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Neighbours Episode 3766 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3766
Australian airdate: 14/05/01
UK airdate: 14/06/01
UK Gold: 30/11/05
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: David Myles
Guests: Ivy McKinnon - Robin Bisset
Penny Whatley - Samantha Stone
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Dee tells Toadie that it's probably a good thing Darcy is going
Darcy's job has fallen through
Number 24
After a nice shot of a Qantas plane landing. Paul arrives home to Tad - Harold has gone off with Lou and Lolly, forgetting to pick Paul up. What's more he seemed pretty forgetful in Paris too. Toadie ribs Paul to tell Tad about the girl he met - Paul admits he met an Aussie over in France. Tad tells him that Harold is overdoing it - coping 'too well'. He breaks the news that Harold wants to sell the house and won't be talked out of it.
Number 30
Dee's showing off her purchases to Toadie and thanks him for being a sounding board. She's going to follow Darcy's example and move on. She wants to make some changes - and where better to start than with the house? Toadie likes it the way it is but Dee thinks it needs a feminine touch.
Number 22
Lou pulls up with Harold and Lolly. Harold thanks him for the ride and decides to head home - he has a ton of things to do and there's something at the back of the mind that he thinks he's forgotten - PAUL! He can't believe he forgot to pick him up!
Number 28
Darcy can't find an interesting job! Karl tells him to come down to the surgery where he can get him the latest issue of the jobs magazine. Susan says he can stay as long as he likes. Once Darcy's dashed out the door Susan pitches an idea to Karl - how about Darcy become Karl's partner? Karl wants more time to himself and is always talking about it. But Karl seems a little pessimistic, citing their opposing views on how to practice medicine as just one point. He has a ton of excuses which Susan rubbishes and she tells him to think about it before she lets him out the door.
The Surgery
Karl has just offered the job as a precursor to a partnership. Darcy worries that it's out of sympathy but Karl assures him that it's not. Darcy is surprised and uses the same arguments against it as Karl did. Karl takes on Susan's counter arguments - leaving their differences at home etc - and Darcy agrees to think it over.
Number 24
Tad wants to know more about this French (actually, Aussie) chick. Paul really connected with her. Tad stumbled upon an email from her ( and found out her name was Larissa) and Paul wonders how many she sent - a lot!
Number 30
Dee is putting up a Mariah Carey poster (The cover of her 'Rainbow' album) and Toadie thinks she's worse than Lance. Dee protests she's just doing what she did at Tess' place. Dee looks outside and Toadie says she won't see the plane from there. She said goodbye last night, remember? He escorts her away from the window.
The Surgery
Darcy is leaving and runs into Lou in the way out. Lou comes in and asks for help to sleep - he needs a prescription. Karl's reluctant to prescribe but Lou wears him down and Karl tells him that he trusts him. Lou can't believe Harold's selling up - he's never lost his respect for him, no matter what's been going on.
Number 24
Harold is sorting out his Salvo stuff. Paul offers his help. Harold admits that it feels like Madge's still here and Paul was sure she was in his room in Paris one night. Harold believes she was there. Harold persuades him to go to footy practice: they have to keep busy. Madge was so proud of him.
Number 30
Toadie has more mail and can't believe how popular he is with good-looking ladies! Dee thinks looks aren't everything. Matt's been sorting through the best ones and asking for their photos. Dee wants to see the letters - a female perspective. She spots Darcy's car out the window and she wonders if he's okay. Toadie wonders why it matters - she's over him. She agrees half-heartedly.
The Surgery
Karl helps a patient who tells him she was talking to a man from the Health Insurance commission and she simply told the truth. Karl seems worried.
Later on the patient asks what she should do should the man come again and Karl thinks he's unlikely to visit again. Once she's gone he picks up the phone, calling someone and asking whether he's the subject of an audit and why he wasn't told.
Ramsay Street
Darcy helps Susan wash her car. Dee comes out of number 30. He admits to Susan that he wants to stay but there are some problems. Susan calls over to Harold and asks for help with her roses, giving Dee a chance to ask Darcy what he's still doing here.
Number 28
Dee is up to date. Darcy admits that she knows what's stopping him from taking the job at the surgery and she thinks that something personal shouldn't interfere. Darcy thinks she's right - they're not kids. Dee thinks they shouldn't have a problem. She doesn't look as if she wants to leave but Darcy's going to finish the car and she goes.
Outside Number 28
Garden talk with Harold and Susan. He has some snapdragons to give to her.
Number 24
Tad asks Harold whether Larissa rings any bells - and whether she was hot. Harold admits she was attractive. Tad is sending her an email. Paul arrives and demands to know what Tad's doing. The email has been sent. Harold wants to know where the oven mitt is.
TAD: I think it would be where Madge left it...
He trails off when he realises what he's said. Harold thinks how silly of him - of course that's where it would be.
Number 28
Karl returns and Darcy tells him that he owes him an apology about the reaction to the job, but he's very grateful and he accepts. Karl is very unenthusiastic and tells them that the surgery is under audit - looking for mistakes and rip-offs. The thing is there has been a mistake - something Darcy did when Karl was away. He billed a patient for a longer consultation than they had and the patient reported it to Medicare. Now they're under investigation.
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