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Neighbours Episode 3679 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3679
Australian airdate: 7/12/00
UK airdate: 7/2/01
UK Gold: 29/9/05
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: David Myles
Guests: Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Pat Horrocks: Mirren Lee
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Steph leaving the prison and Woody confirming to another inmate their plan is working beautifully.
- Drew looking at the wedding ring designs and not liking what he sees.
- Tad watching his bone marrow drip into Tim.
Ramsay Street
Michelle rides over on her scooter to ask if she can join them (they're off to see Tim) and Tad tries to put her off but Michelle is insistent so he relents to let her come with them.
The Community Hall
Lou shows off the brochures for the exhibition and when Drew makes a remark about how posh they look, Lou reminds him that he isn't in it for the money. They chat a bit about Tom Foster before Lou gives Drew a list of things to do and to ignore what is outstanding at the garage.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is reassuring another of her friends (the third one apparently) who is going to the reunion that it won't be a hard sell because Lyn is a friend although her body language tells another story. Harold tries to reassure her and reminds her it has been a while since she's seen them and so to enjoy it.
No. 26
Joe is in preparation mood for the Great Aussie BBQ by asking Lyn to taste a marinade as she gets her Beauty Tree things ready. Lyn tells him she hopes she does well as the area manager called today to figuratively slap her wrists due to poor sales. Joe reassures her and the conversation changes to talking about Steph and Lyn hopes something good will happen for her soon.
Tad introduces Michelle to Tim and they chat about scooting. She asks how long he is in for, and he replies that he'll be in for a bit longer but is looking forward to being able to do things when he gets out, including rooting for the Dingo's.
The Community Hall
Drew finishes the tasks Lou gave him and wants to get back to the garage but is again told that the exhibition is more important and is given more things to do when Libby arrives. She makes some suggestions before he leaves to write is speech. Following Lou's advice, Drew tells Libby he has seen the designs for the rings by accident but although they are interesting he is worried that it will get damaged working in the garage ie I don't like the design and I'm looking for a get out clause. Drew suggests calling the jeweller's to say they've changed their mind but Libby gives him the bad news - they've already been made and she has paid for them too.
After a bit of chit-chat, Paul and Tad leave and Paul promises to play for the Dingo's so Tim can come and cheer him on. Tim asks Michelle to stay to watch a movie with him.
No. 24
Joe helps Lyn to take her Beauty Tree products into the house and Madge goes to do the introductions but Lyn suggests they play a game she has as way of introducing everyone but the faces of Madge's guests reveal that they don't want to play a game probably because they know each other already!
Michelle shows off her card skills to Tim and they talk about his mum for a bit before Tim asks if he can borrow Michelle's scooter when he gets out so he can try out some tricks together. Michelle decides to give Tim the scooter because he'd use it more then she would. Tim thanks her for coming when Michelle notices the time and promises to come back tomorrow to see him.
No. 24
The guests are having a great time discussing/trying out the products but the fun atmosphere changes when Lyn hands out the order forms.
No. 26
Michelle apologies for being late home when Joe answers the ringing phone. He is a bit puzzled by the call, as the caller is ringing in response to an ad in TCS about a missing scooter. Michelle fills in the missing blanks and Joe informs her that he has the owner on the phone and wants to know when he can call round to collect his scooter!
No. 24
Madge says goodbye to her guests and one of them grumbles to her about how much she paid for some bubble bath before adding that he was there for a reunion not a sales pitch. Lyn says they were a nice bunch before admitting the night wasn't exactly a roaring success for either of them (Lyn only made two sales - the bubble bath and the things Madge bought). She then admits that it was a mistake coming and that the evening was a total disaster.
No. 26 (next day)
Joe is reminding Michelle that even if it was the right thing to do, she shouldn't have given the scooter away and she now has to tell Tim the scooter isn't his. Michelle isn't exactly enthralled by the prospect of doing this. Lyn comes through to the kitchen and Joe tries to reassure her that things will get better for selling Beauty Tree products. Lyn asks where Steph is and Joe replies that she is at Stanno's because Woody might be there and she is pleased that something good is happening at last for Steph. Joe wonders if Woody is back in the picture as far as Steph is concerned and Lyn hopes so given what Steph has been through lately.
Warrinor Prison
Except Steph isn't at Stanno's seeing Woody, she's at the prison seeing him and he is please to see her. Woody asks if she's told her parents about her, she hasn't because they'd freak she replies. She then wonders if he'd rather nobody knew where he is but Woody replies that he is going to be honest about where he has been when he gets out. Steph asks how it is in prison and he says that it is three-star accommodation although sharing a bathroom leaves a lot to be desired! Woody tells her about his good news - he is going to find out tomorrow if he can get day release but he needs a small favour from her.
The Community Hall
The exhibition is in full swing and there is a good attendance. Harold likes the look of one of them and despite Lou's spiel, wants to buy it even though Madge wonders where they are going to put it (the picture is extremely large). Lou asks Harold to cover the door to allow him to mingle. Next to hear the spiel are Tad and Paul who aren't impressed with either the picture or Lou's spiel.
Libby arrives and gives Drew some dreadful news - the jewellery store was robbed last night and their rings were stolen! Drew tries to put on a sad face but secretly he's delirious.
Warrinor Prison
Steph explains to Woody that she's lied to her parents about where she has been while visiting him and therefore can't tell them the truth now. Woody thinks it is because she is ashamed of him and she says no but she doesn't know how her parents are going to react. Steph asks why he doesn't want to spend the time with his family and he explains that except his mum, they have disowned him but going back would cause a lot of heartache, so he asks again for her to talk to her parents.
The Community Hall
As Libby dons her journalism hat, Drew offers to replace the rings with new drawings when his mobile starts to ring. He tells Libby that the call is from his mum and they think his dad has had a heart attack. They go off to chat outside where it is quieter as Lou tells Madge that the paintings are selling like hotcakes. Paul and Tad come rushing in to tell Lou that something is happening outside. As he heads out to investigate, Harold comes rushing in to tell him Tom Foster's son has arrived. Lou thinks this is wonderful but Harold explains that he is extremely upset and wants to rip Lou's head off! Harold asks if he'll show him in!
<<3678 - 3680>>
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