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Neighbours Episode 3728 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3728
Australian airdate: 21/03/01
UK airdate: 19/04/01
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Kate Rosewell: Kate Hardman
Dave Dempsey: Jasper Bagg
Tracy Starr: Romi Trower
Photographer: Paul Torok
Angus: Paul Jones
Janelle: Lena Podcabeiouk
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Allana tells Lance if he cheats on the quiz, she doesn't want to go to America with him. Then she storms out.
Flick opens a letter with cut out pieces of newspaper - "He's not right for you"
Joe and Lyn come in with Harvey. Flick quickly stashes the letter and asks Joe if she can borrow his staplegun. Flick admits that Joel is there with her at the fashion show, but there's nothing going on. Lyn says she's proud of Flick for helping Harold out.
Toadie wants to get pizza but Lance doesn't want to. Toadie has been thinking about the legal implications of Lance cheating on the quiz - he could be up for deception. Toadie says there's no point doing it if he can't win without cheating and Lance tells him that he's changed his tune. Toadie says he never thought Lance was serious. Anyway, if he does it, Allana will drop him like a ton of bricks.
Allana knocks the door at that moment. Lance and Toadie revert to talking about pizza.
Fashion Show
Dee tells Tess she's been looking at mortgages. Tess is pessimistic - the bank will only lend up to 90%. Dee says they'll just set a limit on what they can spend, and anyway, 2131 isn't that far away for paying off a mortgage(!)
Flick comes in with the staplegun and shows Joel the weird letter. He thinks it's just someone messing about, but Flick thinks it's creepy.
Joe comes in and asks Joel somewhat frostily how he can help.
Allana asks Lance if he has called the radio station to say he's not going on the quiz. Toadie decided to retreat to the kitchen at this point(!) Lance says he hasn't called them and Allana is furious. Lance says he knows what he's doing. Allana says she's sick of having a boyfriend who can't do what's right. She storms out.
Fashion Show
Flick is supervising the people setting up the fashion show. Tess and Dee are going to be two of the models and Flick is bossing them about and quite enjoying it(!)
Joel says maybe the letter is from Tad and Paul trying to stir Flick up, but he doesn't think so. Joe creeps up and asks what they're whispering about. They tell him they're just stressed that the fashion show will go wrong.
Flick tells Tess and Dee that she can't find her hairclip - it must have fallen out of her bag.
Joe's Taxi
Lou takes some painkillers. Joe is getting some takeaway food. When he comes back, Lou asks if Lyn isn't feeding him, but Joe says she's involved with the fashion show. Joe asks Lou how his back is. Lou says it's coming along slowly and he's sick of feeling like an invalid. Joe says he should be careful - his mate on the building site was off work for months and got addicted to painkillers on top of that.
Lou quickly changes the subject by asking Joe if he can still do the work on No.32.
JOE: If there's no dramas tomorrow, I've got a bit of time.
LOU: You're not anticipating any dramas, are you?
JOE: Mate, I've got three daughters. Life's a drama!
Flick comes home, tired out. Lyn tells her it'll all be worth it tomorrow and that her and Joe are very proud of her. Lyn still thinks it's an excuse to see Joel and Flick isn't very pleased. Lyn says they should have a good gossip section - they haven't had much time to talk recently.
Flick tells Lyn that she feels Lyn and Joe are always waiting for her to do something wrong.
Joe comes in at this point and interrupts. He tells Flick that he and Lyn are very proud of her. Lyn tries to get rid of him, but Joe blunders on and tells Flick that they haven't changed their minds about Joel - he's still too old for her. Flick says he's made himself perfectly clear and stalks off to her room.
Lyn tells Joe off for his bad timing. He is oblivious.
The Coffee Shop
Lance says he's always getting pushed around by women - look at his history with Amy. Toadie says he could lay down the law himself, but he'd still get dumped and be morally bankrupt cheat at the bar. Lance says he just wants to do things his way for a change.
