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Neighbours Episode 3735 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3735
Australian airdate: 30/03/01
UK airdate: 30/04/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Matthew Hancock: Stephen Hunt
Dave Patrick: Chris Gaffney
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Matt being told he has the job at the pub.
Lance telling Madge to enjoy herself in Paris.
Lou giving Steph advice on how to sack someone.
Steve has come back from deliveries and Steph tries to chat to him about sacking him but he gets in first saying he needs OT to cover medical expenses and she says to him she'll look into it.
No. 26
Lyn is asking Michelle if her clothes look nice. Michelle is polite but Joe wants to know why she is changing her appearance for the new salon owner. Lyn says Gino is trying to attract a younger crowd and image is now important. The police phone to let Joe know his site has been robbed again.
Lou's place
Libby and Drew discuss how the meeting about adoption went. Libby says she didn't realise there were only 22 babies adopted last year and moans they will be ancient by the time they reach the top of the list.
No. 24
Madge is reading out info about Paris she found in a magazine. She tells Harold all the places she wants to visit and Harold says they will be there soon. Dee comes in with medical info for their trip in case she needs it and reminds her about the trip to the Health Spa tomorrow.
No. 26
Steph wants to know why Lyn has changed her image but Michelle sticks up for her saying it is cool. Lyn realises Steph is down and they have a chat. She tells Lyn about Steve and how she can't now sack him but will have to let the more efficient one go instead and asks Lyn for advice. Dee comes round and invites Steph out for a drink.
Lou's Place
Lou giving Matt the rundown on how things work in the pub. Steph and Dee comes in and joins Libby and Drew. Steph feels awkward around them and gets up to move away but Drew and Libby leave instead. Dee wonders what's up.
No. 26
Joe comes in and says it was kid driving a ute that stole the building materials from the site.
Lou's Place
Dee is giving Steph advice - leave work at work so you don't end up going nuts but Steph is still stressing. Matt comes over to get a drinks order and when he leaves with it they eye him up but he is doing it back to them.
Drew and Libby's Place
Libby eventually tells Drew how she feels. He tells her it will just take time and in the meantime they have each other. Just as things are getting romantic, their upstairs neighbour begins to play his music ruining the atmosphere.
No. 24
Harold is up late and Madge comes out of the bedroom. They sit down on the sofa and Madge thanks him for putting on a brave face and not making her feel like a burden.
Dave (the one she now has to sack) comes in and just as she is beginning to tell him when he hijacks the conversation by saying the company has become his whole life since his wife died and she chickens out.
Drew and Libby's Place
Libby is telling Drew that they can look into overseas adoptions. They turn their music up and the upstairs neighbour turns his up to. Dee calls round to see if Libby is still on the for Health Spa. They show off their flat and Dee puts her foot in it by saying it will be fine once they've done the place up! She backtracks after they say they've done it up.
The Coffee Shop
Lou calls in and asks Harold how it is going. He is worried about Madge and the trip to France is keeping them both going. Harold thanks Lou for the upgrade on the tickets. Lou wants him to do a favour - to give him a letter at an appropriate moment.
No. 26
Steph come and Lyn wants to know how it went sacking Dave. She tells them she chickened out again. Dee and Libby come in to take Steph away to the Health Spa.
No. 24
Dee calls round for Madge. She isn't replying to her knocking on the door so she goes to look through the window and spots Madge lying on the ground.
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