not being there is maybe a good thing, since Paul is still on the bench. Paul hears this and doesn't look happy.
The Coffee Shop
Lou can't believe the truth about Laura's unknown occupation - you just can never tell, can you? Matt is worried - he doesn't know what to do. She does other things like martial arts, which Lou thinks would come in handy in her job. Matt is not amused as he chuckles away.
Another guy comes off but the Coach puts the recently injured bloke back on and not Paul. Karl argues with him but the Coach tells him to stay out of it.
Erinsborough Hospital
Libby and Drew come out, looking unhappy, as sad music plays.
Someone is stretchered off and Paul finally gets a chance - with thirty seconds to the siren. He manages to score a goal. Paul complains but the coach says he's lucky he got a run at all.
Number 32
Laura comes over to pick up her organiser which she left last night by mistake. Matt wonders when she's free - she must work a lot of nights. She goes to leave but he tells her not to and kisses her!
Lassiters' Lake
Drew says her body isn't ready and this is the safest option. Libby says she won't have a termination - she's going to have this baby. It is potentially life threatening but she's interpreting it as there being a chance either way. Drew is very angry, thinking there's an equal chance she could haemorrhage, that it will all go wrong. He won't sign her death warrant. Libby says she can't help how she feels. When there's life there's hope. He thinks there isn't enough of a chance. Libby reiterates that she's made up her mind - she will have this baby.
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