Joel comes in and asks if they put together the creepy letter to Flick - he's hoping it's their idea of a joke. It wasn't though. Joel says that hardly anyone knows about him and Flick, so someone must be spying on them. Toadie reckons it's some 14 year old thinking he's a comic genius. He tells Joel not to stress about it.
Flick has been waiting outside for Joel to come home - her parents are distracted. She tells Joel they'd better watch themselves in public more. She's freaked out about the letter - it was bad enough with only Joe watching them. She doesn't like the idea that someone has the ammunition to dob them in. She says there's no chance of Joe ever coming round. She goes home before she's missed.
Toadie tells Romeo and Juliet didn't die by accident - they just got bored of sneaking around(!)
Lyn is telling Joe that she's upset about Madge's illness coming to her out of the blue. Joe says that's the reason he's putting two slices of cheese on his sandwich instead of one - he might get hit by a bus tomorrow(!) Joe says apart from keeping your eye out for buses, you can't control the future. Lyn says you can take control of the present though.
While they are talking, Flick creeps in. She hears Lyn telling Joe that she knows he's trying to protect Flick by not letting her see Joel, but they might be pushing her away. Joe says they have to be cruel to be kind - they're doing the right thing. Lyn is not so sure - she thinks they're alienating her. She says she used to be able to talk to Flick about anything, and now she can't anymore. She suggests that they both keep encouraging her and telling her how proud they are of her. Flick smiles quietly to herself.
Joe is working on the roof. Dee and Tess aren't pleased that they've been dragged out of bed in their pyjamas. Lou tells them that they'd be surprised how some cosmetic alterations can put up prices of a house - and Lou has to get the best price he can for Phil.
Fashion Show
Dee doesn't think that cosmetic improvements will put the value of the house up that much. Joel says Lou will have bread in the oven and coffee brewing! Dee says she could counteract the effect by inviting some nurses from the hospital around during the inspection - they'll scare everyone off!
The fashion show is going to start in five minutes and Flick is nervous. She tells everyone to "break a leg". Joel tells them not to - they haven't got the insurance to cover it(!)
Lance sits on the sofa and tells Bob that $8000 is a lot of dog biscuits. A cab draws up outside to take him to the quiz. Lance tells Bob to wish him luck - but then corrects himself: he doesn't need luck.
Fashion Show
Flick announces the fashion parade. The parade starts and a woman called Kate introduces the clothes.
Allana is sitting in the audience and Toadie joins her. He tells her that Lance has gone to the radio station. She laments to him that she's not as good a judge of character as she thought.
Radio Station
The host is just setting up for the show. One of the women working at the station comes up to Lance and tells him that he's even more sexy in person than he is on the radio show(!) Lance is flattered. The woman asks him to a Star Wars trilogy showing at the cinema tonight, but Lance says he's seeing his girlfriend tonight. The woman says that if his plans fall through, he knows where to find her!
The host tells Lance that now he's a star, broken hearts will become a regular thing(!) He also tells Lance this is just the start - he could get his own show. Lance looks doubtful, but thoughtful.
Fashion Show
The models are still parading, including Tess and Dee. Lou tells Harold on the phone that the whole show has been terrific and will make a lot of money for the Salvation Army.
The show ends and Flick and Joel give each other a congratulatory kiss behind the scenes. Dee gives Flick an envelope that was handed in for her. She opens it and it's another creepy letter, "He thinks he's so good, doesn't he?" There's also a polaroid photo taken at the fashion parade. Flick says it means whoever sent the letter was at the parade - she's really worried.
Radio Station
The host tells Lance he's no need to be nervous. He thinks Lance is practising for the audience - to make them think he's about to lose. He tells Lance that he's got a big career ahead of him. Lance pauses, then dials a number on his mobile.
Fashion Show
Allana answers her mobile. Lance tells her that she's got to trust him and she must listen to the show.
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