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Neighbours Episode 3774 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3774
Australian airdate: 24/5/01
UK airdate: BBC: 10/7/01
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nathan Tyson: Luke Hemsworth
Pat Miller: Matt Norman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou finds a puppy in a cardboard box.
Tad and Paul see needles in Nathan's bag. Tad says that Paul must dob him in before Nathan does himself some permanent damage.
The Coffee Shop
Paul leaves the Coffee Shop and Tad follows him. He insists that he must tell. Paul says it's Nathan's problem, but Tad says if they find out anyway, Paul may be implicated by association. Karl comes in. Tad says that Paul should tell Karl now, but Paul says he's going to speak to Nathan again.
The Garage
Drew is giving the puppy a bowl of water. Lou comes in. Drew says he's having a drink with a mate(!) and shows him the puppy. Lou says Drew can give her some sausage that he has in the fridge. Lou says that Drew should take the puppy to an animal shelter.
Ramsay Street
Evan is practising tennis. Maggie comes up and asks if Evan has spoken to Joe about the fence. Evan says that he hasn't yet, but he will. Maggie tells Evan that she's going to be a legal volunteer to gain experience.
Drew comes in with the puppy in a box. Libby raves over the puppy. Drew says he's going to take her to the animal shelter. Libby says that they should look after the puppy until the owner shows off. Drew says that he doesn't think that the puppy has an owner - she was abandoned. Susan comes in and raves over the puppy. Libby and Susan fuss over the puppy and say they have to bath her before taking her to the animal shelter!
The Coffee Shop
Michelle has been given a Saturday morning detention. Tad tells her to just do the detention and get over it. Tad asks Harold if he can leave early to work out a routine for the skate park.
Lou comes in. Harold tells Tad and Lou that he's going to accept the offer on the house. Tad says they can't - they've got nowhere to move to.
Training Field
Paul tackles Nathan about the drugs. He gets very angry with him. Karl asks what's going on, but Paul won't say.
The puppy has escaped from Susan and Libby and chewed up Karl's tennis recquet! Drew is looking through the lost and found section of the paper for anyone who's lost a puppy. Libby asks Drew if they can keep the puppy at the flat. Drew says they can't - their lease says no pets. Libby tells him that the animal shelter is closed in the evening, so they'll have to keep her until the morning anyway.
Training Field
Nathan is sniping at Paul. Karl tells the coach that all the players are due for their medicals. It will include blood and urine tests. Just then, Nathan starts punching Paul.
Maggie is ironing and wishing that she had enough money to pay someone to do it for her. They have a highly interesting conversation about ironing(!). Evan asks Maggie when she starts her legal service volunteer work. Maggie thinks Evan isn't keen on the idea. He says that it is a lot to take on and they hardly see her as it is. Maggie is angry with Evan. Leo overhears them arguing and runs off to his room.
Paul is telling Karl that he saw syringes in Nathan's bag. The team's coach arrives as Paul is leaving and says they've got a problem. Karl agrees with him.
Maggie is sorry that she argued with Evan in front of Leo. Evan tells her not to worry about it. He says Leo is a good kid. Maggie says that this time next year she'll have her degree and things will be easier.
The coach is trying to play down Nathan fighting with Paul. The coach tells him that he doesn't want Nathan tested when Karl does the medicals. He says if there's a problem in the Dingoes, he'll sort it out. Karl says that anything to do with the team's health is up to him. The coach tells Karl to think very carefully about what he's going to do.
Libby is sitting up late at night. Karl joins her. Libby tells Karl that she's thinking about the dog - she can't bear the thought of her going to the shelter. Karl says Libby has been the same about animals all her life. Karl lets slip that they used to have to keep buying new rabbits secretly for Libby because they kept running away or dying! They laugh over it.
Libby has made some posters to put up in case someone is looking for the dog. Karl tells Susan that he watched some videos of old Dingoes games. He says that Nathan appeared to win most of them on his own. Also, Pat (the coach) is up for Coach of the Year. Karl says he's going to ring the Drug Sports Authority for backup, and then urine-test Nathan. Susan is worried for Nathan's future.
Susan asks Karl if he's worried about the audit of the surgery. He says he is a bit, but they'll just have to wait and see how it goes.
Harold tells Tad that they'd better start looking for somewhere to live. Harold says that it will be a relief to sell the house. He tells Paul that he's done the right thing about Nathan. Paul asks Harold if he's really sure that he wants to sell the house. Harold says he does.
Lou comes in and sees some printouts of prospective houses. Lou says that he shouldn't be making kneejerk decisions.
The Surgery
Nathan denies that he has been taking drugs - he says that Paul is jealous of him so will say anything. Karl asks to see Nathan's left arm. Karl says if he refuses tests, he will publicise the fact that he refused.
The Garage
Lou is fawning over the puppy. Drew says that she must go to the animal shelter. He says he suddenly feels like the bad guy(!) but he's just trying to do the right thing.
The Surgery
Susan comes in. Karl tells her that the medical audit people have found more discrepancies. They're coming to the surgery to investigate further. Karl is a bit worried.
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