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Neighbours Episode 3609 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3609
Australian airdate: 31/08/00
UK airdate: 23/10/00
UK Gold: 11/08/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: None.
- "Dancing Sailor" by Max Saunders
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Susan telling Tess that the book has to be withdrawn from the curriculum and no reason given.
Dione turning down Joel's marriage proposal.
Flick and Paul having a go at each other.
No. 24
Flick and Paul continue their ding-dong argument until Paul asks her what he has done wrong. Flick can only say she is disappointed and he says likewise over the way she keeps bagging Cheyenne. She leaves after telling him again he obviously doesn't care about the meeting just a Harold and Madge come home.
No. 30
Dione decides to pay a visit surprised he isn't outside in the pool. After the pleasantries are exchanged, Dione admits she was worried because she'd not heard from him and also if he was still angry at her for turning him down. Joel says he is fine and Dione gives him a present of some massage oil because it transports you to a state of bliss or so the label says! Joel tells her that if she doesn't mind hanging around until it is quiet, they can try it out later and in the meantime they can enjoy some snags he's about to cook on the Barbie.
No. 26
Michelle is ecstatic at the phonecall she receives to tell her that she has won the completion to meet Boy 4. Flick comes home and isn't exactly wrapped at Michelle's news and eventually she tells her what a social Neanderthal Paul has turned into since he started dating Cheyenne. Flick then asks Michelle how she is going to tell Lyn she spend the camp money trying to win the competition but Michelle isn't going to because she is planning on doing enough jobs to get the money back...in a week!
No. 28
Karl and Susan discuss how "different" the replacement book for Rainbow Alley is whilst Karl, with the aid of Susan's tweezers, finishes off the sail boat he has been building. Susan is impressed and suggests mounting it on the wall but Karl wants to sail it as Susan scoffs in the background. Karl tells her to move...to the pool at No. 30 to prove that the ship does indeed sail!
No. 30 backyard
Dione and Joel start to cook the snags when Karl and Susan call round to try the boat out. Dione suggests christening the boat with a min-champagne bottle until Susan points out it will remove a big chunk of it! Dione invites them to stay for food whilst Joel takes a call.
No. 30
Joel is on the phone to his mum as Dione comes in to get some more cutlery and plates for their guests. She hears Joel telling his mum that he was upset Dione turned him down at first but admits that he wasn't ready to get married and if he is honest then he is relieved! Dione now officially comes in to collect the cutlery and to say Karl and Susan are staying for food. She also asks about the phonecall and Joel says it was his mum calling to make sure he's washing behind his ears!
No. 24
Harold is preparing the evening meal, he asks Madge if he can lend a hand with vegetarian recipes for the website. Madge warmly agrees saying he's the best vegetarian cook she knows. Lou arrives wanting Madge to go immediately to the pub so they can sort out the website but she turns him down but Harold tells her to go.
No. 30 backyard
Karl carefully places the boat into the pool and to everyone's surprise it floats and sails!
No. 24
Harold calls Paul in to set the table and asks him if he has changed lately. Harold asks why and Paul replies that he doesn't want to turn into a jerk. Harold tells him he hasn't regressed but any changes has been for the better like playing for the senior footy team and getting a getting the attention of a young lady, which cheers Paul up.
Pub office
Lou is explaining the website to Madge when she asks about the vegetarian section, given her earlier conversation with Harold. Lou breaks it to her he already has someone else lined up to do the vegetarian section and it isn't Harold but an award-winning chef. Lou says he can still be involved but not involving recipes as he isn't as good as the chefs he has lined up.
No. 30
Karl and Susan depart after thanking their hosts and Dione is pleasantly surprised at the change in Karl once you get him away from work but wonders why a grown man would want to build a toy boat! Joel replies that it is boys and their toys as Dione comments that it is nice to see a married couple grow old together...and wonders if she was too hasty the other day in turning him down!
DIONE: Joel, do you still want to marry me?
No. 26
Flick tries finalise the petition as Michelle rabbits on about Bianca's reaction to winning the competition and doing the Bishop's ironing. Eventually, Flick tells her be quiet as she is busy and Michelle tells her to take her mood out on someone else just because Paul is dating Cheyenne. Flick explains to Michelle why she is in a mood - she wanted Paul to sign the petition so she could hand it into Susan but he hasn't signed and adds that he is gutless for not doing so. Michelle tells her to ask Paul again and invites her to come with her when she takes the ironing over to them. Flick agrees...once she's changed her clothes!
No. 30
Dione is still winding him up and Joel tries to explain it isn't all roses with Karl and Susan, they've had their fair share of marriage problems too, so he decides to retreat to the bathroom (Dione mentions he's gone white and he's blaming it on a dodgy sausage).
No. 24
Michelle and Flick call round as Paul is on the phone to Cheyenne. Harold makes a few comments about the standards of the ironing an will only give her half the money now since she only did half the job. Paul comes off the phone and is a bit touchy towards flicks sarcasm and reminds Flick how she was when Sean was on the go. Flick agrees to a truce and Paul signs the petition, which cheers her up.
No. 28
Flick and Michelle call round and Flick hands over the petition and its aims to Susan. Susan thanks them and promises she'll do her best with their appeal.
No. 24
Madge returns with Lou in tow and asks tells them of his plans for the vegetarian section ...but Lou quickly bales and tells him to talk to Madge!
No. 30
Joel comes out of the bathroom and Dione enquires about "her beloved's" health. He tells her he loves her but he isn't ready for marriage yet and his earlier proposal was a mistake. Dione tries to hide her laughter and he thinks she is taking the news well. Eventually she decides to fess up and tell him that she overheard his phonecall with his mum and was now having some fun with him. Joel isn't laughing though and tells her it was sick and adds that if that is her idea of fun then perhaps they aren't right for each other.
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