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Neighbours Episode 3602 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3602
Australian airdate: 22/08/00
UK airdate: 12/10/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joel tells Dione that he needs time to think.
Lou says he and Madge should set up a recipe website.
Toadie guesses that Steph is in love with Drew.
Steph cries a bit and tells Toadie that she's loved Drew since they moved to the street. She'll never tell him though - it can never come to anything. Toadie is sympathetic and says that falling for a friend is hard. Steph says she can't help the way she feels. Toadie urges her not to tell Drew and Steph agrees wholeheartedly. She hates the whole situation.
TOADIE: Who would have thought? Big tough Steph falling apart with a broken heart.
Joel comes in and asks if Dione rang, not noticing Steph's tears. Steph thanks Toadie and goes off home.
Lou is talking about the Ozziechef website but Madge is playing hard-to-get. Lou also wants to get into Aboriginal art - he thinks there's money in it(!)
Lyn is talking to a distracted Steph about recipes. Lyn asks Steph to be there tomorrow night but Steph is still distracted.
Joel is staring at the phone and says TOadie it's about pride - neither of them wants to give in first. Toadie is exasperated with him - he's trying to study. He's fed up with being the Ramsay Street shrink. Joel guesses that Steph has relationship problems too, but Toadie won't tell him anything - he says it's "against professional ethics"(!) Joel starts to stare at the phone again.
Steph apologises to Lyn for being in a mood the night before. Steph says it's just work.
Libby is using Toadie's computer and Toadie is asking her how she is. Libby is suspicious and asks Toadie if he's alright - he seems a bit odd. They chat about Joel and Toadie asks Libby if she ever hopes that Drew will ring her. She says she doesn't.
TOADIE: What if he's...er...met somebody else?
LIBBY: (slightly alarmed) Has he?
TOADIE: Well, he's bound to, isn't he?
LIBBY: Has Drew met somebody else?
TOADIE: I dunno.
Libby continues to push Toadie and says it's his duty as a friend to tell her.
By a postbox
Joel and Dione bump into each other. Joel suggests that they meet at the pub at 4pm and Dee coolly agrees. He does not look impressed.
Toadie says Libby is being curious but Libby protests that he doesn't need to protect her from hearing stuff about Drew.
Toadie looks at her knowingly but doesn't say anything. Then he says that it would bother Libby if Drew did find someone else. Libby denies this.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is haranguing Madge about Ozziechef.com again - he's already got other good chefs on board. Lou invites her out for dinner to meet Roberto, the chef at Lanzinis. She agrees to dinner, but not to involvement in the website yet.
Steph comes in and Libby greets her. Libby invites her to sit with her but Steph declines. Then Harold gets in on the act and says that eating on the run isn't good for digestion! Steph relents and sits down with Libby.
Lyn is telling Toadie that she's got a good vegetarian recipe. Toadie says she's quite brave because Madge cooks vegetarian all the time - for Harold. Toadie gives Lyn wine tips.
Lou comes in and grills Lyn about her recipes. He is quite impressed Lyn agrees to give him some recipes.
Lou suddenly notices that Scobie has gone. He starts to look around frantically, then starts to grill Toadie.
Outside Lassiters
Harold drops some polystyrene cups and Lyn and Dione helps him pick them up. Joel sees this and nips into the pub unseen. He tells Toadie not to tell Dione he was there(!)
Lou is still looking for Scobie.
Outside the pub
Joel sees that Dione has gone. He walks off. Just then, Dione goes into the pub. She tells Toadie not to tell Joel she was there(!)
TOADIE: Those two are just so blonde!
Lou is still banging on about Scobie. He decides to call the police to report a missing person(!)
The Garage
Steph comes in with a delivery and Drew signs for it. Drew invites her to have a coffee, but she says she has too much work to do. Drew offers to help her with the deliveries. She gratefully accepts.
Steph, Lyn, Madge and Harold are eating dinner. Harold is impressed with Lyn's cooking and Madge says it's "quite tasty".
Toadie hides Scobie when Lou comes round to collect the rent. Lou asks Joel if he's seen Scobie. He looks suspiciously at both Joel and Toadie then makes his exit.
JOEL: Our lives are pathetic and juvenile, you realise that? I can't keep living like this! Hiding statues from landlords and willing phones to ring!
Joel threatens to tell Lou about cobie, but just then Dione knocks on the door. Joel opens it and they immediately start kissing(!) Toadie turns his back!
Lyn is serving dessert. Harold is impressed with the meal that Lyn cooked and asks her for the recipe.
Lou comes to the door looking for Scobie. Lyn invites Lou to stay for cake. Madge narrows her eyes.
Madge tells Lyn that her cake is a tiny bit dry, but Lyn says it's Madge's own recipe - she got it from Susan(!)
Joel and Dione are kissing on the couch and apologising to each other for avoiding each other that afternoon. Joel says he doesn't want to be apart from Dione again ever.
JOEL: Dione, will you marry me?
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