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Neighbours Episode 3732 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3732
Australian airdate: 27/03/01
UK airdate: BBC: 25/04/01
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Colin Rogers: John Tarle
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan tells Jess that now she's eighteen they have no obligation to continue to allow her to attend school. Jess looks a bit stricken.
Flick enters a beach hut on Sunset Bay thinking she is meeting Joel. The hut is dark and Flick finds a poster-size photo of herself inside.
Beach Hut
Flick regards the poster in shock. Then she looks closer and sees many of her possessions that she thought she'd lost around the hut. A voice from the shadows says, "Surprise" and Flick turns to see Colin, the geeky guy from school.
Tad is confused to see Joel at No.30 - he thought he was going out. Tad goes to look at the CDs, but he does tell Joel he's surprised he has the guts to keep Felicity Scully waiting. Joel doesn't know what he means. Tad tells him that he's meeting Flick on Sunset Bay, but Joel doesn't know anything about it. Joel gets a bit worried and decides to take off straight away in Toadie's car. He asks Tad to explain things to Toadie. Tad says he doesn't know what he's supposed to explain!
Beach Hut, Sunset Bay
Colin says that Flick doesn't look pleased to see him (well, duh!) Flick says he scared the hell out of her. Colin apologises. Flick says she thought she was meeting Joel. Colin closes the door and says that his parents own the hut, but they don't use it anymore. He likes it because it has good reception for his CB radio. Colin says he couldn't sign the note because Flick wouldn't come.
Flick looks around the room and sees lights on the full-size poster of her. Colin says he's rigging up some solar power to light them(!) He tells Flick that he's done all this because he likes her and Flick humours him by talking about school. Colin gets even more freaky and tells Flick he loves her and that they're meant to be together!
Karl, Susan, Joe and Lyn are organising a farewell drink for when Harold and Madge go to Paris. Lyn offers them a coffee. While she is tidying up a few things, Lyn finds the note about Sunset Bay. Lyn covers for Flick to Joe. She also tells Susan that Flick has got over the Joel business and is ready to knuckle down to study. Lyn babbles a bit and then excuses herself and Joe to the kitchen.
Lyn shows Joe the letter and they are glad to know where she is, but a bit concerned.Beach Hut
Flick tells Colin that she's not the right girl for him - he's not her type. Colin doesn't believe her. Colin won't accept that Flick loves Joel. He says she thinks of him as "King of the Nerds". She says people are just jealous of Colin because he always beats them in exams. Colin says that physics is very important - it allows you to control matter. Also it allows you to make bombs if you know enough. Flick realises that he planted the bomb at the school.
Joel is running along the beach.
Beach Hut
Flick is getting angry - she tells Colin that Michelle was near the bomb when it went off and she could have been hurt. Colin says it wasn't his fault - it was Susan's for letting the kids out into the yard(!) Colin says he was watching in case anything went wrong. He says he's sick of never being taken seriously. Flick explains that there are other ways to impress people than making a bomb.
Joel is shouting Flick's name.
Beach Hut
Joel runs in and Colin runs out. When he sees Flick is OK, Joel runs out to look for Colin but he can't see him. Flick tells Joel that Colin put the bomb in the bin. Joel says they must go to the police. He leads Flick off. In the background, Colin peeps out from behind a beach hut.
The Coffee Shop
Jess is moaning that her parents don't have any time for her since the new baby came along. Tad says that pretty understandable - babies are demanding. The baby's name is Conrad Maximillian and they both laugh over it. She makes snide remarks about Susan and Tad tells her to drop it. Tad tells Jess that she can't be right all the time. She thinks the whole world is against her when it isn't. Tad says they get their Tennessee Williams assignments back tomorrow and is excited about it because they put so much work into them. He says he's hoping for a B, but Jess says they put so much work in they should get an A. She adds that if they don't, she'll want to know why.
