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Neighbours Episode 3737 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3737
Australian airdate: 03/04/01
UK airdate: 02/05/01
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Marcus: Rob Draper
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew and Libby can't sleep because of the drummer upstairs.
Joe catches Flick and Joel having a pash.
Joel and Flick face Joe. Joe tells Flick that she's destroyed any trust he ever had in her and tells her to get in the car. Flick refuses. Joe manhandles Joel a bit when he defends Flick but then helps him up. Flick insists she's not going with Joe. Joe is coldly angry and says they'll talk about it later.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby creeps in and Drew is sleeping on the sofa in the middle of the day. He wakes up and she tells him all about the latest at the paper - she's fed up of the rubbish she has to cover for them. Drew has made dinner for Libby. She is very pleased and tells him she can't understand why she took so long to marry him! At that moment the drumming starts up again. Drew says he'll go and have a word. Libby asks Drew what's for dinner and he says, "Chicken...drumsticks"(!)
Lyn and Michelle are hanging out looking at old photos of Lyn from the 1970s. Michelle says Lyn was a hot babe(!) Michelle wants to know if she still has any of the clothes, but Lyn says she hasn't. Lyn suddenly realises what Gino's been talking about at the salon - the retro-vintage look! She starts dancing through the kitchen and Michelle follows her!
Joe comes in fuming about Joel and Flick.
Toadie and Bob are hanging out. Toadie is making Bob a pate sandwich(!)
There's a knock at the door and it's a bloke called Marcus - he's come about the room. Toadie says he told him to come round at 11am, not 11pm! Marcus starts having a look around, much to Toadie's surprise.
Joe is still fuming about Joel and Flick. Lyn says maybe she's to blame - she thought there was something going on but dropped the ball because her life has been so busy recently. Joe wants to know how long they have been lying for. He turns to Michelle and asks her what she knows. She says she doesn't know anything, but Joe can see that she does.
Marcus is looking through Toadie and Joel's stuff. Marcus suddenly recognises Toadie as the Uni FM DJ. He says Toadie is cool and starts telling him that his aura has turned red!
Joel comes in with Flick - his shoulder is sore from when he was knocked down with Joe. Toadie shows Marcus out and says he'll let him know. Then he sprays air-freshener about(!)
Joel tells Toadie what happened with Joe. Toadie tells Flick to go home before Joe comes over to get her. Flick says she's not going back there ever - she doesn't want anything more to do with her father.
Joe is waiting for Flick to come home. Lyn is trying to placate him. Joe says that when Flick comes home, he wants Lyn to do the talking for him and try to sort things out between him and Flick. Lyn suggests they go over to No.30 to get it sorted out.
Joel wants to take Flick home - the longer they leave it the worse it's going to get. Flick refuses - Joe hurt Joel.
There's a knock at the door and it's Joe and Lyn. Toadie shows them in then makes himself scarce.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Libby and Drew are just finishing dinner, but can't hear each other over the drumming and the ear defenders they are wearing! Drew says he couldn't have a word - the bloke couldn't hear the doorbell over his drumming! Libby rings the police to report a nuisance. Then she realises she's turning into Karl(!) and hangs up. The drumming stops at that moment. They look up, relieved, and revel in the silence. About 20 seconds later it starts up again.
Flick asks Joe why he was snooping around anyway, but Joe says he thought Joel had broken down again and was going to help him. He's disappointed that they lied, but Joel says Joe gave them no choice - he wouldn't even discuss it. Joe says that one day Joel might have a daughter and then he'll understand. Flick says she's not 12. Joe and Lyn decide to go home, but Flick insists she's not coming - she's staying with Joel and there's nothing they can do about it.
No.30, the following morning
Flick says that Lance's mattress was like concrete(!) She thanks Joel for standing up for her to Joe. Joel tells her that everything will be fine.
Toadie looks knowingly at Joel, but he says he's got the wrong idea - he and Flick slept in separate rooms. Toadie says he doesn't care because he has enough problems of his own - finding a tenant and the incitement charge hanging over him. He tells Joel to keep his romantic problems to himself. He tells Joel that he hopes Flick is worth it.
Lyn and Joe are beside themselves. Michelle asks if Flick will be in trouble when she gets home but Lyn sends her off to school. Lyn asks Joe to promise that he won't do his block when Flick does come home - they only way it'll work is if they approach it calmly. Joe says he'll be fine.
Libby and Drew's house
Libby is reading from the paper - apparently there's a criminal on the loose who used to be a drummer(!) Libby reads a few more details about the criminal and then exclaims that it's their upstairs neighbour!
Flick is just leaving to go home. She says she'll just tell her parents how it is and they'll have to lump it. Toadie rolls his eyes in the background.
Flick asks Lyn and Joe if they'll listen to her without interrupting. She has some conditions to coming home - she and Joel have to be a normal couple. She wants more freedom. When she's finished, Joe says that there's no way she'll be seeing Joel again under any circumstances and she's got her priorities wrong - passing Year 12 is her priority. Flick says she's not a child. Joe says that everything she's done with Joe just proves how immature she is. Flick says that he just can't handle the fact that his baby girl's grown up. Joe says as long as she's under his roof she'll obey his rules. Flick says that she'll just move in with Joel, then!
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