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Neighbours Episode 3769 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3769
Australian airdate: 17/05/01
UK airdate: 19/06/01
UK Gold: 1/12/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: David Myles
Guests: Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Veronica Anderson: Monika Karwan
Gordon Scott: Lachlan MacDonald
Grant Sellars: Peter Stanbrook
- "Counting Down" by Human Nature
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Drew telling Ronnie to stop harassing Libby and him or he'll take legal action and Ronnie replying that she's given everything up for him and can't live without him.
Libby seeing a 'wanted' poster at her work and recognising the person as Ronnie but her real name is Pamela McAdam (nee Scott).
No. 28
Drew bringing Susan up to date about the damage to the flat as Libby rushes in and shows them the wanted poster she found at work. Drew can't believe it, especially the part saying to contact the police.
No. 26
Michelle is telling Bianca about how a nearby wetland is in danger (they want to build a road) and though the net. Bianca however isn't exactly enthralled, she'd rather they look at the 'Human Nature' website instead, so Michelle makes a quip about that being the only nature she is interested in. Michelle then discovers that there is a demonstration planned tomorrow afternoon and again, Bianca is less than enthusiastic.
No. 32
Evan discovers Emily and Leo playing with Bob in the house. Maggie says that Bob is getting into their property though a disguised hole and adds that when she discovered it, the posts looked rotten too. Evan isn't pleased to hear that news and wishes it is something else. Maggie tells him to look himself then, which he does.
No. 24
Lou tells Harold about Drew & Libby moving back into No. 28 and wishes he was moving in with them so he can use them for babysitting! He also tells Harold that after Patsy, he's a bit reluctant to hire another nanny. Harold replies that Lolly is welcome to his house while he is still there and confirms that he still intends to sell up as there are too many memories to stay. Lou asks how the boys are taking the news, not good Harold replies before revealing that he's had a positive meeting already with one real estate agent but Lou is sceptical and tells him to have a few more before picking one...and he's got a mate in the business too before realising what he is doing and refuses to give the info as he doesn't want Harold to leave.
No. 26
Michelle is trying to persuade Bianca to go to the demo and she explains that her mum still isn't keen on them being friends and so isn't likely to allow it. Michelle replies that they simply don't tell their parents!
No. 28
Libby is frustrated when Drew tells her of his one-sided conversation with the police over Ronnie, as she wanted to know why they wanted her. Tess arrives looking for Drew - the police have contacted her and want her to speak to Ronnie's father but she had no contact details, hence calling round to see Drew. He suddenly remembers that he has her mobile number and finds it while Libby was quizzing Tess over why Ronnie's dad wanted to contact his daughter.
No. 32
Leo moans that he's having to wear daggy shoes instead of trendy ones to Maggie as Evan comes in to take Bob home. He confirms that the fence is dodgy and he'll see their landlord (he didn't know it was Lou) to talk costs.
No. 28
Lib is dying with curiosity and wants Drew to contact Ronnie's father. They end up having a tickle-fest and Susan comes out to tell them to keep the news down before becoming interested in what they are watching before the tickle-fest. She promptly jumps in between them and starts watching although the look on her face a few seconds later suggests she wish she hadn't!
Michelle is telling Bianca how they can get to the demo but Bianca is still reluctant about going. Michelle however is going regardless.
The Coffee Shop
Harold brings the coffees over to Matt and Maggie and they chat about how they are settling into the neighbourhood. Lou arrives and Maggie takes the opportunity to tell him about the fence between No. 32 and 30.
Michelle is bored rigid during Evan's talk on reproduction and she continues to badger Bianca about going to the demo. Eventually Evan interrupts their chat and the class ends up talking about wetland conservation. The pupils debate the reasons for and against it being destroyed for a freeway before Michelle interprets Evan telling the class that "it's our right to fight for our future" as being an okay to attend the demo. Bianca is also impressed too as she tells Michelle that she'll now go to the demo.
No. 28
Drew and Libby talk about the repairs to their place before a gentleman calls round looking for Drew. Turns out he is Ronnie's dad - Gordon Scott - and he is looking for Pamela.
They invite Gordon in and tell him about Pamela's new name (Ronnie Anderson) and he tells them that Pamela got married 4 months ago and that she witnessed her husband being killed on the first day of their honeymoon when they went rock climbing. He further explains that when he took her home, she became withdrawn and after a couple of weeks simply disappeared, hence his haste to find his daughter. Gordon is relieved to hear that his daughter is alive but Drew is still puzzled as to why Ronnie picked him until Gordon says that he does bear passing resemblance to Ronnie's husband and perhaps saw him as a substitute.
Drew says that would explain a few things and Libby thanks him for telling them. Gordon however has one more reason for calling - he wants Drew to phone Ronnie as he (and the police) feels that if they tried to contact her, she'll take off again. Drew is a bit reluctant but Libby pipes up that she has an idea.
The Coffee Shop
Harold gives Bianca and Michelle the supplies they've ordered before attending the demo. Harold asks if they have permission and they tell him what Evan said and Harold is pleased that the school is taking an interest.
Drew is on the lookout for Ronnie and Gordon is wondering if she'll turn up or not. Drew tells him that she will and Gordon thanks him for being the one that Ronnie chose.
Tess talks to Evan in the corridor and tells them (Susan has joined them) about the discussion he had with Michelle's class before heading off to his next class. Tess asks Susan if she gave permission for some year 9 (Michelle's year) to take the afternoon off as there are some pupils who haven't turned up for classes in the afternoon. Susan replies that she didn't and is equally as puzzled as Tess about the missing pupils. I wonder where they could be...
...they are of course at the demonstration! The demo is in full progress but Bianca is a bit reluctant to join in with the chanting (Freeway no way).
They are still waiting but Drew hears a car pull up. As Gordon and Libby hid, Ronnie comes in and hugs Drew telling him that she know he'd change his mind. Drew pulls out of the hug as Gordon and Libby come into view. She doesn't recognise her father and as Gordon calls her Pamela she moves away and gets into a car Drew is working on and breaks down. Gordon consoles her and eventually he manages to persuade her to get out of the car and they leave with him comforting her as she cries.
The demo is still ongoing and Michelle is getting into the swing of things and Bianca wishing she was elsewhere. The media have now arrived and a reporter (Grant Sellars) goes up to Michelle and asks her if she wouldn't mind answering a few questions. Michelle is more than happy to do this as the credits come up.
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