Joel and Flick have arrived back and Flick is having a restorative cup of tea. Susan is amazed to hear that Colin planted the bomb. Flick is a bit shaky and says that she doesn't know what she'd have done if Joel hadn't turned up. Karl says she's suffering from delayed shock. Susan says things are more serious than Colin thinks - he's committed two crimes, the bomb and imprisoning Flick. Flick says that sometimes he seemed to realise what he was doing was wrong, but other times he was oblivious. Susan says Colin has always been a bit strange. Flick is worried that she led Colin on somehow, but Susan says she isn't to blame.
Susan suggests that Joel take Flick home. Both Joel and Flick look nervous at the prospect, so Karl offers to go along with them and explain what happened to Lyn and Joe.
Joe has been brought up to speed on the story by Karl and calls Colin a psychopath. Karl says there will be a psychological investigation but Joe says Colin should be put away. Lyn can't believe the enormity of what's happened. Flick explains how she had the note and thought it was from Joel but she was wrong. Karl interjects that it's Joel who they should be thanking for saving the day.
Susan is speaking to Colin's mother on the phone. He hasn't come home yet and she's very worried. Karl comes home and says he's glad he went over to the Scullys with Flick and Joel because Joe was a bit suspicious. Susan has rung the police to tell them what's going on. Karl wonders if Colin will come home at all.
Susan is appalled with herself for thinking that Jess planted the bomb - she was prejudiced against her because she's never warmed to her. Karl says she's found something out that he's known for a long time - what it is to be human(!) Susan snaps that she isn't superhuman. She is really upset about ringing the police with Jess's name - she says there's no excuse for such rash judgment.
Flick is ringing Joel in the dark to bring him up to speed with what happened when Karl explained the situation to Joe. She says that Karl made Joel out to be the hero of the piece. Flick has to go to the station tomorrow to make a statement about Colin. She asks Joel if they can meet up together at tomorrow. Joel says they can, but not on a beach because all their beach excursions have gone very badly of late! They agree to meet at the Coffee Shop tomorrow at lunchtime. Flick says that she has a feeling that things might be different for them on the Joe front from now on.
Flick hangs up and Michelle joins her in the kitchen. Michelle tells Flick to stop sneaking around - she says it won't help Flick's case. Michelle says it annoys everyone - it's babyish and she bets it annoys Joel too. Flick says they don't have a choice. Michelle thinks she likes it - sneaking around is more romantic. She doesn't think Flick and Joel would last a week if it was all out in the open. Flick asks Michelle when she became the relationship expert.
Susan tells the class that the police have got a suspect for the bombing, but asks them not to speculate. Jess says loudly that it's a funny coincidence that Colin isn't at school today. Susan changes the subject by getting the Tennessee Williams assignments out. She says they were generally of a very high standard. Flick got an A+ but Jess only got a C+. She openly challenges Susan on the mark. Susan says if she's got questions they'll discuss it at the break.
The Coffee Shop
Joe apologises to Karl for being a bit suspicious the night before, but Karl says it's understandable - he was concerned. Joe asks if Susan is going to expel Colin, but Karl says there's a long way to go yet and a lot to be discussed. Karl says it was a good thing that Joel turned up when he did. Joe asks if Joel has paid Karl to promote him(!)
Lyn comes in and tells Joe that she can't buy the salon - Katrina the owner has got someone who's ready to sign on the dotted line. She tells Joe that he won't believe who's buying the salon.
It's breaktime and all the kids except Jess has left. She tackles Susan about her assignment mark. She says her and Tad put a lot of work into it and they should have had a better mark. Susan says she knows how hard they worked, but nevertheless, there are some major flaws in the work. The points they raised very valid, but they were discussed in a superficial way. She says they replied too heavily on the video component of the presentation and missed the really important ideas. Jess starts to shout, but Susan says she won't discuss it if she shouts. Jess said Susan has no idea what getting a good mark on the assignment meant to her. Susan brushes this aside and tells Jess she's angry because Susan accused her over the bombing. Susan apologises for that but Jess insists that she's only upset about the assignment - she wants the mark she deserves. She pushes Susan and then goes to slap her. Susan parries the slap and Jess is knocked to the ground. Tad sees the last part of this through the window.
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