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Neighbours Episode 3606 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3606
Australian airdate: 28/08/00
UK airdate: 18/10/00
UK Gold: 10/08/05
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald - Brett Tucker
Gareth Rivers - Serge De Nardo
Bev Gilroy - Anne Cordner
- "Hard" by Stella One Eleven
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lyn raises her concerns about Rainbow Alley with Teresa; Tess invites her to the school meeting to air her concerns
Drew asks Steph to tag along on his trip, while Toadie looks on
Karl is being headhunted
Number 28
Karl hears a noise and looks outside to see...
Ramsay Street
...Steph and Tess talking about what to do with their slaves (they're just back from the charity footie thing). Steph isn't with it and says she's tired. Tess and Daniel bid her, Toadie and Drew goodnight. Drew leaves, but not before asking Steph to let him know how she gets on with getting time off. Just as Steph starts to walk away Toadie tells her that they need to talk.
Number 30
Steph can't go away with Drew, according to Toadie - she's going to hurt herself and a lot of other people. She tells him to butt out, but he thinks she needs a bit of help. She tells him maybe he should sort his own love life and not try to live it through other people. Toadie looks hurt by the comment but tries again - he's only involved because she confided in him. Lance comes in and moans about being abandoned at the function. Steph takes the opportunity to leave, and Lance notes that the mood in the room is very frigid indeed.
Number 30
Tess is hungry. Daniel talks about where they're going for their meal, and Tess thinks that they need to go somewhere more upmarket than his choice of the Coffee Shop.
Number 26
Joe comes in and Steph tells him about her plan to go away for a few days. Joe thinks it's a good idea, and Drew's a good bloke - as a friend . He also thinks that Bev should give her the few days off, but Steph isn't sure that she'll be given it, as her boss is notoriously difficult. Joe thinks that they should call the union if she isn't given the time off.
Number 30
Lisa is on the phone to Lance. Lance tries to act cool, even though he's half-asleep - because he's 'Cool' Lance. He arranges to pick her up in 15 minutes but can barely keep his eyes open.
Number 26
The next morning Joe tells Lyn about Steph's plans, and Lyn picks up on the Drew factor. She's unhappy about him encouraging her to go - Joe can be blind as a bat sometimes!
Ramsay Street
Lyn runs out to catch Steph but misses her. The Kennedy's see her display and she exchanges pleasantries with them. She sees Drew and he tells her that the trip was his idea, that it'll do Steph good.
'Cool' Lance pulls into the street and Drew says hi as he's passing. Lance looks exhausted.
Number 26
Lyn is raving about Steph and Drew, knowing it's not as simple as Joe makes out (he just sees Drew as being free and single and a nice bloke). Drew sees Steph as a friend and has no idea how she feels about him. She asks Joe to have a word with her as her attempts have failed but he doesn't want to get involved and won't be convinced.
Number 30
Lance can't keep up his new image for much longer. Toadie says he should tell the truth - Toadie always does and he's going to be a lawyer (and all lawyers tell the truth, all the time). Anyway, there isn't much hope for a relationship built on lies. Lance needs more sleep, but he's been called into work.
Toadie brings up the note stuffed in Bob's collar - reading 'Is Bob's owner as cute as Bob?' Lance thinks it could refer to him, but Toadie thinks is convinced it's him.
Steph steels herself and asks Bev about taking the next three days off. Bev says sure, but not to expect her job sitting here waiting for her on her return. Steph tells her she's tired and points out that she's done so much overtime. Bev isn't budging - that's the way it is. Steph says she'll have to think about it then.
The Coffee Shop
Daniel has an unforgettable dinner planned for Tess this evening but she has the school meeting about 'Rainbow Alley'. Daniel tells her he'll come and lend his support.
Susan comes in and talks to Joe and Lyn, making sure they'll be at the meeting. Once she's gone Joe wonders what the fuss is about and Lyn digs into him for not knowing - she and Flick have been discussing it all week! It's too graphic for kids of Flick's age. Joe asks if he'll get a bit of peace if he reads the book and talks to Steph - she smiles and tells him that he's a good man.
Steph answers her phone - it's Drew asking about how she went with getting time off and she tells him she did mention it but Bev said no. Steph thinks she might talk to her again. Drew asks her to let him know how she gets on and she hangs up, smiling.
Finding Bev, she tells her she has decided to take the time off and if she loses her job she'll take it up with the union. Bev thinks her request is a little unreasonable. Steph admits it could appear that way but she wasn't able to give any notice and she did help out on all the overtime. She manages to convince her and Bev tells her to make sure she's back on time.
Erinsborough High
At the 'Rainbow Alley' meeting Mr Rivers, a parent, says the book romanticises drugs, but Tess thinks it doesn't. Lyn is worried that it's too graphic for younger readers, but Daniel pitches in with how things have changed, that schools educate about these issues and doing it through a book is a good way. Tess smiles at him, happy with his contribution. Mr Rivers thinks that kids need role models and it's up to them to give them to them.
Erinsborough High
Susan takes a vote - the vote is tied. It's Susan's call and she decides that they should have a wider meeting. However the book will stay on the reading list in the meantime. Tess thanks Daniel for his support. Once they've gone, Mr Rivers asks Susan for a word about the computers he's about to donate to the school.
Number 26
Steph is practically bouncing with happiness and announces to Joe that she has the time off. He's happy for her, but she can tell something's wrong. He says he knows that Drew isn't just a mate, and Steph thinks Lyn has influenced him. She evades the question and talks about tarps, which they need for the trip. Joe goes to get them, as Lyn comes in and Steph sees they're doing the good cop, bad cop routine. Lyn says she doesn't want to see Steph getting hurt. Steph says she's hurt already - she needs to know one way or another. Lyn thinks that maybe it's better not to know but she can't kill Stephy's good mood. Steph goes off to help Joe, leaving Lyn worried.
Number 28
Karl comes in, telling Susan that the job sounds really good. Susan isn't happy to hear that and tells him there are lots of downsides. Karl realises that she doesn't think he's right for the job and she admits that's so or more that the job isn't right for him. She thinks they should talk about it later. In the meantime she has a new dilemma.
Ramsay Street
The next day, and while Stella One Eleven's brilliant 'Hard' plays over them, Drew and Steph pack to go away. Lyn comes out and hugs her daughter. Both Karl and Susan and Toadie see them waving as they drive out the street. All of them look to Lyn, who is trying to hide her worry and keep up appearances.
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