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Neighbours Episode 3762 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3762
Australian airdate: 08/05/01
UK airdate: 08/06/01
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Bernie O'Reilly: Gordon Lindsay
Larry lookalike: Jason Merrett
Spunky Jake: Nick Russian
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lyn admitting she's too old to learn.
Libby finding an earring, which doesn't belong to her.
Drew and Libby's Place
Drew is trying to deny all knowledge of the earrings and tries to claim it belongs to either Steph, Nigel the neighbour, Toadie, Dee or Darcy! Libby doesn't believe him so he says it might be Ronnie's and Libby wonders why she would take her earring off for dinner. Drew replies that doesn't know and adds that he doesn't know why she came round for dinner anyway and tells her that he spent the whole night talking about her. Libby is still rattled by Ronnie and Drew quickly says she's got nothing to worry about but Libby adds that a lesser woman would have scratched his eyes out by now!
Ramsay Street
Tad runs into Flick and asks how Harold is going in Paris. Tad says that Paul mentioned that Harold is still down and since Paul is going to see his father when they come back to Australia he asks her to visit frequently! She agrees before going to see the Kennedy's. Tad wonders why she is really going over and asks if it is anything to do with Joel, which Flick denies.
No. 28
Karl is catching up with the mail and Susan asks if there is anything nice but it is all junk mail. They chat idly about jetlag and the wedding when Flick knocking interrupts them. She welcomes them back enquiring about the wedding then subtly asks if Joel was on the same flight home as them. They tell her that Joel has gone off on a bit of a tour round Asia. Flick isn't exactly happy to hear that.
Lyn asks if the ride has cleared the cobwebs from Steph's head. Steph is replying when she spots someone who looks like Woody from the back but when they turn round it isn't him. Lyn notices the bloke and says she too thought it was Woody for a second. They change the subject onto bikes.
LYN: So what do I have to do to, swear a lot and spit on the ground?
Steph just laughs and adds that when a good-looking guy passes you've got to say, "Show us your jocks." Lyn hopes that Steph doesn't do that and Steph feigns her innocence just as a good-looking guy passes them but she just stares at his butt instead of saying something.
No. 24
Tad is sorting out the mail and notices a letter for Madge.
Steph comes out and tells Lyn they're booked in for the night. Lyn hopes it is safe and Steph reassures her saying they won't get hassled. The owner comes out with keys to their room and Steph introduces Lyn as her mate, not as her mum.
No. 26
Joe comes home as Flick is dishing up the supper and asks if Lyn is home and Flick tells him to relax but he adds that he prefers it when Steph has her male friends around her. Flick says that is sexist and they start to quarrel and then Joe works out that Flick is upset about Joel not coming back with the Kennedy's, which she denies.
No. 24
Tad is continuing with the cleaning when he spots Madge's glasses on the coffee table. He takes a few deep breaths.
No. 26
Tad comes over and Joe asks him to stay and watch TV but Flick takes him through to the kitchen first for drinks so she can talk to him. She asks him if they can go somewhere to talk about Joel without Joe overhearing. Tad says Joel has sent Toadie few emails and Flick adds that the Kennedy's said he'd taken off somewhere but they were vague. She asks again if he knows where Joel is and can he ask Toadie for her. Tad tells her that Joel said he'd phone tomorrow and invites her round to speak to him then.
No. 24
Karl is dissecting the bank statement and Susan starts to talks about Sarah and the name she and Peter choose for her daughter but Karl quickly escapes to avoid talking about it. Susan wants to phone Libby but Karl stops her and tells her not to interfere in Libby and Drew's relationship. Susan agrees and as soon as Karl goes into the bedroom she goes to phone them but Karl is waiting for that to happen and quickly grabs the phone from her.
Drew and Libby's Place
Libby has now found a lipstick and wonders which friend would have left it at the back of the bathroom cabinet. Drew doesn't know who'd do that and Libby asks if it is Ronnie's.
Drew is at a loss to understand why she would have left it. Libby suggests that from where it was, it was planted. Drew says that Ronnie never tried anything on and asks Libby if he believes nothing happened. She does and suggests that Ronnie is a Grade A psycho! Drew says he should have seen it coming and Libby adds he then wouldn't be the man she loves and that he is a trusting man who sees the best in people. Drew apologises for it happening as he'd been so looking forward to Libby coming home as he missed her so much and wanted them to be together.
Lyn is familiarising herself with the controls on Steph's bike before starting it and revs the engine like a little kid. Lyn says she'd like to ride a bike, and Steph adds that Joe will take a fit if she does that and Lyn replies that he'd get used to it and will tell Flick and Michelle to 'get a life' if they complain too!
No. 26
Joe is fretting because he hasn't had a phonecall from Lyn. Flick says to phone her but Joe says she'll think he's checking up on her and Flick comments that doing so won't be a surprise since it's what he does. Joe snaps at her and tells her that as much as Joel is a nice guy he's too old for her. Flick takes exception to this and tells him to trust her judgement like he does the others. Joe replies that he trusts her judgement just not her age. They discuss how to raise kids and Flick tells him she's going to be with Joel and when she finishes school in six months time she's out of here. Joe wants her to explain it and Flick tells him she's going to leave home to be with Joel.
Drew and Libby's Place
Susan calls round just as Drew is leaving for work. They chat idly about their jet lag before Libby tells her that Ronnie has taken a fancy to Drew. Susan tells her she was dying to ask her about it last night but Karl wouldn't let her phone. Libby tells Susan about Ronnie coming round for dinner and finding items of hers around the flat. Susan is shocked and asks if they were being planted but Libby reassures her she believes Drew.
No. 30
Tad is on the phone to Joel asking him (on behalf of Flick) when he's coming home. Flick comes in and Joel quickly ends the conversation before she can talk to him. Flick wants to know what he said and Tad tells her he's got some bad news for her.
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