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Neighbours Episode 3623 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3623
Australian airdate: 20/09/00
UK airdate: 10/11/00
UK Gold: 22/08/05
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
Bevan Tolley: Bryan Wray
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Teenager Of The Year" by Lo-Tel
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Daniel tells Paul that he's not impressed for pulling strings with Cheyenne's father to get himself back on the football team.
Cheyenne tells Flick that she thinks she's hot for Paul.
Ramsay Street
Flick and Cheyenne are still arguing when Steph rides up on her bike. She tells them to calm down. Paul comes out too just as Flick is saying that she doesn't want Paul because she's not that desperate.
Flick is still steamed up and Steph tells her to calm down. She insists that she doesn't like Paul like that.
Football practice
Paul runs up to the sidelines to talk to Tad. Tad says he's heard about Cheyenne's father pulling stings. Paul says he doesn't think he should play after all. He says it's the right thing to do, but it won't go down well with Cheyenne.
The Coffee Shop
The computers are going well with random extras crowded around the machines. Madge says there's a glitch in one of the machines, but Harold can sort it out.
Tad comes in and observes how busy things are at the Coffee Shop. He checks out the glitch and diagnoses the problem.
Flick and Steph are enthusing over the stray dog. Joe wants to call him Harvey Wallbanger. Flick is sorry for what she said in front of Paul. Steph says that maybe Cheyenne had a point about Flick and Paul. Flick says that she might have a point. Steph asks her to explain it to her.
Flick says that she is jealous of Cheyenne, but not because she wants Paul, but because Cheyenne monopolises his time. She misses his friendship. She's also miffed that Paul used to like her and she enjoyed having him dote on her. She says she knows it sounds awful but that's why she's jealous of Suzanne. Steph says that out of the three of them, she feels sorry for Paul the most. She suggests Flick thinks about changing her attitude.
The Coffee Shop
Lou tells Madge that the computers are doing well and thinks it bodes well for Ozechef. Tad tells Libby that he hasn't heard from the manager of Hemisfear. Libby thinks that the Hemisfear management are in as deep as Doula. Libby says Tad has nothing to lose by bringing them down - he's standing up for the rights of other young DJs too. Tad says she's right.
TAD: Let's get 'em.
The Garage
Drew is working on a car when Paul comes in. They talk about the football situation. Paul doesn't think he should play, but Drew says it's his own decision to make.
Ramsay Street
Flick comes up to apologise to Paul. She says she didn't mean what she said, it just came out. Paul isn't impressed. Flick says she is jealous because they never get to see each other anymore. Paul's stance softens slightly. Flick wishes him luck at the footy tomorrow and they go off to their respective houses.
Paul is packing his football bag deep in thought.
Football field, the following day
Paul tells Cheyenne that he's not playing because he doesn't deserve to. He says he wants to play because Daniel selects him, not because Cheyenne's dad pulled some strings.
The Coffee Shop
Paul tells Madge that he's not playing football and Tad says he's a man of honour. Drew comes in and says there's been an injury on the field - they need Paul to play. He runs off with Drew.
Tad invites Libby to come along to the football - there's meant to be a major talent scout there.
Flick thanks Steph for her advice about Paul. She's off to see Paul at the game. She invites Steph, but she refuses. She doesn't say why, but it's clear it's because Drew will be there.
Football field
Paul is playing football and kicks a goal. Libby, Tad, Madge and Flick cheer.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is serving behind the counter - Madge made him cover so she could go to the football match. Steph comes in and sits at the counter. Lou says he thinks things might be warming up between Drew and Libby again. Steph nods non-commitally. Lou tells Steph that the computers are not going very well. He tells the punters that now they're required to buy an item of food or drink if they want to use them. Everyone walks out(!)
Football field
Cheyenne is cheering for Paul, much to Flick's displeasure. Libby, Tad and Flick wonder who the talent scout is.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is at the now-empty computers showing Steph the Ozechef website. She is surprised that Lou isn't getting people to subscribe.
Football field
Paul catches the ball just as the final bell goes. Madge groans that the team have lost, but a random football fan standing next to her says he hasn't - Paul still has a chance to win the game by kicking a goal from where he is. But it's a long way and he doesn't think Paul can do it.
Paul stands up and prepares himself. In slow motion he kicks the ball and everyone watches in disbelief as the ball sails over the goals. Everyone cheers and the random football fan looks amazed.
The random football fan turns out to be a scout. He goes up to Paul and gives him his card, telling him to give him a call.
Paul is chuffed with the talent scout's card. He asks Madge is a few guys from the team can come round tonight. Madge goes to check on her supplies.
Tad has just been on the phone to the manager of Hemisfear. Apparently he wants to offer Tad a regular gig. However, Libby's just submitted a story to the Erinsborough News quoting Tad as calling Hemisfear a lousy bunch of scammers.
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