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Neighbours Episode 3653 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3653
Australian airdate: 01/11/00
UK airdate: 22/12/00
UK Gold: 12/09/05
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mick Scully: Andy Anderson
Sam Truman: Jasper Garner Gore
Harry Simons: Steven Bahnsen
- "Science Fiction" by Automatic
- "American Odyssey" by Graham Preskett
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby tells Lance that she'll write a UFO story for the Erinsborough News.
Toadie gives Michelle a hard time about falling behind with the leaflet deliveries.
There is an intruder in the Scullys' laundry room.
Scullys (at night)
The door opens fully and a figure enters the kitchen. In the dark, Joe raises his cricket back and hits the figure over the head with it. Lyn screams as the figure falls to the floor. Joe puts the light on and recognises the figure - a man.
JOE: (worriedly) I think I've killed him.
Joe bangs frantically on the door imploring Karl to come and tend to his unconscious brother.
Toadie tells Lance to go to bed, but he doesn't want to. He says he's too excited about the article that Libby's writing for the paper. Toadie says that everyone will think Lance is a total nutter, but Lance doesn't care as long as Allana knows he's "spreading the word"!
Just then, the computer that Toadie is using breaks down.
Oh dear.
Toadie has obviously been taking lessons from the Phil Martin School of Computer Repair because he attempts to repair it in Phil's time-honoured fashion (mashing the keyboard) Of course this fails and the computer just makes persistent beeping noises.
Toadie panics that he's lost all his work. Apparently he opened an email attachment titled, "True Love". Lance takes this as a sign about his and Allana's relationship!
Karl is shining lights in the eyes of Mick (Joe's brother). He was only unconscious for about 30 seconds and seems much recovered now. He tells Lyn and Joe that he was going to sleep on the couch until the morning, so as not to wake them. Lyn asks where Di is but Mick says to leave her out of this. Lyn is about to say much more on this subject, but at that moment Steph and Michelle run out in their pyjamas and greet their Uncle Mick with great enthusiasm.
Karl says that Mick should go to hospital for an X-ray. Lyn says Mick is a Scully - he has a hard head! She sends Joe and Mick off to Casualty to get him sorted out.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Lou is receiving a delivery, Lance is waiting for the paper to be delivered, and Joe and Mick have just arrived home from Casualty. Michelle is setting off to deliver leaflets.
Toadie has been working on the computer for 26 hours and is not impressed with Lance's chatter. There's a knock at the door and it's a boy dressed as an alien(!)
BOY DRESSED AS ALIEN: Hi. My name is Sam. I live next to Allana, and she says I had to give you this.
He gives Lance a homemade spaceship and goes off to school looking embarrassed!
Lance is chuffed and finds a note in the spaceship from Allana.
It reads, "Glad to hear of much needed publicity. Transport article in person to my home planet. Full ceremonial dress essential. Allana Truman."
Lance is very excited and shouts that Allana wants to see him! Toadie is asleep on the computer keyboard!
Joe, Lyn and Mick have a chat over breakfast. Mick says he only wants to stay on the couch for a couple of nights. He doesn't want to ring Di though - he says that she turfed him out. It's mostly because he hasn't got a job. Joe says Mick has a bed with them for as long as he wants one and to make himself at home.
The Coffee Shop (later)
Joe and Mick are having a second breakfast. Karl comes in and they thank him for his first aid the night before. Joe introduces Mick to Lou and gives Mick a key to the Scully house. Mick is interested to hear that Lou owns a pub. Joe lends Mick a few dollars at his request to allow him tie up some loose ends.
Lance is still waiting for the paper - apparently the paper has caught the computer virus too (the one Toadie had) and the paper has been delayed to 5pm.
Lance tells Toadie all about Kosmosis and other sci-fi programmes while he makes a costume ("full ceremonial dress"!) from tin foil. Toadie gives him advice on the glue he should use!
The School
Susan asks Michelle how Uncle Mick is. She comments that Michelle is looking very tired these days and Michelle says it's because of the leafleting for Toadie. Susan advises her to cut down her hours. Michelle says she's saving to buy her mother a birthday present but she'll cut down her hours after that.
The Pub
Mick is in the pub having a drink. Karl comes in and introduces him to Susan. When Susan has gone, Mick comments on what a good-looking woman she is. Lou asks Karl what he thinks of the "fine art" on the wall. Karl says he's not sure that artwork suits the pub, but Lou thinks it adds atmosphere.
Lyn comes in and asks Susan if they can meet up later for a piano lesson. She tells Susan that Mick is a nice bloke, but a terrible flirt(!)
Toadie has covered a crash helmet with foil. Lance isn't too impressed with Toadie's efforts. He gets on with spraying paper silver. Toadie gripes at him and send him outside.
Steph's van
Steph is arguing with her boss on the radio about the number of deliveries she has to do today. She sees Mick and invites him along on the delivery with her. He says he hasn't got a job yet. Steph says her job is terrible - her boss won't listen to her. Mick says the only way to get a boss to listen is to quit(!) Steph looks thoughtful(!)
Ramsay Street
Lance is in full ceremonial costume (helmet, dark glasses, foil trousers etc) and is waiting for the newspaper to arrive. This is much to Toadie's disgust(!) Lance says he's proud, but he scuttles off when the Joe and Mick come out of the Scully house!
Lyn has come for a piano lesson. Karl decides to go to the pub(!) Susan thinks Karl is hiding something. Lyn starts talking about Mick - she finds him hard work, but Joe has hero worship for him. Lyn says Mick is all talk and no action - she doesn't think his will be a short stay either.
The Pub
Lou is telling Joe that the artist of the paintings on the wall is very good. Karl comes in and chats to them. Joe is surprised to hear that Mick was in the pub at lunchtime.
Ramsay Street
The newspaper has arrived. Toadie accosts the paper boy. He starts hassling him about taking some work delivering his leaflets. Meanwhile, Lance unwraps the paper and flicks through it anxiously. He opens the page and we see the headline, "Heavens above! It's love!" and a large photo of Lance.
LANCE: Libby Kennedy has ruined my life.
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