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Neighbours Episode 3593 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3593
Australian airdate: 09/08/00
UK airdate: 15/09/00
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Chris Tulloch: Dale Rice
- "Depend On Me" by Human Nature
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew doesn't answer the door to Steph.
Daniel tells Tess that he's got a pet, but doesn't tell her what it is.
Tess and Daniel's
Tess is marking and is frustrated with Tad's work. Daniel shows Tess his pet and it turns out to be a lizard called Barney! Tess doesn't look too keen but Daniel explains that he's harmless and very affectionate(!) Daniel thanks Tess for saying he could move in and kisses her on the cheek.
Dee is round at Toadie's to escape the pashing of her flatmate(!) Lance says he's off to get Scobie, but Toadie says it's too easy because Lou is away. They start to bicker about the Celine Dion CD ownership, but Dione says she likes Celine Dion.
Tess and Daniel's
Tess makes Daniel a cup of tea and watches the lizard nervously. Tess says she hasn't been sleeping well - things on her mind. Daniel picks up the lizard and Tess backs away a bit. She wishes he had a dog instead!
Lou's (Drew's pit)
Drew is asleep on the sofa looking rough - he's unshaven and there is mess everywhere. Cue "If I had yewwww..."
Libby is inspecting Karl's model ship but just then Karl comes out and tells her not to touch it(!) They chat about Libby's uni work and then Karl goes on to say that Libby should have some fun as well as work hard. Libby says she'll try to be more of a slacker.
Lou's (Drew's pit)
Cue "If I had yewww..."
Drew leaves the mess and ambles off to bed.
Garage, the following morning
The garage is still closed up. Karl wants to ring Drew about his car, so Susan calls him on her mobile.
Lou's (Drew's pit)
Drew answers and is surprised to hear that he's slept in. He promises to come down in ten minutes. He says he'll have the car done by lunchtime if they leave the car and put the key on the front tyre.
Karl reluctantly leaves the key for the car on the tyre. Karl isn't impressed, but Susan says they have to cut Drew a bit of slack.
Lou's (Drew's pit)
Drew sniffs milk from the fridge which has gone sour. Ew.
Dione is on the phone to her flatmate saying that she doesn't hate her boyfriend, honest. Lance and Toadie mock her. Dione berates herself for not telling her flatmate what was what.
Dione tells Toadie he is unromantic for not liking the Celine Dion CD. But Toadie still wants to know who owns the CD. He thinks it's Lance's. Dione gets up and puts the Celine Dion CD on. Toadie asks if she's looking forward to Joel coming home. Dione pauses a bit and admits she's kind of dreading it.
A road
Steph sees Libby at a bus stop and offers her a lift, but Libby declines saying she'd rather take the bus. There is an awkward atmosphere and Steph apologises for sticking her nose in to her life. Libby says it's OK, Steph was just looking out for Drew. Steph says she only wants what's best for both of them. Libby tells her she can't know what the situation is like until she's in it. Steph agrees and asks Libby to go out for a drink soon. Libby rather unenthusiastically agrees.
Dione is telling Toadie that she accidentally kissed Max, but it meant nothing. Toadie is not impressed and says that she has to tell Joel about it. He says their relationship shouldn't be based on lies and Joel might find out down the track anyway. Toadie says that Joel will be OK about it.
Dione picks up the CD and says that Celine Dion might be right up the alley of a sensitive boy like him(!)
The Coffee Shop
Tess is complaining to Susan that the kids are teasing her and Daniel(!) Daniel is trying to get Karl to play football, but Karl suggests he ask Paul or Drew instead.
Daniel suggests to Tess that he could shut the gossiping kids up by giving Tess a big pash in front of them(!)
The Garage
Daniel asks Drew to play football, but he vehemently refuses - he says he hasn't got enough time. Daniel persists though and Drew finally says he'll think about it.
Daniel tells Tess that Drew might come to training but he wasn't sure. Daniel thinks it would be good for Drew to get out.
Toadie is telling Lance and Dione that if you heat a CD you can turn it into different shapes(!) Toadie still thinks it's Lance's CD. Toadie goes off to get a mask and blow-torch(!) Lance finally relents and admits that it's his CD(!) Toadie whoops in joy.
Toadie is still gloating about Lance's ownership of the Celine Dion CD. Lance says he didn't buy it - Amy bought it for him because she said the Titanic song was theirs. Toadie is contrite and apologises. He says Lance can play it whenever he wants. But Lance says seriously that he hasn't listened to it in a while - it brings back too many memories.
The Garage
Steph turns up with some deliveries. Drew tells her he's off to see his bank manager. Steph says that Drew looks shocking but he says he's fine. She makes him promise to get an early night tonight.
Tess and Daniel's
Daniel comes in with some flowers for Tess to say thank you for letting him stay in her house. He goes off to prepare for football training, leaving Tess to pick up a photo of Brendan and look at it sadly.
The Garage
Drew is locking up. He leaves Karl's car with the key on the front tyre. A dodgy guy is watching this from across the road. When Drew has driven off, the dodgy guy approaches the car.
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